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Hello and welcome to my Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board Review! On one of the warmer days these summer I took this board out on the water and made as many pictures of it as I could. This colorful board gave me a day full of fun and I will write all about this in my extensive review.

I will tell you all about my experience with the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board, for which purposes it can be used, what the complete package consists of in terms of extra accessories and of course my personal pictures and tips when it comes to this board. Check out my complete review and pictures to get a good impression of this board and see if this is a suitable board for you.

Overall I had a lot of fun on the water with this colorful board and for certain audiences this is absolutely a very good board.

So let’s get started with a short summary of the Glide O2 Retro paddle board, the pros and cons and what it can primarily be used for.

Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (1)
The Glide O2 Retro paddle board indeed has some retro colors, it’s looking great and attractive


  • High quality lightweight board
  • Upon purchase you get a complete quality package so you do not have to incur extra costs to start
  • Extra stability for Yoga and other purposes not aimed at speed
  • Possible to attach a SUP seat (included)


  • No kick pad on the board
  • Only one fin instead of three
  • No length indicator on the paddle
  • No kayak paddle piece included even though a seat is included
Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (22)
Enjoying my time on the water: a darker environment makes this bright board shine even more!

Most suitable for:

The Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board is perfectly suited for all beginners in Stand Up Paddle boarding that want extra stability on the water and have some fun while enjoying their surroundings. Of course you have to be someone who is into retro and loves this specific look, personally I surely do like this look a lot.

The board is not focused on catching waves and going through wild rivers, but small waves and flat water will make this board excel in its purpose. This board is mainly focused on starters and people who have less than 5 years of SUP experience. The most important aspects of this boards are sportiness and fun, because of the extra width it also offers a good and stable platform for Yoga exercises and possibly taking along a child or pet.

LengthWidthThicknessMax weight loadWeight board
10’6″33.5″6″400 LBS / 181 kg23 LBS / 10.4 kg

Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board Review 1

Primary use
All Round / Yoga / Relaxing

Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board Review 2

Speed on the water
The board is short and has some extra width, so it is less meant for speed and more for extra stability.

Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board Review 3

It is very easy to transport this SUP because it is inflatable and light. Even on your back if you go with a bicycle. The weight of only 23 lbs / 10.4 kg is very easy to carry along.

Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board Review 4

The board is very stable because of the mentioned 33.5″ width of the board, so you have extra stability for Yoga exercises or other purposes where stability goes over speed.

Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (15)
I like the details on the SUP board and the well made handle in the middle of the board

My own experience

I managed to find one more sunny day in the wettest summer ever in the Netherlands – such exciting times! Happy to get out of the house and office and finally enjoy again what I love doing most. This bright board cheered me up as soon as I unpacked it. I am really into retro designs and I loved this shiny board when I saw it and was happy to try it out on the water.

To be fair I hadn’t heard a lot of the Glide SUP brand before trying out this board, but now I have discovered it I am surely a fan of the brand and its design. Not only the design of the board is great though, the quality of the board is very good though. This board does include a very complete package with all the necessary accessories (including a SUP kayak seat) so you can get started with Stand Up Paddling quickly after your purchase.

Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (16)
A close up of the back of the board, where you can see how well it is constructed

The board offers a lot of extra stability compared to other paddle boards of this length, the size of 10’6 x 33.5″ x 6″ ensures it is very stable and its suitable for Yoga exercises for example. The board was very stiff after inflation, without it wobbling or bending through while paddling over the water.

According to the Glide website this board has a weight limit of 400 lbs, I haven’t been able to try this out myself but it seems like a reasonable limit for this board. So possibly you could try to carry along a second person, depending on your total weight. I didn’t go out with my girlfriend on this day, but I imagine we could paddle around on this board together.

The weight of the board is only 23 LBS / 10.4 kg, so compared to that the carrying capacity is very high. The board is easy to carry and inflate, even though the included pump honestly isn’t my favorite one. The pump is small and it is pretty heavy to inflate the board, but the connection to the SUP board is good and stays in place, unlike with many other pumps.

Just like some other paddle boards that I have tested before the raised nose makes a big difference in regards to the speed and the performance of this inflatable paddle board. As it reduces water resistance it becomes easier to get through the water and reach higher speeds with less effort.

As said this board feels very stable and it feels like I am standing on high quality and I don’t believe this board would break any time soon. What you will notice first (besides the bright colors) are the big and comfortable deck, with D-rings for a kayak paddle board seat to be attached to the board. The seat and footrest are included, a second blade for the paddle is not though!

Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (19)
Look at me paddling in the other direction now, going completely wild on the water!

There are 4 D-rings for the smaller bungee cord at the front of the board, 4 D-rings for the attachment of a paddle board kayak seat, 2 D-rings for the footrest and one D-ring on the tail for ankle leash attachment.

