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If you are just now entering the world of paddle boarding or you are a paddle boarding junkie just like me who spends all their money on accessories and paddle boarding gear, then any discount coming our way is certainly welcome. That’s why I’m sharing the 2020 iROCKER coupon codes with you for a chance to get an amazing deal on the new iROCKER SUPs. The products and the quality you get with this deal are just mind-blowing!


High-quality paddle board discount

With iROCKER’s well-respected brand, you get durability, affordability, and features on their boards lie no other on the market. This brand was developed in Jacksonville, FL, and it quickly took a spot among the best in the industry thanks to their devotion to manufacturing high-quality paddle boards.

So, before I go on with the reviews on some of their best boards, let’s see what iROCKER offers all their paddle board enthusiasts.

Blackfin Paddle Boards
Blackfin SUP is also a brand by iRocker

2020 iROCKER Coupon Codes & Discount Offers

Plus, all iROCKER SUPs come with a rock-solid 2-year warranty, which is everything you need to start your paddle boarding adventures.

At the moment, the guys at iROCKER have created an awesome promo deal on their inflatable paddle boards. With this, you can add any two iROCKER SUPs to your cart and get an $80 discount at checkout. You won’t even need to apply any coupon codes for this one. Simply add two boards to your card and save a massive $80. Save those 80 bucks on additional gear, and thank me later (wink wink).

What about shipping, you may ask? Well, iROCKER has solid free shipping, which is tax-free as well, unless stated otherwise by your country/state. If you are located outside the US, then you can place direct orders through iROCKER with no or minimal additional charges.

Nautical Paddle Boards is the budget brand of iRocker SUP

iROCKER paddle board reviews

Since there are multiple paddle boards eligible for this discount, it can be confusing as to which board may be the right one for you and your needs. But worry no more friends, as you will find everything you need right here. Read further for all their paddle boards on discount.

Of course, if you have any questions or remarks regarding the paddle boards and which one to pick, you can always leave a comment below for a piece of additional advice from me, I’m always happy to help. With that said, let’s start with our first paddle board discount product.


iROCKER All-Around 11′

When it comes to this paddle board, I have a whole section written on my personal experience and evaluation on it which you can read here. However, for the sake of this review buying guide to be complete, let’s look at why this paddle board may be just right for you.

The first thing you should know is that this board is an upgrade of the old Inflatable 11′. And you know what that means! It means you are going to get a lot more when the word ‘upgraded’ pops in.


Practically, this innovative paddle board features an upgraded quad-layer construction with a redesigned deck pad. You also get additional safety handles and a new high-power pump.

  • Quad Layer Construction — iROCKER now developed features an upgraded quad-layer construction. The PVC material enables paddles to have more durability and rigidity.
  • Additional safety handles by the cargo area
  • Redesigned Deck Pad
  • New high-power pump with dual-chamber for faster inflation and a pressure gauge.
  • The recommended inflation rate is 14-18psi.
  • Board comes with iROCKER paddle, backpack, leash, handpump, and repair kit

As said, for a more hands-on review, check my in-depth analysis on the All-Around paddle board here.


iROCKER All-Around 10′

The iROCKER 10′ is another awesome SUP board that performs great in all water conditions. I find this board suitable for all skill levels because of its favorable dimensions. Namely, it comes at 32″ of width which gives you extra stability. This way, you can maintain balance while standing on it, and its all-around design helps you glide through the water with reduced drag. That said, based on its dimensions, this board is most suitable for paddlers below 5’10” or 178cm and can carry up to 370 pounds in weight while on water. The recommended inflation rate is 14-18psi.


  • Triple Layer Composite PVC, which makes the boards sturdy and robust but 20% lighter in weight. Also, its carbon blend shaft enables the paddle to be lighter yet sturdier and more stable when paddling.
  • Additional Multi-Use Action Mounts (a total of 17) on which you can place your fishing rod holders, cameras, speakers, and all the rest of the equipment for the best paddling experience.
  • Broader deck pad – double padded acting as a yoga mat that keeps your feet comfortable
  • More expansive cargo storage in the back
  • Additional front grab handle
  • iROCKER backpacks with their upgraded design have additional pockets and extra bungee and Velcro storage. Attachable wheel traycan be bought additionally to make the backpack even more comfortable to carry.
  • 10′ coil ankle leash with key pocket that is lightweight and feels as if you are not wearing any leash thanks to its double swivel feature that ensures minimal drag and hassle. It is specifically designed to absorb the impact waves, by stretching 5X its length as well. The leash also has a key pocket on the inside of the ankle strap.
  • Board comes with iROCKER paddle, backpack, leash, handpump and repair kit

iROCKER Sport 11′ X 31″

If you are looking for a suitable beginner or intermediate level paddle board, look no further than the Sport 11′. According to the manufacturer ratings, this paddle has a 100/100 for maneuverability and speed while the stability and surf are rated at 60 and 70, respectively. This means you can easily control the board in calm water and surfing water conditions. The recommended inflation rate is 15psi, and the board can carry up to 385 pounds of weight. On its own, the paddle weighs 25 pounds.


