OutdoorMaster Shark II Electric SUP Pump Review

The OutdoorMaster Shark has a great performance with quick inflation and deflation

Today I’m talking about the OutdoorMaster Shark, my favorite electric SUP pump, and for a good reason. I will tell you what is so great about the OutdoorMaster Shark (besides the obvious design), tell you about the difference between this model and the Bluefin Electric SUP Pump (which I was testing at the same time) and I will let you know where you can purchase this model for the lowest price.

The OutdoorMaster Shark once started as a crowd-funded project on IndieGogo, but since then it has become very popular and is sold in many places. This review is about the OutdoorMaster Shark II.

The difference between the OutdoorMaster Shark I and II is a design update and the implementation of their frost active cooling system, which allows this electric pump to be used for 30 minutes in a row. As it takes about 10 minutes to inflate a board, you can inflate 3 boards in a row without having to take a break in between. A marvelous update for families and groups.

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The OutdoorMaster Shark II with the different valves

I took the OutdoorMaster Shark electric SUP pump out for a day on the water, together with the Bluefin Aura Fit as you will see on the pictures. I was very interested in seeing the performance of both the OutdoorMaster and the Bluefin Electric Pump, as these are two of the most popular electric SUP pumps on the market.

Before this I have used the Decathlon electric SUP pump, but to be honest I did not enjoy using it a lot. Electric SUP pumps generally make a lot of noise and only work near your car, so you still have to carry it from your car to the beach. Maybe this depends on the country, but in the Netherlands the parking usually is nowhere near the water itself.

I’d rather spend my time on the beach instead of standing next to my car for 10 minutes waiting for a board to inflate, but then again I am a bit impatient when it comes to these things. So can the OutdoorMaster Shark or the Bluefin Electric SUP Pump convince me to switch to an electric pump? We’ll see!

As said you have to be in the proximity of a car for this, the cable is about 3 meters long

Let us start with the specs of the pump. What does it contain and what can it do?

OutdoorMaster Shark II Specs

Maximum pressure20 PSI
Weight3.6 lbs / 1.63 kg
Size (L x W x H)11.9″ x 9.45″ x 4.84″ / 30.23 cm x 24 cm x 12.29 cm
Voltage12 V
Stage 1350L/min (Maximum speed)
Stage 270L/min (Maximum pressure)
NozzlesC7, H3, Round 17 mm, Cone 7.3 mm
Cord length 9 ft (2.75 m)
Max. usage time30 minutes (continuously)
Warranty1 year

So as you can see the OutdoorMaster Shark offers quite a lot for an electric SUP pump. 20 PSI makes sure that you have a good and stable SUP board, which usually requires about 15 PSI. As said I have taken the pump to inflate the Bluefin Aura Fit, which I have inflated up to 18 PSI.

In my video review below you can see exactly how the Shark II works and how quickly it inflates any board I attach it to. This is a comparison video between my favorite SUP pumps, so you’re in for a treat!

My BIG SUP Pump test!

In the first stage, the pump inflates with 350 liters of air per minute to get the board inflated as quick as possible. In the second stage, the board is already inflated but needs to be pushed to the right air pressure. As this takes more power, the pump goes to using 70 liters of air per minute to get this remaining part done. (Spoiler: The second stage is noisy!)

Below you can see a video of the OutdoorMaster Shark II in action, inflating the Bluefin Aura Fit SUP Board to 18 PSI. As you can see it takes about 10 minutes to fully inflate the board to the desired pressure and you can hear the noise you can expect from the pump while it is working.

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The really smooth American commercial of the OutdoorMaster Shark

My own experience with the OutdoorMaster Shark Pump

So I have taken the OutdoorMaster Shark Pump out to the lake on a sunny day (it is a hot summer here!). I have unpacked the SUP board, the pump, and the accessories needed. Attaching the 12 V connector to the car is of course a piece of cake 🍰, as was attaching the nozzle to the valve of the SUP board.

You just turn on the pump, select the exact PSI (or bar if you wish so) on the digital screen and the OutdoorMaster Shark is ready to go. It is possible to set it by every 0.5 PSI to accurately inflate your inflatable paddleboard to the desired pressure. You do not have to be afraid that it will overinflate your board, as the pump will automatically switch off when the desired pressure is reached.

The pump is very accurate in measuring the pressure, where other pumps usually are a bit off on this. OutdoorMaster claims it is even accurate up to 0.01 PSI, which is hard for me to verify as I do not have the professional equipment with me to do this, but it seems very close at least.

