The best SUP pumps of 2023

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Best Big Brand

Thurso Surf Pump

Easy inflating and deflating, also with double action pump and pressure meter up to 29 PSI.
Thurso Surf SUP Pump
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★ Best Value

Gymax SUP Pump

Cheap, double action pump, pressure meter. All you need at low cost up to 29 PSI.
Gymax SUP Pump
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Best Premium

Fanatic HP2 Pump

Affordable for a big brand pump. Inflates up to 24 PSI but does not have a deflating option.
Fanatic HP2 Pump

A very basic but also very important accessory with an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the SUP pump.

You want to inflate your iSUP in as little time as possible to get on the water quickly unless you are looking for a real pre-workout and get warmed up right away.

Read this article to discover the best SUP Pumps, the different types of SUP pumps, and the advantages of the different types.

As most people just want to inflate the board as fast as possible and be able to clearly measure the pressure, it is easy to rate these pumps by effectiveness.

Below we will tell you all about the best SUP pumps and why they are so great.

View the Top 3 Manual SUP Pumps

best SUP pumps

Important factors of the best SUP pumps

There are 5 factors that are important when looking for a Stand Up Paddle Board pump

The best SUP pumps: PSI range

Depending on the inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board you have, the recommended pressure could be from 8 PSI up to 20 PSI or maybe even higher.

The higher the pressure the board can take, the harder the board will be. But a board that requires 20 PSI also needs a pump that can reach that pressure, otherwise, it can not be used at its full potential.

That is why it is important to have a SUP pump that suits the pressure that you need for your inflatable paddle board.

If you have a SUP pump that can reach a very high pressure it will of course also be good for boards that need less pressure, so the higher the PSI range the more versatile the pump is and the better it will be.

The best SUP pumps of 2023 1

The best SUP pumps: Pressure gauge

As mentioned it is important to inflate your iSUP at the right PSI.

If you overinflate your board it could burst or break, if you underinflate the board it will not reach its full potential and offer less speed and stability.

A SUP pump without a pressure gauge is not recommended because you cannot see if your Stand Up Paddle Board is at the right pressure and if you have to stop yet or continue to inflate the board.

Even pumps that have a pressure gauge are not all the safe way to go, as a non-functioning pressure gauge is one of the most heard complaints about Paddle Board pumps.

That is why we only list the best SUP pumps that are not known to have this problem occur frequently.

Gymax Pump Valve

The best SUP pumps: Valves

When you purchase a SUP pump, of course you want it to actually fit the valve of your paddle board so you can inflate it.

When the valve of the pump is different than the one on the Stand Up Paddle Board, you will never be able to inflate it to its full strength.

Always check the valve on your paddle board with the one on the pump, so you do not end up with a useless pump and an empty iSUP.

The best SUP pumps: Functionality

There are some more functions to a paddle board pump than one might think of. Of course, we want to know how strong it is so we can inflate the paddle board faster.

Or even better, an option to deflate the board quicker so it is also easier to remove the air and go home again with an empty board.

The best SUP pumps: Price

At the end of the day, I just want a SUP pump that works quickly and effectively, but I am still just buying a pump.

I don’t want to overpay for this accessory if it does not offer a lot of additional advantages, I could spend that money on a Stand Up Paddle Board instead.

We all like to save money and price is therefore also an important factor in the equation. As I am Dutch this is of course extra important to me πŸ˜‰

But jokes aside, I am not looking for the cheapest stuff, I am always looking for the best value for money.

I have made my top 3 of the best manual SUP pumps. They both have their own advantages.

Maybe I am a bit old school but I rather enjoy the pre-workout when inflating my paddle board instead of taking the easy electric way out!

My top 3 of manual best SUP pumps:

Gymax SUP Pump GYMAX SUP Hand Pump
βœ“ 29 PSI
βœ“ +- $34
βœ“ Double action, pressure gauge, deflate option
Check price
Thurso Surf SUP Pump THURSO SURF Manual Pump
βœ“ 29 PSI
βœ“ +- $50
βœ“ Double action, pressure gauge, deflate option
Check price
Fanatic SUP pump Fanatic HP2 Pump
βœ“ 24 PSI
βœ“ +- $40
βœ“ Double action, pressure gauge
Check price


This pretty cheap pump (around $34 on Amazon) goes up to 29 PSI and has a clear pressure gauge to show you the pressure in the board.

