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17/04/2020 Paddle Board Rack – Make Storing Your Hardboard Incredibly Easy in 2020

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to storing my hardboard and any type of paddling gear and accessories, all I want is security and simplicity. I know many people struggle with very little to no storage space for their paddle boards, making it challenging to keep them safe and away from damage. […]

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16/12/2020 Inflatable Flamingo: Why Is This Cute Pink Creature Such A Hype On The Water?

Inflatable docks of any type and shape can be an entertaining and enjoyable way to spend a day on the water. Swimming and paddling are all fantastic, but sometimes you just want to relax, and lounge by the pool or in the sea and I have just the thing! The ultimate inflatable flamingo docks and […]

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21/10/2020 Water Skiing – What Do You Need To Get Started?

Your complete guide to getting started on water skiing and what is important to pay attention to when going out on the water Have you ever dreamt about walking on water? I know I have! And I can safely say water skiing is pretty close to it, if not better. Imagine being able to glide […]

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20/10/2020 What is Tubing and What do I Need for My Tubing Adventure?

Enjoy the water in a safe and easy way by going water tubing As devoted as I am to different water sports, I am also always on the lookout to bring you new experiences and interesting water activities and gear you can try out. Because although it’s good to perfect one thing, you know what […]

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31/08/2020 An Inflatable Boat To Enjoy Out On The Water

Why an inflatable boat is ideal for a day of fun on the water The inflatable boat is a well-known phenomenon, you see many families or even fishermen floating around in a dinghy on the sea or on a lake, mostly for recreation. There are large differences in price and quality between these inflatable boats, […]

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Beach Wagon
28/08/2020 A Beach Wagon For Comfort And Pleasure At The Beach

In a beach wagon it is easy to transport your belongings or children on the beach, but what should you pay attention to when buying a beach wagon? Do you also have memories from the old days on the beach or at the campsite, when you were in a beach wagon and your father dragged […]

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24/08/2020 Dog Life Jacket: Keep Your Best Pal As Safe As Possible!

A dog life jacket will make sure that your dog will always stay afloat on the water, no matter the situation When you take your loyal companion with you on the water, you want to make sure he or she is safe, no matter what happens to your SUP, kayak / canoe, boat or other […]

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17/08/2020 The Best Underwater Cameras of 2021

Record all of your adventures with an underwater camera and capture the beautiful underwater world to reminisce at home Before we have taken a look at wetsuits, kayaks, canoes, SUP boards and many other things. For all your adventures on the water you can of course use an action camera, but what if you want […]

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24/06/2020 2 Person Paddle Board

The best 2 person paddle boards to go out and have fun on the water together You want to go out on the water together, but your current board cannot take the weight and bends through, which makes paddling around together rather slow. Does this sound familiar to you? Then you need to check out […]

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23/06/2020 Paddle Board Wheels

Roll onto the beach easily with a handy set of paddle board wheels Sometimes, we must take advantage of everything we can. For that, you can now get a set of paddle board wheels to make your life easier. With a SUP carrier, you can simply attach your board and take it to wherever you […]

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16/06/2020 iROCKER Coupon Codes – High-quality Paddle Board Discount

If you are just now entering the world of paddle boarding or you are a paddle boarding junkie just like me who spends all their money on accessories and paddle boarding gear, then any discount coming our way is certainly welcome. That’s why I’m sharing the 2020 iROCKER coupon codes with you for a chance […]

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Relax and enjoy with a Paddle Board Kayak Seat

Paddle sitting down in your paddle board kayak seat for a whole new experience Well, paddleboarding is fun, but sometimes you may want to sit down and experience another kind of ride. This is why you can create your own paddle board kayak by just purchasing a kayak seat for your paddle board. More and […]

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12/06/2020 Waterproof Fanny Pack – Keep Your Important Belongings Dry And Close

Water sports require certain accessories in order to make the whole activity more comfortable and pleasant. While you may love being in the water, your car keys, phone, or iPod may not enjoy swimming as much. That’s why today, we are talking about the best waterproof fanny pack that will keep your belonging safe and […]

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05/06/2020 Prone paddle board – A different Approach to Paddle Boarding

A fan of SUPing once, a fan of SUPing for life. But that does not mean you shouldn’t try anything else. And if you’ve been checking out that prone paddle board gear and thinking of giving it a go, but you’re afraid of starting all over and learning new things, then let me share some […]

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02/06/2020 Where to find an amazing used paddle board?

What is important when buying a used paddle board? Have you looked around on my website and have seen some really nice Stand Up Paddle board you would like to purchase, but the board ends up being too expensive? Then buying a used paddle board from one of the top brands is a good option […]

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Stand up paddle PFD device
The 4 Best Stand Up Paddle PFD Devices To Stay Safe On The Water

As I have said many times on this website (and I tell everyone who will listen), safety always comes first. That is why I’m writing another article about safety, this time about the best Stand Up Paddle PFD’s. Water and weather are unstable and circumstances might change in just an instant. In case this happens […]

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29/05/2020 Best Inflatable Docks to find your Zen in 2020

Redefine summer with the best inflatable dock this year Imagine chilling on the water, having refreshing drinks, and drifting away while the sun goes down. Or catching the sunrise while doing yoga and stretching your body on the water. Isn’t that one of the best ways to start or end a day? It sure is, […]

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22/05/2020 Paddle Board Wetsuit – Complete Protection for Any Weather Condition

