Black Friday & Cyber Monday Stand Up Paddle Board Deals

I update this page weekly (or even more often when I can!), so be sure to check back here soon to find the newest Black Friday and Cyber Monday SUP deals!

At the end of the year, we know Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming again. Chances for great paddle boards that will be available for low prices to get ready for a new year of Stand Up Paddleboarding!

Usually, these deals go on until Christmas, so you have enough time to buy these items as a gift for your spouse, or friend, or maybe just to keep for yourself 😉. I will try to gather as many good deals on paddleboards as I can and link them below, where you can find prices.

Inflatable SUP Sale – Last Updated on: 24 Nov ’22

Since it is impossible for me to keep up with all the current prices on all these sites I will just link you to the page where you can quickly check the lowest price for the item. This way you can save a lot of money, especially when buying from the big brands that usually have very expensive and high-quality boards.

Me running off after grabbing this board at a great Black Friday deal 😋

Bluefin Black Friday & Cyber Monday Paddle Boards Deals

One of my favorite brands has a nice sale on paddle boards every year to make sure you are well-supplied with gear for the coming paddling season. As you know, I love the Bluefin paddle boards because they offer great value for money. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this gets even better!

You still get the complete package, but for even less money, or sometimes with a free electric SUP pump included with your purchase! You can complete your experience with some of the accessories, like an action camera.

**Bluefin Black Friday deals from 01.11 – 29-11.2022**
Bluefin deals and offers on the boards for Black Friday are already live, so be sure to click below and check them all.

Bluefin-Cruise-2021-Tom (6)

Bluefin Cruise 10’8″ and 12′

Bluefin Cruise Carbon 10’8″ and 12′

Bluefin Aura Fit

Don’t be fooled. This is not all from Bluefin. Here’s what else they have this Black Friday!

Goosehill Black Friday Deals

Goosehill Sailor Touring Board Package
Goosehill Sailor Touring Board Package

Goosehill is a fantastic SUP company with many boards for various activities. You can read the review of this company here. I have tested most of their boards, and you can find them all on this website.

This year for Black Friday, Goosehill is offering their 5⭐️ Sailor 10’6 SUP for a staggering $199 for the blue version.

The new version of this board and the green color version will get you a $40-$50 coupon on the amazon shop for the US!

Read my review of the Sailor here. This has been a best-selling SUP on amazon for years now, with thousands of 5-star reviews!

Goosehill Black Friday Deals for Amazon UK

For the UK Amazon store, shoppers get a £90 discount code to apply. Here’s the deal:

Unfortunately, this year, Goosehill does not run a Black Friday sale on their website. The rest of the boards are full price, and we have to wait for their regular discounts to come by.

Here’s what else Goosehill offers. You can find all my reviews on the boards on my website.

OutdoorMaster Black Friday Deals

OutdoorMaster is another fantastic brand that has a multitude of SUP gear, boards, accessories, and other sports gear. Now, starting Halloween, throughout Black Friday in November and Christmas, they offer some different deals on all their products.


Shark II SUP Electric Pump

With my code TOM30, you can now get a 30% discount on the best air pump on the market.
It will cut the board inflation time by half and give you more time to enjoy paddling.

Apart from the vast range of SUP accessories, they offer great boards now at a 20% discount or more, so be sure to check them below!

Also, stay tuned for more Black Friday deals by OutdoorMaster during November and December. I will update this page as they come up.

iRocker Black Friday – Complete November Sale

iRocker-Cruiser-Ultra-Blue (49)
iRocker Cruiser Ultra

iRocker this year are running discounts in the entire month of November. Since they have two different shops for EU and USA, here I will separate the offers for each board.

iRocker Black Friday SUP Sale – USA

With their Early Black Friday Sale in full swing, iRocker is offering their lowest prices of the year, with up to 50% off ULTRA™ and hard board models among other deep discounts on gear and accessories.

