MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak

MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak Kanaloa Review

The MOAI brand originated in the Netherlands and was designed in Holland. The company was inspired by the Polynesians who invented the sport of paddle boarding. The company’s goal was to create watersports equipment with great design and quality, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced paddler.

Throughout the years, the MOAI has innovated and developed products in product design, engineering, and performance! This business has been expanding and will continue to innovate. Allow me to get to know some of their kayaks, specifically the MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak! Will this have a positive impact on all paddlers out there? Will this be the best inflatable kayak?

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (14)
MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak

In this article, you will learn about the MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak, including its pros and cons, suitability for you, and why it is a good board! We will also include the complete package elements as well as the board specifications. Finally, at the end of this inflatable kayak review, I will provide my conclusion.

This Kayak Is Most Suitable For

Adventurous Kayakers (Beginner or Advanced Paddler)


  • Excellent Design 
  • It features drop stitch technology in three chambers. 
  • The MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak glides effortlessly. 
  • The kayak is stable. 
  • Wheeled bag for convenience 
  • The Pump has a deflate function
  • Has Carry Handles


  • It’s difficult to get ready to sail properly. 
  • The water remains in the kayak. 
  • It cannot be lifted on its own. 
  • One large bag with no wheels.
MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (9)
MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak

Specifications of The MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak

Length: 360 cm
Width: 72 cm
Weight: 21 kg
Max Rider Weight: 1 person
Skill: Beginner / Advanced

What Makes This MOAI Inflatable 1- Person Kayak Stand Out

This MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak has a fantastic design that is very appealing to the eye! Drop stitch technology is used in three chambers to ensure the kayak’s durability. This kayak also glides effortlessly, making it easy to navigate out on the water.

In calm lakes and even rough waters, the Kanaloa is giving a great performance! Ideal for both novice and advanced paddlers. The kayak’s stability is excellent, and because it is a wheeled bag, it is easy to transport.

Because the pump included in the package has a deflate function, packing up after kayaking will be easier for you as well.

MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak 2

Primary use
Kayaking in Calm and Rough Waters

MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak 3

Speed on the water
You sit close to the water, giving the impression that you could easily topple over. Paddling is very relaxed, and the pointed points on the front and back allow you to move quickly. Despite the presence of a fin under the kayak, turning it works well.

MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak 4

Because the bag has wheels, transporting this MOAI inflatable 1 Person kayak was simple. You can easily bring it with you to your kayaking destination.

It will not complicate your paddling experience. While on the water, the kayak also has a carrying handle, but you cannot carry it on your own. You will require the assistance of another person.

MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak 5

The kayak is extremely stable, allowing you to relax and paddle smoothly through the water. However, after testing, I noticed that quite a bit of water had gotten into the kayak, which I couldn’t get out through the drain holes. I tried turning the kayak upside down to see if it worked, but it didn’t.

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (11)
MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak

My Personal Experience

Looking at the box, we can tell it’s the Moai brand. On the side, it says what’s inside and the dimensions of the kayak. The pump, paddle, and kayak are all wrapped in plastic, and the kayak is packed in paper. The included accessories are comfortable.

It has all of the necessary equipment to get started kayaking, which makes me very happy! Unfortunately, the kayak manual was missing, but this was quickly resolved by sending an email to Moai. I received the manual via email within two days.

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (22)

The first impression is excellent! The kayak has three distinct chambers that can be inflated independently. The kayak has a nice appearance and many extra features, such as the ability to adjust the seat to your liking.

You can also adjust the footrest to ensure that your feet rest at the proper distance in the kayak. You can store items under the canvas in the front and back, but you can also attach items to the canvas using the bungee cord. 

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (1)

The kayak has handles on both the front and back, allowing two people to lift it. Additional attachment ropes on the side complete the watersports look that you sometimes like to see. There are two caps inside the kayak that you can open to drain the water.

What is immediately noticeable here is that there is a raised edge, preventing the water from draining completely.

A slide-in fin attachment is located beneath the kayak. I discovered that you cannot lay the kayak down on the fin once it is under the kayak. As a result, you must either place the kayak upside down or on two wooden crates, for example.

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (16)

I took the kayak out onto the water after getting ready. It is still difficult to do this alone because there is no handle in the middle. Furthermore, lifting the kayak from the side is difficult. So it’s a one-person kayak that needs to be lifted by two people.

If you notice that the edge of the kayak is quite high, a solution could be to use a slightly higher seat. Despite the paddle having small anti-splash rings on it, you get quite wet in the kayak while kayaking. On my legs, I use a towel. It doesn’t matter in the summer, but it can be nice to keep your legs dry in the winter. You can then put on dry pants (or a dry suit).

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (14)

The plastic seat mounting clips broke off during the second round of testing. A nice alternative would be steel stainless steel clips. The kayak fits awkwardly into the bag after deflating and folding. Finding the right folding should be practiced. Unfortunately, the manual does not specify the best way to fold it. The MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak has a 3 years warranty.

