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Your Cheaper But Better iSUP is the iRocker Nautical 11’6 Paddleboard!

Because of their high-quality paddleboards, iRocker is well-known all over the world! It’s always exciting when they release new and updated paddleboards because they’ve never disappointed their customers with the quality of their products, whether it’s a high-end paddleboard or a low-cost paddleboard.

One of the reasons for the iRocker Company’s success is that they take the time to read or listen to their customers’ feedback before modifying their paddleboards based on that feedback. Because of the increased competition in the SUP industry, there are many companies now offering affordable paddleboards without sacrificing quality. The iRocker company has also created a budget-friendly board that is made of high-quality materials and has features that no other SUP company has.

iRocker Nautical full pack
This is the Nautical 10’6 – The 11’6 is the longer version more suitable for touring

Most suitable for:

The iRocker Nautical 11’6″ paddleboard, like the iRocker 10’6″, is a budget-friendly SUP. It’s an all-around inflatable paddleboard that’s become a hit because of the new features it includes while remaining the most affordable paddleboard in the iRocker lineup. We’ll go over the construction, features, accessories, warranty, and reviews of the iRocker Nautical 11’6 paddleboard in greater detail.


  • The price is reasonable
  • New Action Mount Added
  • The new cargo area in the back
  • New grab handles for children’s safety
  • New and improved backpack
  • New color schemes and designs
  • 3 fins that can be removed


  • Hard to determine the Cons of the paddleboard due to its price point but great features.
iRocker Nautical
Standing on my resilient Nautical

What Makes iRocker Nautical 11’6″ Paddleboard Stand Out

First and foremost, this paddleboard is a budget-friendly iRocker SUP, which is one of the reasons why it stands out! The iRocker Nautical 11’6 will provide you with a high-quality paddleboard at an affordable price. There are a lot of cool features on this SUP that make it more fun to use!

They’ve added a new action mount that allows you to easily mount your Go Pro camera to record your time on the water. I understand that the action mount on this SUP is insufficient, but consider that it is a very affordable paddleboard with all of these features. There’s also a new cargo area at the back of the board, allowing you to paddle with your personal belongings. Likewise, the new grab handles are extremely comfortable.

iRocker Nautical paddle board
Paddling on my iRocker Nautical

This paddleboard is perfect for kids to ride on while also ensuring their safety. Also, the iRocker backpack has been upgraded, and it can now be converted into a wheeled bag! This is especially beneficial to those who have difficulty carrying their paddleboard. The iRocker Nautical 11’6 is also available in four colors, and its design has been updated.

In comparison to the previous iRocker Nautical 11’6, this board’s fins are already detachable and easy to install thanks to the flip lock design. So far, I haven’t found anything negative to say about this paddleboard because it is inexpensive but has excellent construction and features.


22 lbs
rider weight
Max Rider Weight
265 lbs
air pressure
Max Air Pressure
15 PSI
colour options
Board type

iRocker Nautical 11'6” 1

Primary use
All-Around/ Yoga

iRocker Nautical 11'6” 2

Speed on the water
It was designed and made for a perfect balance of stability and speed, and it is well-suited for beginners to pro-level paddlers on the water. It is an ideal board to learn paddling on, and at this low price point, the iRocker Nautical 11’6′′ was among the most searched affordable paddleboard on the market!

iRocker Nautical 11'6” 3

A premium wheel option is already included in the iRocker Nautical 11’6 backpack. You can easily convert this bag to a wheeled carrying bag, just like the iRocker Nautical 10’6. Making it much easier to carry and transport this paddleboard! The New Nautical Backpack Wheels are designed to slide into the bottom of your backpack, allowing you to easily transport it!

iRocker Nautical 11'6” 4

The iRocker Nautical 11’6″ is a stable paddleboard, with some reviewers stating that it provides them with a comfortable and stable ride regardless of the water conditions. Knowing that this paddleboard is affordable, it still provides you with the best features without compromising the quality and construction of the paddleboard.

