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iRocker All Around 10″: A Fantastic Option For First-Time Paddlers

iRocker has always been a fantastic SUP company that produces high-quality, long-lasting boards! They are well-known for having the best SUP boards and have won numerous awards for it. There’s no doubt about it because they offer a variety of boards to suit your preferences and requirements! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll undoubtedly find a board that will impress you! This SUP company is unquestionably the most value for money!

The iRocker All Around 10′ iSUP is a popular choice among many! This board appealed to my girlfriend because of the color combination it provides. Women of all ages, especially the younger ones, will undoubtedly agree with me on this. Although there are fewer color options than the iRocker Cruiser, it still has unique features that many paddlers will appreciate.

What does the iRocker All Around 10′ offer paddlers, given that it is a high-quality and durable board? In varying water conditions, this paddle board is best for lighter paddlers. It’s a fast board that’s great for light surfing and rivers. This iRocker All Around is ideal for Solo Paddling when compared to other boards. Looking for a board that is both maneuverable and capable of touring? You might find that the ‘All Around 10’ is the best option for you! But first, let’s get intimately familiar with this board and what it has to offer!


  • It’s ideal for lighter beginner and intermediate paddleboarders
  • Weight capacity is satisfactory (370lbs)
  • Although it is very light, it still feels great in the water.
  • The board has a lot of features (20 D-rings, four action mounts, etc.)
  • The iSUP has a three-layer composite PVC construction that makes it extremely durable.
  • Sporty, maneuverable board
  • NEW roller backpack with a lot of compartments
  • The front and rear cargo areas are both well sized
  • Removable Saftey Handles for Children
  • You can accessorize in the same color scheme
  • It follows the track well


  • There are fewer color options than with the 11′ All Around
  • The carry handle cover is made of neoprene and is not removable
  • heavier compared to other All-Around Boards

iRocker All Around 10 1

The iRocker All-Around is most suitable for:

The iRocker All Around 10 paddleboard comes in a variety of pastel color options that make it stand out! Unfortunately, this SUP board is not for everyone because it only caters to short and light paddlers, but it does provide you with a versatile paddleboard.

The iRocker All Around 10′ paddleboard performs admirably in both flatwater and challenging environments such as small surf and choppy bays. The iRocker All Around 10 is stable enough to use for SUP fishing and fitness, but the iRocker Cruiser, in my opinion, is better for that. The iRocker cruiser is more stable, and you can do a lot with it.

However, what sets this paddleboard apart from the competition is its maneuverability, which is far superior to the iRocker Cruiser, Blackfin Model XL, and Model X! This paddleboard, in comparison to others, is better suited for solo paddling and is also recommended for beginners. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a passenger on this paddleboard; in fact, you can bring your child or pet on this paddleboard because it has safety handles for them to grab.

The iROCKER All Around 10′ is designed for riders under 5’9″ who enjoy paddling alone. A larger board, such as the 11′ All-Around, is recommended for taller riders and those who want to take an extra passenger. You can rest assured that this iRocker All-Around board will keep you on track!

24 lbs
rider weight
Max Rider Weight
370 lbs
air pressure
Max Air Pressure
15-18 PSI
colour options
Board type

iRocker All Around 10 2

Primary use
All Around/Surfing

iRocker All Around 10 3

Speed on the water
The iRocker All Around 10′ Paddleboard is not the fastest in the iRocker line of paddleboards. If you’re looking for speed, this isn’t the paddleboard for you. The iRocker All Around 10′, on the other hand, glides nicely, tracks well, and is a lot of fun to paddle when compared to other paddleboards. You’ll be blown away by how maneuverable this paddleboard is!

iRocker All Around 10 4

The iRocker All Around 10′ has side and top carry handles, making it easier to carry in and out of the water, as well as transport it. They’ve also updated their backpack and included wheels! If you want to backpack it, the cushioned straps are also comfortable. As a result, you will not face any difficulties in terms of transportation. Carry it without trouble!

iRocker All Around 10 5

The maximum weight capacity of the iRocker All Around 10′ is 370 pounds. Although not as stable as the iRocker Cruiser, this paddleboard is still very stable and performs admirably due to its width and construction. If you’re looking for a more stable paddleboard, I still recommend the iRocker Cruiser.


My own experience

Because of its appealing color combination, the iRocker All Around 10′ will immediately catch your attention. A pastel-like color scheme that is extremely refreshing to look at, especially if it is already in the water! As previously stated. Solo riders will benefit the most from this paddleboard.

The iRocker logo grip pattern on the comfortable deck pad is easy on both hands and feet. A carry handle is also visible in the middle of the board, which is covered with a neoprene cover. However, I wish it could be removed because sitting with it and stepping on it is uncomfortable..

