What to wear to SUP Yoga – Comfortable and Stylish

SUP (stand up paddle) boarding has been becoming extremely popular the past years. With the summer approaching quickly, what would be a better way to get into shape than joining a SUP yoga class?

Since I am always here for you, I couldn’t let you go to your first class unprepared (even though I am not exactly a Yoga fanatic). And what’s everyone’s first question? But of course
What do I wear to a SUP yoga class”.

Do not worry! Read on to find out everything you need in order to have an excellent start at your SUP yoga class. Before I get into specifics make sure you check here for the best Yoga SUP boards out there.

What to wear to SUP Yoga – Comfortable and Stylish 1

So what do you need for SUP Yoga:

1. Your faithful swimsuit

That’s an easy one. Everybody owns at least one (or if you are like me, multiple ones, often with pink flamingos) swimsuit. You have a multitude of choices here. From a one piece to a bikini, everything is suitable, as long as you feel comfortable in it. Boys have it easier since just swimming shorts will do great.

TIP: If you prefer bandeau type ones, make sure to get the ones with straps that tie behind the neck for that extra safety (we don’t want any embarrassing accidents).

What to wear to SUP Yoga – Comfortable and Stylish 2
1. GEEK LIGHTING women’s 2 piece 2. TBMPOY Men’s Swim Trunks Quick Dry

2. Or a trendy rash shirt/guard

If you’ve never done watersports before you might be wondering what this is. It is quite simple, a t-shirt made from nylon or spandex used mostly for water activities. It will protect you from rashes and that sneaky sunburn. Here you have multiple choices.

  • Short sleeve
  • Long sleeve
  • Sleeveless
  • Rash shirts with full or half zippers
What to wear to SUP Yoga – Comfortable and Stylish 3
1. ATTRACO Women’s Zip Front Long Sleeve Rash Guard 2. CharmLeaks Women’s Short Sleeve Rashguard

3. Or you can just use your normal Yoga Clothes

You do not need specific apparel to start your SUP yoga training. If you can use your yoga clothes in a hot yoga session, why not use them on your paddle board too?

TIP: Wearing clothes made from wicking material, that don’t get heavy when wet, is the ideal choice in case you have an accidental closer contact with the water while practicing.

What to wear to SUP Yoga – Comfortable and Stylish 4
1. CRZ YOGA women’s wirefree high neck 2. Jala Women’s SUP Yoga Leggings, Tropic Thunder

4. Last but not least: water-resistant shoes

Your trusted old flip flops are a good option only if you want to drop your board from a dock. In case you want to carry your board into the water then I suggest a pair of water sandals or aqua socks. Thanks to their non-skid soles you can even wear them during your SUP Yoga class. Otherwise you can easily store them on your SUP board.

What to wear to SUP Yoga – Comfortable and Stylish 5
1. Teva Women’s Sport Sandal 2. HMIYA Water Shoes

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5. Miscellaneous

  • Sunglasses. Check these out. Yep, not a joke, these are unsinkable sunglasses, so you’ll never have to worry about losing them in the water.
  • Sunscreen. Even if you wear the Rash shirt, you’ll still have body parts exposed. Do not forget to protect your skin!
  • Restube. For that extra safety feel. Let’s not kid ourselves, wearing a life jacket while practicing SUP yoga is far from comfortable. Restube provides you with the safety of a life jacket minus the restrictions. You just attach it to your waist and if necessary, pull the trigger to inflate.
  • A water bottle. Because hydration, hydration, hydration!
  • A SUP anchor. One of the most popular SUP yoga accessories. Even in calm waters tides will move you around.
  • Check my guide for best accessories for more great items for paddle boarding

TIP: Bring a towel and a change of clothes just in case you take a splash!

What to wear to SUP Yoga – Comfortable and Stylish 6
1.DARUNAXY Collapsible Foldable Water Bottle 2. Restube classic

Conclusion What to wear to SUP Yoga

What to wear to SUP Yoga – Comfortable and Stylish 7

You don’t really need extra things to start practising SUP yoga. Grab your swimsuit, your paddle board of course and your best attitude and you are ready to go.

If you think I forgot something essential to make a Yoga class more comfortable or more fun, leave a message below! I am always looking for new ideas! Make sure to join me on Facebook and Instagram and share your best yoga poses!

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