Mistral Lidl SUP Board – Review

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  • Skill: Beginner
  • Our score: 8.6 | Read our conclusion
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Supplied accessories

Cheap and complete, but beware of your warranty

What surprised me a lot this year is that Lidl decided to change and enhance the quality Lidl Paddle Board they are usually selling. This used to be the F2 brand, but in 2021 they decided to switch to Mistral. A big jump up in terms of quality, which makes me wonder about this board and want to check it out!

UPDATE: it’s very hard to attain a paddle board at LIDL. This is why I decided to try out another (EVEN BETTER) board in the same price range, the Bluefin Lite Compact SUP.

Now let’s move on to the Mistral Paddle board review and see why this board might be a good choice for you.


  • Mistral board is known for its good quality
  • Leash, paddle, and backpack included
  • Suitable for both quiet and slightly wilder water
  • Only 10.8 kg, so easy to carry and inflate
  • Three fins for added tilt stability and better direction and speed


  • Only one carrying handle
  • Poor availability
  • The board is not fast enough for the advanced SUP boarder (5+ years experience)

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 1
Here I am paddling around a lake on the Mistral Lidl SUP Board

Most suitable for:

The Lidl Mistral SUP Board is a great and good quality board for beginners that want to get started with Stand Up Paddle Boarding. This wide design board shape is especially suitable for starters and people with less than 5 years of SUP experience.

This allrounder paddle board is not very fast (partly because it is inflatable) but mainly focuses on sportiness and fun. It has a traditional component of an all-purpose paddle board that has a wide and round nose. With a max. carrying capacity of 150 kg it is also suitable for bigger or heavier people.

LengthWidthThicknessMax weight loadWeight board
10’5″33″6″330 lbs / 150 kg23.8 lbs / 10.8 kg

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 2

Primary use
All Round / Yoga / Touring / Relaxing

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 3

Speed on the water
The board is relatively short and wide, suitable for touring but not as fast as longer and less wide boards. Not suited for racing or surfing!

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 4

It is very easy to transport this SUP because it is inflatable and light. Even on your back if you go on the beach on a bicycle.

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 5

The board is stable on the water, with a decent weight capacity of 331 lbs / 150 kg

As I mentioned, sometimes this board is too hard to find because the demand is higher than the production so in that case in the button below you can check other boards just as good in the same price range.

The board is easy to carry around when inflated

My own experience

I tested the Lidl SUP board for the first time after Lidl announced that this would be the new board in their collection. I wanted to see what the performance would be like compared to other inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards.

The size, thickness, and weight are about average for an all-round board so not much to comment on that. The carrying capacity is good for a board with this price of $299.

150 kg is good for taking along a pet or a child, and in some cases even a second person. I like the original M-embossed pattern for extra grip, it adds something different than the same honeycomb groove.

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 6

It is also worth pointing out that the board feels sturdy but is a bit too wide (33″ / 84 cm) to build up speed, to be fair it reminds me a lot of the Aqua Marina Fusion. Also a steady board, the Mistral board from Lidl offers quite a lot for the low price that this is available for.

The package of this board is very complete, but it is still a budget version of all the accessories really. It does include a backpack, a coiled leash, an aluminum 2-in-1 SUP kayak paddle, a double chamber action pump, a dry bag, and a kayak seat.

Because so much is offered with its complete gear you really cannot go wrong with the Lidl mistral SUP for a price of only $299, even though the quality of the accessories is not the highest (compare this for instance to a Bluefin Cruise) this is a great offer for this low price.

Looking for the Best Paddle Board? Check out my Best Paddle Board Guide

Me paddling around near one of my many boats (just kidding ofc ;-))

Important features

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 7


  • Unique printed M embossed deck print provides added grip and foot comfort
  • A Large cargo netting permits secured accessories
  • Stainless steel leash D-ring
  • Center carry handle
Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 8

Includes 2 x molded side bite fins for added directional stability and a single universal standard fin box. An 8” fin is provided as part of the full fin package.

