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Atoll Paddle Boards is a true American brand that has been making high quality paddle boards since 2014. The brand has been very successful selling their boards on Amazon before and received amazing reviews there for their quality: 4.9 / 5 ⭐ out of 893 ratings (now in 2024 even more).

As other brands you will find on Stand Up Paddle Board World, Atoll Paddle Boards offers only inflatable paddle boards, as these are easy to transport, carry and of course ship. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of inflatable paddle boards here.

Being a true American patriot this brand offers discounts to Military, 1st Responders and Healthcare Workers, which I think is a great sign of appreciation and more companies should have this policy of respect.

But enough about the brand in general, next I will tell you a bit more about the boards. Atoll specialized itself in one type of board and made it good, this is the 11’0″ boards. Because of this specialization and limited collection they made the best 11’0″ possible, which is very sturdy and has gained the Atoll brand a top reputation in the world of Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Atoll Paddle Boards 2024 Collection

As stated Atoll has only one paddle board, the 11’0″. This board comes in four different colors as you will see below, but they all have the same specifics, so I will not list the same specifics four times.

Atoll 11’0″ 2024 specifications:

Length: 11′
Width: 32″
Thickness: 6″
Weight: 21 lbs
Carrying capacity: 400 lbs
D-Rings: 15
Paddle: Black Carbon Fiberglass Paddle with Nylon Blade
Includes: Paddle, Leash, Backpack, Dual Action High Pressure Pump, 8″ fin

The Complete Package of the Atoll Paddle Board


Atoll SUP Paddle

The Atoll SUP Paddle is a Black Carbon Fiberglass Paddle with a Nylon Blade, so it is light and of high quality. This means you can paddle faster and because of the lighter weight you will get tired less quickly.

When ordering the Atoll Paddle Board you also have the option of a paddle upgrade to a 100% carbon fiber paddle, which will cost you an extra $130 but in my opinion will surely be worth it if you are planning to use your paddle board a lot. If you don’t plan on using it a lot and only take it out a couple of times a year the fiberglass paddle will be just fine.


Atoll SUP Leash

The Atoll SUP Leash is a coiled leash and as you have probably seen me writing before these are the best type of leashes. They only extend when needed so they are not in the way while you are paddling. It is 10 foot long and will keep your Atoll Paddle Board close when you happen to fall into the water.


Atoll Double Action Pump

The Atoll Dual Action High Pressure Pump makes inflating the board easy. The double action means it inflates both when you are pushing down and pulling up the lever, so it goes extra fast. Do you want to know more about SUP pumps? Read my guide about the best SUP pumps or do it the easy way with the best electric SUP Pump.


Atoll 8″ Composite Fin

The fin that can be attached to the bottom of the Atoll Paddle Board makes it easier to control the board and give it the right direction. The universal fin box even allows you to use different fins you find on the market, although this one of course matches your board perfectly and does the job well. For shallows waters you might want to check out the smaller 4.6″ River Flex Fin, which can be purchased separately.


Atoll Paddle Board Backpack

The Atoll Paddle Board Backpack is the newly designed heavy-duty SUP backpack travelling bag. With its heavy duty zippers and padded shoulder and waist straps this bag is perfect for your next SUP adventure. The backpack also has a side handle and the thick padded waist strap offers all of the needed support when having to carry it for a longer period of time.


Possible extra’s for the Atoll Paddle Board (not included)

Atoll Paddle Board Replacement Fins for Different Purposes

Above you can see a couple of different fins, which can be purchased as an extra in case you want to use your Atoll Paddle Board for different purposes or on different waters.

Atoll 4’6″ River Flex Fin


First off you have the Atoll 4.6″ River Flex Fin, which is perfect for shallow waters and rivers that might have obstacles. Don’t get stuck on the river with a proprietary fin that won’t fit your paddle board. Do not risk hitting rocks and damaging your fin box and board if you are using a hard non-river fin.

Atoll 8″ Flex Fin


The second fin up here is the Atoll 8″ Flex Fin, this soft rubber fin cannot get damaged so easily and your fin box will not get damaged if you might hit an object under water. Suitable for irregular surfaces so you have the extra control but will not suffer any possible damages.

Atoll 9″ Race Fin


The last fin up here is the Atoll 9″ Race Fin. This 9 inch SUP race fin allows for greater tracking via physics and makes you reach higher speeds when paddling fast. The Atoll fins are usable on all paddle boards that use a US Fin box in the construction.

Atoll Paddle Boards 2

Conclusion – Should I buy an Atoll Paddle Board?

Having read and researched the Atoll Paddle Board, I can safely say that this company provided only high-quality durable paddle boards. Not only that, most of the reviews they had can only say positive things about the SUP board.

My favorite part is that they offer discounts to the Military, 1st Responders, and Healthcare Workers, which shows that the company cares about people and not only profit. That really says a lot about this brand and should be implemented by all.

Stay tuned for my more detailed review about the Atoll. In the meantime, Let me know in the comments and share your thoughts and experiences with me if you’ve tried and love the Atoll paddle board.

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