  • Highly portable and lightweight paddle with exceptional rigidity.
  • This is iROCKER’s quickest board out there, which is relatively versatile and is designed for military-grade durability that can withstand 385 pounds of weight.
  • 3-fin setup – 1 flip-lock central fin without any tools and 2 fixed side fins
  • 6 D-rings bungee storage area at the front
  • 4 D-rings in the middle of the board as storage for various accessories
  • Board comes with iROCKER paddle, backpack, leash, handpump and repair kit


The model V from the Blackfin line is perfect for paddling longer distances. I would recommend this paddle board for the serious explorers that go on day-long trips on the water. Experienced paddlers will enjoy this sturdy, stable board and its spacious deck design enables then to have stability even with pets or children on board. The high security also makes this board great for beginners. The recommended inflation rate is 15psi and the board can carry up to 485 pounds of weight. On its own, the paddle weighs 30 pounds.


  • Full carbon shaft paddle – lighter and sturdier than before
  • triple-layer composite PVC with carbon fiber rails and drop stitch inner core
  • 20 convenient multi-use action mounts on which you can strap your gear, cameras, speakers, fishing rod holders and anything else.
  • Sand spear attachment point
  • Larger, more comfortable deck pad
  • Extensive, more convenient rear cargo storage
  • Flip Lock Center Fin – an upgraded version which is now easier to install
  • The new Blackfin backpacks are now with extra storage space and additional pockets and Velcro storage
  • Board comes with iROCKER paddle, backpack, leash, handpump and repair kit

BLACKFIN Model SX 10’6″ X 32″ Wide Hard Board

I find this model by the iRocker fantastic for all those who want a super stable stand up paddle board. It is a durable board that can take on larger paddlers or those who want to paddle with their pets, children, or massive equipment on. If you are a beginner, you will find this board excellent because of its stability and durability. It withstands vast distances over water and is suitable for all situations. You can do river SUPing with it, you can safely maneuver around rocks, paddle in lakes, oceans, bays and even surf in small surf conditions.


  • ­Can carry up to 450 pounds of weight
  • Weighs only 27 pounds
  • Full carbon shaft paddle with comfortable and durable deck
  • Triple-layer composite PVC, drop stitch inner core
  • The new Blackfin backpacks are now with extra storage space and additional pockets and Velcro storage
  • Board comes with iROCKER paddle, backpack, leash, handpump and repair kit
  • BLACKROCK Construction made of a high density foam core wrapped with a single layer fiberglass inner shell and 6 layers of Kevlar reinforcement in the nose and tail areas.
  • Completely encased in a 1.3mm PolyCarbonate ABS outer shell for a solid, highly rigid composite hardboard that will last you for a lifetime.
iRocker sup company

iRocker coupon code deal

With the iRocker coupon code you can choose any of the paddle boards in this list and save. Trust me, you won’t find a sweeter deal on the internet. These highly-durable paddle boards are great whether you are a pro looking to upgrade or a beginner who’s just getting into SUP and wants to get it right from the start but doesn’t want to break the bank. Whatever your needs may be, you can fulfil them with this 2020 iRocker coupon code.

Current iRocker Coupon Codes

At this moment iRocker is offering an $80 when purchasing two boards at the same time. It does not matter if you purchase iRocker, Blackfin or Nautical paddle boards. Any two boards will give you an automatic $80 discount in your shopping cart.

With the iRocker coupon code “GETTEN” (without brackets) you can currently get $10 discount on any paddle board on the website, it can be combined with the $80 off when purchasing two paddle boards! (Still working on 16th of June 2020, let me know in the comments if I need to update!)

Have you decided on your next paddle board already? Let me know in the comments what is your pick and why. I’d love to know your opinion. Also, don’t forget to visit my Facebook and Instagram account for more cool tips and recommendations on paddle boards and accessories.

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