Black Friday & Cyber Monday Stand Up Paddle Board Deals

I update this page weekly (or even more often when I can!), so be sure to check back here soon to find the newest Black Friday and Cyber Monday SUP deals!

At the end of the year we know Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming again. Chances for great paddle boards that will be available for low prices to get ready for a new year of Stand Up Paddle boarding!

Usually these deals go on until Christmas, so you have enough time to buy these items as a gift for your spouse, friend or maybe just to keep for yourself 😉. I will try to gather as many good deals on paddle boards as I can and link them below, where you can find prices.

Since it is impossible for me to keep up with all the current prices on all these sites I will just link you to the page where you can quickly check the lowest price for the item. This way you can save a lot of money, especially when you are buying from the big brands that usually have very expensive boards.

Me running off after grabbing this board at a great Black Friday deal 😋

Bluefin Black Friday & Cyber Monday Paddle Boards Deals

One of my favorite brands has a nice sale on paddle boards every year, to make sure you are well supplied with gear for the coming paddling season. As you know I love the Bluefin paddle boards because they offer great value for money, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this gets even better!

You still get the complete package, but for even less money or sometimes with a free action camera or electric SUP pump included with your purchase!


Bluefin Cruise Carbon

Bluefin Cruise Junior

Bluefin Cruise Junior

iRocker Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Stand Up Paddle Board Deals 2

iRocker now has a big Black Friday sale on their website already, with $75 off of any Stand Up Paddle Board on their website and a free kayak kit and electric pump. With a total value of $333 this is a great offer. So if you are planning to purchase an iRocker, Blackfin or Nautical Paddle Board as a Christmas gift or to get ready for next season this is the time to purchase one!

Atoll Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals


Atoll Paddle Boards also has some great Stand Up Paddle Board Deals for Black Friday, with a 25% discount on apparel and accessories and a 10% discount on all Atoll Paddle Boards – Which makes the Atoll Paddle Board a price of $630 instead of the normal $700. Surely worth the purchase if you were already looking for one of these!

Tip: You can get a cheap and great quality carbon paddle this way!

Beyond Marina Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Beyond-Marina Black Friday

Beyond Marina Paddle Boards are extremely popular on Amazon and are also available on their own website, where they have started the Black Friday sale with a 10% discount on all their boards. Their boards normally cost $499, so for $449 you can now purchase one of these great boards that come in a complete package. A great budget option!

Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Have you ever heard of Amazon? It’s a small and obscure online store most people haven’t heard of, but they have quite a lot of items available on there. I will try to list a few interesting offers below so you can directly see the prices and if it is interesting for you.

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