In calm conditions, you can take your child with you and the paddleboard will still be stable. It will be suitable for riders weighing up to 225 pounds. The iRocker Nautical 11’6 is an excellent choice for paddlers of all sizes.

Professional’s Experience

On the water, the iRocker Nautical 11’6 SUP looked impressive. In comparison to the iRocker nautical 10’6″, this paddleboard can accommodate riders weighing more than 200 lbs while still providing a comfortable paddling experience. To be honest, I was not expecting too much with the nautical paddleboard since it’s cheap!

However, the iRocker Nautical 11’6 has a higher better performance than the iRocker Nautical 10’6. I had no trouble carrying the board because the iRocker Nautical 11’6 has a convenient grab handle that came in handy when I was out on the water. There are also six bungee storage areas where you can secure your dry bag, backpack, and other paddling gear.

The cargo area was one of the new features of the iRocker nautical 11’6 for 2022 that I liked. A bungee connection point at the bottom right now also serves as an action mount point. With the M8 threaded insert for your Go Pro camera and fishing rod holders for your SUP, you can also attach any optional accessories. It’s fortunate that the iRocker Nautical already has the action mount, as it was not included in the previous version’s features.

iRocker Nautical paddle board
iRocker Nautical in full

In terms of the iRocker Nautical 11’6 board’s appearance, it’s great that they’ve come up with a few color options, but not as many as other paddleboards. Overall, it’s a nice SUP board with a sophisticated appearance. The Nautical’s compass logo is prominently displayed, and a contrasting pinstripe is added to the deck pad. The iRocker has significantly improved this affordable paddleboard’s quality and appearance, making it more practical to purchase, particularly for beginners.

The iRocker Nautical 11’6 board has a durable drop-stitch core covered by two layers of PVC material. Let me tell you, they used the same materials that they used on their expensive paddleboard!

iRocker Nautilcal with pump
Pumping my iRocker Nautical with their great manual pump

The removable side grab handles at the front and back of the cargo area are a new feature on the iRocker Nautical 11’6. It has neoprene-wrapped handles that are comfortable for kids to use if they paddle with you. The top deck of this SUP is covered with a soft EVA foam traction pad. If you’re into fitness, this paddleboard has a brushed surface that is comfortable to use with your hands and feet. The gripped pad also has a grooved pattern for added traction, and you can see the center-carrying handle that makes it easy to transport the board.

As previously mentioned, there is a center-carrying handle along both rails of the board, as well as four high-quality stainless steel D-rings that can be used to convert your paddleboard into a kayak seat. This handy tie-down comes in handy when you need to secure any additional gear on your paddleboard.

iRocker Nautical with fins
Adding fins to my iRocker Nautical

The iRocker Nautical 11’6 will also feature a 6-point bungee cargo area in 2022. This feature, I believe is very useful if you have a passenger riding with you on the front of your paddleboard. This feature was not available last season.

Behind the cargo area, you can see the inflation valve, a D-ring for your safety leach, and a second grab handle. I usually use the back grab handle because it allows me to drag the board out into the water without damaging the fins. The three removable fins use the same toolless lever-lock system as the regular and premium BLACKFIN SUPs from iROCKER.

Accessories? It includes all of the necessary accessories for newbies! I can’t say anything negative about this paddleboard because it provides a lot for a reasonable price. Below, I’ll go over the accessories of this paddleboard in greater depth. In terms of warranty, the iRocker Nautical 11’6 is covered for three years with a 90-day guarantee!

iRocker Nautical with D rings
iRocker Nautical with D rings

Important features

iRocker Nautical 11'6” 5


  • D-ring at the tail of the board for attaching the included ankle leash quickly and easily.
  • The rear grab handle makes it possible to pull the board along the water without damaging the fins.
  • Carry Handle in the Center. The iRocker Nautical 11’6′′ is easy to carry around thanks to the well-placed center carrying handle.
  • D-rings for Kayak Seats. D-rings on both rails can be used to secure the iROCKER kayak seat kit or to tie down extra gear.
  • Pad for the Deck. The soft, brushed surface of this EVA foam traction pad makes it easy on the hands and feet.
  • The front bungee storage area provides a convenient and secure location to store your dry bag, backpack, water shoes, and other belongings.
  • Handle on the front. The nose grab handle is extremely useful for controlling the board in and around the water.
iRocker Nautical 11'6” 6

