A Guide to Buying a Wakeboarding Boat

What is a surf boat or a wakeboarding boat?

Wakeboarding is a highly popular watersport, with over 2.67 million participants in the US alone.
It involves a rider standing on a wakeboard and being towed behind a motorboat across the wake, often performing aerial tricks. If you’re passionate about wakeboarding and ready to take your hobby to the next step, purchasing the right wakeboarding boat should be your step. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you smoothly navigate your first wakeboarding boat purchase.

Factors to Consider in a Wakeboarding Boat

A top-tier wakeboarding boat must possess specific features and qualities that cater to the
sport’s demands. Here are some factors you should consider before purchasing your boat.

Inboard Engine

V-drive inboard boats are preferred because their engine placement naturally creates ballast and shifts the boat’s center of gravity rearward, allowing the hull to settle deeper into the water and run at a steeper angle.

Unlike direct-drive inboards, the V-drive engine is turned 180 degrees, with its driveshaft connected forward and power redirected through a gearbox beneath the cockpit floor, resembling the letter V. It further provides a less crowded cockpit, with no engine box in the middle of the floor so passengers can move around more freely.


An excellent wakeboarding boat should generate a substantial and well-formed wake suited for wakeboarding.

Achieving this demands a robust engine, an adaptable ballast system for tailoring the wake, and a hull engineered for watersports.

Additionally, the boat should sustain a steady speed and offer the rider a smooth, stable experience. A wide hull and excellent performance are crucial to produce optimal wakes for jumps and tricks.


Modern boats are equipped with various technologies, such as GPS speed control systems and Wake and Surf Systems, to enhance the wakeboarding experience.

Advanced wake and surf systems empower operators to adjust the boat’s weight distribution for optimal wakeboarding. These user-friendly systems facilitate swift modifications, allowing more time on the water and less time adjusting settings.

How to Buy Your Ideal Wakeboarding Boat

wakeboarding boat
A man on a wakeboarding boat via Unsplash

Here are three essential steps you need to follow to ensure you get your ideally required boat.

Check Reviews

When exploring various wakeboard boats available for sale, it is crucial to consult online reviews as they offer insights into the strengths and weaknesses of different boats from multiple owners. However, it’s essential to approach reviews sceptically, as individual experiences vary widely.

Reading multiple reviews for each boat can offer a more balanced understanding.

Visit Dealership

Visit a reputable dealership to inspect the boats in person, which can significantly enhance your shopping experience. Viewing the boats first-hand provides a deeper understanding and the knowledgeable staff who can assist you throughout the process.

Comparing prices from different dealerships can lead to significant cost savings. Considering used wakeboard boats is a practical option for those with budget constraints. However, practice caution and hire a mechanic for a thorough inspection to provide peace of mind and confirm a worthwhile purchase.

Test Drive

wakeboarding boat
A man on a wakeboarding boat in the river via Unsplash

If you’ve selected your boat, taking it on a test drive is ideal. It’s best to call ahead and confirm if the dealership can accommodate your test drive request. Factors like weather forecasts and boat availability can affect scheduling.

During the test drive, observe how the boat is launched and docked, as this knowledge will be helpful if you purchase it. Ask questions about the boat’s passenger capacity, weight limit, and top speed to aid your decision-making process.


Wakeboarding is a popular watersport requiring a specialized boat. A top-tier wakeboarding boat should create well-formed wakes, sustain steady speed, and offer stability. V-drive inboard engines are preferred for their ballast and spacious cockpit.

Modern boats feature GPS speed control and Wake and SurfsSystems for customizable wakes. Buying involves checking reviews, visiting dealerships, considering used options, and test driving.

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