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 9

Drop Stitch Material with Double Air Chamber Technology

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 10

Inflate / deflate
SUP is inflated in nearly 8 mins with the supplied pump

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 11

There is no warranty by Lidl or the manufacturer, only the mandatory warranty that is required by law is offered and differs per country.

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 12

Very stylish and modern design with the original M embossed deck print instead of the honeycomb grooves.

In the package

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 13
The complete package that is included with the Mistral Lidl SUP Board



The paddle that is supplied with the Mistral Lidl SUP Board is an aluminum height adjustable 2-in-1 SUP and kayak paddle. It is adjustable from 167 – 207 cm / 5’5″ – 6’8″. When the other blade is used the total length will be up to 7’5″. The paddle is quite heavy with a weight of 1.3 kg / 2.9 lbs.

It is very well constructed without having to use a screwdriver. The kayak blade doesn’t click in but has a sliding system, which takes a bit of puzzling to connect.

Best SUP paddles for 2023



The coiled leash is padded on the inside and of good quality (it even says so right there on the leash!). It will only extend when you need it to be attached, so it will not be in the way during your paddling adventures.


The supplied pump is a double action high pressure pump that should clear the job quickly. A pretty standard pump that is often supplied with paddle boards. The inflating was rather heavy compared to pumping with other inflatable paddle boards.


Best SUP Pumps for 2023


A decent backpack that can easily carry your Stand Up Paddle board, with an extra zipper pocket on the front. The board also includes a small dry bag in the package, which is splashproof but not waterproof, so you might not want to put your camera or phone in there!

Optional accessories (not included)

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 14

Restube classic
Because extra safety measures never hurt anyone!


Electric SUP Pump
For if you want to inflate your paddle board without breaking a sweat, I recommend the Shark II by OutdoorMaster. Read my review here.

Difference between an Inflatable board and a Hard board

Advantages Inflatable board

  • Easy to take on holiday (even on the plane)
  • Easy to store in the winter days
  • Much cheaper
  • Technology has improved greatly over the past 10 years. For this reason, these boards are now almost hard to distinguish from hard boards

Advantages Hardboard

  • More speed, which is important if you are a professional
  • Easier to make sharp turns on the water because the board is thinner
  • No inflation needed, you can get on the water right away

Mistral Lidl SUP Board - Review 15
The board is less stable than for instance a Bluefin Cruise. Above you can see me falling off the board 😛

Other reviews of the Mistral Lidl SUP online

“The Mistral paddle Board from Lidl is a very affordable paddle board with a large scope of delivery and thus attracts mainly beginners who do not want to dig too deep into their pockets for their first paddle board.”


” The Mistral is an absolute bargain. If you’ve rented or had a few lessons but haven’t purchased due to cost – then this is a blooming awesome board for you.”



What is the Mistral Lidl SUP board and what is it used for? 

The Mistral Lidl SUP board is a stand-up paddleboard designed for recreational use on calm waters such as lakes, ponds, and slow-moving rivers. It can be used for fitness, sport, sightseeing, or just enjoying time on the water.

What are the dimensions of the Mistral Lidl SUP board? 

The board measures 10 feet 6 inches in length, 33 inches in width, and 5 inches in thickness. It can support up to 150kg of weight.

What is the construction of the Mistral Lidl SUP board? 

The board is made of durable PVC material with drop-stitch technology, which makes it rigid and strong while still lightweight and easy to carry.

What accessories come with the Mistral Lidl SUP board? 

The board comes with a pump, paddle, and carrying bag. 

How long does it take to inflate the Mistral Lidl SUP board? 

The board can be inflated in nearly 8 minutes using the included pump.

How much does the Mistral Lidl SUP board weigh? 

The board weighs approximately 10.8 kg when fully inflated, making it easy to carry and transport.

What is the weight capacity of the Mistral Lidl SUP board? 

The board can support up to 150kg / 330 lbs of weight, making it suitable for most adults.

Is the Mistral Lidl SUP board suitable for beginners? 

Yes, the board is designed for recreational use and is suitable for beginners. It is stable and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for learning how to paddleboard.

What is the warranty on the Mistral Lidl SUP board? 