They switched to a lighter triple-layer PVC composite construction for this paddleboard, resulting in a paddleboard that is both durable and stable. This board will provide you with an excellent grip that is comfortable in your hands and feet at the top of the board. Thanks to the grippy EVA deck pad, your paddling experience will be more convenient.

The iRocker All Around 10′ has a D-ring on the nose for tethering the SUP to a dock and a grab handle for maneuvering the board in the water. To attach your kayak seat and shoulder carrying strap, there are 20 stainless steel D-rings. This can also be used to keep your SUP cooler secure if you have one. It also has a large 6-point bungee cord storage area, which is ideal for storing your dry bag and other items you’ll bring.


Because it has safety handles for kids at the front and rear cargo areas on the nose of the board, kids will be able to ride this paddleboard. This will provide your children with a secure and safe grip. This handle can also be removed if a paddler finds it unnecessary. This feature is not available on all SUP boards, which is why iRocker has this advantage.

The iRocker All Around 10′ Board includes 4 action mounts for attaching your camera, fishing rods, a waterproof speaker, and other accessories. Two more mounts are integrated into the front bungee area, as well as mini mounts near the paddleboard’s tail.

The iRocker All Around 10′ is equipped with three fins. Because of the convenient toolless lever-lock system that is now standard on all iRocker SUPs, the Fins can be easily placed on the board. Because the fins are removable, rolling up your paddleboard will be a breeze, and it will be much easier to transport, pack, and store.

At the same time, the iRocker All Around 10′ has improved its SUP board accessories, making it a good investment. They’ve included essential accessories to ensure you have the best possible time on the water. The leash, paddle, triple action pump, and upgraded backpack with wheels are all included in the package. Below, I’ll go over the accessories and some optional extras that you might want to consider. The iRocker All Around 10′ board is backed by a three-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

iRocker All-Around 11′ ReviewiRocker All Around 10iRocker All-Around Ultra 10′
ProductiRocker All-Around 11′ ReviewiRocker All Around 10iRocker All-Around Ultra 10′
SkillBeginner / AdvancedBeginner/AdvancedBeginner
Price £339.99 $699.99

Important features

iRocker All Around 10 6


  • A grippy EVA deck pad covers the top of the board which gives you a good grip.
  • What you can attach to your SUP board is limitless. The 20 D-rings are made of stainless steel and are strategically placed along the board’s rails to secure a cooler, a kayak sit kit, or a shoulder-carrying strap.
  • The paddle is now made of a tough carbon blend shaft. iRocker reduced weight by using carbon and glass fiber. Tracking and gliding on the board are aided by thrust and lift.
  • The three carrying handles on the board, located in the front, middle, and back, are extremely useful. They are necessary for quickly transporting your SUP board from the ground to the water.
  • The four action mounts on the front and back of the board will appeal to anglers and adventure seekers alike. GoPro cameras, fishing rods, Bluetooth speakers – you name it, the built-in mounts are likely to accommodate it.
  • The removable 2+1 fin set. A tool-free setup provided by the snaplock system, you can also use just the main for increased speed and maneuverability.
iRocker All Around 10 7

The fins on the iRocker All Around 10′ are removable and have a 2+1 fin setup. Because of the snaplock system, it is simple to put together. If you want to increase the paddleboard’s speed and maneuverability, you can stick to the main Fin. In comparison to other boards, the iRocker All Around 10′ is simple to maneuver.

iRocker All Around 10 8

The iRocker All Around 10′ paddleboard is constructed of military-grade Triple Layer Composite PVC with drop stitch technology. Even beginners can use this paddleboard because it performs well in all water conditions. Because of the high-quality materials used, you can rest assured that this paddleboard will provide you with the durability that you require.

iRocker All Around 10 9

Inflate / deflate
A maximum of 15-18 psi should be used to inflate this paddleboard. It would take you 7-10 minutes to inflate this paddleboard. It has a 24″ triple action double chamber hand pump with an integrated pressure gauge, which is faster and more stylish than the previous iRocker SUP pump.

Even though they have an updated pump, I would still recommend an electric SUP pump to make your paddling more convenient without expending too much energy inflating it.

iRocker All Around 10 10

The iRocker All Around, like all other iRocker SUP boards, comes with a three-year warranty and a 90-day guarantee. With all of the accessories included, this paddleboard is also a great value for money. Some SUP companies offer a shorter warranty and include fewer accessories with their paddleboards.

iRocker All Around 10 11

This paddleboard is certainly appealing and eye-catching! With three color choices and fantastic color combinations. Compared to the iRocker Cruiser, the iRocker All Around 10′ has fewer color options than other iRocker paddleboards.

