Waterproof Fanny Pack – Keep Your Important Belongings Dry And Close

Water sports require certain accessories in order to make the whole activity more comfortable and pleasant. While you may love being in the water, your car keys, phone, or iPod may not enjoy swimming as much. That’s why today, we are talking about the best waterproof fanny pack that will keep your belonging safe and dry at all times.

Why Do You Need a Reliable Waterproof Fanny Pack?

The thing is, over the years of trying out every and any water sport out there, I have soaked quite a few phones and lost an array of keys so that you could say I have enough experience to know what’s worth it and what’s not when it comes to waterproof waist packs.

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While to the untrained eye, any water-resistant fanny pack may look good enough, I’ve lost enough belongings to know that that is not the case. You see, when choosing your own fanny pack waterproof isn’t the only thing that it needs to be. Your waterproof fanny pack needs to be comfortable, convenient, and pleasant when attached to your hip. Otherwise, it will bother you while paddling, pedaling, or surfing and distract you.

Also, the size DEFINITELY matters when we are talking about waterproof fanny packs because having something weighing you down when you’re trying to keep a balance on your board is a big No-No.

Waterproof Fanny Pack

With that said, you have probably concluded that buying the cheapest option of waterproof waist bags may, in turn, be the most expensive one, because… well… how much is your phone worth?

Surely you don’t want hundreds or even thousands of dollars wasted in the water simply because your waterproof waist pouch was of cheap quality. In fact, your waterproof fanny pack should not even leak let along let water in.

This is why here we’re focusing on reliability and overall quality vs. price.

The best options for waterproof fanny packs

In this buyer’s guide, I have upgraded the standards by which I’m choosing the best waterproof fanny pack. While good looks are certainly a bonus, quality goes below the surface where the most robust materials are selected to keep your belongings dry.

Ready to start? Let’s begin reviewing waterproof fanny packs!

Waterproof Fanny Pack – Keep Your Important Belongings Dry And Close 1

BLUE SKY BASICS Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap (2 Pack)

When it comes to keeping your phone and valuables safe and dry, this pack of two waterproof waist bags is the best at its job. You’re not only saving big time with this 2 pack offer, but you are also keeping it stylish.

By strapping this waterproof fanny pack on your hips or waist, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and you won’t even feel the bag on your body. It’s lightweight, thin, and seamless so that you can be boating, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, or any other water sport out there, and you won’t be distracted by it.

BLUE SKY BASICS Waterproof Pouch Specs:

  • Robust triple-seal protection up to 10 meters (32 feet) underwater
  • 3 in 1 waterproof waist bag that protects from water damage, theft, and loss in water
  • Touch Screen-Friendly translucent waterproof opaque pouch through which you can see your phone, text or answer no matter where you are without getting your phone wet
  • This waterproof hip pack is small enough not to bother you, but still large enough – 9.0″ X 6.7″ – to hold your every belonging and accessory. It is super-spacious and can float too, so even if you take it off in the water, it’ll still be beside you
  • Fully-adjustable straps in 33.5″-47.5″ sizes for the highest comfort. Because of the flexible straps, you can carry your waterproof waist pouch as a cross-body bag or a shoulder bag.
  • You get a free 100% lifetime guarantee as a proof of quality
Aqua Quest AquaRoo

Aqua Quest AquaRoo Belt

The Aqua Quest AquaRoo belt is a 100% waterproof fanny pack that’s lightweight and highly versatile, coming in black, blue, grey, or camo.

If you are looking for an extra-thin, adjustable, and small waterproof fanny pack, then I bet you will be quite impressed with the Aqua Quest AquaRoo waterproof waist pouch. It is fully submersible thanks to the unique magnet-sealed opening that won’t let any water in under any case.

Aqua Quest AquaRoo Belt Specs:

  • 100% waterproof – you can carry it in water or on the rain, and no amount of water will enter inside. It’s the perfect ‘holiday pouch’ that will save your belongings
  • Double-sided pouch that has an extra-layer inside that ensures safety of your things even under temporary submersion in water
  • Fully-adjustable waist belt made of Cambrelle mesh rear material. Your skin can breathe freely and won’t be uncomfortable even if you strap this waterproof waist pouch on bare skin
  • Up to 52” in waist size and only 90 grams of weight in total, this waterproof waist pouch can be worn anywhere on the body, and at such thin size, it will be invisible if worn under your clothes
  • 70D RipStop fabric with TPU lamination and double ziplock seal with welded seams make for the most secure and highest-quality waterproof hip pack
  • With AquaQuest you get a lifetime warranty

JOTO Waterproof Case Bag

The JOTO waterproof waist pouch with its unique material blend will protect your belonging from water, sun, and sand. So, you can use it while on the beach, when swimming, boating, fishing, paddling, and all other water activities.

The top-shelf construction makes this waterproof hip pack completely submersible. With its roll-top closure system, you can secure it quickly and be sure that your things are safe.

JOTO Waterproof Case Bag Specs:

  • 100% waterproof guarantee thanks to its robust zipper locks that seals the pouch securely.
  • Fold-over lid with hook & loop to provide extra safety during any activity
  • Non-transparent thick material that keeps your items so that no one knows what you keep inside
  • Size: 8.6” x 6.5” which provides enough space for all personals but it’s small enough to be portable and not to get in your way while boating, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, hiking, surfing, camping and so on
  • Easily adjustable belt that allows you to carry your waterproof waist pouch anywhere you like on the body
  • Lightweight design made of premium quality materials that guarantee not only waterproof safety but also durability and stylish look.

Freegrace Waterproof pack of 2 Pouches

This waterproof fanny pack by Freegrace with its transparent mesh material will keep your phone and other belongings dry and safe at all times. You can carelessly go boating, swimming, paddling, or even simply stay on the beach and protect your valuables from the sand.

This rugged roll-top waterproof fanny pack offers excellent comfort and features a splashproof quick-access storage pocket. The transparent material will allow you to see your belongings inside without opening the bag, risking to let water in. I would say, for those looking for a well-built pack to keep your electronics and other small items dry, this is a solid choice.

Freegrace Waterproof fanny pack of 2 Pouches Specs:

  • Up to 32 feet or 10 meters of water submersion protection. You can now go paddle boarding, traveling, boating, skiing, and just about anything else you can think of without worrying that your valuables will get wet.
  • Three Ultimate Seals protection promises to keep your valuables items safe and dry.
  • At 9. 0″ X 6. 7″, you can fit anything you need for your paddle boarding adventures to be even better. But it’s still small enough not to bother you while in water.
  • The Freegrace waterproof waist pouch can float too, due to its unique blend of materials that will follow you anywhere in the water.
  • Screen-touch sensitive material through which you can control your phone without the risk of opening the pouch and wetting your items.
  • Fully-adjustable 35.4″-49.2″ carrying straps that make this waterproof waist pouch able to be worn as a cross-body bag, or shoulder bag.

If you need to carry more than just a few things then check out bigger waterproof bags and even waterproof backpacks.  You can either carry them on your shoulders or simply put them under the bungee straps on the nose of your stand up paddle board.

Waterproof Fanny Pack Girl

Final Word

Whatever waterproof fanny pack you choose from this list, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and dry at the end of the day.

Have you picked your favorite yet? If so, please share your experiences with it here in the comments below. I’d love to hear your opinion on the products above. And don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook and Instagram for more water sports gear reviews.

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