Other supermarkets and Lidl don’t offer the same level of warranty. If you plan to buy in-store or from other stores, you must inquire about this.

Conclusion: Should I buy this board?

The Mistral Lidl SUP paddleboard is a high quality board aimed at beginning Stand Up Paddlers with a maximum carrying weight of 150 kg.

This board is suitable for bigger or heavier persons and it is sometimes possible to take a second person along for a trip because the board will not bend.

Since this paddle board includes everything you need to get started you will not have to incur extra costs next to the purchase of the board, which is a great deal.

The quality cannot be compared to a board like a Bluefin Cruise, which costs $250 more so it is almost twice the price.

The thing you should beware of the most is the warranty: supermarkets like Lidl do not offer the same kind of warranty you can expect from specialized stores so you have to be careful when purchasing.

All in all the Lidl paddle board offers quite a lot in an extensive package for the small purchase price, but you cannot expect the same as with a more expensive board. For beginners, this is a good cheap choice to get started on the water though!

Find other cheap SUP Boards

After testing out the Bluefin boards, I would choose that board over the Mistral.

Bluefin Cruise new

What do you think about buying these great boards from a big supermarket like Lidl? The company strives to tailor the experience for each individual customer, taking into account their preferences and interests to create a SUP board for every skill levels! The warranty issue worries me the most, especially since with these cheap boards leaks can happen at any time.

Would you buy a SUP Board from a retailer like Lidl or would you rather purchase it from the brand itself or a specialized store? Let me know your thoughts and I will answer questions in the comments below! Stay Safe and Happy SUPing!

Review written by: Tom

Hi! My name is Tom. During the year I try to be on a paddle board as much as possible. By reading this blog you'll stay updated on everything I test on the water :)

Questions? Ask me anything.
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62 responses to “Mistral Lidl SUP Board – Review”

  1. I wish to buy 3 mistral lidl boards your review was on 13 may 2020 …are these boards available to buy in uk ?????

  2. the board is still not on sale in the UK, when I read your review the day it was published ( informative easy to use)….I’ve been thinking of buying 3 boards for years, my daughers are soon to be 10 and 12 one is called Mistral after I met her dad whilst teaching windsurfing in Croatia…..birthdays are in 3 weeks ….perfect lockdown present! If I can get hold of them……can you let me know of UK release date?

  3. Hello Tom. I am writing to you from Greece.
    Next week, the Lidl shell this sup
    and I’m thinking of getting it. I am a beginner, 186cm, and 95kg.
    I want to ask you if you know, how high the pressure can be reached and you think will it last for at least two years?
    Should I spend more money and go for a model close to 400 – 450 euros?
    Τhank you very much

    • Hi George,

      Nice to see you reading this in Greece, I hope you like it!
      Do you have nice weather over there yet?
      The board can be inflated up to 15 PSI, just like most SUP boards.
      In this price range this is a pretty good board in a complete package, so it would be a good choice.
      As said I am only concerned about warranty since Lidl isn’t a specialist, but with normal use and good storage it should
      surely last two years.

      Hope you enjoy the summer on your paddle board over there!



      • “with normal use and good storage it should surely last two years”
        Wait, WHAT?
        Is this the normal life time of a SUP?
        Or this one because it is almost cheap it should wear so soon?

        • Hi Panos,

          By ‘surely’ I mean at least.
          This is not the normal lifetime of a SUP of course, but it it hard to determine how durable a board is that just came out.
          In general these cheaper boards last shorter, because they are made of drop-stitch material, but do not have extra reinforcement like
          more expensive paddle boards have.
          I see it is coming out in Greece today, if you are getting this please let me know your personal opinion about it!



        • I got the last one in my local Lidl in Ireland. Looking forward to getting out on the water at the weekend to test it out. I’m a beginner & it’s my first board. Great package for the money, so can’t fault that. Will have to see how it lasts….

  4. It should last over 10 years . Nowadays many things are made so cheap that they won’t last. But I am 125kg and I am goint to buy this and I expect it to be good guality. I only use it from june to augutst and about 2-3 times in a week so not much.

