Motorized Wakeboard: Should this be your next buy?

Wakeboarding is definitely an exciting watersport to try! It’s like surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding rolled into one. In this watersport, while you are on the wakeboard, you are towed by a cable or rope that is connected behind a wakeboard boat or other motorized water vehicles that creates the wake.

Because of this, renting or having a motorized boat to enjoy the sport is necessary. Thanks to technology, it’s possible for you to enjoy wakeboarding without the need of having or renting any motorized boats, saving you some extra bucks. 

Motorized wakeboards were created to be the future of wakeboarding. These boards have battery-powered engines that allow you to move across even on stagnant waters. Since no boat is required, you don’t need cables or ropes to help you move across the water. This means your arms can rest and you save more money again from buying ropes and cables.

While motorized wakeboards sound great, the downside to them is that they create no wake, which is usually created by the boats. If there is no wake, it follows that there are no attempted mid-air tricks, flips, and spins, which is what really sets wakeboarding apart from water sports like surfing. 

However, if the right obstacles are used, like an A-frame or slider, a motorized wakeboard is the perfect tool for enhancing your skills in carving and grinding skills on the water.

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Recently, a couple of famous sports companies have been manufacturing motorized wakeboards with different features, making one better than the other. Some of the household brand names for motorized wakeboard are the following:


This Sweden-based brand was founded in 2013 and is the creator of the world’s first motorized wakeboard when it came up with a futuristic board requiring no tow line because it is propelled with a built-in system. They believe that their mission is to revolutionize the way we enjoy the waters through some of the boards they create. 


This company was started when its founder, Philip Werner realized that watersports, such as wakeboarding, which he very much enjoys himself, need a lot of gear and equipment.

This engineering company in Sweden was founded to create and manufacture the best-motorized wakeboards in the market by continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible within electric water sport while taking into account a zero-emission lifestyle. 

Jet Surf

A company founded in the Czech Republic, with the aim to provide the lightest and fastest motorized boards in the market. It initially focused on boards running on petrol, but now, it also provides motorized or electric boards.

The parts and components of the boards by JetSurf are manufactured by MSR Engines, which is also a Czech company, which also provides engines to big brands such as BMW, Honeywell, and Skoda and is known for the continuous development of combustion engines and special electronics.


This is an Australian-based company founded by Dean Jarrett who enjoys watersports himself. The primary goal of Torque Jet Boards is to establish a community that will strengthen jet boarding together by making boards that are priced reasonably, making it accessible to basically anyone, anywhere and anytime.

It believes that its company will be able to develop a battery and electric propulsion engine that will allow riders to enjoy riding for longer periods of time with the need to exchange the battery of the board.


Onean is a brand owned and registered by the company Aquila, which is a subsidiary of the Spanish engineering company, Bizintek Innova. It is located in Basque Country Spain, perfectly situated in an area near the sea that cultivated a big surfing and watersports culture.

It has been designing and manufacturing electric-powered boards since 2013. It has a multidisciplinary team that has different technical specializations and is assigned to design and develop electronic algorithms and industrial manufacturing of the boards and propulsion units.

How to Choose

Like a normal wakeboard, size is important to consider in choosing a motorized wakeboard. Size plays a big part in how easily you can manoeuvre the board while on water. Your weight determines what size of board would be perfect for you.

However, since motorized wakeboards are still fairly new in the industry, the sizes companies offer are quite limited. Just make sure to choose the size that is closely appropriate for your weight.

Next to consider is the weight of the board. Since motorized wakeboards have battery-powered engines now, that adds up to the weight of the board. Try to choose a motorized wakeboard that is not too heavy to transport. Portability is key!

Since no boats are involved, motorized wakeboards rely on its speed provided by their own propeller. While they are not as fast as wakeboard boats or other motorized boats usually used for wakeboarding, you can still choose one that provides speed that can help you practice basic riding skills.

Battery life is also a big factor to take into account when it comes to motorized wakeboards. Of course, you would want to choose one that can last for a good period of time on the water.  

Last but not the least, is price. Motorized wakeboards don’t come cheap, but it is definitely much cheaper than getting your own boat or renting one by the hour. Make sure to choose a board with a price that fairly represents the features it has and the advantages you’ll get from them.

