Paddle Boarding Locations in Amsterdam

Before we discuss the best paddle boarding locations in Amsterdam and anything else, you should know that there is a tight-knit paddleboard community in this city. As we know, the Netherlands is rich in bodies of water which is why a lot of water sport enthusiasts come and visit. That’s also the reason why you can find multiple paddle boarding locations in Amsterdam. If you want to get the most out of your stay, I suggest you join one of these tours:

The day trips they offer usually take you to historical places and tourist spots while enjoying your time on your board. However, if you are not confident enough with your paddle boarding skills, they have instructors that can guide you. They can also rent you a board and a wetsuit if you do not have your own.

Paddle Boarding Locations in Amsterdam

This activity is available all year round, but it’s best to try during April to October because the waterways are less busy. With these tours, you can learn about the history, enjoy the marvelous scenery while being a part of a community.

Here are the top five places included in the paddle boarding locations in Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

The Canals


  • Rating: 5/5
  • Level: Beginner Friendly
  • Open Hours: 10 am to 10 pm
  • Price Range: €22.50 to €60

If you are going to Amsterdam, I think it’s customary that you try out paddleboarding through the city’s famous waterways. Part of the paddle boarding locations in Amsterdam, the paddle tour of M&M SUP Amsterdam happens at the canals from April to October. Their private tour packages can take you on an adventure to the most famous spots in Amsterdam like the Skinny Bridge, De Gooyer Windmill, Old Church, Maritiem Museum, Seven Bridges, and the Amsterdam replica ship.

Paddle Boarding Locations in Amsterdam 1
A view over Amsterdam canals

Yup, all of these places just by paddling around the canals! M&M SUP Amsterdam has a center in Zeeburgerpad 10 where they hold classes and boot camps for paddleboarding, SUP Yoga, SUP Pilates, and more. They usually do a 2-hour tour, so you have time to take pictures, sightsee, or maybe stop for a cold drink at a local store. Their center is a safe place to park your car, and they have an area where you can store your belongings.

If you are a paddle board beginner, I highly recommend you sign up for one of their classes because, aside from the instructions, they also take you on tour by the end. And yes, I know we are in a pandemic, but this outdoor activity is covid-friendly as M&M SUP only allows a maximum of 9 persons per group and maintains a protocol of a 1.5 meters social distancing rule. Or, maybe you can bring your dog as a SUP companion (they allow that too, given the dog is experienced).


Startup classes start with €22.50 per class with complete materials

SUP tours: €40 per person, 2-hour tour with complete materials

For 1-hour sessions:

  • €60 per 1 person
  • €50 per 2 persons
  • €40 per 4 persons
  • €30 per 4-6 persons
  • €22.5 per 6-10 persons

For bigger groups: Brunch, lunch, snacks, drinks, and dinners can be requested, includes a board and a paddle

*€15 charge if you have your own board

If you would like to paddleboard in a safe and responsible way in these paddle boarding locations in Amsterdam canals, you can book a tour here.

Amsterdamse Bos


  • Rating: 4/5
  • Level: Beginner Friendly
  • Open Hours: 11 am to 5 pm
  • Price Range: €22.50 to €35

The Amsterdamse Bos or “Amsterdam Forest” is a landscaped public park located between Amstelveen and Amsterdam. It was built in the early 1930s and is 1000-hectares in size, which is three times bigger than Central Park in New York. You can do all sorts of recreational activities at this park, including canoeing, kayaking, and of course, paddleboarding.

Near the Amsterdamse Bos is a paddleboard school called SUP & Meer. This hidden gem is located 10 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. These paddle boarding locations in Amsterdam are the best if you are more into nature. You can book a tour or rent a paddleboard from their SUP center. They offer classes, host events, and the best part is that they have a stunning clubhouse you have a meal or a drink in after paddling. You can book in advance here.

Paddle Boarding Locations in Amsterdam 2
Paddle boarding locations in Amsterdam

With the coronavirus pandemic happening, as part of their paddle boarding locations in Amsterdam SUP & Meer implemented protocols for the safety of riders. Even though paddleboarding is an outdoor activity, they make sure to maintain a 1.5 m distance in the water, and visitors can only come in 4’s. They only take private lessons, small group tours (not more than 4 people), and SUP rentals at the moment. This is a great way to spend time with your paddle boarding place in the middle of nature while still being safe.

I recommend this place not only because of the beautiful scenery, but also because you do not have to worry about anything else if you avail of SUP & Meer’s packages.


