Relax and enjoy with a Paddle Board Kayak Seat

Paddle Sitting Down In Your Paddle Board Kayak Seat For A Whole New Experience

Well, paddleboarding is fun, but sometimes you may want to sit down and experience another kind of ride. This is why you can create your own stand up paddle board kayak by just purchasing a kayak seat for your stand up paddle board.

More and more brands are offering an optional kayak seat, like MOAIBlackfinAqua MarinaiRocker and ZRAYBluefin even includes a kayak seat in the package with most paddle boards specifically the all-around models they sell, which is a great extra to have for free. So a SUP paddle board hybrid is always a good idea, and it’s incredibly easy to make it yourself!

How to install your own paddle boards seat? This is very easy!

The MOAI Kayak Seat is also very comfortable in use

How To Install A Paddle Board Kayak Seat

Your paddle seat must be comfortable for you, so you need to take a few seconds to set it up right! It’s effortless, and you don’t need a lot of time to do it. Everything can be done in about 5 minutes and get ready for your paddling adventures!

  1. Start by placing the SUP seat on your paddleboard in the right position. You will see two sets of straps. Two are meant to be attached on the back, two on the front.
  2. Attach the back straps to the board.
  3. Arrange the seat again and attach the front straps.
  4. Adjust everything so you can comfortably sit in your newly installed seat!

Below is an example video from iRocker setting up their own kayak bundle so you have some visuals of setting up the paddle board kayak seat.

Everything can be done in under five minutes, and you will have the most comfortable paddleboard kayak!

Now, let’s take a look at the various kayak seats available!

The Aqua Marina Evolution – For double kayak fun

Different Types of Paddle Board Kayak Seats

It’s important to note that there are two types of SUP kayak seats. You can get an inflatable paddle board kayak seat or a foam paddle board kayak seat.

They are both excellent and straightforward to assemble. The biggest advantage of an inflatable paddle boards seat is that if it gets wet you can just wipe it off, when the foam seat gets wet it will soak it up and stay wet for some time.

But then again, a foam seat will be a lot more comfortable and the chances you will fall into the water while kayaking are even slimmer than falling into the water while Stand Up Paddling.

Both versions will offer good back support as they are attached tightly to the board and it will carry the weight of your back. I can enjoy and paddle around on the water more relaxed, as it doesn’t take your whole body to move forward.

An example of a foam paddle board seat is the Bluefin kayak seat, this is an ultra adjustable, foam-made sup kayak seat that provides good support. As said this comes includes with all of their all-around paddle boards, like the popular Bluefin Cruise 10’8″ Paddle Board and the Bluefin Cruise Carbon 10’8″ Paddle Board.

These foam paddle board seats are found in most stores, inflatable paddle board seats aren’t used a lot as they are less comfortable in a sitting position even though they are also practical. These seats are seen in most kayak seats, but they can also be used for Stand Up Paddle boards.

The only example I could find of a brand that sells inflatable kayak seats with so much space so far is ZRAY, which focuses on the cheapest possible paddle boards so this is most likely done for reducing costs and the cheapest way to create a kayak seat.

ZRAY inflatable paddle board kayak seat
The ZRAY inflatable Kayak Seat

Now, why would you want a paddle board kayak seat?

Well, you know better than anyone, but it’s nice to state the facts.

For starters, it’s incredibly comfortable. You can try something new, and see how you like it. Life is a thrill, and it should be exciting! Or like me you can just be lazy, paddle and sit around with your cooler full of cold beverages.

You can bring along your dog, and go together to explore everything you can. And the best part, if your friends have kayaks, you will be part of the group!

Of course, you can get a great seat and pair it with a storage bag and other paddleboarding accessories.

If your chosen seat doesn’t have a detachable storage bag, you can always get your own and keep everything safe. And dry!

The Bluefin Cruise kayak paddle

Of course you will also need a kayak paddle to go with your kayak seat, so you can paddle on both sides of the board. This will make it possible to reach decent speeds while sitting down.

The Bluefin Cruise has a fiberglass 2-in-1 kayak paddle, the Bluefin Cruise Carbon has a carbon 2-in-1 with SUP seat and kayak paddle included.

If you are looking for a separate purchase of a 2-in-1 SUP board and kayak paddle because you already have a paddle board, check out my guide for best used SUP board paddles

A cheaper version of a kayak seat from the Mistral Lidl SUP Board

Top 3 Paddle Board Kayak Seats

Below I will list the best 3 paddle board kayak seats I have seen so far on the market. I have tried out quite a few already and I hope I can give you some good advice on picking your own paddle board kayak seat to get out on the water and go paddle boarding.

1. Bluefin Cruise Kayak Seat

The Bluefin Cruise kayak seat is softcomfortable, and not hard to attach to the paddle board. It is really supportive and quite easy to attach to the board. The great thing is that this kayak seat cushion is supplied for free when purchasing a board like the Bluefin CruiseBluefin Cruise Carbon, or a Bluefin Cruise Junior Board. The 15′ versions of the 2020 boards even contain two kayak seats! It has great quality construction and perfectly gives maximum comfort for longer trips.

