Fanatic Paddle Boards

Fanatic is of course a very big and well known brand in the Stand Up Paddle world. The brand exists since 1981 and has been delivering high quality products for decades. In all these years they have become one of the leading brands in water sports and continue to research and improve their products, to be able to offer the best gear available on the market.

Very known Stand Up Paddle boards from this brand are the Pure Air (now Fly Air) series.

An overview of the 2020 collection of Fanatic Paddle boards below:

Fanatic Paddle Boards 1

Which boards are in the 2020 collection of Fanatic Paddle Boards?

Fanatic Paddle Boards 2

Stubby Air, Fly Air, Fly Air Premium, Fly Air Pocket, Diamond Air, Ripper Air, Rapid Air, Rapid Air Touring, Falcon Air, Viper Air, Ripper Air Windsurf, Fly Air Fit, Tandem Air, Fly Air XL

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