The best paddle boards for Yoga [2024]

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My favorite

Bluefin Voyage

The Bluefin Voyage is extra wide for additional stability, which makes it perfect for your SUP Yoga experience.
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★ Great design and balance

Bluefin Aura Fit

This board is extra big and has no grip handle in the middle for optimal comfort when lying down. With a very complete package for a good price!
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Budget Yoga board

FunWater Tiki

This board has the most and highest reviews. However, it's not available in Europe but it is a very good board for a very low price.
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Hi and welcome to the big Paddle Board Yoga guide! This buying guide about the best paddle boards for Yoga was extremely difficult for me to write and I’m going to tell you why, because I’m such an honest guy: 

I’m not a big Yoga fan. I do like to be on my own on the water to chill and clear my mind after a busy day. However, this looks more like meditating than Yoga, since I won’t do all these difficult poses on the water 😉

This would be me otherwise:

HOWEVERRR, I am a big fan of people who read my blog and I know there are a LOT of Yoga fanatics around. This made me decide to do some research about Yoga paddleboards and try some myself. For this test I’ve only tried the Bluefin Voyage.

I don’t really like the design and find these boards more suitable for women, but I set aside my pride and took a chance. The other boards I’m recommending on this page are based on reviews I found on the internet. So please don’t get angry at me. I used the experience of the crowd to form an opinion. 

Okay let’s get started. In this guide you’ll find:

First of all, the reason why most of you read this blog: the absolute best boards for paddle board Yoga.

Next to that, you can read about (click on the link to scroll down to that topic):

What you need to get started with paddle board Yoga

5 must read tips when you start with Yoga on the water

8 Yoga poses for beginners (like me)

Some must read information other people wrote about paddle board Yoga

Conclusion: should YOU start doing Yoga on the water?

#1 – The best paddle boards for Yoga: Bluefin Aura Fit

Best paddle boards for Yoga Bluefin-Aura-Fit-SUP

About the board

Above you can see the newest addition to the Yoga paddle board market: the Bluefin Aura Fit board. Where the Bluefin Voyage was also made for fishing, the Bluefin Aura Fit is purely designed for Paddle Board Yoga. I love the amazing design and the huge grip deck!

A big difference with the Bluefin Voyage, which I will mention later on, is that this board does not have the same higher sides, which makes it a bit less wide (36″ vs 38″). It is aimed at Yoga and normal paddle boarding, this is why it also has a kick pad for more sporty use.

You can imagine that a width of 36″ / 91 cm offers a lot of stability and it is easier to do difficult Yoga poses without losing your balance.

Unlike the boards above the Bluefin Aura Fit does not have a grip handle in the middle, which is way more convenient for Yoga. I can honestly hardly believe that this hasn’t been thought about before, as it is always poking in your back when lying down.

You can use the action camera mount to film your own Yoga or paddling adventures, to watch them later or in case you are so good you want to post instruction videos for others attempting SUP Yoga.

Like the Bluefin Voyage this board does not only include the fiberglass paddle, but also a coiled leash, backpack, three fins, a high pressure pump and a waterproof phone cover. For the current price of $584 this is a very good deal for such a complete package and for a $100 more this honestly would still be worth it easily.

The board can be used in multiple ways. Since it offers good balance, a high-quality fiberglass paddle and it even has a kick pad, using it just for relaxation or touring is also possible.

It can carry up to 353 lbs (160 kg) so depending on your weight you can bring your pet along and even a second person should be possible in many cases. You will need to purchase a second paddle separately unless you are planning to paddle someone else around all day.

The package

Something I really like is the colorful design, which is bright and surely brings peace to mind. The package comes with a (3 piece) fiberglass paddle, a travel backpack, an ankle leash, a high-pressure dual action pump, a center fin, and a waterproof smartphone carry case. So you can still keep in touch with your friends and take selfies on the water 😉

The travel backpack seems to be of exceptional quality. Everyone is extremely enthusiastic about this product.  

What do experts think?

The well-known website Supboardguide is also very positive about this board and considers this as one of the best as well. Quoting from their conclusion:

“The large size makes it a solid, stable platform for practicing yoga on, with a rigid feel thanks to the ESL construction. The deck space is very well built with the diamond grooved crocodile textured pattern, making it an excellent choice for aspiring yogis or those who just like maintaining a good grip.”

Conclusion Bluefin Aura Fit Yoga Board

There is no other Yoga board that offers you as much comfort and stability as the Bluefin Aura Fit does. It is just perfectly designed without the grip handle in the middle that will poke into your back like on other boards. It looks amazing and is also useful for normal paddling with the kick pad and very high quality set of accessories.

Recommended for everyone that is looking for a high quality board for Yoga. Rightfully the number 1 in the best paddle boards for Yoga guide!