The board is very easy to carry and inflate at any location. The included backpack is very comfortable and is big enough to carry all of your stuff. The backpack has wheels and a big front pocket for easy transport. The board is suitable for all (semi) quiet types of water, where it will perform very well. As the board has a raised nose it is easier to ride small waves and choppy waters, as they will not slow you down as much as they would on a plain flat paddle board.

For longer trips or cruises this board is perfect and you can stash away enough stuff in the big bungee cord to stay out for the day. Personally I wouldn’t go out camping with my paddle board, but I can imagine that people who like it would pick this board to do this.

Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (17)
A very colorful board with a beautiful retro design that belongs out there in the nature

The quality of the complete package of the Glide O2 Retro paddle board was very impressive and it offers a lot to get started right away. So you have everything you need to get started and go out on the water without too much effort and without having to buy extra accessories.

Especially the lightweight paddle with reinforced blade construction and fiberglass shaft was a very great accessory. Easy to paddle through the water because of the low weight – 822 grams / 29 oz. The paddle has a nice shape. The clicking system is unique and ensures that the handle of the paddle can’t turn, which works great!

Admittedly the high capacity SUP pump could have worked better, as it is kinda small and it is pretty heavy to inflate the paddle board with it. Overall the accessories that are included in the Glide O2 Retro paddle board package are very suitable for every beginners in Stand Up Paddle boarding.

The central fin on the board can easily be removed with the US fin system. Honestly I would prefer a 3-fin system, but this is the next best option for a steady course on your stand up paddle board.

Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (20)
I am that small dot on your screen right there. Just to show you how beautiful the Dutch nature can be.

Important features

Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board Review 5


  • Full-Length EVA Deck Pad that covers the whole length of the board, which ensures you will always keep your stability, even with wet feet.
  • 11 D-rings. 4 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord. 4 More D-ring for kayak seat attachment. 2 extra D-rings for the attachment of the kayak footrest. 1 D-ring on the tail for ankle leash attachment.
  • Comfortable neoprene handle in the middle, front and back of the board
  • Bungeed cargo carrying space
Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board Review 6

The Glide O2 Retro paddle board comes with a removable slide-in center fin, that connects through a USA style fin box.

Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board Review 7

The Glide O2 Retro paddle board is made with the Glide fusion inflatable technology makes the Glide boards ultra-durable.

Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board Review 8

Inflate / deflate
The Glide O2 Retro paddle board is inflated to 15 PSI in 4,5 minutes with the included high pressure pump. The website indicates 5-10 minutes for this process.

Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board Review 9

All Glide inflatable boards have a 2 year warranty

Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board Review 10

Very colorful retro design that will attract attention from everyone on the water. Beautiful use of colors and shapes, one of the most beautiful boards I have reviewed.

Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (23)
The complete package of the Glide O2 Retro paddle board

Included in the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board package


The Glide O2 Retro paddle board has a reinforced blade construction and fiberglass shaft paddle included in the package. The total weight of 822 grams / 29 oz is very light so your arms won’t get tired quick. As it is height adjustable from 70″-86″ it will be suitable for almost anyone.

The ergonomic grip that the paddle has on top makes it easy to paddle over the water quickly and efficiently. The handle locks in place well, so it will not turn while you are out paddling, as can be annoying with other paddles.

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The Glide O2 Retro High capacity SUP pump that comes with the package is rather small, but can easily be used to inflate your board. In 4,5 minutes I managed to inflate this board up to the recommended 15 PSI. The pressure gauge clearly indicates how hard the board has been inflated, but it start at around 5 PSI, before that you will not see the pressure.

The pump has handy handgrips and footpads to quickly inflate the board. The connection to the board works very well, so the hose will not disconnect while pumping. The pressure gauge is clear and shows you which pressure should be used. This board is so sturdy that it can be inflated up to 25 PSI, but that will take you a lot more pumping!

Just like the paddle this easily fits into the backpack for transporting it outside and on the water, so you will never have to worry about where to leave it.

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The Glide O2 Retro paddle board comes with a great and comfortable coiled SUP leash, as I always recommend in my reviews. Everyone should have this type of leash with them when going out on the water. The comfortable padding on the inside of the ankle strap ensures that you will not hurt your legs or ankle, you will forget your are wearing it along the way.

The leash extends up to 10′ when you happen to land in the water. The Glide 10 foot Coil Leash with keep you safe by keeping your board closer. Whether it’s whitewater or cold water this inexpensive swivel leash is built with functionality and safety in mind.

Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (4)


The Glide O2 Retro backpack feels very comfortable on my back and is very easy to carry around – or roll around with the handy wheels on the bottom of the bag. It’s a lightweight board, so I only used the wheels when the surface was very easy to roll over.

