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  • Build: Inflatable
  • Skill: Beginner / Advanced
  • Our score: 8.6 | Read our conclusion
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The Fanatic Fly Air: Popular and reliable, but missing gear

The Fanatic Fly Air is an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board of very high quality and one of the best inflatables money can buy. This board is expensive for beginners, but it offers maximum performance so you can enjoy the sport straight away from the start.

I will tell you more about this board, the properties, the different sizes and their advantages and when you should or should not purchase this board.


  • Stiffer and faster than other all-round inflatable boards
  • Suitable for both quiet and slightly wilder water
  • Large diamond grooving footpad for extra grip


  • Quite expensive, a big investment for beginners for a board without a paddle
  • The recommended user weight is not very high, taking a second person is not possible on any of these boards
  • SUP leash is not included

Most suitable for:

The Fanatic Fly Air performs very well on the water and it is easy to build up some speed. This board is only suitable for optimal performance for one person, this board is not suitable for taking along another person as the weight limit is quite low for all three sizes. Also you need a slightly bigger budget, as you will be spending a bit over $600 on a Fanatic Fly Air.

If you do not own a paddle or leash yet you need to purchase these separately, as they are not included in the package that comes with these boards.

Fanatic Fly Air Review 1

Primary use
All Round / Relaxing / Touring / Yoga (though the 9’8″ is not great for Yoga due to the small platform)

Fanatic Fly Air Review 2

Speed on the water
The board has quite a nice speed. It is very light and thinner than other inflatables, so you can build up extra speed.

Fanatic Fly Air Review 3

This board weighs around 8 kg, depending on the size as you can see on the chart up here. This is very light so it is very easy to put in the supplied backpack and transport it.

Fanatic Fly Air Review 4

The board is 32/33/34″ wide and 9’8″/10’4″/10’8″ long. The big diamond grooving is good for your grip, but on the smaller board it is harder to stay stable.

Paddling on Fanatic Fly Air

My own experience

Before I started testing this board I was very excited about getting to try this out. This is supposed to be one of the best inflatables available at the market, but at the same time I was very curious if it could justify the higher prices that are attached to these boards that do not include a paddle.

When I finally got to use the board it surely surpassed my expectations. The quality of this inflatable is indeed unmatched by others, and compared to cheaper brands like Aqua Marina this offers a whole new experience.

Since I only had 2 days to try these out I got on the water right away. The 9’8″ was most difficult, as I am close to the weight limit and it is a small board. Unlike other boards the weight limit doesn’t need an extra margin to be taken into account. So it did not bend through and worked perfectly. I mostly enjoyed this smallest board for catching waves and a more surfing-like approach.

Maybe I’m not a super pro, but to me it did not feel like a lot of difference between the 10’4″ and 10’8″ boards. Sure there is a bit more stability and a longer glide, but it did not completely change my paddling experience. Either of these sizes will do, if you want some more stability you can go for the 10’8″ instead of the 10’4″.

Downside is that for the 10’8″ the maximum weight capacity is still only 105 kg, so taking a second person is out of the question. As a beginner I did like to share my experience and joy with other, so this is a bit of a downside to this board for me.

Besides that I would never have paid this kind of money to try out a sport I would like to try for the first time. I feel as if this is great as a follow-up board for people that want to get more out of their inflatable Stand Up Paddle experience, but for most people this is just too pricey to purchase as a first board.

Important features

Fanatic Fly Air Review 5


  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Integrated deck net to attach luggage
  • Fanatic Power Pump HP2 for fast inflation
  • Diamond grooving footpad for the ultimate grip and comfort
  • High quality towing eyelets
  • Removable tool-free fin
Fanatic Fly Air Review 6

One removable tool-free fin in the center of the board.

Fanatic Fly Air Review 7

The Drop-Stitch Light technology for lightweight but a very durable and stiff board.

Fanatic Fly Air Review 8

Inflate / deflate
SUP is inflated in nearly 7 mins with the supplied pump

Fanatic Fly Air Review 9

A 2 year warranty that covers all workmanship and materials. It does not apply to the included accessories. 

Fanatic Fly Air Review 10

Cool and stylish design that is very appealing to the eye.

Included in the package


Officially this board does not include a paddle at all, but at some retailers a paddle is supplied anyway to make your paddle board set complete. Most common is the inclusion of the Fanatic Pure 3-piece Paddle, shown below.