The fins for the iRocker Nautical 11’6 are now removable, making it more convenient and simple to install, thanks to the same toolless lever-lock system found on iRocker’s premium paddleboards. Because of the easy attach and detach feature, you won’t have any trouble storing your paddleboard in your backpack! Riders will be able to set up their fins in whatever water conditions they find themselves in.

iRocker Nautical 11'6” 7

The dual-layer Military Grade Drop stitch material used on the iRocker Nautical 11’6 board also provides excellent rigidity! This simply means that, regardless of its price range, the board’s durability and quality are still impressive. This board is tough enough to handle any type of water! The iRocker Nautical 11’6 will provide you with a good balance and a solid paddleboard that you didn’t expect!

iRocker Nautical 11'6” 8

Inflate / deflate
In comparison to the previous version, the iRocker nautical 11’6 has a single chamber dual-action hand pump that provides faster inflation. For 6 minutes, I was able to inflate my paddleboard. It all depends on your pumping technique and how fast you want to go. But, of course, the faster you go, the more you’ll run out of breath! If you want to save time inflating and deflating your paddleboard, you should consider investing in an electric SUP pump.

iRocker Nautical 11'6” 9

The iRocker Nautical is backed by a 3-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee! This purchase would be worth the expense for a cheap paddleboard with all necessary accessories included, and with a 3-year warranty, you’ll be able to spend a lot more time enjoying your paddleboard! You’d also value their customer service for assisting you with your needs if you require it!

iRocker Nautical 11'6” 10

The iRocker Nautical 11’6 has new and improved features over the previous version that every rider will appreciate! The board itself has a brand new look and color scheme to choose from! The iRocker Nautical 11’6 is built for speed and stability, as well as versatility. This paddle board is ideal for beginners as well as experienced paddlers, especially if you’re looking for a budget-friendly paddleboard with excellent performance and high-quality materials.

In the package


A Fiberglass paddle with a nylon blade comes standard with the iRocker Nautical 11’6. It’s a good-quality paddle with a handle made of plastic. The three-piece paddle is also lightweight, floats, and is fully adjustable. When compared to aluminum paddles, a fiberglass paddle is far superior to what a cheap SUP board can provide. If you’re looking for a high-quality paddle, look for premium carbon fiber hybrid paddles in iRocker’s high-end premium paddleboards!


A basic 10 ft coiled SUP leash is included with the iRocker Nautical 11’6. It’s just a plain black leash, which stands out from the iRocker’s high-end paddleboards. The leash, on the other hand, is very comfortable to wear because it is made of soft neoprene and has dual metal swivels to prevent tangling. While out on the water, the Leash also has a key stash spot where you can keep your important keys.


It has a dual-action pump and a single chamber! It’s a high-quality hand pump that inflates and deflates your paddleboard effectively. On top of the handle, the pump has an easy-to-read pressure gauge, allowing you to see exactly how much air is in your paddleboard during inflation. You should get an Electric SUP Pump if you want to make your paddling experience easier.


In comparison to the previous model, the iRocker Nautical 11’6 SUP backpack is more attractive. For your accessories, there is an exterior bungee storage area and a zipper pocket that runs the length of the front of the bag. Mesh storage pockets are also available for storing your paddle and other accessories. There are also two compression straps to keep everything in place when it’s all packed up. If you want to carry your paddleboard with ease, this paddleboard also comes with a wheel option!

Repair Kit

iRocker repair kit
iRocker repair kit

Not every SUP company provides a repair kit as part of their package. This kit is included with the iRocker Nautical 11’6 in case you need to repair your board. This handy iSUP repair kit is extremely useful, so keep it with you whenever you plan to paddle! This kit will keep you from having to put your fun and enjoyment on hold. A valve wrench and two large PVC patches can be found inside the plastic canister. You’ll need to get some adhesive on your own.