    • I am not sure if it will last over 10 years, since that is a very long period of time and you have to be careful with the paddle board.
      Let me know what you think about this board when you get it!



    • Hello Tom and thank you for this review and all your words. I bough this SUP two weeks ago and today I noticed a bump on the upper side, not close to a valve. Should I ask for a replacement or this is something normal. Please, share with me your email to give some extra info plus some photos.

      • Hi Dimitris. A bump on the upper side is definitely not normal and you should ask for a replacement. This happens often with inflatables, but it’s way too soon to appear on your paddleboard. Don’t hesitate to contact Lidl for this 🙂

  5. Hello Tom from Greece,

    This is Georgios. Thank you very much for the excellent presentation of the board. I saw your review and i was aware of buying the specific SUP. The board is ok for the price of 299 Euros that I bought it. It very easy to handle and i do recomment it as a first time user. I only have one question. I m using the pump at air chamber 1 (The peripheral one) at 15psi while the number 2 chamber (the central one) cannot take 15 psi pressure. It loses the air. So im putting something like 8-10 psi number 2 air chamber. Is it ok? I would like to have your advice on that. What should i do while i m using the pump to put the air? Thanks in advance.

    Take care

    • Γεια σου Georgios,

      Thanks for your comment, I’m happy to read that you like it! I am trying the board at this moment too and I am enjoying it, pictures will follow soon. With SUP pumps this is often the case, this is not only for the Lidl SUP board. The trick is to start with 2 chambers for easy inflation until you reach 8-10 PSI, then you switch to 1 chamber to finish it to the final 15 PSI. This goes faster than doing the whole board on just one air chamber.

      I hope this helps you on going out on the water quickly!
      Καλό ταξίδι!


      • Dear Tom

        Thank you very much for the tips! I will follow on facebook and i will keep you updated regarding the Mistral SUP!

        Take care yourself and stay safe!


    • Hello, Tom, thanks for taking the time to answer me. I guess, Greece is sun-and-sea kissed, and you are very kind!
      Yeap, i checked your guide for kids, but, my daughter is taller than average. So, we thought it better to get her sth she could also use in the near future. We also saw Aqua marine fusion you commented on, and the man who rents such equipment on our beach, has one on display!! Why some boards are round at the front like lidl’s or fusion, while others are more pointy?



  6. Hi Tom, thanks for a great site. I’m new to this sport and your reviews are very helpful. I was going for an Aquamarina Fusion board when I saw the Lidl Mistral announcement here in Sweden. I was lucky to get one of the two they had in this store and thanks to your review on the board I dared to by it. Feels like a great deal for me as a beginner. Now I’m waiting for more tranquil weather to try it out.

  7. Great Review! Greetings from Greece
    Had a rigid Coreban 9′ and went and bought the Mistral from Lidl Greece.

    It is more stiff than any other isup i have tested, even Jobe Yara and 20 psi and that is because of the two chambers. Because the coming wave is not able to bend the outer chamber and the inside chamber too.
    I didn’t try pumping it up manually. I am the lazy comfort guy and it was too hot in Greece even to set up pumping the 12V one from the cigarette lighter of the car. But, yes, i am way more than satisfied with this one. I have tried 3 times up this value like Jobe Yarra etc, and i cannot compare the stiffness of it because they are two separate bodies, with their own pressure, competing each other, and especially the inside one is not able to be bent (how could it be and why?) just imagine a 6ft isup (the inside chamber) and if it could be bend the same way as a 10ft (surely not). That is why the 2 chambers is giving a lot more stiffness. It has double rails on the outside. And a good 2-mode pump.

    Regarding our friend and how long it could last, i would say that:
    1. if you rinse off the salt
    2. if you store it semi inflated at almost 1 psi just to get the shape
    then you may expect it to last longer
    if you store it compact and wrapped up, maybe the change of the temperature and the place you will be storing it, may cause some points to get attached together or cut at the bending points. Better keep it almost inflated not under pressure but that enough to let it get a proper shape (even at least 1 psi).

