5 Best Kitesurfing Harnesses

If you are transitioning from a beginner kite surfer to finally getting your own gear to perfect your skills, you should probably research how to choose a kitesurfing harness. Don’t worry, I got you covered. In this article, we will talk about how important a kitesurfing harness is when it comes to kiteboarding, even though it is the least talked about kit item.

We will also tackle the two types of kitesurfing harnesses and how to choose the right one for you. And lastly, I will provide you with a short kitesurfing harness buying guide so you can immediately get your own equipment.

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What is a Kitesurfing Harness?

Now, if you are just starting out with the sport and you don’t know what i’m talking about, a kitesurfing harness is the tool that enables you to balance, turn, and steer your wind. For those who are familiar with wakeboarding, the harness is the boots and bindings of kitesurfing. 

Types of Kitesurfing Harnesses

There are many different types of harnesses based on shapes and sizes. But, there two main types which are: waist harness and seat harness.

A waist harness wraps around your waist only, while a seat harness wraps around your legs and hips. Seat harnesses are the better choice for beginners because they generally provide more support and comfort. However, it can be more restrictive than waist harnesses, which makes waist harnesses the better choice for learning advanced tricks.

How to Choose the Right One 

Consider The Comfort Level 

  • The fit of a harness should be snug and comfortable. It shouldn’t be too loose that it comes off or too tight that you can’t move. Bottom line is, you should select a harness that doesn’t bother you so you can focus on your kitesurfing session. A great fitting one can go as far as reducing muscle fatigue during your kiteboarding ride. 

Safety Is Key

  • A “safe” harness should have multiple straps that you can still tighten around your waist. Like with any other water sport, safety should be the top priority. That being said, kiteboarders usually bring a small “hook knife” as an emergency tool just in case the ropes gets tangled around them. if your’re still not confident enough with your riding skills, consider bringing one yourself for emergency purposes.

Get High-Quality Equipment

  • The ideal kitesurfing harness has a soft and comfortable interior but is also stiff enough to support the rider’s body. Most harnesses with good quality and high durability have soft cushioned neoprene, good stitches and high-end stainless steel hooks. 

Product Recommendations

Below are my top five kitesurfing harness recommendations with a variety of price ranges:

Harness Ride Engine Elite

kitesurfing harness

One of the most popular kitesurfing harnesses is from Ride Engine. This is because of the stiffness, lightness, and comfortability it provides. This product is top of the line and is made with a carbon and kevlar structure. This harness adapts well to the user’s body shape, depending on the riding position. The Harness Ride Engine Elite also provides great lumbar support with a foam lining interior.

ION Curv Trapezi

kitesurfing harnesses

ION offers a wide range of kiteboarding harnesses that is suitable for all levels, including a particular line for women surfers. This product is made from a shell in thermo-composite material. It has a hyper foam inside which promotes comfortability. This item also has an ergonomic design to avoid rising and rotating in the body. Its rigidity distributes pressure perfectly so you wouldn’t have to strain your back.

Harness Mystic Majestic

kitesurfing harness mystic

The Majestic falls under the category of hardshell trapezes. This harness is specially oriented to provide horizontal rigidity, and diagonal flexibility. This product is made from fiberglass material with a viscoelastic foam that keeps the trapeze in place. It has a compact shape with a soft and pleasant interior for the user’s comfort. 

Dakine Pyro 2019

5 Best Kitesurfing Harnesses 1

The Dakin Pyro 2019 has an adaptive fit and a composite back panel with texon support. The interior is made with featherweight ES memory foam so it should feel comfortable when worn. This item also has a dual blade hook knife and offers the option to choose from different spreader bars. 

Liquid Force Mod 2019

light force kitesurfing harness

As always, the Liquid Force products offer absolute comfort with their kitesurfing harnesses. The product has a rigid shell combined with a high-density memory foam interior. It easily adapts to the shape of the user’s body so it doesn’t slip and slide in the water. And lastly, this item is available with a rope spreader bar for wave riding. 

To sum it all up, the best way to make sure you buy the right harness is to find the one that feels you’re not wearing it at all. That should serve as an indicator of how comfortable you can be when you finally add it to your kit and use it in the water. When getting a new harness, always remember to check if the fit is snug and the product itself is made from high-quality and durable materials. 

✓Tried and Tested Products Shown in the Article:

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