The backpack has a great retro design that goes with the board and a very handy big front pocket, where you can keep a lot of stuff in to carry along.


The center fin that is included with the Glide O2 Retro paddle board can be installed with very little effort through the US fin box, no screwdriver needed! The middle fun improves the straight line of the board and keeps you on a good course.

As the fin box is universal, it is also possible to use fins of different manufacturers or fins for different purposes in this setup.

Repair kit

The repair kit that’s included with the Glide O2 Retro paddle board comes in a handy red floating tube, that is easy to carry along and that floats on the water. The kit includes some PVC patches (although you need to mess up quite badly to damage this sturdy board) and a valve wrench.

Optional accessories (not included)


OutdoorMaster Shark Electric Pump
In case you don’t feel like a workout before getting on your paddle board.

Difference between an Inflatable board and a Hard board

Advantages Inflatable board

  • Easy to take on holiday (even on the plane)
  • Easy to store in the winter days
  • Much cheaper
  • Technology has improved greatly over the past 10 years. For this reason, these boards are now almost hard to distinguish from hard boards

Advantages Hardboard

  • More speed, which is important if you are a professional
  • Easier to make sharp turns on the water because the board is thinner
  • No inflation needed, you can get on the water right away

Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (21)
Cruising the waters on the Glide O2 Retro paddle board – With this design you will really attract attention

Other reviews of the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board online

The Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board is a very popular Stand Up Paddle Board and has gathered quite a lot of reviews on the internet.

A short overview of these reviews below: Rating 8.5/10. “We came away fairly impressed with Glide’s Retro 10’6 iSUP. We really like the full length deckpad, the solid build quality and focus on making a durable inflatable paddle board. The color/design really makes the board stand out in a crowd, and we really like the ‘retro’ look and cruiser feel of this SUP.

We feel confident that beginner paddlers will have a great experience with this board. They could also confidently slide into a SUP YOGA or SUPFIT class. Should they want to use it as a kayak, that is included as well.” “The 02 range of inflatable SUPs uses only the most advanced manufacturing processes and materials available. The Glide 02 Retro 10’6” iSUP is a great example of a classic all-round paddle board that offers versatile paddling in all waters which is ideally suited for recreational paddlers of all levels.”

Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (17)

Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (14)

Conclusion: Should I buy the Glide O2 Retro paddle board?

The Glide O2 Retro paddle board is the best looking inflatable paddle board that I have tested so far and it comes in a very complete package. This inflatable paddle board is suitable for all-around use and mostly aimed at beginners that want to start with paddle boarding on a hip and high quality board.

As the design of the board includes a raised nose it will be easier for you to glide through the water with less resistance, so you are able to reach higher speeds than on a regular flat paddle board. This board can be used on different types of water, but for wilder waves and rivers it is not recommended to take this board due to the lower agility.

The weight limit is high with 400 lbs, so it should in many cases be possible to take along a second person on this inflatable paddle board. The width of 33.5″ offers extra stability, which also makes it great for slower practices like fishing or Yoga exercises.

If you don’t have a board yet and you want a board with an amazing retro design, this board is surely what you should go for.

Overall the Glide O2 Retro paddle board is a very high quality board, that performs well but it slightly high priced compared to other boards in this segment. If you have a larger budget and you are really into retro design this will absolutely be worth it though.

Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (25)

Frequently Asked Questions about the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board

What is the maximum carrying capacity of the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board?

400 lbs / 181 kg

What is the weight of the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board?

23 lbs / 10.4 kg

What is the air pressure of the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board?

25 PSI

What is the size of the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board?

10’6″ x 33.5″ x 6″ / 320 x 85.1 x 15 cm

What is the volume of the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board?

290 L

Which paddle does the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board include?

A Reinforced blade construction and fiberglass shaft

What kind of pump comes with the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board?

A High capacity SUP pump

How many D-rings does the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board have?

11 Drings. 4 Drings on the nose attached with a bungee cord. 4 More Dring for kayak seat attachment. 2 extra D-rings for the attachment of a footrest and 1 Dring on the tail for ankle leash attachment.

What is the warranty on the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board?

2 year warranty

How many carry handles does the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board have?

3 comfortable neoprene handle in the center front and the back of the board

How many fins does the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board have?

1 Large detachable central fin with US fin box

What material is the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board made of?

Glide fusion inflatable technology

What is your opinion on the Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board and my above review about it? Do you happen to have this board or would you like to try it out once? Let me know in the comments what you think about this board.

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Glide-O2-Retro-Paddle-Board (24)
Thank you for reading my full Glide O2 Retro Paddle Board review! Hope to see you again soon for my next one :-)!

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