    Tom, many thanks for your review (to be honest it is kind of late here and just scrolled quickly, but i promise to read it thoroughly tomorrow), we will keep in touch 😉

  8. Hi Tom! I am writing to you from Greece. The weather is beautiful, the sea is wonderful and the conditions ideal for sup! I recently bought the Mistral sup from Lidl. I totally loved it! I am a beginner so I am not the right person to compare, but it is a full pack, can be used also as a kayak and it is easy to carry. My only concern is whether a fin breaks how would I be able to replace it?

    • Γεια σου Bettina!

      If you manage to break your fin you need to get a new one to replace it. So you will either have to contact Lidl and see if you have any warranty on it or by ordering them from https://shop.mistral.com/collections/fins. Have a lot of fun with your new paddle board!

      Καλό ταξίδι!


  9. Hi
    yesterday I find your review and today I bought this Mistral Lidl Sup. Also in Lidl Slovenia today was in sell. in our Lidl store 11 pcs and in let say in 5 minutes me and some friends + others we already been in line for payment.
    It is really good purchase. I loved it!
    Now it is necessary to go to try it.

    You prepared great Review, also YouTube presentations are very good.

    Also a person in retail shop said that this is very good item however as usual retailers are sad to see such sell.

    • Hi!. Anyone knows if this board is capable for doing some surf in the waves?

      • Hi there Vasco!

        Of course this is possible, but I would keep it for small waves. The board is not very agile, so with bigger waves it will be hard to stay balanced. Let me know how it goes if you decide to try it out 😉

        Have fun on the Water!


  10. Hello Tom,

    First of all, thank you for the excellent review!
    I’m a 190 cm and 110kg man in his 40s who wants to enter the paddle world 🙂
    I am undecided between this Mistral board and an itiwit 11 touring from decathlon (350 € only the board), which one do you recommend?

    Greetings from Portugal.

    Nelson Simões

  11. Hi Tom,

    I bought the SUP after reading your review here in Cyprus. After using it twice I notice some air leaking from the top of the board. I left it inflated during the night and by the morning there were 2 huge bumps. I took it back but unfortunately Lidl does not have extra boards for replacing it so I settled for my money back. Kids were very disappointed so we went ahead an bought an STX 10.6’ Freeride 2020 board. This is a much lighter board which is easier to carry around even for my 13 year old son.


    • Hi Stefanos,

      I’m sorry that you had such a bad experience with the Mistral Lidl SUP Board. The thing with cheap boards is that they are mass produced and production errors may always occur.
      How is your experience with the STX board on the water? I have not heard about the brand before, but then again there are so many brands these days.
      Hope you have a lot of fun in the water in the nice and sunny Cyprus!



    • Hi Edgar,

      For the structure this should not matter, a lot of people who go together do it in this way.
      Since you are quite close to the maximum weight limit of 150 kg the board might bend a bit in the middle though, so try to position a bit in front and behind the middle if you go out together, to divide the weight over the platform for the highest stability.

      I have checked out your Facebook page and you have some great pictures on there, looking forward to seeing more of your SUP adventures!



  12. Hello, Tom, this is also from Greece. unfortunately, we didn’t hit it off with Mistral board because it got out of stock the moment it appeared on lidl shelves. last week, my daughter, aged 10, 33 kg, borrowed the mistral board on the beach and did it quite well for a first-time ‘surfer’. She found it very easy to handle and navigate around swimmers and could stand quite easily on the board without falling off So we’re looking for something similar to that, but the list is Endless and we have no idea, you see, first time – first love😊❤️ Any recommendations?

    • Hi there Elena,

      Seems I have a lot of readers from Greece, a great country for paddle boarding it is! Too bad that you couldn’t find the Mistral board anymore, I see they stopped selling it here in the Netherlands and in Germany as well. Have you perhaps checked out my guide on Best Paddle Boards for Kids yet? There you can find some great boards for children, I hope they availability of these boards in Greece will also be good though!

      Have a lot of fun paddling together with your daughter 🙂


      • Hello, Tom, thanks for taking the time to answer me. I guess, Greece is sun-and-sea kissed, and you are very kind!
        Yeap, i checked your guide for kids, but, my daughter is taller than average. So, we thought it better to get her sth she could also use in the near future. We also saw Aqua marine fusion you commented on, and the man who rents such equipment on our beach, has one on display!! Why some boards are round at the front like lidl’s or fusion, while others are more pointy?



