5 paddle board accessories you should always bring with you

In addition to a Stand Up Paddle board, what do you need in terms of extra paddle board accessories to get started on the water?

In theory you could go out on the water with only a paddle board, but for extra safety and comfort there are a number of paddle board accessories recommended to make your paddle board trip a lot more pleasant.

5 paddle board accessories you should always bring with you 1

SUP paddle

Of course a SUP paddle is highly recommended, so you can move faster on the water than if you lie on the board and paddle with your arms.

There are different types of SUP paddles available, depending on the material used. If you use a carbon paddle instead of the standard aluminum one, you will feel the difference.

The carbon paddle is a lot lighter and easier to move in the water, making you a lot less tired.

However, these paddles are also more expensive and will require a larger investment, which is especially recommended for people who are sure that they will use the paddle board more often in the future.

Fanatic Pure Paddle

Manual pump or electric pump

Another very handy article is a hand pump or electric pump, so you can quickly get started on the water.

It is strongly discouraged to inflate the entire paddle board by mouth. You are completely exhausted after inflation and the paddle board will not be inflated hard enough to be able to use it optimally on the water.

With an electric pump, your paddle board will be inflated rock-hard within minutes, which you can always check with the built-in pressure gauge.

Nalanda Electric SUP Pump

With a hand pump it will take about 5 to 10 minutes before you have the board on the right rigidity, but for sure you are already warmed up!

The manual pump also has a handy pressure gauge where you can check whether the SUP is on the right hardness, for almost every board this is 15 PSI.

Read more about these pumps on the page “The best paddle board pumps of 2020”

Gymax SUP Pump

Backpack / Dry Bag

To make it easy to take the paddle board with you, it is best to use a spacious backpack.

With purchase of a paddle board there is always a matching backpack included so you can easily carry it along.

It is difficult to carry your paddle board under your arm, as they often weigh around 10 kg and are not very easy to carry.

Instead, think of a wheely bag, with which you can transport your board even easier.

in stock
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MOAI Paddle Board Backpack

Tip: Besides the backpack it is also ideal to have a dry bag with you, so that the important stuff you take with you on your paddle board stays dry.

Think of your mobile phone, keys, or even dry clothes, food and drinks. Depending on what you want to take with you on your paddle board trip you choose a dry bag of 12 liters or a dry bag of 25 liters.

If you want to transport your entire board in a dry bag, there is even a dry bag of 90 liters!

Paddle board leash

The most important accessory for paddle board safety is the paddle board leash. An elastic cord that is attached to your ankle with a Velcro fastener.

If you fall off the board and end up under water, you will never lose your board and you can’t get too far below the surface.

Because there can be very strong currents under water, a paddle board leash is of vital importance, so you can always pull yourself back on your board.

5 paddle board accessories you should always bring with you 2

Restube Classic

It is important to go out onto the water as safely as possible. You can for example choose a life jacket, but this can be quite heavy to wear all the time.

A good alternative is the Restube Classic. You can wear this self-inflating lifebuoy on your swimming trunks and it weighs only 260 grams.

In case of emergency, pull on the cord and the Restube will inflate itself within seconds, so that you can always come to surface.

When stuck in a strong current under water it can save your life, so we see it as a highly recommended accessory.

Restube Classic

Extras paddle board accessories: SUP Board seat / Aqua Marina Bluedrive Power Fin

An extra accessory that is less necessary but a nice option is a paddle board seat to transform your paddle board into a kayak.

This allows you to paddle on the water while sitting down and you need to put in less effort to move forward. Please note: you will also need a kayak paddle for this.

Check out the Bluefin Cruise package that includes a 2-in-1 SUP and kayak paddle and a kayak seat

As a last and extremely luxurious option, there is the Aqua Marina Bluedrive Power Fin, an external engine that lets your paddle board move forward by itself to relax while your paddle board keeps moving forward.

With this you don’t have to put in any effort yourself and you can focus on other activities, such as watching the fish and the beautiful surroundings.

Bluedrive Power Fin

Conclusion Paddle Board Accessories

When you purchase all-round paddle board packages you will have all the most important paddle board accessories in house, with an (aluminum) paddle, manual pump, backpack and ankle cord.

A dry bag and a self-inflating lifebuoy are recommended to buy, a carbon paddle and electric pump are designed to offer more comfort if you plan to use a paddle board more often.

When you buy a paddle board, take a look at the whole package and as a beginner always buy a board that has all the paddle board accessories included, these accessories are often more expensive and you will have to buy them to make the most of your Stand Up Paddle board.

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