#2 – Bluefin Voyage: Stable with higher edges


Bluefin, one of the fastest growing brands in inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards in the world, used to have the Bluefin Voyage as their main Yoga board before they released the Bluefin Aura Fit. Even though you can see that the board is a lot more aimed at SUP fishing now, this board is still great for Yoga in my opinion. And don’t worry, those fishing rod holders are removable.

So why do I like the Bluefin Voyage?

The Bluefin Voyage is great and stable board for Yoga. Is has a full deck footpad for ultimate comfort and a lot of grip. The dimensions are interesting with a size of 10’10” x 38″ with a thickness of 6″. Because of the thick material and the high stability the board is quite a bit heavier though (42 lbs / 19 kg). The board has a max payload of 286 lbs (130 kg), which is more than enough to bring your dog. Because of the shape, the board can be used in a multi-purpose way.

Please note that the pictures above are of the old Bluefin Voyage model, the new model looks like the picture at the start of this board with the complete package.

But what I really like is the higher sides that offer additional stability and that help you know when you reach the edge of the board. These almost feel a bit like side wings, so you cannot go wrong and lose your balance easily.

With a price that is currently $449 you get a complete package with a backpack, paddle, leash and pump that will last you for a long time. Plus rod holders, a cooling box, three fins and did I mention Bluefin now offers a 5 year warranty on all of their boards?

Check out this movie for some inspiration regarding to poses on your board:

What do others think?

People are very enthusiastic about this product. Although there aren’t many reviews online, people do seem to appreciate the easiness in use. The board is inflated and drained in minutes and very suitable for beginners and families.


I like the Bluefin Voyage a lot. Its stability and grip are very good, together with its acceptable price (currently $449). If you’re ever planning on doing Yoga on a paddle board, this board is a must have! This board also has the best availability of all these boards as it can be purchased anywhere in the world.

#3 – FunWater Tiki : Budget Yoga Board


While reading all the reviews, I soon found out that the FunWater Tiki is a masterpiece for a board with this low price. Wherever I look, this US company (Jacksonville – Jaguars rule!) receives 5 star reviews. On their own websites, but also on Amazon. I know that reviews can be faked on own websites so I take them less seriously.

However, it is a lot harder to fake Amazon and at the time I am writing this article, the FunWater Tiki has over 1500 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. This is crazy.

About the board

The FunWater Tiki is perfectly crafted for Yoga because of the 33″ width for extra stability. What makes it even better is the big traction pad with a beautiful design for Yoga. The traction pad provides great stability and makes your Yoga poses easier. 

The FunWater Tiki paddle board is a multi-purpose board because of its design. The traction pad for example, is great for dogs and other pets because they have more grip on the board. The design and the width of the board are also ideal for paddle boarding with your child.


Complete package

Another thing I really like is the accessory bundle that is included. This means you’ll receive a paddle, a backpack, high pressure pump, a leash, three fins and some other stuff like a waterproof phone cover. In short: everything you need to get going.


What do others think?

Like I already said, people are extremely enthusiastic about the FunWater Tiki. It has so many positive reviews that nobody needs to worry about the quality of this board anymore. A brief summary of the reviews on there:

“For its maiden voyage, I took it out to a large pond with my 8 year old son sitting cross-legged near the bow. Although it felt tippy at first once I found my balance, it was perfect! We never tipped the entire time I took my son for a ride. I was able to maneuver the board easily. We loved it from our first ride!”

Or another one:

“I decided after a lot of research to go with an inflatable board. I saw many reviews about hard boards getting rock chips and damage from being on car roofs. This board is fabulous! I bought a electric pump so it inflates fast. I have only inflated to 12 psi and it is rock hard even in 40 degree water. It deflates just as quick and I can keep it in my car. Again I Love This Board!”

As said there are over 1.500 reviews, so if you feel like reading them all, good luck 😉


Like I said, I haven’t ever been on this board so I trust the huge (!) fan base of people who bought this product. The FunWater Tiki is one of the most popular budget stand up paddle boards overall and very suitable for Yoga. Also, this board is great for multi-person paddle boarding or for paddle boarding with your dog.  

The only disadvantage for me: they don’t ship to Europe. For my European friends who read this blog, The Aura Fit will be the best alternative. If you’re a US citizen and want to buy a board for just around $300, definitely go with this one!

What you need to get started with SUP YOGA?

Alright, you’ve made your choice to buy one of the above best paddle boards for Yoga? Good job! Now it’s time for your first yoga session on the water. But what do you need more? Here is a handy checklist to make sure you’re first experience will be a successful one.

SUP package

If you bought one of the above best paddle boards for Yoga, you won’t have to worry about this one. However, lots of yoga boards do not come with the essential stuff: a backpack to carry the board, a high-pressure pump, a paddle (this is less necessary if you stay near the shore but might come in handy).


