The Paddle board Lock: Keep Your Precious Board Safe

The paddle board lock is probably one of the most important accessories you can get, and I’m going to tell you exactly why. The truth is you can’t always know what and how it’s happening, but you can be sure that your paddle board is secure when you’re not around. Whether you leave it on your roof rack or locked to a bench, you are entirely assured.

Do I really need a paddle lock?’ you may ask. 

The Necessity of a paddle board lock

The truth is that a paddle board can be pretty expensive. You can’t just leave yours unattended in the parking lot while you quickly go to grab some supplies. By purchasing a lock, you can easily keep it safe wherever you are. All you need is a tree, a park bench or even a bike rack nearby.

You don’t want to leave your beloved, well-maintained paddleboard in anyone’s reach! Paddle boarding is a pleasant activity, and you shouldn’t let such a small matter affect your entire experience!

Ok now, but how to use the paddle lock?

That’s probably the easiest thing you’ll do this week, so continue on reading!

Dockslocks paddle board lock

How The Paddle board Lock Works

The system is actually straightforward. When you buy your paddle board lock, you will receive a full security kit. You will find the cable with a combination lock, the jaw, the cleat and the paddle lock.

In order to set up your paddle board lock, you will need to follow four easy steps:

  1. Clamp the jaw onto your paddle board;
  2. Thread the cable through the jaw loop;
  3. Lock the cable to a secure object, like a tree or bike rack;
  4. Set your code.

Of course, you want everything secure, and it’s perfectly understandable. Some of the best paddle locks are the DockLocks SUP and Surfboard lock and the DockLocks Deluxe SUP Security Kit which also comes with a paddle lock. They are incredibly useful for any enthusiast, and I personally recommend them for their ease of use. 

The DockLock SUP locks are undoubtedly some of the best out there. They come with a stainless steel 10ft cable, the resettable cable lock, durable cleat and jaw and everything in a mesh bag for effortless storage.

Locking Multiple Boards

Most of the time, paddle boarding group sticks together. That means that your boards will also have to stay together. Thanks to the paddle board locks, you can lock multiple boards with the same cable. You only have to attach a jaw to each of them.

So whether you’re going paddleboarding with your best friends or your family, you can easily store them all in the same spot.

paddle boards locked

Are paddle locks completely safe?

Absolutely! They won’t damage your board in any way, and by using the provided cleat, you can lock them even if your board doesn’t have a leash plug. They are also compatible with wakeboards and kiteboards that feature inserts

While I am on the topic, don’t forget to also check out other essential accessories such as the dry bag, Restube and the paddleboard seat, to make your experience much better.

To conclude!

Whether you’re paddleboarding by yourself or with a group of friends, at the end of the day, you will be grateful you got yourself a paddle board lock. You will be more relaxed knowing that you can go and drink a cold glass of water while your board is patiently waiting for you.

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