As seen in the video the inflation took about 10 minutes, time I could spend sending emails and taking pictures around, or of course time you could spend together talking. If you inflate 3 boards in a row you will be next to your car for 30 minutes, so you might want to take some drinks if it is a hot day!

Easy to control with the four buttons and the digital screen

So the OutdoorMaster Shark has an on/off button, a button to switch between the pressure in PSI and bar and a + and a – button to increase the pressure by 0.5 PSI or decrease it by 0.5 PSI. If you need more explanation on how the buttons work, you should probably not be touching electric devices in the first place 🀣.

The deflation option on the OutdoorMaster Shark is also very convenient, as getting the air out of your paddle board manually by rolling it up takes some time and effort and I would rather relax a bit after my paddling adventures.

A small downside of the deflating option is that it does not automatically switch off, it keeps sucking the air out of the board endlessly. When you see it is empty enough to roll up the board and stow it away just switch of the pump and move on with packing your stuff.

Deflation of the board with the deflation nozzle of the OutdoorMaster is logically a lot quicker than the 10 minutes of inflation time. Deflating the Bluefin Aura Fit board took me 3.5 minutes, which is faster than I would do it. On the other hand I can inflate this board manually in 5 minutes, so an electric SUP pump cannot beat me at everything πŸ’ͺ🏻.

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OutdoorMaster Shark vs the Bluefin Electric Pump

OutdoorMaster Shark vs Bluefin Electric Pump

As said I will also compare the OutdoorMaster Shark to the Bluefin Electric Pump. They are in the same price range (with the OutdoorMaster being a bit more expensive) and both offer to inflate your board quickly. As you can see on the pictures above, the OutdoorMaster Shark is a lot bigger than the Bluefin Electric Pump, almost twice the size.

So which of the two pumps is better? The short answer: the OutdoorMaster Shark. They both offer a lot of similar functions, like the digital pressure meter, the automatic shut off at the correct pressure, 12 V car adapter and an easy connection to the SUP board.

But the main thing you want from an electric pump is quick inflation. The OutdoorMaster shark took 10 minutes to inflate the board to 18 PSI, the Bluefin Electric Pump took 14 minutes to inflate the very same board to 16 PSI. So it took 40% more time to inflate the same board to a lower pressure, which is too much and makes the OutdoorMaster win this comparison easily.

The Shark eats the Bluefin for breakfast

Another difference is that the OutdoorMaster Shark can inflate a board up to 20 PSI, where 16 PSI is the absolute maximum for the Bluefin Electric Pump. The OutdoorMaster of course has the very handy deflation option, that the Bluefin Electric Pump is not equipped with.

Also the Bluefin Pump does not have all the nozzles that the OutdoorMaster Shark comes with, so for instance an inflatable air mattress would not be possible to inflate with the Bluefin version. Last but not least the Bluefin Pump got pretty hot after using it on one board and it made a lot more noise than the OutdoorMaster Shark.

Picture of the Nozzles from OutdoorMaster (I cannot make a picture that explains it this clear as you will see later)

The only advantages of the Bluefin Electric Pump are the smaller size, easier carrying and the lighted display. (For all those times I go paddle boarding in the dark…). If you want an electric SUP pump that does what it should and as quickly as possible, always go for the OutdoorMaster Shark!

So I think the conclusion of the comparison between these two pumps is very clear, the OutdoorMaster Shark wins it by miles. To be fair it isn’t even really a contest, these pumps are in completely different leagues.

Here you see the OutdoorMaster Shark after deflating the board (or before inflating, you choose πŸ˜‰)

Who should buy the OutdoorMaster Shark?

The OutdoorMaster Shark is suitable for everyone who wants to go out with an inflatable paddle board and does so by car. Remember: this electric pump does not work on a battery but only with a direct connection to the car, so if you are going by bicycle or maybe through public transport a manual pump will be the only option for you.

But it doesn’t matter if you want to inflate one paddle board or up to three, because of the built in cooling system the pump can keep inflating all three boards without having to pause in between. So no matter if you go alone or in a group, this electric SUP pump is meant for you.

You will however have to be willing to stay near the car for the duration of the inflation (I’m a poet!) and carry the inflated board(s) to the beach. Here in the Netherlands car parking are usually far from the beach, so it is not the most convenient thing to do.