        • Hi Elena,

          I’m sorry I did not answer your question earlier!
          I do love Greece, cannot wait to go there again to the beautiful sea, where in Greece are you from?
          You should try out the Aqua Marina Fusion if you have the option to rent it. It is great you have this option, so you can be sure the board suits you and your daughter.
          Generally a more pointy board is for touring and cutting through the water easier, while a round one is aimed more at stability and all-around use. I am making more content talking about this on “Types of Paddle boards“.

          If you have any more questions let me know!
          Hope you have a great time on the sea with your SUP.



  13. Hello, Tom, thanks for taking the time to answer me. I guess, Greece is sun-and-sea kissed, and you are very kind!
    Yeap, i checked your guide for kids, but, my daughter is taller than average. So, we thought it better to get her sth she could also use in the near future. We also saw Aqua marine fusion you commented on, and the man who rents such equipment on our beach, has one on display!! Why some boards are round at the front like lidl’s or fusion, while others are more pointy?



  14. Hello, Tom! Greetings from Chalkida, a seaside town, central Greece.
    I took your advice and tried out Fusion. It was great very easy to navigate as you said. Just for the record prices have dropped now that’s the end of the season. I think anyone can find much better bargains and beat ready for next summer.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Elena,

      I’m happy you liked it, in some places prices have indeed dropped, here in the Netherlands a lot of boards are actually completely sold out and there is little to find. Hope you have a nice time out there, no problems with flooding in your area?



  15. Hi there,

    Unfortunately this board is now simply impossible to buy – it was a huge sucess here in Portugal, sold out in the first hours. My budget is on the short side, and I’m looking for something around the 300-400€ ballpark. Your recomendations are great, but a lot of those models are either only available in the USA, or in backorder (or over my budget)… I’m now looking at the Kohala Start (from DVSports, a spanish brand AFAIK), but there is barely any feedback on this boards. Have you heard of them?

    Great website you have here, I’ve been learning a lot!


    • Hi Miguel,

      Thanks for your compliments! I’m happy you like my site 🙂

      Season is ending and it is indeed hard to find a board now. It has been a busy SUP season and a lot of companies are already sold out. I have never heard of that brand, but there are so many small brands on the market these days it is import to know them all. If you do try it out let me know how it goes, I’m always curious about new boards.

      Have some great SUP adventures!


  16. Hi Tom’
    It’s available in the UK next week for £199 with a 2 year warranty! I’m excited. I’ve never had a go before and I’m going to get lessons. Would it be ok on a fast flowing river or is it more for still water… after I’ve mastered how to do it that is…
    Worcestershire, England

  17. Hi bud, these boards are coming into my local Lidl this Thursday, I’m looking for a board that will take around 130kg although I’m about 85kg I could take the kids or dog on!
    I’ve only done paddle boarding once so looking for a beginners board for canal and sea etc.
    I’ve been looking at js paddle board, funwater koi board and obviously this Lidl board. Would you recommend any of them? Many thanks.

  18. So this board went on sale in lidl in the UK this morning mostly at 8 am and I would guess that by 8 15 am the whole stock was pretty much sold out according to an FB SUP forum, I managed to get 2 for future use and it was due to the reviews from guys like you Tom that helped with that decision. Looking forward to testing it out as the sun is now shining in the UK!! I got an Aqua Planet Pace last year which I am really pleased with and hope that this is as good quality for this great price of £199!

  19. hi tom at 67 years of age just bought my first sup from lidl here in england my question is what pressure should i put into the second chamber cannot wait to get it on the canals and rivers and the will be taking it to the isle of wight on holiday. thanks

  20. I managed to get one – last one in the store @ 08.07 🤣 Each store in the UK only got 7 each as that’s Lidl’s optimal number they say for large sale items. They are kept out back, not on display.

    It has a 2 yr warranty in the UK.

    Decent entry level board, good kit and sturdily made so will last more than a few years.

