The Best Electric SUP Pumps of 2022

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Best-selling Pump

OutdoorMaster Shark II

A small and portable SUP pump that inflates quickly and can be used multiple times in a row.
Shark II Electric SUP Pump
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★ Best SUP Pump

OutdoorMaster Whale

A portable pump with a rechargeable battery that inflates up to 5 boards at once.
Whale Electric SUP Pump
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Best Portable

iRocker 12V electric pump

Nice compact pump with a handle you can easily operate. The optional battery allows you to inflate without taking a car!
iRocker Electric SUP Pump

An Electric SUP Pump to inflate your board while you enjoy the view

Maybe you have already read my guide on the Best SUP Pumps, where I mentioned my favorite manual SUP pumps to get your paddle board inflated.

Since I like a nice warming up and some exercise I don’t mind a manual pump at all, but there are also people that prefer to just relax and play Candy Crush, Farmville, catch some Pokémon or make some Tinder pictures at the beach while automatically getting their paddle board inflated.

So it can save you some time and effort inflating your board, so if you want to save all your energy for a long paddling trip I can understand that. But for a true workaholic like me this could also be dangerous, because I would continue working and sending emails while I should be relaxing out on the beach instead!

For some people it might even be too hard to inflate the board, and Stand Up Paddling is a sport for everyone. If you feel like it is too hard to inflate your board to the right pressure with a manual pump, just go ahead and make your life a lot easier by using an electric SUP pump.

The great thing about these electric SUP pumps is that they also help with deflating the board, which is very welcome knowing how difficult it can be to get all the air out of the board again.

If you want to see them in action when I tested them, please check out my video below:

My BIG electric pump test!

Just like with manual SUP pumps there are different options you can choose from, that have different pressure, functionalities and more. Does the electric pump need some cooling down after inflating a board, or can you continue straight away with the next board? Do you always need a car, or can you still use an electric pump when going on your bicycle?

Answers to these questions and more below, where I pick my top 3 of best electric SUP pumps and go into depth about their functionalities and what makes these specific pumps better than other ones that are available on the market.

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My top 3 of Best Electric SUP Pumps:

outdoormaster electric SUP pump

OutdoorMaster Shark SUP Pump
✓ 20 PSI
✓ +- $149
✓ Inflate and deflate, automatic inflation to set pressure, 350L/min at 1st Stage, 70L/min at 2nd stage
✓ Active cooling system integrated


OutdoorMaster Whale SUP Pump
✓ 16 PSI
✓ +- $199
✓ Rechargeable SUP pump that can inflate up to 5 boards in a single charge. Inflate and deflate, automatic inflation to set pressure, inflates a full-size board to 16 PSI in less than 8 minutes

in stock
iRocker 12V electric pump

iRocker 12V Electric SUP Pump
✓ 20 PSI
✓ +- $ 129 ( $79,99 for an additional built-in battery)
✓ Optional 12V battery which can be charged for 8 hours

OutdoorMaster Electric SUP Pump

outdoormaster electric SUP pump

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The OutdoorMaster Shark II Electric SUP Pump is my favorite electric pump, as it is so small and easy to carry along with a weight of 1.2 kg. This is an upgraded version of the OutdoorMaster Shark pump, which had thousands of positive reviews.

This smart electric pump was made through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which got funded very quickly. The pump can inflate multiple SUP boards one after the other, without overheating in between.

Very American commercial for the OutdoorMaster Shark 😉

You have to love the sleek design and the clear digital indicator for the air pressure, which you can switch between PSI and bar. You can attach the pump to the 12V DC connector of your car, because of the 12A fuse it is very safe.

It includes a full set of nozzles, so it will not only be used to inflate your paddle board, but also your inflatable docks or islands, sunbeds, air mattresses and more. Below an image of the exact nozzles it includes, as I will not consider myself a nozzle expert.

Just make sure your SUP board uses one of the above valves, as there are a lot of different ones!

Set it to the desired PSI and it will stop when the desired value is reached, while you can get your other stuff ready. The automatic deflation function will make sure the board is easy to roll up and pack after use, so you do not need to worry about that either!

OutdoorMaster offers a 1 year warranty on the Shark II pump, so if something might happen to it you can be sure to get a replacement for it.

When testing I found this electric SUP pump inflates a SUP board to 15 PSI in about 10 minutes, so it is quite fast for such a small pump! I also like the secure twist & lock system for the valve, which optimizes the pumping since less air is lost.


