How to Store Your SUP Board Correctly During Winter

Recently, I’ve talked about the best way to clean your paddleboard after all those trips. Turns out, there’s quite a general approach to keeping your SUP clean. That’s good news for everyone out there!

But then there comes a time when your paddleboard would be hard to use. A time when it gets a bit too chilly for comfort and the waters are more dangerous than the average trip. 

Naturally, you won’t leave your board and other gear strewn about in the house! You should keep it stored in a dry place, free from the harsh cold and winds. Store your SUP board properly because it is important in maintaining its good condition.

But, how exactly do you store your SUP board during those cold, chilly months? You came to the right place! In this post, I’ll be covering its brief history, an overview on cleaning, a prepping checklist, both indoor and outdoor storage, must-know pointers, and my top storage accessories! Everything you wanted to know on how to store your SUP board.

Oh, and if you have other boards like surfing boards and the like, you can store them the same way!

So, if you’re ready to know more about how to store your SUP board properly during this winter, read on!

Paddling Back to Warmer Days

I say this because stand-up paddleboarding was born during hotter days. Initially, for reasons other than recreation and sport. So, let me tell you all about its birth in Hawaii. And how it became the popular watersport we know today. 

The Peruvians did it first, back in 3000 BC. They used reeds to create the Caballitos de Totora, small boats steered by bamboo sticks. Locals used it for fishing and their livelihood then. 

Captain James Cook came into the picture hundreds of years later. Well, he saw how surfing was an essential component of the Polynesian culture picture. One’s prowess in surfing meant that one is qualified to become Chief. Naturally, they owned the best board and long paddle to match their unmatched wave-riding. 

When the 1950s came, Waikiki surfing instructors Duke Kahanamoku, Leroy, and Bobby Ah Cho found a way to photograph their students while discovering “paddleboarding.” They owe this to John β€œ Pops” Ah Choy, who paddled on an oversized surfboard while standing. It’s pretty cool to see how it all floats about, right? 

But, paddleboarding ultimately found its spot with the waves during the 21st century. Thank you, Dave Kalama and Laird Hamilton, for helping us out with that! The pair surfed in Maui while paddling on surfboards. I’m sure glad they did because of how much paddleboarding means to me. πŸ™‚

SUPs now rode the waves, while getting good spots in a lot of people’s homes. It’s a versatile sport after all. 

So, when summer ends and winter comes about, you should store your SUP board in a nice place for months. I mean, you wouldn’t use it for only one time, right?

Keeping It Neat before Storage!

This is a small section to remind you to wash and scrub your paddleboard after every few uses! Make sure that all of that debris is gone and that it’s wiped clean of dirt, grime, sand, etc. Lastly, ensure that it’s dry right before storage. 

If you’re still not up to speed on the proper cleaning of your SUP, you can read The Best Way to Clean Your Stand-Up Paddleboard to know more. 

So, let’s learn proper storage during winter. 

Prepping First: A Checklist

SIPA-Paddle-Board-Review (3)

When you want to store your SUP board, start by giving it a good wash, and before a long storage time, you gotta do a few other things first.Β 

Remove the Fin! 

That’s pretty much it. Just make sure that you store both fin and its plate in an area accessible to you. 

Wash It Well! 

Again, I mentioned this earlier and I’ve spoken about it in-depth in another post. Be sure to check that one out if a few things are still unclear to you, before you store your SUP board.

Find a Nice Location for Your SUP

When it comes to looking for your paddleboard’s warm home during the cold winter, you have to make sure it’s a safe area without any risk of your board getting hit or damaged. 

With that in mind, here are some general pointers and my suggested storage areas both indoors and outdoors. 

Where to Store Your SUP Board

How about Outdoors?

store your sup board

If your indoor living space is a bit too cramped, then maybe you can store your SUP board outdoors. But remember that this kind of storage space involves a lot more maintenance and checking in.Β 

Why, you ask? Think of these situations. 

Those Elements Aren’t Nice

store your sup board

If you store your SUP board outside, there are several things that could harm it in time. Especially with the howling winds and freezing cold that winter’s bringing everyone. Snow is also something you should watch for!Β 

Ideally, you should store your SUP board in a board rack or trailer to shield it from all the cold, winds, sunlight, and moisture. But, if those are unavailable, you can opt to buy a tarp and cover your board/s. Of course, secure that tarp with bungee straps so it doesn’t get blown away by the wind. Lastly, make sure that the area’s far away from potential debris winter storms can bring about. 

Away from Sunlight

As I’ve mentioned, the sun’s UV rays can damage your paddleboard and affect its life. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause discoloration and fading of the unique graphics of your board. So, make sure you store your SUP board away from the sun.

Away from Moisture

After making sure that your board is all dry and ready for storage, you also have to make sure that the location is far from all that moisture, drips, and drops. A wet environment can encourage the growth of mildew and molds that can definitely damage your gear. (It makes it really stinky, too. Gross!)