Product Recommendation

Below are some of the best motorized wakeboards in the market which I have written a short description so you would more or less have an idea of how these motorized wakeboards are, and I also provided the specific factors you need to consider for every board, namely: (1) size; (2) weight; (3) speed; (4) battery life and (5) price.

Radinn Explorer Ice Breaker

motorized wakeboard

This model is based on the brand’s G2X model and now has the very new G3 Jetpack. It comes in two colors, which are black & white and dark grey. The black & white model is called Icebreaker, which is the more popular choice.

The dark grey version, on the other hand, is called Sentinel. What sets this model apart from all other Radinn boards is that it has better protection thanks to its rubber bumper and full impact deck pad.

  • Size: 1939 x 813 x 170 mm
  • Weight: 15 kg / 33 lbs
  • Speed: 25mph / 40 kph
  • Battery Life: 25 to 40 minutes of ride time
  • Price: €7,900 (≈ $9,400)

Awake Ravik S

Motorized Wakeboard: Should this be your next buy? 3

Awake RÄVIK S gives those water sports enthusiasts who are hungry for adrenaline an out-of-this-world level of electric propulsion, agility, and carving. This motorized board is perfect for riders who are in search of an intense and thrilling experience that allows them dynamic use. Incorporating a redesigned hull, the RÄVIK S has now and improved hydrodynamic performance.

  • Size: 1790 x 610 x 220 mm
  • Weight: 39 kg / 85 lbs
  • Speed: 35 mph / 55 kph
  • Battery Life: 20 to 45 mins of ride time
  • Price: €12,900 (≈ $15,360)

Jet Surf Electric

Motorized Wakeboard: Should this be your next buy? 4

This is the company’s very first fully electric board. It is combined with the brand’s top-tier manoeuvrability, which also provides environmental benefits. These boards are available in two kinds of hull shapes.

One focuses more on stability, while the other is more focused on quick turns with a shorter turning radius because its curved shape offers enough traction and confidence. The amazing weight distribution in this board and its ability to turn fast making this fully electric board agile craft to ride.

Another thing you’d love about this is that it has new ergonomic pads and straps making your ride more comfortable and secure.

  • Size: 1800 x 600 x 150 mm
  • Weight: 33.9 kg / 72.5 lbs
  • Speed: 35 mph / 55 kph
  • Battery Life: 20 to 30 minutes of ride time
  • Price: €12,490 (≈ $14,870)

Torque Xtream Jetboard

Motorized Wakeboard: Should this be your next buy? 5

Torque Xtream Jetboard is probably the perfect board for you if you are a lighter weight rider. Learning to ride on this board that is much easier than the others because it is much easier to control and maneuver.

It has a Carbon Fiber shell which allows for flexible and agile rides in the rails and tail for extremely powerful turns and adds greater strength to the overall surface of the board. The battery of this board, when fully charged, will operate at absolute full speed with no rest for 22 minutes, making it the best board for beginners to intermediate who want to hone their skills longer in the water.

  • Size: 2100 x 700 x 148 mm
  • Weight: 31 kg / 68.2 lbs
  • Speed: 29 mph / 47 kph
  • Battery Life: 25 to 45 minutes of ride time
  • Price: € 4,150 ($ 4,940)

Onean Carver X

Motorized Wakeboard: Should this be your next buy? 6

The Carver X comes with two jets and two batteries which double the power of the brand’s other model, the Carver Twin. This is the best choice for riders above 90 kgs or more or less about 200 lbs. Riding this board will give you the feeling of sliding and gliding smoothly over the water surface.

  •  Size: 2400 x 700 x 200 mm
  • Weight: 22 kg / 48.4 lbs
  • Speed: 25 mph / 45 kph
  • Battery Life: 20 to 40 minutes of ride time
  • Price: € 10,450 ($ 12,440)
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Before choosing the right motorized wakeboard for you, you have to ask yourself if motorized wakeboarding is for you. Riding in a motorized wakeboard is quite innovative, but since their price is a big factor to consider, you have to weigh the pros and cons of it against normal wakeboarding.

If you have extra bucks to burn, it surely is worth it to get your hands on one of these motorized wakeboards, especially if the waters you want to ride on is in an area where no rental of wakeboarding boats is offered. 

In any case, for more about motorized wakeboards and other water sport-related content, do visit our on Facebook and Instagram as we delve into the worlds of motorized and traditional water sports See you next time!

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