Of course, you would like to wear clothes in which you can move freely. An elastic sports pants is fine, but you can also choose to wear a bikini. Of course, you may end up in the water at first. So, make sure you wear clothes that are allowed to get wet. I would recommend not wearing any shoes / sandals.

Read more about “What to wear to SUP Yoga” in this article

Most paddle boards have bungee cords on the front or back. Use them to stow your flipflops or shoes in case you want to carry them with you on the water. They look like this:

The best paddle boards for Yoga [2024] 5

Take care of yourself

Don’t forget to bring sun cream and a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Once you’re paddling on the water, there’s a very good chance you’ll get burned. Be aware of that and take precautions.

Check out other must have
Paddle board accessories to bring along!

Your safety

Normally I always recommend to wear an ankle cord. However, while doing Yoga poses this can be annoying and restricting. I would therefore recommend buying a Restube. Two years ago, I found out about this product and it made me fall in love with it instantly.

People don’t take safety seriously on a paddle board because it seems less dangerous than surfing for example. However, an unexpected fall into the water can cause disorientation, so you don’t know where the bottom of the water is or how to get to the surface. Therefore: always wear a lifesaver like Restube.

That’s it! You don’t need much to get started with Yoga on the water. Ready for 5 must read tips?

5 must read tips when you start with paddle board Yoga

1. Stay low

Especially when you’re just starting out, you want to stay as close to the water surface as possible. The further you stretch (and thus get away from the water surface), the harder it is to keep balance. Do you find standing positions difficult at first? Then practice these on your knees or while squatting.

2. Don’t be afraid

There is no reason to be afraid of practicing Yoga on the water. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you fall in the water. Climb out and continue. After the hard work on your poses it is sometimes even nice, that refreshment. Everyone had to start at some point, and someone always falls off the board. This is just funny, isn’t it?

3. Focus on the horizon – look straight in front of you

By fixing yourself on the horizon, you keep your eyes on one point. This provides more stability and thus balance on your Yoga board.

4. Focus on yourself

Don’t watch how others perform their poses. Focus on yourself as everyone else does. It is perfectly logical that people who have done this many times before, are better at it. This doesn’t matter at all.

5. Just do it!

Don’t hesitate but just go! Paddle board Yoga is a great workout for your body. It’s also great to be on the water and to fully unwind. Jump on your bike or in your car and just go. You won’t regret it!

8 SUP Yoga poses that are perfect for beginners

First of all: credits for ISLE SUP for shooting such great pictures. I selected 8 perfect poses for beginners. These are the ones you should start with, since they aren’t that difficult but will definitely give you the good vibe!

Do you have a great pose you would like to share with me? Send me an image through Facebook or tag me on Instagram. I would be happy to share them!

The best paddle boards for Yoga [2024] 6

The Downward Dog

A great pose to start your session. It creates length through your spine and ensures that you find balance on your board.

The best paddle boards for Yoga [2024] 7

Modified Crescent Lunge

This pose is ideal for opening up your hips, psoas and quadriceps. Put pressure on your foot and feel your core.

The best paddle boards for Yoga [2024] 8

The Warrior

The warrior seems like an easy pose, but it’s not. To maintain balance on your board, strength and composure are required.

The best paddle boards for Yoga [2024] 9

The Boat

A very good exercise to build up strength in your core. Make it harder by stretching your legs more towards the horizon.

The best paddle boards for Yoga [2024] 10

The Malasana

The Malasana opens your hips and your lower back. Put your feet wide and lower your hips. Then breathe in and out slowly.

The best paddle boards for Yoga [2024] 11

The handstand

One of the most popular poses among yoga fanatics: the handstand. Try to keep balance, something that will really test your core.

The best paddle boards for Yoga [2024] 12

The Needle

A great way to stretch your shoulders and spine, which ensures more flexibility and reduction of tension between the vertebrae.

The best paddle boards for Yoga [2024] 13

The wheel

Extend your spinal column, open your chest, stretch your stomach and lift yourself into a wheel pose. No easy pose but this should not be missed!

Some must read information experts wrote about Yoga sup

Since I’m not an expert in Yoga, I’m a bit dependent on expert writings and thoughts. I read a lot about this topic before writing this guide and found out some great stuff. Here are a few I found best:

Julie Philips-Turner from DoYouYoga wrote the following about the muscles you challenge during a workout:

Typically, you use your breath, focus, along with the muscles of the body to steady yourself in Yoga poses. You use most of those same skills and muscles when you’re doing stand up paddling. Additionally, poses on a paddle board tend to give a greater challenge to the quadriceps, shoulders, arms, and knees – and especially the core area – because of the modifications to create balance in the pose.