Fanatic Fly Air Review 11
Fanatic paddle
Fanatic paddle specs


A nicely designed and high quality backpack to easily carry along your (lightweight) Fanatic Fly Air. The size fits the board, with the 9’8″ you receive an M sized backpack, with the 10’4″ and 10’8″ you receive an L sized backpack.

Fanatic Fly Air Review 12

High-pressure pump

The Fanatic Power Pump HP2 is of high quality and gets the job done quickly with double action inflating. One of the best pumps available, I have also included this in the Best SUP pumps of 2020 article.

Fanatic SUP pump

Optional accessories (not included)

Restube Classic

Restube Classic
An absolute must to go out on the water, do not forget to purchase one if you do not own one yet!

Nalanda Electric SUP Pump

Electric SUP pump
For those who don’t want the exercise before getting on the board.

Difference between an Inflatable board and a Hard board

Advantages Inflatable board

  • Easy to take on holiday (even on the plane)
  • Easy to store in the winter days
  • Much cheaper
  • Technology has improved greatly over the past 10 years. For this reason, these boards are now almost hard to distinguish from hard boards

Advantage Hardboard

  • More speed, which is important if you are a professional
  • Easier to make sharp turns on the water because the board is thinner
  • No inflation needed, you can get on the water right away

Other Fanatic Fly Air Reviews online

The Fanatic Fly Air is a very popular Stand Up Paddle Board and has thus been reviewed by many different websites online.

A short overview of these reviews below: “A premium board from one of the best global brands, it’s simply a very polished product you’ll be happy with for years to come. Well recommended by our testers. “ “The 2019 Fanatic Fly Air 10’4″ inflatable paddle board is exceeding good value. At just $899 Fanatic provides a high quality single-skin-with-stringer SUP that really feels and performs like a premium board.

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About The Fanatic Fly SUP

What materials are Fanatic Fly SUP boards made of?

Fanatic Fly SUP boards are typically made from a durable and lightweight composite that consists of a foam core, epoxy resin, and layers of fiberglass. Some models may also feature a layer of carbon fiber for added strength and rigidity.

Are Fanatic Fly SUP boards suitable for beginners?

Yes, Fanatic Fly SUP boards are designed to be beginner-friendly, offering a stable and easy ride. They also provide good maneuverability and speed for more advanced riders.

How do I care for and maintain my Fanatic Fly SUP board?

Regular maintenance of your SUP board involves rinsing it with fresh water after every use, avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, and storing it in a cool, dry place. It’s also recommended to regularly check for any dings or cracks and repair them as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Can I use a Fanatic Fly SUP board for surfing?

Some models of Fanatic Fly SUP boards are designed to be versatile enough for flatwater paddling and small wave surfing. However, they may not perform as well as specialized surf SUPs in larger or more powerful waves.

What accessories come with a Fanatic Fly SUP board?

Typically, a Fanatic Fly SUP board will come with a fin system. However, additional accessories like a leash, paddle, or board bag might need to be purchased separately.

How should I transport my Fanatic Fly SUP board?

Transporting your Fanatic Fly SUP board can be done using a suitable roof rack and straps for your vehicle. Always ensure the board is securely fastened to avoid any damage during transit.

Conclusion – Should you buy this SUP?

The Fanatic Fly Air SUP is mostly perfect if you are already Stand Up Paddle Boarding for a couple of years and want to upgrade to a higher quality board. As a starter board is a bit pricey and you cannot even take your friends along for a trip on this board.

Especially because the board officially does not include a paddle or leash either it is not suitable for beginners. If you are getting this as your first board, look at offers that do include a paddle so you can get started right away.

I would recommend this for taking the next step or if you have a big budget to spend for your first Stand Up Paddle Board and you want to get the highest quality possible right away. If you first want to try out paddle boarding go for a cheaper model, so you do not have a $600 board just lying around if you decide this sport is not for you.