So far this is the only electric SUP pump I have seen that has an active cooling system, so you can use it multiple times without it overheating. This special option makes it the best electric SUP pump for me, as I often like to go paddling together with my girlfriend or multiple friends.

On Amazon the OutdoorMaster Electric SUP Pump has 83 reviews as of now, with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. (As on 17th of June 2021)

OutdoorMaster discount code: I have listed the price as $132, but it lists $160 on their website. This is because if you use the code “TOM30” (without quotation marks) you will get a 30% discount on your purchase. You are welcome ;-)!

Not sure if this pump is the right one for you? Get to know more about my personal experience with Shark II in my in-depth review.

OutdoorMaster Whale Electric SUP Pump

in stock

The OutdoorMaster Whale is a portable and rechargeable electric pump. And when I say portable, I really do mean that you don’t need to plug it into an outlet when inflating your board since it has 6000mAH rechargeable batteries. 

Comparing the features of this pump to the OutdoorMaster Shark II, the Whale has a limited pressure range (0.5 to 16 PSI) since the Shark can go up to 20 PSI. But for a battery-powered device, I think a maximum pressure of 16 PSI is not bad, especially since most of my paddleboards only require around 15 to 16 PSI (I mean, nobody really uses 20 PSI anyway). But for those of you who use boards that need at least 18 PSI, this might not be the right choice for you. 

I had no problem using this pump back to back with my Atoll 11’, Bluefin Cruise, O2 Retro board, and more (Spoiler alert, I was able to inflate more than three boards!). The average time it took me to inflate each board is about 7 to 9 minutes, which is not bad at all, considering this is a rechargeable electric pump.

Now let’s move on and talk about my own experience using this pump. When I received the OutdoorMaster Whale, it took me about 90 minutes to get the battery to a fully charged status. I used the European plug I received in my package, but for those of you in the US, OutdoorMaster offers a US plug version as well. 

in stock

Another thing I like about this pump is the decent-sized digital display where you can enter your desired PSI. It’s also very convenient since it shows me the battery status so I’ll know when it needs charging. It also shows a fan icon at the bottom left corner to alert me when the auto-cooling feature is on (yup, it has a really nice automatic cooling feature so you can avoid overheating).

And I guess another thing to note about this product is that it’s made with environmentally-friendly materials. Now I don’t know about you, but when companies try their best to be sustainable, it will always be a plus for me! 

If you want to know more about my personal experience with this pump, check out my in-depth review of the OM Whale.

iRocker Electric SUP Pump

iRocker electric SUP pump
iRocker electric SUP pump

For an equally good electric SUP pump, you can opt for the iRocker electric SUP pump. You might recognize this brand from the many SUP boards I have reviewed on the website.

So iRocker doesn’t only create good Stand Up paddle boards, they have also done a great job on creating this SUP pump.

The main unique selling point of this iRocker pump is that it has an optional rechargeable battery of 12V you can buy so you don’t have to use this pump only when your car is around in nature. For people that like to take their inflatable paddle board on their back on a bicycle this is the ideal option. You can also get a wall adapter for the battery additionally.

Overall, this is a nice compact electric pump with a convenient handle so that you can easily hold the pump.
It can easily be operated. The pump has several handy functions, such as the choice of low pressure, high pressure and the automatic function.

iRocker electric SUP pump
iRocker electric SUP pump

If you have this pump, then the automatic function will probably be the function you use most often. To set the pressure, you can choose between PSI and bar beforehand. So no worries about the board getting inflated too much.
After making the choice, you can set the amount and with one push of the button it starts pumping. This is done via a plug which you put in the car.

For testing, I used a board which needs to be pumped up to 15 PSI, with a volume of 290 litres.
The first two minutes up to 1 PSI the pump pumped as much air as possible into the board with the first stage. Then the pump switches over to the second phase, in this phase the board is pressurised to the right PSI.

In the first phase the pump makes high beeps, this is measured at about 60 decibels. In the second phase the sound became louder. This was measured at around 75 decibels. These are therefore loud noises, which you can experience as unpleasant if you stand too close.

Inflating the board with this pump went very quickly. Within 9 minutes, the board was fully inflated.

The weight is a bit higher than the previous two pumps, 2.5 kg package with all parts. The iRocker SUP pump inflates up to 20 PSI and can easily be charged with the supplied cable.