On the other hand it makes a lot of noise inflating a board, which would be disturbing to people on the beach, so I’d rather do this a bit further away to not take away their relaxing time near the water. Sometimes you have to think a bit about other people too you know πŸ˜‡

Check out my article about paddle board wheels or paddle board carriers for easier transportation

But as you have read at the start of this article and in my best electric SUP pump guide I am not the biggest fan of electric pumps and I love the manual work out. This is very personal though and I will not judge you for not wanting the extra exercise before you get out on the water πŸ˜‰.

And this is what it looks like when I am done inflating the Bluefin Aura Fit board with the OutdoorMaster Shark

If you are incapable of inflating the board manually this is also a perfect solution. Paddle boarding is one of the most accessible sports in the world, which almost everyone is able to do. When you have physical issues which cause you not to be able to inflate the board, this does not mean you cannot go out on the paddle board when you have an electric pump ready.

As for the deflation option goes I love it! I’d rather carry the board back to the car and quickly deflate it there than to put it down in the sand and roll it up while getting it all full of sand again. Always dry your board well and makes sure there is no sand left though to prevent damage to the board and/or electric pump. Though I must add that the OutdoorMaster Shark does have protective sand filters to prevent this damage in the first place.

Read more about this in my article about paddle board maintenance

OutdoorMaster Shark II Discount Code

If you are looking for a great deal on the OutdoorMaster Shark II I have a great discount code for you, which will give you a 30% discount on your purchase! Everyone wants to have the best electric SUP pump for as little money as possible, so I will help you with this.

Use the code TOM30 and you will get a 20% discount on your purchase (it seems to work on all items, so grab stuff with a discount while you can πŸ˜‰), which currently makes the pump a total of $144.99. So have some extra drinks and ice cream on the beach instead of paying more for your electric SUP pump!

The OutdoorMaster Shark crawling around in its natural habitat

Frequently Asked Questions about the OutdoorMaster Shark

Can I inflate my car tires with the OutdoorMaster Shark?

No you can not. The OutdoorMaster Shark inflated up to about 1.4 BAR, the average car tire needs about 2.5 BAR

Which nozzles come with the OutdoorMaster Shark?

The different nozzles are the C7, H3, Round 17 mm and Cone 7.3 mm nozzle

What is the maximum PSI of the OutdoorMaster Shark?

The OutdoorMaster Shark can inflate up to 20 PSI

Does the OutdoorMaster Shark have a deflation option?

Yes, the OutdoorMaster Shark can also deflate

What is the power cord length of the OutdoorMaster Shark?

The power cord has a length of 9 ft (2.75 m)

How many stages of inflation does the OutdoorMaster Shark have?

Two stages. First stage 350L/min (Maximum speed), second stage 70/min (Maximum pressure)

The nozzles with the OutdoorMaster Shark (am I the only one who thinks “nozzle” is a hilarious word?)

Conclusion OutdoorMaster Shark Electric SUP Pump

The OutdoorMaster Shark Electric SUP Pump is without a doubt the best electric SUP pump on the market. It inflates and deflates quickly, is fairly easy to carry with you (like you need to carry it further than 3 meters from your car anyway πŸ˜‰) and can inflatable multiple paddle boards in a row. What more could you even want from an electric SUP pump.

Because you just set the PSI to the right pressure and wait for it to finish, you can spend your time having a beer (unless you’re the driver of course), browsing your phone or discussing where and what you are going to do on your paddle board. Preferably do this last thing when you’re with other people, I sometimes do this on my own and get some strange looks πŸ˜….

As said multiple times I love the deflation option and it quickly makes the board empty enough to roll it up and shove it back into the backpack after I have cleaned it with a towel. If you are on the look for an electric SUP pump you do not have to look any further, as the OutdoorMaster Shark is the very best on the market and will do everything you need.

Besides your inflatable paddle board it has enough nozzles included for other inflatable items, such as pools, beds, air mattresses and inflatable islands. So whatever you need to get inflated, the OutdoorMaster Shark will help you out. A great idea for camping mattresses also, but that is probably why they are named OutdoorMaster in the first place.

It is a great investment for anyone who goes out often with an inflatable paddle board by car. The price is not so budget-friendly, but then again I have seen manual pumps that are more expensive than the Shark and do not offer as much as this handy device does. So if you want to get going on your paddle board without the work out of a manual pump, this is the best choice for you!

➑️ Don’t forget to use the code TOM30 to get a 20% discount on your order right now ⬅️

Do you have an OutdoorMaster Shark or a different electric SUP pump at home you use to inflate your paddleboard? What is your experience, are you satisfied with it or do you prefer a manual pump? Let me know in the comments so we can inflate this article a bit (such a bad pun Tom…).

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