Review written by: Tom

Hi! My name is Tom. During the year I try to be on a paddle board as much as possible. By reading this blog you'll stay updated on everything I test on the water :)

Questions? Ask me anything.
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10 responses to “Fanatic Fly Air Review”

  1. Hi Tom, Did u pump up the board yourself with a Fanatic pump. Did u notice that u r pumping into a CLOSED valve which is really hard? Also, the pump only reads the pressure for a split second (due to the closed valve). In my opinion (and also several other people that I asked) this is caused by the unusual “fill adapter” that Fanatic uses on the fill hose. Do u know of any fix for this? (Like an adapter for the adapter?) LOL
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Bill,
      Yes, you see this problem with a lot of brands. Whenever you stop pumping, the air goes back into the pump so that it seems that pressure reduces in the SUP. Crazy.

      Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for this. After paddle boarding for many years, I know when the SUP is on 15-20 PSI (more or less) 😃

  2. Hi Tom,
    I really appreciate the review of the Fanatic Fly Air Pure boards.

    Two questions come to my mind:

    1. What is the recommended PSI for these?

    2. Being a single layer board how rigid/stiff is it? I am wandering if I would be better off with a stiff board from a smaller (cheaper) brand?


    • Hi Martin,

      Thanks! I’m happy that you like my review!

      The recommended PSI for the Fanatic Fly Air boards is 15 PSI, but if you feel it is not rigid enough for you it is possible to inflate it up to 20 PSI.

      Fanatic boards are very stiff, the brand is known for the good quality and if you like Fanatic it will surely be worth the purchase.
      But I do believe you can get boards that perform just as well, or even better, for the same money. The Bluefin Cruise would be a good example of this.
      It offers a thicker board, a 2 in 1 fiberglass paddle and a kayak seat, where Fanatic only has an aluminum paddle in the package.

      So in total I would say you would be better off with a Bluefin Cruise that even costs a bit less than the Fanatic Fly Air, hence the scores.

      Hope you can make a choice and find the right board for you!


      • Thanks Tom. In Europe where I live the price is the same for both, however Fanatic includes a 3-piece composite paddle “Pure” which seem bettter than the aluminum one.


  3. Ciao Tom, complimenti per la tua professionalità. Mi piace andare in giro con il sup e anche prendere qualche onda (surf). Sono alto 185 cm x 75 kg. sono indeciso tra Fanatic Fly Air Pure 10.8 e Fanatic Viper Air Pure 11 che qui in Italia ho trovato a prezzi buoni e con dotazione completa.
    Mi puoi spiegare differenze tra i due modelli? So che non farò windsurf con il Viper Air , solo andare in giro e prendere qualche onda. Cosa mi consigli? grazie. Victor

  4. Hi Tom.

    Would you say the fanatic fly air is a better board than the bluefin cruise? Which would you recommend? I know the bluefin cruise comes wiyh more accessories, but which board would you say was better quality?! Would you rate the bluefin cruise as highly as the fanatic fly air? Also, what are your thoughts on the bluefin cruise carbon. Is it worth the extra money? Thank you for your help. Sarah

    • Hi Sarah,

      I think the Bluefin Cruise 10’8″ and the Fanatic Fly Air 10’8″ are pretty similar boards. In the end I would pick the Bluefin Cruise because of the more complete package in this case.
      The Bluefin Cruise Carbon is worth the extra money, especially the paddle is a good upgrade. However, if you are going out alone the Bluefin Cruise Carbon is a very heavy board to carry around in your backpack. If you go by car this is fine, but on my bicycle this is very inconvenient. So it depends on your wishes and transport possibilities. All these boards are of good quality though and you can be sure to have a great time on the water!


  5. After reading your review on the fanatic 10/8 I am so pleased I bought it although strong winds have stopped me using it hopefully next weekend. Just on thing I am looking at a wing instead of a windsurf sail would it work with my board even though it only has on fin ? Thanks john

  6. I agree with most of your comments except quality. . I have two Fanatic paddleboard. Both are now just over two years, regularly used and very well looked after. Washed down after use, dried down and stored inflated in a cool dry place out of direct light.
    Both have developed slow leaks at the side seam overlaps. Fanatic don’t want to know as they are out of guarantee period. Several other Fanatic owners in my club have experienced the same issues. Guess it’s like reading new car reviews, buying one and then finding out what they are like after a period of time. As it stands your review will lead other future purchasers into buy a product that is poorly manufactured and potentially dangerous due to poor seam construction.

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Review written by: Tom

Hi! My name is Tom. During the year I try to be on a paddle board as much as possible. By reading this blog you'll stay updated on everything I test on the water :)