The 10 Best Paddle Board Coolers

Why a paddle board cooler can make your adventures so much better while you always stay hydrated

When you go out Stand Up Paddling on a hot day, what is better than having an ice cold drink with you that you can enjoy on the water in between all the hard work? If you spend a long time on the water it is absolutely necessary to stay hydrated, so why not make it a good and cool drink by using a paddle board cooler in addition to your other paddle board accessories?

Of course this also works well to keep warm things warm, in case you go out paddle boarding in cold weather. Keep your thermos flask inside a cooler and it will stay warmer than if you just strap it under the elastic on your board.

So today I will tell you all about Stand Up Paddle Board Coolers or SUP Coolers, why to use them, the different types and which ones are the best to purchase. Let’s get going!

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What is a paddle board cooler?

A paddle board cooler is a soft or hard case bag that insulates the coldness or the heat of its contents so it maintains its temperature for a long time. This way you can enjoy a cold drink on hot days, or a hot drink when you go out paddling on cold days.

The bags can have different contents, extra features and offer different ways of carrying them, but the essence of every single paddle board cooler is to keep your stuff at the right temperature for as long as possible.

The Alomejor Paddle Board Cooler which I will tell you more about later in this guide

What is important when choosing a paddle board cooler?

When you are going to choose a paddle board cooler there are some different things you have to look at. It doesn’t always mean that one is better than the other, it just has to be best for your personal situation. The things I consider most important to look at are:

  • Do you want a hard case or a foldable paddle board cooler?
  • What is the storage capacity of the paddle board cooler?
  • How long can the SUP cooler insulate the contents?
  • In which ways can the paddle board cooler be carried along?
  • In which ways can the SUP cooler be attached to the paddle board?

Hard case paddle board cooler or foldable soft case?

The difference between the two will probably be clear to everyone as the names are very obvious. A hard case cooler isn’t always easy to carry along. I go to the water often on my bicycle, carrying my inflatable paddle board in a backpack on my back.

Taking a hard case cooler would be impossible for me, as I just couldn’t fit it in. Also a hard case cooler will take up more space on your paddle board, but often these coolers insulate a bit better than the soft case one.

If you are going by car and you have a huge paddle board a hard case will be your best choice, while with a smaller board or if you are going by bike the foldable version will be more suitable for your situation.

The interior of the Arctic Zone Titan cooler, my number 1 choice (if you have the space!)

Storage capacity of the paddle board cooler

The storage capacity of the paddle board cooler of course determines how much stuff you can take. This capacity is often displayed in liters, but also in cans. Most common are paddle board cooler bags that show a capacity of 30/34/36 cans, which is a lot! (In liters this is generally between 22 and 30 liters, it also depends on the model of the bag).

So again depending on the space you have and the stuff you are planning to take. Are you going on a longer trip and maybe even combine your paddle board adventure with camping, then a bigger paddle board cooler is very recommended.

How long can the SUP cooler insulate the contents?

The better the quality and the material of the paddle board cooler is, the longer its contents can be insulated and the longer your drink will stay cold or hot. Some of these bags claim they can keep the temperature for up to 48 hours, which is a very long time.

As most of us will not go out paddle boarding for 48 hours this is not necessary anyway, but a couple of hours should surely be managed. As you have seen in the picture of the interior of the Arctic Zone Titan Cooler, there is even a place in the bottom where you can put ice, so thing remain cold even longer or get colder after you put them in. Like carrying a mini fridge!

The AO Vinyl SUP Cooler in action

In which ways can the paddle board cooler be carried along?

Of course it is very important that the paddle board cooler you choose can be carried along easily. Does the cooler have a single strap, handgrips or could it even be used as a backpack? This can make a difference in the ease of transportation and the way you could even wear it while paddle boarding if you choose to keep it on your body (I wouldn’t recommend it though).

Look at the different options the bag you want has and think how you are planning to transport the cooler to the water, but also how you are carrying it on the beach for instance and the moments before you attach it to the board.

In which ways can the SUP cooler be attached to the paddle board?

Last but not least: how can you attach the paddle board cooler to your paddle board, to make sure it doesn’t just fall of in the water and it actually stays in its place. Not every cooling bag has the same great features to attach it to your board, some of these cooling bags don’t offer this option at all.

But honestly this matters less and less. I barely see any Stand Up Paddle Boards on the market anymore that do not have a luggage net, where you could easily place your paddle board cooler so it is stable and it stays in place.

The more expensive models even have luggage nets in both the front and the back, where you can easily take this along. Just make sure to check at home if your chosen paddle board cooler fits under the elastic luggage net, especially if you have chosen a hard case paddle board cooler!

The Rockbros Paddle Board Cooler looks cool and offers some really nice carrying options!

The 10 Best Paddle Board Coolers

Now I will head on to talk about the 10 best paddle board coolers, according to the judges (me!). As I pick them myself this list is very subjective, so you might have a different opinion. This is why I will show you these 10, but you might prefer number 7 over number 1 if your situation is different and if you have a larger budget.

For my list I have, as always, chosen for the best value for money and the performance and features of the paddle board coolers named below. If you don’t agree or even have options I haven’t named here at all, feel free to let me know this in the comments at the bottom of this guide!

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler

The Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze paddle board cooler is my personal favorite when I go out paddle boarding when taking my car. Compared to most of the other paddle board coolers in this list the Arctic Zone is inexpensive, can carry a lot and has some handy extra zippers.

Earlier in this article I have shown you the interior of your bag, which makes it possible to put ice in the bottom to keep all your drinks cool for an extra long period of time (it claims it can keep ice for up to 3 days!). The size of the interior is 12.7″ x 7.6″ x 10.2″ (the 30 can model) and can be taken out to be cleaned very easily.