Additional Accessories

Electric SUP Pump

Pumping and you’re out of breath? You might want to consider investing in a high-quality SUP pump to save time and effort! It’s more convenient and simple to use an electric SUP pump! This is more applicable to those who SUP frequently or own several paddleboards! It is preferable to invest in a high-quality electric SUP pump that you can use for a long time!

Kayak Conversion Kit

The iRocker Nautical 11’6 paddleboard can benefit from a SUP kayak seat. It’s fantastic to go paddleboarding and then convert it to kayaking with the addition of a kayak seat! You can enjoy all of the benefits of a kayak seat without having to purchase a kayak and aboard. A kayak seat is convenient because it does not require many tools to install; all you need is your purchased kayak seat and a SUP board with D-rings. As simple as that!

SUP Coolers

Are you planning on paddling for several hours? Make the SUP Cooler an essential part of your paddling adventure! After hours of paddling in the hot sun, relax with a cold drink! You can go on a long day of cruising with the SUP cooler and enjoy your paddling while sipping an iced drink! SUP coolers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so choose the one that best fits your paddleboard.

Dog Life Jacket

The iRocker Nautical 11’6 is so versatile that you can even take your pet out on the water with you! If you intend to bring them, make sure they have their safety equipment in case something goes wrong. Our dogs, like your children, require a life jacket. SUP life jackets for dogs come in a wide range of styles; just make sure they are comfortable with them.

Kids Life Jacket

Even though SUP is one of the safest activities, you should ensure everyone’s safety, especially if you have a toddler with you. Invest in a good and comfortable PFD for them to ensure that they are protected in the event of an accident. No one wants to go paddling and have it end in tragedy. This is a “must” for any child interested in paddling! Make certain that we will put their safety first before allowing them to go out on the water.

Optional accessories (my must-haves – not included)

Here are two of my favorite accessories for this year. One for safety and one because I like to use my time wisely (like take pictures while my board inflates itself) 😋


Outdoormaster Shark 2
My favorite Electric SUP pump among all. Buy it here and save 35% with code TOM35 today.

iRocker Nautical 11'6” 11

Restube classic
Because extra safety measures never hurt anyone! Buy it here and save 10% with code SUPWORLD10 today.

Difference between an Inflatable board and a Hard board

Advantages Inflatable board

  • Easy to take on holiday (even on the plane)
  • Easy to store in the winter days
  • Much cheaper
  • Technology has improved greatly over the past 10 years. For this reason, these boards are now almost hard to distinguish from hard boards

Advantages Hardboard

  • More speed, which is important if you are a professional
  • Easier to make sharp turns on the water because the board is thinner
  • No inflation needed, you can get on the water right away

Other reviews of the iRocker Nautical 11’6 online

The Nautical is a known name and in the top 5 of iRocker boards, so it has a lot of reviews online.

A short overview of these reviews is below:

inflatableboarder.com: “The Nautical 11’6″ expands the Nautical lineup — literally — with a longer board that’s ideal for paddlers that would like extra room for passengers, dogs, coolers, or kayaking. Taller or bigger paddlers might prefer the extra size over the Nautical 10’6″ as well. It’s an ideal choice for beginners just starting, budget-minded paddlers looking to enjoy some all-around paddling fun without breaking the bank, or families needing to purchase multiple boards at a time.”

supboardguide.com: “We are really satisfied with the whole package you get when purchasing the 2022 Nautical 11’6 iSUP. The board itself is solid with plenty of included features and accessories. The included kit was also more than adequate for a package in this price range. This is a great choice for a beginner looking to get into the world of stand-up paddleboarding, a family looking for an affordable kids board, or paddlers looking to bring friends along with them without breaking the bank.”

supboardgear: “The Nautical 11’6″ paddleboard has everything you need at such a low price. The paddle and bag are similar ones that they offer with their expensive models. This iSUP from iRocker performs well with every level of paddlers and in every water condition. It is s solid iSUP that will feel like a hardboard once you inflate it. Somewhat, it is a deal stealer. From reviews, you can understand that there’s nothing to criticize about the board. And the customer service of iRocker is top-notch. So, you won’t regret purchasing this iRocker Nautical 11’6.”

amazon.com: “I did lots of research before taking the plunge in buying my SUP. Price and quality were the main factors. This is a really good quality inflatable board from a great brand and I’m pleased with it. Pumped to 15PSI and it’s very rigid. I took my 6-year-old daughter out with me for a paddle today and it was no problem. The carry/grab handle makes it relatively easy to carry even for me and I’m only 5”4. The board also has plenty of d-rings which is great to add a kayak seat.”

