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Welcome to the Atoll Paddle Board 11′ Review! I was very excited to receive this board and go out on the water with it. I had a great day with this board and I hope you will enjoy reading this review as well.

I will tell you everything about this board, what it is suitable for, which accessories are included and how my experience with it was during this day on the water. Of course you will get some amazing pictures of me on this board, which is why we are all here after all (please don’t take me too serious all the time 🤣).

In short I will just tell you that I enjoyed this board and I had a great time, but my guess is that you could already tell that by the rating of this review.

So let’s get started with a short summary of the Atoll paddle board, the pros and cons and its primary uses.

Here I am with the Atoll Paddle Board just relaxing on a tiny island in a lake


  • High quality lightweight board
  • Upon purchase you get a complete quality package so you do not have to incur extra costs to start
  • Suitable for both quiet and slightly wilder water
  • Extra speed because of the raised nose on the board
  • Possible to attach a SUP seat (not included)


  • No kick pad on the board
  • The side fins are not removable
  • No SUP seat included in the package (Maybe I am just spoiled 😉)
  • Quite heavy to inflate (or I am really out of shape because of the lockdown)
I almost got assaulted on the water! Nearly lost my life trying out this paddle board for you guys! 😜

Most suitable for:

The board is suitable for everyone who wants to paddle through the waters with low resistance and easy paddling. Because of the raised nose you can paddle through the waters easier and you can reach higher speeds than on completely flat boards.

You do not want to catch high waves but you will not be bothered when the water is playful. This board is especially suitable for starters and people who have less than 5 years of SUP experience. The board mainly focuses on sportiness and fun, but because of the shape it offers some more performance and speed than other beginner boards.

LengthWidthThicknessMax weight loadWeight board
11′32″6″400 LBS / 181 kg21 LBS / 9.5 kg

Atoll Paddle Board 11' Review 1

Primary use
All Round / Yoga / Touring / Relaxing

Atoll Paddle Board 11' Review 2

Speed on the water
The board has a nice length and width, with the raised nose allowing you to reach higher speeds than on a flat board.

Atoll Paddle Board 11' Review 3

It is very easy to transport this SUP because it is inflatable and light. Even on your back if you go with a bicycle. The weight of only 21 lbs / 9.5 kg is very easy to carry along.

Atoll Paddle Board 11' Review 4

The board is stable on the water and the weight capacity of 400 lbs is even enough to take a pet or a child along and sometimes even a second person.

Just sitting around on the Atoll Paddle Board pretending I’m a model, like we all do when going out

My own experience

On a sunny day in between all the rain (welcome to The Netherlands – while I am writing this it ) I finally decided to get out for some exercise and the quarantine boredom to try out the 2021 Atoll paddle board. I was already familiar with the brand, but I didn’t try it out yet as these boards are not easy to come by in the Netherlands (yet).

I think the logo looks awesome and the board looks really good, so I was very happy to be able to try out the Atoll paddle board and see what it is like. First of all I must say it includes a very complete package with all the necessary accessories (except for a SUP kayak seat) to get you out on the water and started right away.

The only downside here is the same as with other inflatable boards – too much plastic wrapping material. Please consider the environment and try to reduce this wrapping material to the minimal. The board and accessories are sturdy enough to not need this much protection.

I was just walking outside in my SUP outfit with my camera and drone and found this, what a coincidence!

The board is very stable, the size of 11′ x 32″ x 6″ ensures it is very stable and not wobbly at all. The only time it bends through is when you go sit on it outside of the water on two bars, like I did on the modeling picture. But who is really going to do that?

According to Atoll their paddle board has a weight limit of 400 lbs, but they have even tested it up to 700 lbs. So it can carry a lot without any problem, it even managed to carry my huge body without any problem! (I have lately gotten fat shaming comments here, can you imagine 😂?).

For a board that weighs only 21 lbs / 9.5 kg this is a great performance. I have tested some boards that were a lot heavier that could carry about the same weight. It feels freeing to carry the Atoll board compared to those, a lot easier to reach the water.