Important Features

MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak 6


  • Kanaloa tube kayaks are constructed with high-quality materials. 
  • Drop stitch technology in three distinct chambers allows for simple inflation. 
  • Both the front and back have carrying handles. 
  • Two caps inside the kayak to drain the water easily 
  • Fin attachment beneath the kayak
  • Has a deflate function.
MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak 7

The MOAI one-person inflatable kayak has a slide-in fin that can be attached beneath the kayak. You cannot lay the kayak down on the fin once it is under the kayak. As a result, you must either place the kayak upside down or on two wooden crates, for example.

MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak 8

The MOAI uses drop-stitch technology and High-quality materials are used in the kayak to ensure durability on the water, whether you’re paddling in calm or rough water.

MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak 9

Inflate / deflate
The separate chambers are not that large, so the kayak is quickly pressurized after inflating. To avoid skewing the kayak, I alternate chambers while inflating.

Because of the two hard points on the front and back, the kayak appears nice and tight after inflation. This gives it the appearance of a kayak. It should be inflated to a pressure of 18 PSI.

The pump has a deflate function, which makes it easier to wind down after a long and enjoyable day of paddling.

MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak 10

The MOAI inflatable 1-person kayak has a three-year warranty and you can easily contact their customer service to address your concerns as per my experience.

MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak 11

The new kayak released in 2022 has an excellent design, which I am very pleased with! I liked the color and how simple it was. When out on the water, it’s also very beautiful to look at. This kayak is also only intended for one person.

In The Package

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (15)


While unpacking the kayak, it was covered in paper, along with some other accessories. There was no damage and it was very well-packed.

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (13)

Kayak Seat

The kayak seat has two zippers so the seat is also foldable, the seat can be attached to the kayak with four clips.

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (10)


The included footrest is made of soft foam, so you can lean against it while wearing bare feet.

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (3)


The pump is a convenient double-action pump with both an inflate and deflate function.

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (4)

Four-Piece Paddle

The paddle is a four-piece kayak paddle that can be assembled in three ways. You can assemble the paddle completely straight or slightly rotate the paddle blade to create an angle for a familiar kayak paddling motion.

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (21)

Bag with wheels

The bag that comes with it is spacious and has extremely useful wheels. After unpacking, everything just fits in the bag; there are no extra compartments to store accessories.

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (8)


The kayak comes with a slide-in fin that can be attached under the kayak and keeps it on course.

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (7)

Repair Kit

The repair kit includes extra spare parts, a valve screwdriver, and, most importantly, glue.

MOAI-Inflatable-1-Person-Kayak (12)

FAQ MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak

Is the MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak beginner-friendly?

Yes! This one-person inflatable kayak is ideal for beginners and those seeking adventure in both calm and rough water.

What is the size of theΒ  MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak?

Length: 360 cm Width: 72 cm

What is included when purchasing the MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak?

When you purchase this, you will get a Kayak, Kayak seat, Footrest, Pump, Four-piece paddle, Bag with wheels, Fin for under the kayak, and Repair kit.

How long is the warranty on the MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak?

You will have 3 years warranty on this inflatable kayak.

How many handles does the MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak have?

The kayak has two handles, one at the back and one at the front. The lack of a handle in the middle of the kayak may aid paddlers in getting in and out of the water. I’m hoping they’ll include this feature in their next product release.

What pressure can the MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak be inflated to?

Inflate this kayak to 18 PSI.

How long does it take to inflate the MOAI Inflatable 1-person kayak?

Because it has two chambers, inflating this kayak was simple, and it only took me 5 minutes to inflate it to 18 PSI.

Is the kayak bag equipped with wheels?

Yes! This inflatable kayak bag has wheels, which will make traveling easier for you!

Conclusion MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak

This post has come to an end, and I hope that this Inflatable kayak review has provided you with some useful information. Is it the best inflatable kayak, in my opinion? This would provide excellent performance in the water for a one-person kayak.

The MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak is ideal for both novice and advanced paddlers. When launched out on the water, beginners will appreciate the stability. It comes with all of the necessary accessories, but some things could be better, such as the kayak seat, which was broken when I tested it, and their wheeled bag, which would be even better if it had compartments for storing kayaking accessories.

MOAI kayaks have a lot of room for improvement, and I believe they will release even better kayaks in the future. I’m hoping they’ve read my inflatable kayak review. Based on its performance and design, the price is excellent, and I’m very pleased with it! I would strongly recommend this kayak to those who are just starting out paddling and want to hone their skills.

Do you already own this MOAI Inflatable 1-Person Kayak? Tell us about your experience and how it went in the comments section below! 

If you want to stay up to date on our latest posts and more inflatable kayak reviews, follow us on Instagram and Facebook! We also make announcements there about available coupons for your next purchase as well as inflatable kayaks for sale.

However, I hope this post has been helpful to you, and if you have any further questions about this MOAI Inflatable kayak for 1 person, please leave them in the comment section below. Have a wonderful day and happy paddling!

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