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The Fun Side of Paddleboarding

SUPing, also known as paddleboarding, is a spin on the classic sport of surfing. I’ve always loved paddle boarding since it provides me with a lot of pleasure while also keeping my sanity and making me feel comfortable. To be honest, many of the SUPs I’ve tested and recommend have identical specifications, performance, quality, and design, which is quite usual! 

I’ve been doing some research on several paddle board brands that I’d want to test and try. This time, I searched for something unique that is both enjoyable, has good performance, and is also intriguing! Something new.

Maddle paddleboards

While scrolling, I came across this exceptional SUP brand on the internet, which piqued my interest! Their collection and diversity wowed me!

The Maddle paddleboards company caught my attention! When I saw their website, I was blown away by how fresh the designs and colors of the paddleboards are! It sparked my curiosity even more, when I saw a video presenting their paddleboards!

It’s as entertaining to watch as the paddle boards on their website. I think this brand is extremely fascinating, so I went ahead and searched for more information about it. Allow me to share it with you! 

If you are interested in a new paddle board with the coolest design, read more.

Who Is Maddle?

Maddle paddleboards

Maddle is a Canadian inflatable paddleboard company on a mission to make paddleboarding more enjoyable, creative, and inclusive. Julien Méthot, the founder of the Maddle Boards, shared a brief history of the company. 

According to him, after having fun on the water with rented paddle boards, they wanted to buy something for themselves but couldn’t find anything interesting enough that would draw their attention. Every SUP out there looked similar despite the differences in performance. As a result, having the means to do so, they were inspired to design a SUP that would contribute originality and enjoyment to the paddleboarding community. 

Water sports are based on performance mostly today, but they wanted something influenced by art too. So, since then, Maddle has aimed to create paddle boards that will stand out in the business. They provide a cool, new-kid-on-the-block treatment to the industry you will seldom find in other SUP companies.

Performance is key, but so is design too.

If you visit their website, you will see that their board designs are impressive! I also discovered that they were designed by actual artists and contain different patterns that are changed yearly.

Maddle paddleboards
Maddle paddleboards

Upon talking to some SUP experts from the company, I discovered:

  • Maddle wants to manufacture paddleboards with a limited amount of each design so that you may be the coolest person on the water without having the same design as everyone else.
  • Flexible yet rigid and durable paddle boards that work for the majority and in any sort of body water. 
  • Maddle ensures they offer fair-priced SUPs in the middle-to-low price range that everyone can afford.
  • They aim to design a paddle board that is long-lasting, inexpensive, and suitable for novices yet durable enough to satisfy the avid paddler as well.

What is included in the Maddle SUP package?

Maddle paddleboards
Yoga on the stable all-around maddle SUP

The Maddle inflatable paddleboard is designed with an all-around form that gives versatility and stability and is suitable for novices and experienced SUPpers alike. If you want a paddle board that is easy to transport and travel with, the Maddle paddle board should be on your shortlist.

When you buy one of their SUP boards, you receive the following: 

  • 3-piece paddle designed to match your Maddle SUP 
  • Safety leash 
  • SUP pump
  • Repair kit
  • A SUP backpack that matches the Maddle design you’ve picked (I love this feature)
  • All their SUP boards have a two-year warranty
Maddle paddleboards

Other Accessories You Can Purchase From Maddle Include: 

  • Paddleboard cleaning kit
  • Kayak conversion kit
  • Electric pump battery
  • Insulated dry backpack
  • 30L dry bag
  • Waterproof phone pouch
  • Paddleboard anchor
  • Small cooler
  • Insulated water bottle

Why I Encourage Paddleboarding?

Maddle paddleboards

Paddleboarding is a fun activity with numerous advantages! Aside from enjoying the scenery, it provides a quick full-body workout. It strengthens the arm and back muscles, and many athletes include paddle boarding in their regular workouts. That said, paddleboarding should only be done when the weather is calm, whether in summer or winter. It is quite dangerous to paddle when it is windy or raining heavily.

If you can only SUP in summer, Maddle has a solution for that too! Well, their sister company does. Intrigued? 

The team behind Maddle are wellness enthusiasts. So they came up with a solution so that you can still work out in the comfort of your home to stay fit. How?

Maddle Inflatable Paddle Board has a sister company, ASCEND. They sell cardio equipment for home gyms (for those windy or rainy days when you can’t go paddleboarding) and are a great way to keep active and encourage well-being after SUP season is over.

Maddle Paddleboards: FAQ

Is Maddle Paddleboards a reputable business? 

Yes! They have a website, which is run in Canada, but they ship these paddleboards in the US too!

Where are Maddle paddleboards crafted? 

Maddle paddleboards are created in Quebec, and you’ll be surprised at how innovative they are in terms of design, color, and practicality!

Is it worth it to get a Maddle board? 

To be honest, I only recently discovered this brand. They do seem very reliable based on the reviews and experiences I’ve seen and their current customers appear to be pleased. You’ll never know unless you go out and get one for yourself, right? Plus, the prices are unbeatable!

How many paddleboards does Maddle have in their collection? 

I can see four collections on their website based on design and not performance: The Voyager, The Thrillseeker, The Free Spirit, and The Dreamer. 

What is the warranty period for the Maddle Paddleboards? 

Maddle paddleboards come with a two-year warranty.

Does Maddle just sell inflatable paddleboards? 

Yes, Maddle only sells stylish and bright inflatable paddle boards and some SUP accessories. 

What does the package contain if I buy one of the Maddle paddleboards? 

The Maddle paddleboards come with a three-piece paddle, a leash, a pump, a repair kit, and a bag. 

What types of paddle boards does the Maddle offer?

Maddle makes only all-around paddleboards, which are exceptionally light and robust.

Maddle Paddleboards: Conclusion

“The New Era of Paddleboarding!” From what I’ve seen, this brand promises a lot in the paddleboarding world! I’m looking forward to being able to test these fantastic boards! So far, based on what I’ve seen on their website and the reviews, they receive only positive feedback! What distinguishes this SUP board company from others is that their paddle boards are visually appealing, and their designs are amazing! Maddle hires actual artists to craft their boards each year. With this, they are the only SUP company that provides a wide range of color selections!

However, the quality is notable too. The all-around boards are lightweight and maneuverable which is what every SUP newbie and experienced paddler seeks. 

If you already own a Maddle paddleboard, please share your experience and feedback in the comments section below!

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