The 3 Best Giant Paddle Boards To Have Fun With Everyone

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Isle Megalodon

This huge board offers fun for everyone and comes with 2 paddles and 2 SUP pumps included.
Isle Megalodon
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Bluefin Mammoth

This 18' x 60" board can carry up to 8-10 people and at a very competitive price!
Bluefin Mammoth
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Red Paddle Ride XL

This large paddle board is of the high Red Paddle quality you're used to, but also comes at a large price.
Red Paddle Ride XL

Because why have fun on your own when you can share it on a giant paddle board?

Sometimes I have these days where I just want to go out on the water alone, to calm down and be away from the busy city and the office. This is mostly after work hours during the week, which is more like meditating than actually paddle boarding on some occasions.

But in the weekend I mostly love to have my friends and loved ones around me and to go out on the water together. Of course you could all go paddle boarding on your own board together in a group, but what is more fun than one giant paddle board to all climb on together?

Admitted, performance wise you shouldn’t buy it to pick up high speeds or for large tours, but for fun and amusement these boards are just the best! Of course it often ends with big brawls, especially when we’re with a group of guys, just to see who will be the last man standing on the paddle board.

Of course we all take good care of each other and nobody really gets hurt, this is all in good fun and makes it a great day on the water for everyone involved.

Are you interested in one of these giant paddle boards? Check out my guide below on which giant paddle boards are best and what size paddle board you need to take as many people as possible.

Aqua Marina Mega Family SUP Group Action
The Aqua Marina Mega, popular in Europe but it seems unavailable in the USA

There are quite a lot of Stand Up Paddle Boards that can offer fun for two people or two people with a child, like the Bluefin Rogue, the MOAI 12’4″ and the Aqua Marina Super Trip. But for fun with more people than that you need bigger paddle boards, for which I will show you my favorite large paddle boards right below.

The 3 best giant paddle boards for multiple persons

1. Bluefin Mammoth 18′

The Bluefin Mammoth is one of the best giant paddle boards you will find with an amazing size of 18′ x 60″ and a maximum capacity of 1433 lbs / 650 kg you can take up to 10 people, depending on the size and weight.

It is made from extra thick PVC and has a thickness of 8″ to make sure the board will not bend through easily, but be sure to spread the weight over the board. The board is delivered in a package with a high pressure pump and a backpack as shown above, although you might want to carry this 59.5 lbs / 27 kg board together.

Bluefin mammoth
Enjoying a picnic on the lake with my friend on the Mammoth

With 13 comfortable carrying handles you will surely be able to carry the board to the water together and back out. The track pad on the board is also huge, so you can be sure that everyone has a good stability on this giant paddle board.

The board has five rear fins to make sure you can keep good control and direction over the board, at least when you manage to paddle at the same time and in the same direction of course ;-).

Bluefin mammoth
The Bluefin Mammoth and its magnificence – Making me look like tiny Tom

Like all Bluefin boards the Bluefin Mammoth board has a 5 year warranty, so you do not have to be afraid of poor quality or the board breaking soon. This giant paddle board will ensure a lot of fun for you and all your friends, so give it a try!

2. Isle Megalodon 15β€²

The Isle Megalodon is smaller than the Bluefin Mammoth, but is also a very sturdy platform that can carry many people. See the picture on the above challenge that Isle had, with 13 people on this giant paddle board! Of course your feet get wet and you are packed tightly, but it shows how much this board can really take.

Because of the smaller size of the Isle Megalodon it is also usable by two persons, which would be more difficult with the Bluefin Mammoth. The official weight capacity of the Isle Megalodon is 1.050 lbs / 476 kg and it has a size of 15′ x 56″ and also a thickness of 8″.

Picture by Isle SUP

The great thing about this giant paddle board is that it includes 2 pumps and 2 paddles in the package, which makes it a great package. Other big paddle boards do not includes paddles, as they expect the users to already have their own paddles.

However, this large paddle board does not include a carrying bag, which is highly inconvenient for a paddle board this size and a weight of 50 lbs / 22.7 kg. So keep into account that you will have to spend an extra $115 (currently) for the bag to actually be able to carry this paddle board.