Pamper SUP – €29.50 per person
Classic SUP – €22.50 per person
Healthy SUP – €29.50 per person
Children’s Party – €25; bookable for 5 persons

Private lesson rate:
1 hr class with 20 minutes free time to enjoy the water – €35
Saturday 11:00 am to 17:00 pm; Sunday 12:00 pm to 17:00 pm

Rental rate:
€16 per board, 1.5 hours with 15-minute instructions if you are not familiar with SUP

IJburg Beach/Amsterdam Beach


Rating: 4/5
Level: Beginner to intermediate
Open Hours: Not available
Price Range: Available upon request

Third, on our list is IJburg Beach, or what some would call “Amsterdam Beach.” It is a chain of artificial islands in the IJmeer. This spot is for those who prefer paddle boarding in the ocean and want to experience the Amsterdam beach life.

Paddle boarding locations in Amsterdam
Amsterdam canal with rainbow

Right beside the paddle boarding locations in Amsterdam, There are a lot of things you can do here and so many amenities to choose from. There’s a center called Surfcenter IJburg, where you can rent paddle boards, inflatables or take surfing lessons if you get tired of paddleboarding. Wetsuits for children and adults for all types of weather and storage lockers to keep your things safe are available. Check out their exact rates by contacting them here.

There’s a Deen supermarket up close where you can buy snacks and cold drinks if you want to have a picnic on the sand after a few paddles on your board. There’s also a restaurant near called Haas en Popi that the locals highly recommend. But if a proper restaurant is not your thing and you would rather get food from a food truck, there are a few of those as well. This is why this is one of the best paddle boarding locations in Amsterdam.

You really don’t need to go that far for the essentials as there is parking, first aid, trash cans, and toilets all around IJburg Beach.

If you would like a more organized experience, you could also join M&M SUP in their IJburg Beach center. The rates and policies are the same as their Amsterdam tour.

Amstel River


  • Rating: 3/5
  • Level: Beginner to intermediate
  • Open Hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Price Range: €10 to €15

Now that we’ve tackled beaches, canals, and lakes as part of the best paddle boarding locations in Amsterdam, my following spot recommendation is the Amstel River. This part of Amsterdam is quite historic as the river had been an essential part of Holland since the Middle Ages. The water has witnessed the city’s transportation for over 800 years and has been a part of the rich Dutch culture.

Paddle Boarding Locations in Amsterdam 3
Amsterdam canal with typical houses

If you are more of a group SUP-ing type of person, I suggest you try out Kayak & SUP Amsterdam. They rent out kayaks, paddleboards, as well as offering workshops and group water activities. They are located along the Amstel River, next to a bridge called Berlagebrug.

With Kayak & SUP Amsterdam, you don’t have to find a place to store your valuables or public shower rooms because they have complete amenities for their visitors. They even have a bar with a terrace where you can watch the beautiful river after a day of paddleboarding with your friends.


SUP with board and paddle rental – €10 per hour , €15/hour per 2 persons

You can visit their site here to learn more.

Amsterdam Red Light District


  • Rating: 3/5
  • Level: Beginner to intermediate
  • Open Hours: Not available
  • Price Range: €10 to €60

The last one on our list is not necessarily known for paddle boarding, but it is one of the most famous areas in Amsterdam: The Red Light District or De Wallen. Although the way to this spot is still through the canals, I think it deserves its own spotlight, even though it’s a bit controversial (lol). Paddleboarding around the red light district, especially when the sun is starting to set, is a great way to see the city’s laid-back culture first-hand. You will see bars and restaurants starting to light up and people flocking the stores.

Paddle Boarding Locations in Amsterdam 4
Beautiful night in Amsterdam. Night illumination of buildings and boats near the water in the canal.

Now, of course, if you went to Amsterdam to go paddleboarding only, maybe the nightlife is not something you would want to see. Don’t worry, De Wallen still has a lot to offer. It is one of the most historical places in the city, after all. Maybe after paddleboarding, you can walk around its streets covered in cobblestones and narrow alleys you can take photos in. Bonus: There are many shopping areas in this place, so you might want to check it out for souvenirs.

To get to this place, you can join M&M SUP Amsterdam tours (rates are mentioned above), or you can rent boards and paddles from SUP Rental Amsterdam for a lower price. You can book their rentals here.


  • 1 hour – €10 per person
  • 1.5 hours – €15 per person
  • 2 hours – €20 per person

Finding paddle boarding locations in Amsterdam is a great idea if you would like to experience everything the city has to offer. From the rich history, the scenic view, the amazing culture, and of course, the paddleboarding community, you can never go wrong in visiting this place.
If you have visited any of these places before, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you. You can also join my paddle boarding journey by following me on Facebook and Instagram.

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