Frequently Asked Questions about the iRocker Nautical 11’6

What is the maximum carrying capacity of the iRocker Nautical 11’6″?

It has 265 lbs maximum weight capacity.

What is the weight of the iRocker Nautical 11’6″?

The weight of the board is 22 lbs.

What is the air pressure of the iRocker Nautical 11’6″?

15 PSI

What is the size of the iRocker Nautical 11’6″?

Length: 11’6″ Width: 32″ Thickness: 6″ 

Is iRocker a reputable brand?

iRocker boards are a front-runner in the paddleboard market. Indeed, iRocker is a good paddleboard brand.

Which paddle does the iRocker Nautical 11’6″ include?

The iRocker Fiberglass Paddle

What kind of pump comes with the iRocker Nautical 11’6″?

The iRocker 24″ dual-action single-chamber manual pump

How many D-rings does the iRocker Nautical 11’6″ have?

13 D–rings

What is the warranty on the iRocker Nautical 11’6″?

3 years warranty and a 90-day guarantee upon purchase

How many carry handles does the iRocker Nautical 11’6″ have?

3 comfortable handles

How many fins does the iRocker Nautical 10’6″ have?

3 Large detachable fins

Does the iRocker Nautical 11’6″ have an action-camera mount?

Yes, 4 action mounts

Is the iRocker nautical 11’6″ board suitable for kids?

Yes! This is a kid-friendly and pet-friendly paddleboard. The iRocker nautical 11’6″ is a beginner-friendly SUP paddleboard

How long does it take to inflate the iRocker Nautical 11’6″?

It took me 6 minutes to inflate the paddleboard. But that depends on your technique.

Conclusion – Should I buy this board?

The iRocker Nautical 11’6 has left a lasting impression on me! When compared to the iRocker Nautical 10’6″, this paddle board is ideal for those who want to bring along an extra passenger, such as a child or a pet! This is a budget-friendly iSUP that will provide you with durability and rigidity, knowing that this paddleboard is an affordable one from iRockers!

This All-Around paddleboard will ensure that you have a good time without breaking the bank because the package includes all of the necessary accessories for you to enjoy your paddling experience. Let’s be honest: buying separate accessories would be more expensive! The iRocker Nautical 11’6″ will provide you with satisfaction and is an excellent choice for a beginner who wants to learn to paddle!

This paddleboard is versatile and can be used in any water condition! It has good speed and maneuverability and can be converted into a kayak if you want to go fishing! You can also attach add-on accessories to make your paddling experience more comfortable and enjoyable. I can’t say anything negative about this iRocker Nautical 11’6 paddleboard because it offers a low price in the market without sacrificing the materials used!

So, whether you’re a novice or a pro, if you’re a beginner or looking for a budget-friendly paddleboard, this SUP board is for you! I hope this review helped determine which is which! If you have any additional questions about this paddleboard, please leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to respond.

You can also keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram for more frequent updates, announcements, and even discount coupons! We hope to see you there! Everyone has a great SUPing day!

Have a Blast SUPing!

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Review written by: kay

Hi! My name is Tom. During the year I try to be on a paddle board as much as possible. By reading this blog you'll stay updated on everything I test on the water :)

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22 lbs
rider weight
Max Rider Weight
265 lbs
air pressure
Max Air Pressure
15 PSI
colour options
Board type

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Review written by: kay

Hi! My name is Tom. During the year I try to be on a paddle board as much as possible. By reading this blog you'll stay updated on everything I test on the water :)