The bag is easy to carry with the adjustable backsaver shoulder strap with shoulder pad and the  zipperless lid allows for quick access to food and drinks. All in all this is a sturdy, easy to use, comfortable and effective way to keep all your drinks cool for a rather low price.

The 30 can version even has elasticized gear straps and a detachable bottle opener. What more could you possibly want from a paddle board cooler?


NorthShore SUP Cooler with Attachment System

The great thing about the NorthShore paddle board cooler is that it has a great attachment system, which makes it easy to attach the cooler to the D-Rings on your Stand Up Paddle Board. So you can make sure it stays in place well, while you can carry other stuff underneath your luggage cord and you create some extra storage capacity on your paddle board.

The nylon cooler includes an over the shoulder strap for off-board carrying convenience and a male/female buckles with webbing. The large cooler can fit 24 cans, which should be enough capacity for most people. It also includes a bottle opener.

The size of the cooler is 13″ x 11″ x 10″ and it has a lot of extra bags and zippers to put all of your stuff in. The quick access lid on top is closed with velcro and can be easily opened up to grab your beverage.


Alomejor SUP Deck Cooler Bag

The Alomejor SUP Deck Cooler Bag is clearly made especially for paddle boarding and other watersports activities, as it can be attached to the board with the handy suction cups, to make sure it will stay in place on your board.

This deck bag is made of high quality nylon material, 4 suction cup attach the bag to most paddle board decks. It also has an external mesh bag, which can contain some small items. Smoothly zipper closure, easy and convenient opening and close, simple to use.


AO Coolers Vinyl SUP Soft Cooler

The AO Vinyl paddle board cooler is another great option to carry your cool drinks along with you on your Stand Up Paddle Board. This cooler can keep ice for up to 24 hours and includes 4 eye-hooks making it easy to tie down to the D-rings of your paddle board, with 2 suctions cup for extra securing the cooler bag.

The size of the bag is 15″ x 9.5″ x 9″, which makes it able to carry 24 cans, or 15 cans plus ice. It is easy to take along with the detachable shoulder strap or the easy hand grip. The cooler has twice the insulation of other soft-sided coolers and also has a leak-proof liner.

Coleman Collapsible Paddle Board Cooler

The Coleman Collapsible Paddle Board Cooler is the budget option in this list, which is rather surprising as Coleman is a premium brand in outdoor gear as backpacks and sleeping bags. I expected this cooler to be a lot more expensive than it is, for the low price this is a real steal!

This 34-can cooler is designed to fold flat for space-saving storage, so you can easily carry it along on your bicycle for instance. Ice can be kept up to 30 hours in this SUP cooler and the zippered main compartment keeps in the cold and secures your haul on the go.

It looks stylish, has an easy front pocket and is easy to fold and store. For this money you get great quality and when you have a low budget or don’t want to spend much money on a paddle board cooler, the Coleman paddle board cooler is surely your best choice!

ROCK BROS Soft Paddle Board Cooler

The ROCK BROS Soft Paddle Board Cooler is an amazing quality item, possibly one of the best in this list, but the price is so high that I cannot list this high as I go for best value for money. Because it is made with three insulation layers it can keep your drinks cold for up to 48 hours.

The material is leak proof and waterproof, the insulated leak proof soft coolers use the airtight zipper, even the air can not through it. With the strengthened zipper you can be close the bag tightly and make sure it stays closed.

The 22L capacity of this paddle board cooler can hold nearly 36 cans, which should be enough for all your needs. The cooler comes with a soft and wide shoulder, one reinforced top strap and two reinforced side handle straps design.


AO Coolers Original Soft Cooler

Another paddle board cooler that is lower on the list because of the higher pricing is the AO Coolers Original Soft Cooler. It looks really cool with its colorful design and has a capacity of 36 cans.

This soft-sided cooler with removable shoulder strap & features a side pocket for dry items. It can hold ice for up to 24 hours and has a size of 14″ x 7″ x12″.

KickIce Dry Bag + Soft Cooler

The KickIce Dry Bag + Soft Cooler can also hold 36 cans, or a content of 30 liters. The Travelflex molded base keeps your stuff upgright, balanced, and in place! Plus, the Rolltop closure and snap keeps things leakproof.

When not in use, this KickIce paddle board cooler folds flat for easy storage. It is also available in smaller capacities, the 8L and 15L versions.

PERMIAN Coolers Portable Cooler Bag

Perception Splash Seat Back Cooler

Conclusion Best Paddle Board Coolers

As you have read above there are a lot of different factors to pay attention to, which often have to do with your specific situation. So you cannot say that there is one paddle board cooler that is absolutely the best for everyone.

I have made this list based on the quality of the coolers, the features I have named before in this article and of course the price that comes with these coolers. The Rock Bros paddle board cooler for instance is a great quality cooler bag, but I honestly wouldn’t see myself spending $120 on a cooling bag when a $50 alternative would work just as well for me.

So depending on your budget, the number of things you want to carry along and preferences you have for carrying your paddle board cooler and the way you can attach it to your paddle board, these are different factors to pay attention to.

Think of what you need and what you are looking for, make your choice based on your needs only, no need to pay extra for options you are never going to use and huge bags that only take up space on your vessel that is unnecessary.

Let me know what you think about these paddle boards coolers. Have you ever used a SUP cooler before? Which brand and did you like using it? Let me know down here in the comments and don’t hesitate to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on my latest watersports news and my regular GiveAways!

I might earn a small commission when you make a purchase through my link, so that I can keep my site running and pay the hosting bill. Read my affiliate policy to learn more.
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