Away from Extreme Heat

Even if the skies will be cloudy and the sun won’t be up as much, I still want to remind you that extreme heat can also damage your SUP and compromise its material. 

How about Indoors?

store your sup board

Yes, this would be my first option actually! With the weight, price, and worth of a SUP, it’s definitely something that I would store inside my own home. Here are a few suggestions on how you can store your SUP inside those four walls. 

Got an Inflatable SUP? 

Don’t sweat it! All you need to do is clean it properly, deflate, and pack it back in its bag. Then you can tuck it behind all of the stuff in your closet or accessible storage space. Now, you just gotta wait until the weather’s warm for paddling again!

Make Space in the Garage

Well, shed, garage, or basement what have you. I suggest buying a good rack dedicated to your board. If that’s currently unavailable, you can lean your SUP against a wall, with a blanket or towel under the downside rail for a bit of protection. You make do with what you have! Just make sure it’s out of the way of your other activities. 

SUP Ceiling Ornament, Anyone? 

But if it does get in the way, how about considering it placed on the ceiling? Hear me out. It actually looks cool! What you need is two sets of straps or a sturdy rope. Measure the board and the length you need to keep those straps in place. Afterward, loop each strap and bolt them to the ceiling/beam your board would be hanging in. Make sure that both the SUP’s tail and nose are secure!

Yes, I know that that takes a lot of work and effort. But, take that trial and error slowly. I wouldn’t want you to get into accidents now! 

Stand-Up Paddleboard, But Make It Decor

store your sup board
But display your board indoors instead, okay? πŸ˜€

If the garage is packed or the effort isn’t something you’re up for, how about using it as a cool fixture? Another display in the household or a makeshift table just for the winter? The only limit is your imagination (and the need to keep your SUP safe, of course.)

A Follow-Up on the Lack of Board Rack

Make sure that you store your SUP board off the ground! And away from the ice. You can purchase two sawhorses or dial milk crates as support for your board. Wrap it in a tarp and tuck it away from all the harmful debris. Be vigilant so you can enhance your SUP’s longevity. 

A Few More Pointers

To make sure your paddleboard survives the winter, here are the last bits of info I recommend you remember before prepping that storage space. They all sound simple, but you have to be consistent in doing this all throughout the season. 

  1. SUPs are affected by changes in temperature. To combat this, make sure to loosen the ventilation plug just right. It should still seal the hole to prevent pesky moisture from seeping in. 
  2. To further protect your board from discoloration, falling leaves, and snow, fold a towel over the deck pad. 
  3. Check on your board from time to time. Make sure that it isn’t soggy with moisture or bearing the weight of a fallen tree. 
  4. Keep it accessible. Don’t let the snow pile up on your SUP. 

My Top SUP Storage Products

And now you know how to incorporate your paddleboards inside your home or store your SUP board outside, it’s time for my recommended accessories. I’ll include prices and detailed descriptions for your reference. 

Suspenz Double-Up SUP Stand

Last updated on 21/06/2024 03:12

First up on our list is this all-around SUP stand perfect for both indoor and outdoor storage. Make some space for this rack as it can accommodate up to two boards up to 7 inches thick at the same time. Plus, it’s lightweight and has Neoprene foam pads to better support your SUPs throughout the winter. Definitely recommended for roomy interiors and vast yards. 

Yes4All Heavy Duty Steel Wall Mount Paddleboard Racks

For snazzier storage and decor, I recommend this wall mount that can hold up to 3 boards with a 40-pound weight limit on each rack! Not bad if you’d like to show off your paddleboards to visitors during the chilly months. Each portion is also slightly angled and attached with foam-padded grips to prevent the boards from sliding off. Hey, you can even remove its arms when not in use. Yep, this wall mount is a good accessory for indoor SUP storage. 

COR Paddleboard Heavy-Duty Padded Wall Storage Sling

Here’s another for those who made space for indoor storage and are up for some trial and error. With this flexible nylon sling, you can opt to hang your board on a wall for that aesthetic slash more space! And it’s heavy-duty, capable of holding the hefty bulk of your boards for a time longer than winter. (Although, the warmer weather would be such a waste if you don’t venture out with your SUP!) 

StoreYourBoard Double SUP & Surf Ceiling Storage Rack

Don’t mind keeping your unused SUP overhead during the season? Then opt for this rack with an adjustable frame, allowing it to fit several, yes, several boards on each side. Those adjustable ceiling brackets actually allow you to set clearance from 10 to 18 inches from the ceiling. Plus, each side has padded support arms and can handle weights of up to 75 pounds! Lastly, it has several quick-lock push pins to ensure secure placement and your safety. πŸ™‚

And now you know to properly store your SUP board during the winter months. Again, I’ve brushed up on its history and its cleaning. You’ve also gone through the prepping, the location, and those last pointers. I bet you’re making space for your board right now!

If you have any more questions for me, feel free to pay a visit on my Facebook and Instagram. We can keep you company throughout the cold days! 

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