But in case you somehow lost yours or you want to purchase a separate kayak seat for your Bluefin Sprint, this is also possible at Bluefin. This seat fits on the following models:

  • Cruise 10’8″
  • Cruise 12′
  • Cruise 15′
  • Voyage 10’10”
  • Sprint 14′

2. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back

As you can see this seat has great back support due to the strong attachment points and high back design

The Ocean Comfort Kayak Seat offers a lot of high back design and padded supports and it is very easy to connect to any paddle board that has D-rings for kayak seat attachment. The high back makes sure it also supports the back of tall people.

The soft padded seat and the adjustable straps make sure you can always sit comfortably in this paddle board kayak seat (There are also multiple adjustable straps available). The nylon construction is very tough, but also allows for some ventilation so you will not stay wet for long.

Brass swivel buckles for attachment make it easy to attach the right seat and get started quickly. The Ocean Comfort Kayak Seat has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. So far it received 361 reviews, with a score of 4.6/5 (as of 9th of April 2023). It is very popular for most paddlers and for this reason, for tall people, I would recommend this form-fitting design paddle board kayak seat as the best option here. Excellent hooks which can be easily attached and provide Incredible Comfort!

3. Harmony Gear Standard Sit-on-Top Seat

As you can see the Harmony Gear Kayak Seat offers less attachment points for front straps than other seats.

The Harmony Gear paddle board kayak seat is the more budget option in this list, but it also offers less support than the other two because there is only one cord whereas the other two use a double cord. Still, this kayak paddle board seat will work out just fine and if you are not too big it will offer enough support.

It will do the trick and offer you support at almost half the price of the other paddle board kayak seats, but it just doesn’t offer the same thick padding and comfort. It has a thin seat which is of course logical for the much lower price.

My girlfriend loves her paddle board kayak seat because it is almost impossible to lose balance

FAQS – Kayak Seat

What is a paddle board kayak seat? 

A paddle board kayak seat is a detachable seat that can be attached to a paddle board or kayak to provide additional comfort and support during long paddling sessions. It typically features a padded seat and backrest and can be easily attached and removed using straps d rings or hooks.

What are the benefits of using a paddle board kayak seat? 

Using a paddle board kayak seat can help improve your posture and reduce fatigue during long paddling sessions. The added cushioning and back support of sup seat can also make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

How do you attach a paddle board kayak seat? 

The attachment method may vary depending on the specific brand of seat and paddle board or kayak you are using. Generally, you can attach the seat using straps that go around the board or kayak, and then secure the seat in place using hooks or buckles.

Can you use a paddle board kayak seat on any type of board or kayak?  

Not all paddle boards or kayaks have other seats that are designed to be used with a seat. You should check the specifications of your board or kayak to ensure that it is compatible with a seat before purchasing one.

Are there any safety considerations to keep in mind when using a paddle board kayak seat? 

It is important to ensure that the seat is securely attached to the board or kayak before using it. You should also be aware of the weight capacity of your board or kayak and ensure that the combined weight of you and the seat does not exceed this limit.

Can you adjust the position of a paddle board kayak seat? 

Many paddle board kayak seats come with adjustable straps or buckles, which allow you to adjust the position of the seat to your liking. This can help you find the most comfortable and ergonomic sitting position for your paddling needs.

What materials are paddle board kayak seats made from? 

Paddle board kayak seats are typically made from durable materials such as nylon or polyester, and feature padded cushions made from foam or other materials. The straps and buckles are usually made from strong, high-quality materials such as nylon or stainless steel.

How do you clean a paddle board kayak seat? 

The best way to clean a paddle board kayak seat will depend on the specific materials it is made from. You can use mild soap and water to clean the seat, and then allow it to air dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning products that could damage the seat.

Conclusion Paddle Board Kayak Seat

Paddle boarding is fun, and you can easily customize it in any way you want. With a paddle board kayak seat, you can definitely get the best out of both worlds!

Your back is supported most especially for longer paddling trips. You can spend less energy paddling if sitting because you are too tired to stand up paddle and you are less likely to lose balance.

So why not get out there, sit down and paddle? It is a wonderful experience and you can focus fully on the environment around you, while also being close the the water. When you are paddling on clear oceans or seas you can even watch the fish swim by and guarantees a maximum comfort (I love Greece for this).

Surely you should try this out at least once, just to get a paddling experience and see the difference. As you do not need to learn how to stand or how to keep balance, this is also a great way for beginners to get used to the water before stand up paddling.

Now what are you waiting for? Get out there, enjoy, and relax on the water! Make sure to check weather conditions before heading out for your safety!