However, it is not just about that; it is also about the paddleboard’s performance. If you’re looking for a paddleboard that’s easy to maneuver, this iRocker All Around is the paddleboard for you!

If you want better value for your money I recommend the Goosehill Sailor over the iRocker All-Around 10′. I was blown away after testing it!


In the package


The iRocker All Around 10′ comes with a three-piece paddle with a carbon-matter shaft and nylon blade floats. It only weighs 28.8 oz and can be adjusted from 72″ to 86″ in length. This paddleboard can be broken down to 35″. What I liked about their updated paddle is that it floats when connected with foam inserted into each paddle piece. It’s not the best paddle, but it’ll do the job for beginners.



In comparison to the previous version, the iRocker All Around 10′ has a triple-action double chamber pump that is more convenient. At a maximum pressure of 15 -18 psi, the paddleboard inflates faster. The time it takes to inflate this SUP will vary depending on how you pump. I’ve inflated it to 7 minutes in my experience. If you don’t want to deal with any hassle, I recommend an electric SUP pump.

iRocker All Around 10 12


A high-quality coil leash is included with the iRocker All Around 10′ Board. This is simple to install in your SUP and ensures that it does not float away if you get caught in the waves. You can rest assured that this leash will be comfortable to wear and will feel as if you are not wearing any at all.

To make it more sturdy and durable, it is made of high-quality materials. The iRocker All Around 10′ paddleboard will not tangle or get caught around your feet in the water. It has a swivel function to reduce drag. Their leash also has a key holder or small key pocket built into the ankle strap.

iRocker Leash


The new version of the backpack has wheels! This is a fantastic upgrade by iRocker that makes it easier to carry and transport. You won’t have to worry about it when you use it as a backpack because the straps are cushioned, making it comfortable to carry. I liked that the updated backpack has a lot of compartments where you can store your items in addition to your paddleboard accessories.


Optional Accessories

Electric SUP Pump

An electric SUP pump is faster than the hand pump that came with your paddleboard. This is highly recommended because it does not require a great deal of effort, time, or energy! An electric SUP pump can also help you deflate your paddleboard faster while also allowing it to be packed up extremely compactly after your paddle is out on the water. Purchase a high-quality electric SUP pump.

River Fin System

The iRocker All Around 10′ paddleboard performs admirably in all types of water. With that said, I recommend purchasing a river Fin if you want to take your paddleboarding experience to the next level! The small flexible fins will protect your fin boxes and board during river surfing and downriver paddling.

Kayak Conversion Kit

The iRocker cruiserAll Around Board is also a great fishing paddleboard, you might want to add a kayak conversion kit to make your paddling experience more comfortable and enjoyable, especially if you’re with a passenger. You can be sure that the iRocker will work with your paddleboard because it comes with a kayak conversion kit.

Cellphone Holder

If you want to take your board with you, the iRocker Cellphone holder is a good option. The iRocker also has a cellphone holder that can hold phones vertically up to 7″ tall or sideways up to 3.5 wide and adjusts the angle of the phone with a ball joint. It has a screw adaptor to attach to the action mount and adjusts the angle of the phone with a ball joint.

Waterproof Speaker

This is an excellent addition to your paddleboarding adventure. Who doesn’t enjoy listening to music while floating? A waterproof speaker will lift your spirits and keep you in the groove!

Hard or Soft SUP Cooler

When you’re out on the water, this is also a great addition. A SUP Cooler that fits easily under your paddleboard’s bungees and doesn’t take up too much space. Your drinks will stay cold for hours if you use this method.

Other optional accessories (not included)

Restube Classic

Restube classic
Because extra safety measures never hurt anyone!


Electric SUP pump
For those who don’t want the exercise before getting on the board.

Difference between an Inflatable board and a Hard board

Advantages Inflatable board

  • Easy to take on holiday (even on the plane)
  • Easy to store in the winter days
  • Much cheaper
  • Technology has improved greatly over the past 10 years. For this reason, these boards are now almost hard to distinguish from hard boards

Advantages Hardboard

  • More speed, which is important if you are a professional
  • Easier to make sharp turns on the water because the board is thinner
  • No inflation needed, you can get on the water right away

Other reviews of the iRocker All Around 10′ Paddle Board online

divein.com: “If you happen to be 5’10 tall and weigh less than 370 pounds, we don’t see why this iRocker All Around 10’ SUP board isn’t a great deal for you. Mix into the deal the 3-year warranty and the 60-day return policy, and you don’t have anything to lose. Whilst we can’t say enough good things about this board, you have to decide for yourself what SUP board meets your requirements the best!”