There are twelve carrying handles on the Isle Megalodon so you can carry this board all together. The board also has 5 rear fins to maintain direction when paddling around as a group.

The Isle Megalodon also has a bungee cord for luggage on the front, which comes in handy because with a lot of people usually comes with a lot of luggage.

Another downside I have to mention is that Isle only offers 1 year of warranty, which I feel is a bit short. It used to be 2 years in the past, but they lowered this in a way to reduce costs on returns.

The current price of the Isle Megalodon 15′ is $1.295, which is a decent price for a board this big with good quality and 2 paddles included.

3. Red Paddle Ride XL 17′

The Red Paddle Ride XL offers a very high quality Stand Up Paddle Board, but I do not put it high on the list as the price is of course incredibly high too for this Red Paddle board. Currently the price is $3.299, which is quite out of the comfort zone of what I am willing to pay for a paddle board.

Of course this does not include any paddles, but it does include a pump. A backpack is not included either to carry the board that weighs 64.02 lbs / 29.1 kg. But hey, what can you really expect for a board that costs over 3k right? πŸ™„

Also I have seen some offers of merchants that set up a package themselves, where this board does include 6 paddles. In case you really want to purchase the Red Paddle Ride XL and you do not have any paddles yet, be sure to search for these kind of offers.

Red Paddle is awfully vague about the maximum weight limit, it just indicates that there is a maximum of 8 persons on the board. Just like the previous boards this giant paddle boards is 8″ thick, the size of the Red Paddle Ride XL is 17′ x 60″. I can only assume the carrying capacity is about the same as the Bluefin Mammoth, which is more than three times less expensive.

The positive thing is that you know Red Paddle always offers the highest quality and this board also comes with a 5 year warranty to ensure you of that.

Frequently Asked Questions about giant paddle boards

What is the best giant paddle board of 2024?

The Bluefin Mammoth 18′

What is the size of the Bluefin Mammoth?

The Bluefin Mammoth has a size of 18′ x 60″ x 8″

What is the size of the Isle Megalodon 15′?

The Isle Megalodon 15′ has a size of 15′ x 56″ x 8″

What is the size of the Red Paddle Ride XL?

The Red Paddle Ride XL has a size of 17′ x 60″ x 8″

What is the maximum carrying capacity of the Bluefin Mammoth?

The Bluefin Mammoth has a maximum carrying capacity of 1433 lbs / 650 kg

What is the maximum carrying capacity of the Isle Megalodon 15′?

The Isle Megalodon 15′ has a maximum carrying capacity of 1.050 lbs / 476 kg

What is the maximum carrying capacity of the Red Paddle Ride XL?

The Red Paddle Ride XL has a maximum carrying capacity of about 1433 lbs / 650 kg. Red Paddle themselves only indicate ‘8 persons’.

Isle Megalodon Giant Paddle Board Dogs
The Isle Megalodon is also for all your furry friends! Picture by Isle Facebook

Conclusion Best Giant Paddle Board

I have done a lot of research and reading after these boards. What I notice most is that a lot of these giant paddle boards disappear from the market again rather quickly. For instance the iRocker Big Blue, the Peak Titan, the Mistral Big SUP and so on. There are only a very limited number produced and it doesn’t seem interesting for these companies to keep making them.

None of these boards are currently even available on Amazon, you need to purchase them from specialty stores or even from the brand itself. The Bluefin Mammoth has been the board with the best availability, another reason why I put it in first place.

The Isle Megalodon is currently not available, but it is indicated that this board will return on the market in a matter of weeks. The Red Paddle Ride XL is found in some specialty stores, but it seems every store has a different price and a different package. You will need a lot of comparing these to find a suitable paddle board for multiple persons.

So in conclusion I have chose the Bluefin Mammoth as the best giant paddle board because of the low price and the huge size. It has a warranty of 5 years and offers a giant paddle board with a thick construction to ensure a lot of fun on the water together.

Have you ever tried one of these giant paddle boards? Which model did you try out and how was your experience?

Let me know in the comments if you think it is worth the while to go out on a giant paddle board together or if you think it is better to just stick to separate paddle boards.

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