To deflate the board again, you can use the deflate function which the pump has.
After the board had largely deflated itself, I switched on the pump in order to make the board as vacuum as possible.
This way, you can roll the board up as flat as possible. All the air had been pumped out of the board very quickly and easily.

Manual inflating is fast and fun though! Here you can see me on my pre-workout

Additional Pump I found interesting: Airbank Air Inflator D7 Pump

Airbank Air Inflator D7 electric Pump
Airbank Air Inflator D7 Electric Pump

This pump looks nice and sleek with a good design that incorporates the hose so that you can tidy up the pump in its entirety. The colour is nice and striking, and it is very easy to use.

To turn the pump on, all you have to do is plug it into the car. Before you actually start pumping, you can first set up how much PSI the pump has to go through. So no trouble with overinflation.
This can be set up to 20 PSI, so you can pump up almost all inflatable boards.

For testing, I used two boards of which one board had to go up to 15 PSI and one board had to go up to 18 PSI. On average, the pump takes one minute per PSI. For the first board that means about 15 minutes, for the second board about 18 minutes.

Compared to other pumps, this, I could say, is quite slow but still not bad.

Airbank Air Inflator D7 electric Pump
Airbank Air Inflator D7 electric Pump

What is useful to know is that this pump makes quite a lot of noise if you stand close by. This is around 75-80 decibels. It is, therefore, better to let the pump do its work and, for example, go and change your clothes on the other side of the board. Then you will have less trouble with the noise.

This pump has a deflate function like the previous pumps however, this function does not work quite as well. Not all the air goes out of the board and that is a pity when you have to roll up the board again.

Safety tips for using electric SUP pumps

There are a few things you should think of when using an electric SUP pump, to make sure everything is safe and the pump will perform at its best for a long time. As these pumps are quite a decent investment you want to treat them as good as you can to make them last for years.

Don’t use your electric SUP pump near the water or on a wet board

Water and electricity do not go well together as you might imagine. So to prevent your pump from breaking do not take it too close to the water. Pump at a safe distance and if you use it for deflation, make sure you properly dry your board with a towel so the device does not get wet.

Do not over inflate your paddle board

Check the pressure that is needed for your specific paddle board and set the pump to that pressure. Do not just set your 20 PSI pump to the max when your board can only handle 15 PSI. This can damage your board and/or the pump. Although I can imagine it would be fun watching a SUP board explode from over inflation I’d rather not be near it.

Cover up the surface where you want to inflate your paddle board

You don’t want to get sand or dirt in your pump, or damage your paddle board by scraping it over the (possibly hot) concrete. This is why I recommend always taking a tarp or blanket to put underneath, so you can be sure your SUP and pump stay in the best condition. This also helps with wet surfaces as mentioned in the first safety tip.

Make sure your pump does not overheat

While I have mentioned that the OutdoorMaster Shark II can inflate multiple boards in a row, this does not go for all electric SUP pumps. Most need time to cool down in between and can even give a “hot” warning in the screen. When it is really hot outside even be careful with the OutdoorMaster Shark, because the multiple boards in a row have been tested in normal weather conditions.

Make sure the nozzle is connected well before inflating or deflating

Make sure the air valve is locked well with the lock & twist connection. If it is not closed correctly you can lose air and will not be able to fully inflate your Stand Up Paddle board to the desired pressure. So always make sure it is correctly connected for the best performance.

Conclusion Best Electric SUP Pump

Now that you have seen my favorite electric SUP pumps and have been able to compare them, what would you pick for your personal situation? If you go by car the OutdoorMaster Shark II pump is the best option in my opinion, especially if you have to inflate multiple paddle boards.

Of course the pump you need also depends on your specific paddle board, but almost every inflatable paddle board will need a pressure of around 15 PSI to function best. On all the electric SUP pumps named above you can easily set the desired pressure and they automatically inflate your board to that pressure.

What I love most about these electric pumps is that they make paddle boarding available for a wider public, even people that are not able to inflate the board manually because of circumstances.

See what you need for your personal situation and pick the electric SUP pump best suitable for this situation.

Do you have any more questions or remarks about SUP pumps? Do you prefer an electric or manual pump and why so? Have you tried any of the electric pumps named above?

in stock

I’m looking forward to your comments and to see some different opinions about these SUP pumps and the best ways to inflate your paddle board in general.

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