    Slightly slow in the river but it’s not meant to be for racing – it’s for touring.

    Decent bit of kit for £200 so well worth the buy considering it will only be used for 2/3 seasons a year.

  21. Matthew, my daughter is trying to decide between these 2 boards, what did you think if you’ve had a chance to try them out yet?

  22. Hi, as a novice I bought this SUP from Lidl but I have a couple of small problems:
    1) the paddle does not tighten well; when I close the latch just apply a little force and the handle slides up and down
    2) the fin has two pins: the golden one enters and I can insert it all the way back, the plastic one in the front part does not enter the housing even if I can still screw the screw.
    Anyone who has any of these problems, how has it solved?

    • Hi Jury, for the first question: you can pop up the latch all the way it lets itself opened, then turn it clockwise 360 degrees, relock it, and it will hold the attached part firmly. Regards: Ákos

  23. Hi Tom
    I was lucky to get a Mistral board from Lidl. Took it out yesterday did the first time and was able to stand with no issue (I usually fall off when trying my friends’). However, I ant follow the instructions for folding it. I can’t do it – any tips?!

  24. Hi Tom, I’m writing from Portugal

    I’m a beginner, so I was looking for an all around board. Do you think that I can try to cath some waves with this boar, or only or cruise ?

    Thabks a lot, keep up with the good job !

  25. Hello, I am Violeta from Macedonia
    I recently purchased one of your Mistral SUP »Yoga 11′ paddle boards in Lidl, Greece and while pumping it we noticed a big bubble forming on the board. It is located on the upper side of the board.
    Can you please tell me how can I resolve this problem? Could you also please tell me what is your return policy if the bubble-problem is unsolvable?

    Thank you very much

    • Yeah you can go in any lidl store in the northern part of Greece, in Macedonia and they will refund you.

      Best regards

  26. For me as a Coach im so happy i do not run a shop, Mistrall have been around for a long time and this Board is really good value and fits as per the revue. For us UK Paddlers of any vessel it is worth pointing out that Rescues of people who buy these boards is very high on RNLI and Coasguard listing and i have picked a few up when Kayaking on the Sea. so a few good Do’s and Dont’s should be observed when going to Lidl thinking ‘i can hop on seated, kneeling or standing.
    1, Tide is it coming in or going out, ask the question of yourself what will this do to my day.
    2. Is the wind blowing toward the Beach – Onshore or Off the Beach – Offshore. If it is Offshore sorry but put your paddle session off for another day and ensure you can see what the Kite surfers and Wing Boarders are doing as most will not go out.
    3. do i understand how to get back on the board if i fall in deep water- So many rescues are for people who assume they can get back on but deep water has in some people an inherrent fear and panic mode.
    4. What should i wear? This is a clincher the minimum should be a Rash Vest with long sleeves as water and sun is a good mix for Sun Burn and is exacerbated with Salt and wind in the mix. I wetsuit is best in Surf or on a Journey.
    5. That Coily thing in the pack is a Leach and important even on a flat still day as it keeps you with the Board even if you cannot get back on. In ten years of SUP i have taken boards back to paddlers so many times where ‘Oh ive only had it a month and dont feel i need to fit that.’ Yes you do its Safety kit like a Bouyancy aid of somekind.
    6. If you are going ou to Sea or along a Coast or down a river for goodness sake tell someone, preferably a Family member who can ensure your OK but better still the Coastguard who are only to happy to talk with you and answer questions. Which also means that upon your return phone them back and tell them theyre often happy to ask if you had a great day.
    7. Never Surfed? Get a lesson it will save you lots of time, its the true origin of SUP as Polynesians travelled Islands on Bamboo or Balso Boards using paddles then Surfed into idilic Beaches but we see so many broken bones and kit due to people cockily saying ah but its easy. Its not if you dont know how surf works.

    With all of this the Mistral Board is really good value and is cheap for a very good reason, Suppliers are offloading SUPs due to over production in the last to years, they are struggling to give it away as Retail Outlets have not sold older deasigns. Enjoy but please take care. Off to buy one now!

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