Water sports, whether paddling or kayaking, are an exciting way to stay active and fit. However, part of the good times is making sure you are safe and protected from the water, wind, and cold temperatures. While paddling in summer under the blazing sun is a great way to get tanned, a paddle board wetsuit […]

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01/05/2020 The Best Paddle Board Motor Gear: The Lazy Way

Just to get one thing out of the way, when I say the lazy way, it doesn’t mean anything wrong. In fact, I love motor paddling as it gives you so much more room for enjoying the waves and getting an extra push when needed. Ok, cool! Now that we’ve got that out of the […]

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29/04/2020 4 Alternatives for a Red Paddle Board

You have probably seen or dreamed of Red Paddle boards. Amazingly high quality but they also have price tags which are frightening and unfortunately not affordable for most of us. And these boards do not even include a paddle or a leash, so you’ll be spending a lot of money to have one of these […]

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20/04/2020 Unsinkable Floating Sunglasses – Better Safe Than Sorry

Unsinkable Sunglasses for your Paddling Adventures How many of you avid paddlers have lost gear during your paddling adventures so far? If you are like me, paddling every chance you get, I am sure tons of equipment, sunglasses and all, have been lost to the water. Let’s take a minute to pay respect to all […]

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ROC SUP-Board Hund
19/03/2020 Paddle Boarding With Your Dog: The Ultimate Guide

Paddle boarding with your dog is a great way to enjoy nature with your best friend while floating on the water. However, it’s not always easy to take your dog with you on a Stand Up Paddle Board. Before you take your pet out on the water, it is important that you have prepared yourself […]

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17/03/2020 Is paddle boarding hard? – Not if you read this article!

Paddle boarding is becoming extremely popular. And why not? It’s the perfect way to connect with nature while getting a full body workout! But there is even more good news. Paddle boarding is perfect for everybody no matter your age, size or physical activity and you can become a pro in just a few classes.  […]

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11/03/2020 Paddle Board safety: 7 tips so you can always paddle safely

Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport worldwide. Every year, hundreds of thousands of water sports enthusiasts get on a paddle board for the first time. This sport is very accessible and in no time you can go on your first paddling tour. Yet it is important that you observe the safety […]

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07/03/2020 The Paddle board Lock: Keep Your Precious Board Safe

The paddle board lock is probably one of the most important accessories you can get, and I’m going to tell you exactly why. The truth is you can’t always know what and how it’s happening, but you can be sure that your paddle board is secure when you’re not around. Whether you leave it on […]

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06/03/2020 How many calories do you burn in an hour of paddle boarding?

The Christmas holidays are gone, the carnival drink fiestas also, even that sneaky chocolate filled Valentine’s day. If you, like me (or to be honest like everyone else), want to lose some of those extra holiday pounds look no further. The solution is Stand Up Paddle boarding. It’s a fun, exciting, full body exercise that’s […]

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05/03/2020 What to wear to SUP Yoga – Comfortable and Stylish

SUP (stand up paddle) boarding has been becoming extremely popular the past years. With the summer approaching quickly, what would be a better way to get into shape than joining a SUP yoga class? Since I am always here for you, I couldn’t let you go to your first class unprepared (even though I am […]

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Paddle Board Gear Checklist for All Weather Conditions

An Extensive Paddle Board Gear Checklist for all the Water-Sport Junkies Out There Sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and a gentle breeze make your paddle boarding even more enjoyable. Nothing can stand between you and your paddle board gear. Or can it? What could go wrong? Umm, the weather perhaps. But if you’re a water-sports […]

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Fanatic Inflating
03/03/2020 The difference between an inflatable paddle board and a hard board

Are you about to buy a paddle board, but are you in doubt between an inflatable board and a hard board? Then read this guide, discover the advantages and disadvantages of both types of paddle boards and make your choice for the ultimate board. The answer to the question: “should I buy an inflatable board […]

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27/02/2020 3 Tips for Paddle Boarding in Cold Temperatures

When you think of paddle boarding, you probably think of paddle boarding in the beautiful warm sun, in your swimwear, with sunbeams that shine on the water and make you get a tan. Paddle boarding in cold weather can also be very good. In fact, there are people who enjoy going paddleboarding in the freezing […]

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14/02/2020 Why Stand up Paddling is the ultimate sport

Stand Up Paddling is a sport which uses literally all muscle groups in your body. This of course means that you can also burn more calories and that it is a great sport to start with if you want to lose weight or stay in shape. With adventurous paddle boarding you’re really on your way […]

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Stand Up Paddling Together
04/02/2020 6 reasons why you should buy a paddle board today!

Paddle boarding is becoming more and more popular and everyone wants to buy a paddle board. It is one of the few water sports that you can master within a few minutes and where you can determine your own level. Since 2013 I have seen the sport grow and increase. To be honest, you see […]

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Aqua Marina Fusion Review Board Beach
24/01/2020 Paddle Board Maintenance: How to treat your paddle board well

When you own a paddle board, it of course requires good paddle board maintenance to keep the inflatable paddle board in top condition. Because after all you want to enjoy your paddle board as much and as long as possible. Obviously an inflatable board has to go through a lot when being used. Inflated and […]

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Paddle Board Accessories
17/01/2020 5 paddle board accessories you should always bring with you

In addition to a Stand Up Paddle board, what do you need in terms of extra paddle board accessories to get started on the water? In theory you could go out on the water with only a paddle board, but for extra safety and comfort there are a number of paddle board accessories recommended to […]

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