The Best Paddle Board Motor Gear: The Lazy Way

Just to get one thing out of the way, when I say the lazy way, it doesn’t mean anything wrong. In fact, I love motor paddling as it gives you so much more room for enjoying the waves and getting an extra push when needed. Ok, cool! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s discuss best paddle board motor gear.

Choosing the best motor for paddle board

As paddle boarding grows in popularity significantly, many accessories and devices appear on the market making the whole paddling experience more pleasant and enjoyable. You can even build your own paddle board jet if you want and all you need is the gear I will be talking about below.

So, excited to give your paddling a boost? I sure am! Read on how to equip your paddle board with a motor.

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Bluedrive Power Fin Paddle Board Motor

Aqua Marina Bluedrive Power Fin

The Aqua Marina motor for paddle board is one of the highest value for money motors on the market at the moment. You can connect it to any SUP paddle board so long as it has a slide-in center fin system. The only thing you’ll need to do is replace the original fin with the Bluedrive Power Fin.

However, before you pull out your credit card ready to buy, patience, my friend, let’s review this paddle board trolling motor closely and compare it with the other two in this list. After all, you gotta find what suits you best, right?

That said, in the Bluedrive package you get:

  • Bluedrive Power Fin (motor unit)
  • Wireless remote control with arm strap
  • Bungee rope set
  • Security leash
  • Control case with battery pack
  • Tool to replace propeller
  • User manual

The whole weight of the Power Fin motor for paddle board is approx. 2.6 kg and the battery pack with the controller is 3.1 kg. This is quite ok for a gear of this kind if you ask me.

The setup process

As I said, it is straightforward to attach the Power Fin to your paddle board. After attaching, you have to connect it with the battery pack and pair it through Bluetooth for remote control. Easy-peasy!

I have found that the Power Fin has an excellent battery pack and remote control, while the charger was on the lower-grade quality side. It is quite undersized and got very hot during. The charging took approxβ€”6 hours, which I expected since it was written in the manual.

The charge lasted for about 1.5 hours of full-speed ride, but of course, this will depend on the weight of the person paddling and the speed at which you will go. Obviously, the slower the pace, the longer the battery will last.

The motor modes

The paddle board trolling motor has four modes that can be controlled via the remote:

  • Forward 1: 3 km/h as per manual
  • Forward 2: 4 km/h as per manual
  • Forward 3: 5 km/h as per manual
  • Reverse: 3 km/h as per manual

As the company states, I would agree, too, that the Bluedrive Power Fin motor for paddle board can be safely used by children of 8+ age as the motor engine looks indeed safe enough.

Bluedrive Power Fin Review Summary

With its reliable performance and low price, I would definitely recommend this motor for paddle board for those just starting and looking to experiment with boosted paddling. That said, here’s my final grading:


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Safe for newbies and children
  • Propeller can be replaced


  • Small battery charger
  • Proprietary accessories like bungee rope straps, remote and strap feel flimsy and cheap
  • Long charging time
Brocraft Motor Mount paddle board motor

Brocraft Motor Mount

If you love paddling but also have inflatable kayaks or boats that you like to sail in, I would recommend getting the Brocraft Motor Mount because of its versatility. You can adjust and use it as a paddle board jet, but also as a kayak motor. This means that its force will be higher compared to the Bluedrive Power Fin, and it is highly adjustable when it comes to different boats and paddles.

That said, in the Brocraft Motor package you get:

  • Brocraft motor unit
  • Two glue-on pads
  • Marine-grade aluminum track bar
  • Aluminum motor mount Super Strong grade
  • Double-sided Nylon material protection motor clamp
  • Two-year warranty
  • User manual

The setup

Just like the previous, the Brocraft motor for paddle board can be easily set up, and with its versatility, I would give it a point plus. It is adjustable for different hull widths, and the two-sided glue-on pads can be mounted on both PVC inflatable boats and SUP boards. However, note that glue is not supplied, so I would recommend getting a high-quality adhesive that does the job!


  • Affordable price
  • Versatile use – suitable for kayaks and paddle boards
  • Any gear can be replaced with pieces from the same company


  • Slightly more complicated to set up
  • No glue included
The Best Paddle Board Motor Gear: The Lazy Way 1

Waterblade Paddle Board Trolling Motor

The Waterblade paddle board jet compared to the two other paddle board motors is closer to the Brocraft with its characteristics and strength. Namely, it uses a 12v battery that will last you for an hour to two depending on the speed at which you are using it and the weight, wind, and current of the water.

The motor speed

The paddle board trolling motor has five-speed levels, but I would recommend getting a more durable battery like 12v and nothing less because the weaker ones will last shorter and who doesn’t want to paddle for a longer time? I know I do!

That said, in the Waterblade paddle board jet package you get:

  • The Waterblade motor unit
  • 18-inch long Shaft
  • Propeller Safety Cage
  • Special Electric outlet for secure connect and disconnect the battery’s cables
  • Two accessories to attach to board
  • Special flat clamp
  • Motor with voltmeter
  • Rotating head horizontally
  • Rotating head vertically
  • Telescope handle 12″
  • User manual

The setup

This paddle board motor is easy to master and set up. With its 18 inch long Shaft, it is effortless to install it to stand up paddle boards or any other type of paddling gear or smaller boats. The 62 Lbs Thrust motor is a very powerful paddle board trolling motor that can take you against the wind or against when paddling and even against some weaker currents if paddling in rivers.


  • Affordable price
  • Versatile use – suitable for paddle boards and any other projects
  • Any gear can be replaced


  • Slightly more complicated to set up
  • No glue included
  • No battery included

Conclusion The Best Paddle Board Motor Gear: The Lazy Way

As you can see, I have listed three different types of paddle board motor available on the market. All three are good, but what you choose depends on your needs and paddling experience.

That said, I’m curious what do you plan on buying, and what have you been using so far?

Leave your paddle board motor experiences in the comment section below, and don’t forget to give me some love on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

To Your Motor Paddling,


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