She also tells something about your pace:

Many times, we hurry to get from one pose to the next and forget to pay attention to how we move, how we focus and the quality of our breath. Yoga on a stand-up paddle board forces you to slow down your pace and gain more focus on your practice., a very large outdoor website created a beautiful PDF with poses.

Looking for more poses than I already mentioned in this article? Download (click to download pdf) theirs. I hope to build one myself one day but for now: credits to them! 

Want to know more about SUP Yoga? Learn below…

What is yoga paddle boarding?

Yoga paddle boarding, also known as SUP yoga (Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga), is a popular outdoor activity that combines yoga and stand-up paddleboarding. This practice involves performing traditional yoga postures on a paddleboard while floating on water.

How stable are the yoga paddle boards?

Yoga paddle boards are specifically designed for stability, which is crucial for performing yoga poses. They are typically wider and longer than regular paddle boards to provide a larger, more stable platform.

What type of yoga can I do on a SUP?

Any type of yoga can be practiced on a SUP, but some styles are more suitable than others. Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga are commonly practiced due to their adaptable postures. Keep in mind, though, that balance-intensive postures may be more challenging on a paddleboard.

Do I need to be an experienced yogi to do yoga on a SUP?

No, you don’t have to be an experienced yogi to do SUP yoga. It can be enjoyed by beginners as well. However, it might be beneficial to have some basic yoga knowledge to understand the poses. SUP yoga adds an extra element of balance, so be prepared for a fun challenge!

What should I wear for SUP yoga?

When practising SUP yoga, wear comfortable, breathable, and quick-drying clothes. It’s advisable to have a bathing suit underneath in case you fall in the water. Don’t forget your sun protection – a hat, sunglasses, and waterproof sunscreen.

Can I practise SUP yoga in any type of water body?

SUP yoga can be practised in a variety of calm water bodies such as lakes, bays, or slow-moving rivers. It’s not recommended for fast-moving waters, oceans with large waves, or very windy conditions, as these could make balancing very difficult and potentially unsafe.

What equipment do I need for SUP yoga?

The essential equipment for SUP yoga includes a yoga-specific paddleboard, a paddle, and a personal flotation device (PFD). You may also want a leash that attaches to your ankle and board to prevent it from floating away if you fall off.

Are there specific brands that specialise in yoga paddle boards?

Yes, there are several brands that specialise in yoga paddle boards. These include BIC Sport, YOLO Board, Red Paddle Co, and Starboard SUP. Remember, the best board for you will depend on factors such as your budget, size, and skill level.

Is SUP yoga safe?

Yes, SUP yoga is generally safe if you follow proper safety measures. This includes wearing a personal flotation device, using a leash, and practising in calm, shallow waters, especially as a beginner. It’s always advisable to take a lesson or two before heading out on your own.

Can I teach myself SUP yoga, or should I take a class?

While it is possible to teach yourself SUP yoga, it’s recommended to take at least a few classes to understand the basics, especially concerning safety. A certified SUP yoga instructor can guide you through proper techniques, assist with your alignment, and provide tips on how to recover if you fall into the water.

Conclusion: should I start with paddle board yoga?

Of course! This is such a stupid question (sorry). Do you like practicing yoga? Do you prefer doing that in a sweaty, stinky gym or being on the water in some of the most beautiful places nature has to offer? With fresh oxygen, a calm wind and in a relaxing environment. Do I need to say more?

Buying a Yoga board will not only help you be outside more often. If you purchase one of the boards I recommend, it can also be used to go out paddling with your loved ones or your pet. Less time in the house, less time on the couch and more time working out (in a fun way) and spending time with people you care about.

Now it’s time to stop hesitating, throw away your mobile phone or iPad from which you are reading this article and get going!








I see you’re still on this page. GO! 😎

Thanks for reading this entire page. Since English is not my native tongue and Yoga is not something I practice a lot, any additions to this article are extremely welcome. See any mistakes or want to add something? Please add a comment below. THANKS SO MUCH!

I might earn a small commission when you make a purchase through my link, so that I can keep my site running and pay the hosting bill. Read my affiliate policy to learn more.
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  1. It’s great that they are finally making boards without the annoying handle in the middle. I love paddle board yoga and I exercise multiple times a week as I live close to a lake. I could recommend this to everyone!!

  2. You’ve missed two of at least three options by Cruiser:
    Explorer Classic Woody 10’6 Striped Grey Pad, 27 lbs, US$1,000
    2021 Cruiser SUP-Yoga-Mat 10’6”, 24 lbs (carry capacity is 230), US$1,300
    The inner Yoga Mat is a softer, brushed EVA. The entire top of the board has full deck pad for grip and traction outside the Yoga Mat area.

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