Red River Gorge Kayaking: Explore This Hidden Gem!

Are you getting ready for your next outdoor kayaking trip with the whole family? If you are visiting Kentucky or are already there, a must-see attraction is the Red River Gorge, which has been designated as a National Geological Area by the US Forest Service. The Daniel Boone National Forest’s Red River Gorge is a scenic area.Β  Let’s talk more about the Red River Gorge Kayaking adventure!

They are well-known for outdoor activities that take watersports and activities to the next level, such as kayaking, fishing, climbing, and hiking! If you’re still looking for the best place to go kayaking, the Red River Gorge should be on your list!

This area has unique but beautiful scenery that is well worth a visit! Kayaking through the Red River Gorge would be an exciting and memorable adventure!

Why You Should Go Kayaking Red River Gorge?

Kayaking on the Red river gorge
Red River Gorge Kayaking
  • A one-of-a-kind adventure awaits you! 
  • Kayaking in the Red River Gorge is a thrilling and exciting experience! 
  • High cliffs, rock shelters, waterfalls, caves, and natural bridges can be found here. 
  • Discover one of the World’s Best Rock Climbing Areas. 
  • There are numerous places to visit and have fun!

The Red River Gorge offers two types of Kayaking

  • Kayak Down The Red River
  • Cave Kayaking on The Red River Gorge

Top Spots To Go Red River Gorge Kayaking

Red River Gorge Kayaking
Red River Gorge Kayaking

Double Arch, Star Gap Arch, Arch of Triumph

This is ideal for those who want to paddle with their children! It has moderate water rapid, as well as gentle slopes and a gravel road that stretches for nearly six miles. This is ideal for newbies!

The Indian Staircase and Arch

If you want more adventure in your kayaking trip, the Indian stair is a difficult trail that is not recommended for solo kayaking! If you decide to go kayaking in the area, it is only a three-and-a-half-mile stretch with a steep trek, and the views will astound you when you reach the top!

Broad Dogs Drowning Hole

The name may not be appealing, but once you arrive at the Dogs Drowning Hole, experienced kayakers will appreciate the location and the unpredictable currents that kayakers will undoubtedly enjoy! This is one of the best attractions to visit while kayaking through the Red River Gorge.

The Narrows of Red

This is where the Class III rapids begin, and if you’re looking for extreme adventure and fun while kayaking in the Red River Gorge, this is the place to be. You must dodge boulders and navigate your kayak through rapids to reach the endpoint, which is a stunning pool that will undoubtedly be the highlight.

Tips Before Going Red River Gorge Kayaking

  • The Difficulty Grading Should Be Considered While Kayaking on the Red River Gorge. There are sections of the gorge that are rated intermediate to advanced (Class III). This current should only be attempted by experienced kayakers. 
  • If you’re new to kayaking, avoid going to dangerous sections that could result in an accident. You must stick to the safe zones with a guide. The Gorge’s mid and lower sections are ideal for beginners and families.
  • Winter and spring are the best seasons for kayaking in the Red River Gorge. The water level in this area varies. Rainfall is also average, which means that kayaking at this time is safe in terms of water level.
Red River Gorge Kayaking: Explore This Hidden Gem! 1
Red River Gorge Kayaking

What You Should Wear When Red River Gorge Kayaking

  • A base layer that is lightweight, breathable, and snug fitting. 
  • To stay dry, you should wear a dry suit or a water-resistant mid-layer. 
  • The outer layer is waterproof. 
  • Wear a life vest regardless of how advanced Paddler you are!

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The Top Attractions in the Red River Gorge That You Shouldn’t Miss!

Red River Gorge Kayaking: Explore This Hidden Gem! 2

Kentucky Reptile Zoo

There are more than 70 different reptiles on display at the Kentucky Reptile Zoo! Kids will have a great time exploring this area. You’ll be able to walk to the Tropics Building, North America Building, Giants Building, Covered Cobra Deck, Aquatics, and Alligator Pond. There are tours available to give you a good tour of every section of the place.

Cable’s Riding Stable

This is a fun activity for adults and children alike! This is enjoyable for people of all ages, and you will be able to ride these magnificent horses! A fantastic way for everyone to unwind and have fun! This Stable is close to Natural Bridge State Park, which is about 10 miles away. There is a guide for a one-hour tour. 

Red River Gorge Zipline

Are you not afraid of heights? Since you’re already in the area, you should try the Red River Gorge Zipline! Take part in extreme activities and overcome your fear of heights with this enjoyable activity! This is the main attraction of the Red River Gorges and should not be missed! At 55 MPH, you will be guided for 2-3 hours across 5 separate zippiness that is 300 m above! You will be able to walk across the four stunning and unique canopy bridges as you explore the area.

Natural Bridge State Park

This would provide you with the opportunity to experience a magnificent natural scenery environment! A wonderful place to find peace, relax, and meditate! You must explore the natural arches and the rugged sandstone cliff lines of Red River Gorge! The 65-foot-tall and 78-foot-long natural sandstone arch in Kentucky is one of the most iconic. This attraction will astound you and is also Instagram-worthy!

Red River Gorge Geological Area

This is a lovely area within the Daniel Boone National Forest. This area is well-known for its abundance of natural stoner arches as well as the unusual but stunning rock formations with sandstone cliffs. The US Forest Service has designated this area as a national geological area.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Red River Gorge Kayaking

Is it worthwhile to visit the Red River Gorge in Kentucky?Β 

Yes! This location is well-known for its scenic and natural views, and it is well worth a visit! If you enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking, climbing, fishing, and camping, this area has a lot to offer! Every year, over 750,000 visitors, mostly outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, visit this area!

Are we allowed to go Red River Gorge Kayaking?

The New River Gorge is well-known for its scenery and natural views! Kayaking is one of the most popular activities among visitors to the area. This location allows for both flatwater and whitewater kayaking! Kayaking on The Red River Gorge is not to be missed; there is so much beautiful scenery to explore that you will be amazed!

When is the best time to do Red River Gorge Kayaking?

You can visit Red River Gorge in the summer and fall, but if you want to make the most of your kayaking experience, the best time to go is in the

Is it safe to kayak through the Red River Gorge?Β 

Kayaking is possible with risk not only in the Red River Gorge but also in general. It is always important to stay safe in kayaking, no matter how experienced you are! To avoid accidents, make sure to follow all of the rules when visiting a specific area. You must have the necessary equipment and clothing with you in case of an emergency. If the current is strong, do not paddle as well, especially if you are a beginner!

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As humans, we tend to go to places that feed our minds, heart, and soul! We enjoy the beauty of nature and what it has to offer. If you enjoy outdoor activities, the Red River Gorge should be on your bucket list!

Kayaking on the Red River Gorge is a must-do when visiting the area because you will be able to appreciate the beautiful views while on the water! You can also visit beautiful caves, natural stone formations, high cliffs, waterfalls, and much more!

Breathing in the beauty and sound or silence of the beautiful sights is a natural stress reliever!

In the meantime, I’d love to connect with you on my Facebook, and Instagram accounts for more cool tips and recommendations on paddle boards and kayaks.

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