Relax and enjoy with a Paddle Board Kayak Seat 1

Have you ever tried a paddle board kayak seat? Did you enjoy the experience and will you do this again in the future? Which paddle board seat did you use for your kayak adventure?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you in the comments to know about your paddle board kayaking adventures! And don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook and Instagram for more water sports gear reviews. Happy Paddling!

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19 responses to “Relax and enjoy with a Paddle Board Kayak Seat”

  1. This is a helpful overview. Are there tips for how to use the paddleboard standing up with the seat installed or how to mount to SUP with it installed or how to install it while on the SUP? Thanks!

    • Good question Lishana!

      If you want to use it standing up while the seat is installed this is no problem. You can always stand in front or behind the seat to paddle while standing up.
      It is recommended to install the seat on land, put the SUP on the water and sit down on it (hence my girlfriend on it with the bare feet). Doing this without getting
      your legs wet would be a hassle I imagine, unless you have some sort of dock near where you can easily sit on top of the kayak.

      As it is a bit of a puzzle to install the seat I would surely not do this while on the SUP. Make sure you prepare it before and then go out on the water.

      Let me know how your paddling adventures go!


  2. Do all SUP boards have the capacity to add a seat or do I need to look for certain models

    • Hi Debbie,

      This depends on the board, not all have this ability. Most Bluefin, MOAI and Aqua Marina boards do offer this option, are you looking for a specific brand?

      To your sitting down paddling adventures ;-)!


  3. Thank you Tom for the really informative site. I recently purchased an Atoll SUP and and curious if the Blufin seat is universal? I see multiple adjustable straps in the seat and the Atoll SUP has 15 D-rings along the edges.

    • Hi Nick,

      Thank you for your compliment! This seat is indeed universal and can also be used on an Atoll board.
      The availability of the Bluefin SUP Seat is not very good, but any universal SUP kayak seat should work for this.

      Have fun kayaking and supping!


  4. Each time I paddle, even gently, for 1hr+ my neck and shoulders knot up. My physical therapist mentioned that kiyaks typically have feet position adjusters, so that you can scoot back on your seat to sit up tall and allow for proper head and neck position.

    Do you guys offer or recommend a product that could be attached to my D-rings and create a foot cradle for when I’m kiyaking?

    • Hi Brandon,

      Thanks for your question! As you see on the image of the Mistral Lidl SUP Board this does include a foot rest, but most do not.
      I haven’t seen them being sold separately anywhere yet, so if you prefer a footrest make sure this is included with the purchase of the kayak seat.
      This will be a package like, but I must say they are very hard to find without purchasing a complete new paddle board.

      Hope you will manage to find one that helps you out!


      • thinking way outside the box (always a bad idea!), but have also been thinking about footrest, and wondering if something like this could be used (with some smaller lighter straps)–

  5. Hi there, I have the same question as Brandon – is there some sort of foot support that can be attached (even using a dry bag attached to the elastics is better than nothing) to help with comfort and posture? The dry bag is a bit of a quick (not very effective) fix.
    Cheers, Anita

    • Hi Anita. RE: footrest, I was looking for same! didn’t find any actual footrest but in the same spirit as your dry-bag hack I got an 18″ high density foam block (a kayak roof rack block from Riverside/Seattle Sports) and used a simple nylon cinch strap threaded into the slots that were already cut into the block to attach it my d-rings. I’m a newbie so don’t know if it’s a stupid idea or not, but it feels great. Stiff enough but a little cushiony at the same time. you can buy the pad by itself (not the whole roof carrier kit) and it’s less than $20.

  6. I know this might be a silly question. I have a Feather-lite inflatable SUP and it does not have any rings to attach seat. Is there a seat where the straps go under the board? Is there a place to check them out? Thanks !

    • Hi Loretta,

      I’m afraid I have only seen kayak seats with D-rings to far, none with straps under the board. There are very few SUP boards made without D-rings so I guess it will be hard to find.
      Good luck and let me know if you do find one!


    • You can get D rings to glue to your board. Look on nautic stores or even aliexpress

  7. This looks like a very relaxing way to use a SUP. Is it possible to use a kayak seat with a hard SUP, or are they only suitable for a iSUP? Thanks!

  8. I am looking at board and a seat but can’t find anywhere if the 2 boards I am looking at is compatible with a seat. Looking at Kings or Tahwalhi inflatable boards
    (first time buyer)

  9. Hi There!

    I am looking for a kayak seat for our Body GLove Paddle Board, however, it only has 2 D rings wilth maybe a 3rd on the handle in the middle of the board, can you suggest a comfy seat to by that will work? A tall one would be ok too as he is tall.

    Thank you!

  10. My board does not have the clips on the side, but has a few in the back that would work to connect the backwards facing clips, any ideas on how to get the front facing (back supporting) clips to work? I was thinking of getting a strap to connect them underneath or using the hand strap in the middle (I just worry that this would wear out). Let me know if you have any ideas!

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