supboardguide.com: “We like the iRocker All Around 10’. It’s great for lighter paddlers with less gear and equipment. It also works well as a more agile platform, and it is the most inexpensive and lightest of the iRocker 2022 lineup. Again this works well for those without the size, or budget, to throw around a larger board. It still comes with all the great iRocker accessories in the bag, not to mention the bag itself, and it’s very well made.”

inflateableboarder.com: “The iROCKER ALL AROUND 10′ inflatable SUP is a fantastic board for short and light paddlers who want a versatile, action mount loaded, well-built board at a very reasonable price. So if you’re shopping for a 10 foot all-around SUP that won’t break the bank, the iROCKER ALL AROUND 10′ is a Top Pick.”

boardersguide.com: “This would be a great fit for a smaller rider who is either just starting or is looking for a solid all-around board fit for someone of their size. One of the best uses we can see for this board would be for kids because of the high weight capacity compared to its size. Being able to hold 370 pounds on a 10-foot inflatable board is incredible, so they could easily bring along a friend or two plus the dog!”

iRocker All-Around Orange

Frequently Asked Questions about the iRocker All Around 10′ Paddle Board

Is the iRocker All around paddleboard suitable for beginner paddlers?

Yes! Because it comes with so many accessories, you’ve saved money. Buying each accessory separately would be more expensive. And it’s well worth the money because it’s a high-quality paddleboard that will last for years if properly cared for.

What does the iRocker All Around 10″ come with?

It comes with the Board itself, backpack, Triple Action Pump, paddle, coil leash, Fins, and the Repair Kit

What’s the recommended inflation pressure for the iRocker All Around 10″?

The recommended Max Air pressure for iRocker All-Around is 15-18 PSI

How much time does it take to inflate the iRocker All Around 10″?

I was able to inflate the board for 7-10 minutes depending on how I pumped.

What is the size of the iRocker All Around 10″ paddleboard?

Length: 10′ Width: 32″ Thickness: 32″

What is the maximum carrying capacity of the iRocker All Around 10″?

Max Rider Weight: 370 lbs

What is the weight of the iRocker All Around 10″?

Weight: 24 lbs

How many fins does the iRocker All Around 10″ have?

Three fins are included with the iRocker All-Around. With a convenient toolless lever-lock system, it’s simple to install.

How many D-rings does the iRocker All Around 10″ have?

It has 20 stainless steel D-rings.

How long is the warranty on the iRocker All Around 10″ paddleboard?

The iRocker All Around is covered with a 3-year warranty with 90 days guarantee.

Does the iRocker All Around 10″ have an action-camera mount?


How many handles does the iRocker All Around 10″ have?

It has 3 carrying safety handles

Conclusion – Should I buy this board?

To sum up, the iRocker All-Around 10′ paddleboard is a good board, but it is not for everyone. This board is better suited to lighter or shorter riders who enjoy paddling on the water. In terms of construction, it is a high-quality board with a variety of appealing colors to choose from. It has a comfortable deck pad, handles to make carrying easier, and numerous D-rings to which you can attach additional accessories if desired! I’m always impressed by how iRocker has improved their accessories, making them more valuable once you purchase one of their paddleboards.

However, I believe that this iRocker All-around is best suited for children or smaller riders who are just getting started with paddling. Incredibly, a 10-foot inflatable board can hold 370 pounds, so they could easily bring a friend or two along with the dog! However, in terms of the features and performance it provides in the water, I still strongly recommend this board. It’s an impressive board because it can do a variety of activities in various water conditions. If you have a child who wants to learn to paddle, I recommend this iRocker All-Around Paddleboard.

If you already own an iRocker All-Around SUP, I’d be curious to hear about your experience and how it went. And for those who are still undecided about which paddleboard to buy, I would advise you to consider not only the performance or design but also whether the paddleboard is suitable for you. If you have any other questions about this paddleboard that I haven’t addressed, please leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer them. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with our latest posts! We’d be delighted to share our ideas with you! And, as I always say, Happy SUPing to Everyone!

Review written by: Tom

Hi! My name is Tom. During the year I try to be on a paddle board as much as possible. By reading this blog you'll stay updated on everything I test on the water :)

Questions? Ask me anything.
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Product iRocker All-Around 11′ Review iRocker All Around 10 iRocker All-Around Ultra 10′
Build Inflatable Inflatable Inflatable
Skill Beginner / Advanced Beginner/Advanced Beginner
Price £339.99 $699.99
Score 9.6 8.2 7.8


24 lbs
rider weight
Max Rider Weight
370 lbs
air pressure
Max Air Pressure
15-18 PSI
colour options
Board type

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Review written by: Tom

Hi! My name is Tom. During the year I try to be on a paddle board as much as possible. By reading this blog you'll stay updated on everything I test on the water :)