It is small and handy to carry along but does the job. It does not even list this, but this pump can also deflate by attaching the hose to other end!

When the white switching valve is in a flat position, use double action to inflate your board each time you pull up and push down. When the switching valve is in a concave position, use single action to inflate your board each time you push down.


A bit more expensive than the other 2 best SUP pumps (around $50) but also reaches and reads up to 29 PSI on the meter.

Has the extra advantage of double action pumping for extra speed and also an OUT port for quick deflation of the stand up paddle board.

Features both single and double action pumping. Use double action at low pressure. When pumping becomes hard use single action.

Hose and HR valves adapter included.

Fanatic HP2 Pump

The Fanatic HP2 Pump is only slightly more expensive than the Gymax (around $40) and reaches up to 24 PSI, which is enough for almost all paddle board on the market.

It also has a clear pressure gauge and of course, the quality of the pump is good, as to be expected from an established brand like Fanatic.

You can easily switch from double to single action for fast and efficient inflation and ergonomic handle.

Unfortunately, this pump does not support deflation, which makes it less useful than the other 2.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About SUP Pumps

How long does it take to inflate a SUP with a hand pump?

Typically, it takes around 5 to 10 minutes to inflate a SUP with a manual hand pump, depending on the size of the board and the user’s pumping speed.

Are all SUP pumps the same?

No, not all SUP pumps are the same. Some pumps are single-action, meaning they inflate on the up-stroke only, while others are double-action, inflating on both the up and down strokes. Electric pumps, on the other hand, inflate the board automatically once set up.

Can an electric SUP pump be used on all inflatable SUPs?

Most electric SUP pumps come with a range of adapters and should be compatible with the majority of inflatable SUPs. However, it’s crucial to check the specific product details or consult the manufacturer before purchasing.

What pressure should I inflate my SUP to?

The ideal pressure for an inflatable SUP typically ranges from 12 to 15 PSI (pounds per square inch), but it can vary depending on the board. You should always check the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific recommended pressure.

Can I overinflate my SUP with a pump?

Yes, overinflation can potentially damage your SUP. Most SUP pumps have a built-in pressure gauge to help you avoid overinflation. It’s essential to monitor the pressure while inflating and never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended PSI.

Are SUP pumps interchangeable between different brands?

While many SUP pumps use a standard valve fitting and can be used across different brands, there can be exceptions. It’s advisable to check the pump’s valve fitting and compatibility before use with different brands.

Can a SUP pump be used for other inflatables?

Many SUP pumps can indeed be used for other inflatables, such as inflatable kayaks, boats, or air beds. However, it’s essential to check the valve fitting compatibility and the required pressure level of the inflatable item.

Can I use a bike pump to inflate my SUP?

Bike pumps are not recommended for inflating SUPs. They typically do not have the capacity to reach the necessary pressure (PSI) required by SUPs and may not have the correct valve fitting.

Do I need a special pump for an inflatable SUP, or will any air pump work?

You should ideally use a pump designed for inflatable SUPs. These pumps are built to reach the high pressures required for SUPs, which standard air pumps for items like air mattresses or tyres may not achieve. Plus, SUP pumps often have specific valve fittings designed for SUPs.

Conclusion Best SUP Pumps of 2023

I could lie to you and tell you I see a big difference between these SUP pumps, but most pumps do the same in the end and function well.

In my honest opinion, I do not see any reason whatsoever to purchase a more expensive one than the GYMAX Pump that costs only $29 and does exactly the same thing as an expensive pump.

As I usually go out Stand Up Paddle Boarding by bike and I like the warming up, I prefer the manual pumps.

My advice would be to not spend more than $50 on a pump and always check out the reviews of the products you are about to purchase.

The GYMAX, Fanatic, and Thurso pumps are some of the best SUP pumps which are manual and you can surely rely on them. They have already built up a wide reputation and reviews.

Buy one of these and you will have all you need to inflate your paddle board quickly!

If you really want an electric one just check out my guide for the Best Electric SUP Pumps and find out which ones are the best to pick.

I wonder what SUP pump you prefer or which one you use a lot and what your experiences are.

Do you use the pump that was supplied with your paddle board or did you purchase a specific one?

Let me know in the comments and WIN A FREE REPLY BY ME! πŸ˜›

I might earn a small commission when you make a purchase through my link, so that I can keep my site running and pay the hosting bill. Read my affiliate policy to learn more.
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