iRocker NAUTICAL (2)

iRocker Nautical 10’6 at 50% OFF

iRocker Nautical 11'6"

iRocker Nautical 11’6 at 40% OFF

Nautical Kids Paddleboard

iRocker Nautical Kids at 20% OFF

iRocker-Cruiser-Ultra-Pink (50)

iRocker Cruiser Ultra 10’6″ at 50% OFF


iRocker All-Around Ultra 10′ at 50% OFF

iRocker Hardboards at 50% OFF

iRocker Blackfin SX

iRocker Blackfin SX at 50% OFF

Blackfin SX hardboard

iRocker Blackfin SX (Dual Cargo Area with Bungee) at 50% OFF

iRocker Black Friday SUP Sale – EU Only

The following are SUP deals by iRocker if you purchase from within the EU. But before I go onto the discounts, a little tip 😉 If you’re signing up for an iRocker account for the first time, they will send you a code for 25 euros OFF of your first purchase.

iRocker NAUTICAL (17)

iRocker Nautical 10’6 at 40% OFF

iRocker nautical 11'6

iRocker Nautical 11’6 at 25% OFF

iRocker All-Around 11' Ultra

iRocker All Around 11 Ultra at 35% OFF

Nautical Kids Paddleboard

iRocker Nautical Kids at 45% OFF

iRocker-Cruiser-Ultra-Pink (50)

iRocker Cruiser Ultra 10’6″ at 35% OFF

iRocker All Around 10

iRocker All-Around 10′ at 50% OFF

Blackfin Ultra CX

iRocker Blackfin CX ULTRA at 25% OFF


iRocker All-Around 10′ ULTRA at 40% OFF

Gili Sports – Black Friday Bundle

I have tested a lot of Gili boards this year, and I was greatly pleased with all. I’m happy to see they are running the biggest sale ever – $340+ off! The promo will include the following accessory bundle for every SUP purchase:

  • 3” river fin
  • Waist pack
  • Galvanized anchor
  • Cup Holder
  • Go Pro Adapter
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Dry Bag
  • Electric pump
  • Waterproof phone case

There is no coupon code needed. The bundle will automatically be added to the cart upon checkout.

Here are the boards that I highly recommend checking from Gili. You can also read my personal reviews on this website.

Isle SUP Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Starting on Nov 15th until the 24th, ISLE is running Black Friday Early Access deals which are:

ISLE pioneer

Isle SUP PIONEER $395 off + 50% off E-pump

The Pioneer is an inflatable SUP of 24lbs and sets up in 10 minutes. Everything you need fits in one backpack so you can store and organize your rolled-up inflatable SUP, the collapsable paddle, the foldable pump, and the removable fin!

ISLE Explorer

Isle SUP EXPLORER $595 off + 50% off E-pump

This inflatable SUP is perfect for explorers of long distances. At 11’6” long and 32” wide, the Explorer is made to cut through flat water with great tracking enabling efficient energy transfer in each paddle stroke. At only 24 lbs and you can fit the board and all accessories into the included backpack.

Then for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale, on Nov 25th, ISLE will run the following offers:

Free E-pump with every inflatable paddle board
All Paddle Boards will be more than $200 off

Atoll Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals


Atoll Paddle Boards will also have some great Stand Up Paddle Board Deals. You get 20% OFF on all SUP boards and accessories. Additionally, you get free shipping on all U.S orders.

Also, you get an additional $100 off on top of the discount if you buy 2 boards.

Activate the sale with code: BulkDiscount!

Tip: You can get a cheap and great quality carbon paddle this way!

Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Have you ever heard of Amazon? It’s a small and obscure online store most people haven’t heard of, but they have quite a lot of items available on there. I will try to list a few interesting offers below so you can directly see the prices and if it is interesting for you.

Make sure to check here again in the upcoming weeks of November and December for more deals on their boards.

Black Friday Deals for Europe Only

iSUPcenter has come up with a set of great SUP offers.

In the week of Black Friday, they are offering 30% OFF on their SUP boards.

Here are some of the boards you can find in the German SUP shop:

There are many more on their website, so make sure you come back and visit during the week of Black Friday. This is a fantastic opportunity to gear up on SUP boarding and get gifts for the paddleboarding lovers close to you.

Here are some of the boards you can find in the SUP shop for the Netherlands:

Here are the deals for the rest of Europe:

The options are the same as the previous two shops but this webshop is in English so the rest of EU can shop freely. They will have a lot more discounts in the week of Black Friday, so check back and find your new favorite board.

Want more choices? Check my Best cheap paddle boards for this year (under $370) page and find all kinds of durable boards at all-time low prices.

For now, these are all the Black Friday deals some of my favorite brands offer. Stay tuned for more as I update this list during November and December.

Happy shopping and SUPping 😉

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