Compared to other boards I have tested the raised nose makes a big difference when it comes to the performance and speed of the board. It takes less effort to move forward through the water and reach some higher speeds.

The board feels robust and doesn’t feel like it would break soon because of the sturdy material. What you will notice first is the large deck pad and the 15 D-rings the board has, which allows for a kayak paddle board seat to be attached to the board.

First I sat on the box for 15 minutes, so out of shape from the lockdown I needed to regain energy first 😉

There are 6 D-rings for the extensive bungee cord on the nose of the board, 4 D-rings for the attachment of a paddle board kayak seat, 4 D-rings in the back (likely for an extra bungee cord in case you go camping) and one D-ring on the tail for ankle leash attachment.

The nice thing about this board is that it is really suited to take everywhere with you, on almost all types of water this board will perform well. Because of the raised nose it is easier to ride small waves and choppy waters, as they will not slow you down as much as they would on a plain flat paddle board.

For longer trips or cruises this board is perfect and you can stash away enough stuff in the big bungee cord to stay out for the day. Personally I wouldn’t go out camping with my paddle board, but I can imagine that people who like it would pick this board to do this.

Eventually I even unpacked the board and checked what surprises where in it

Even though I am quite spoiled when it comes to the SUP packages that come with boards, I was still impressed by the high quality of the accessories that were included with the Atoll paddle board. Perfect for everyone who wants to start paddle boarding without having to go out and purchase all these extra accessories separately.

Especially the lightweight fiberglass 3-piece paddle impressed me, it was very light to paddle through the waters compared to some other paddles I have tried out before. Easy to adjust in height and a good grip on top.

Admittedly the dual action pump could have been even better as a dual chamber version, but all in all the accessories in the package are exquisite (I’ve always wanted to use that word) and I would recommend it to everyone purchasing their first paddle board.

The three fins on the Atoll paddle board make it easy to keep a straight course while paddling, with the US fin system it was easy to attach the big fin within a matter of seconds. Be sure to check my pictures of this later in this review.

I am that small dot on your screen right there. Just to show you how beautiful the Dutch nature can be.

Important features

Atoll Paddle Board 11' Review 5


  • Big diamond-grooved EVA foam deck pad that covers the largest part of the board and makes sure you can stand firmly and comfortably.
  • 15 D-rings. 6 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord. 4 More D-ring for kayak seat attachment. 4 extra D-rings for the attachment of an extra bungee cord. 1 D-ring on the tail for ankle leash attachment.
  • Comfortable neoprene handle in the middle and back of the board
  • Honeycomb grooving footpad for ultimate grip and comfort
Atoll Paddle Board 11' Review 6

The Atoll paddle board comes with a removable slide-in center fin and two smaller non-removable fins to the sides of the big fin.

Atoll Paddle Board 11' Review 7

The Atoll paddle board is made out of lightweight drop stitch material and very sturdy but easy to carry. It can carry up to 400 lbs with a board weight of only 21 lbs!

Atoll Paddle Board 11' Review 8

Inflate / deflate
The Atoll paddle board is inflated in nearly 8 minutes with the included double action high pressure pump.

Atoll Paddle Board 11' Review 9

1 year warranty on production errors (not for accessories)

Atoll Paddle Board 11' Review 10

Very stylish and modern design with a nice and practical raised nose. Available in 4 different colors depending on your personal preference.

The complete package of the Atoll paddle board

Included in the Atoll Paddle Board package


The Atoll paddle board includes an amazing black fiberglas 3-piece paddle. This very high quality and lightweight paddle floats and is equipped with a nylon blade. The paddle can be height adjusted so it is always on the right length.

The ergonomic grip on top ensure that you can paddle around the water easily and quick, even with wet hands. Because the paddle can be broken up into 3 pieces it is very easy to pack in the supplied backpack.

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The Atoll Double Action high pressure pump that comes with the package is easy to use and has a nice ergonomic hand grip and foot pads. In 5 to 8 minutes, depending on your pace, you should be able to inflate the board easily. The pressure gauge clearly indicates how hard the board has been inflated.

With a flip of the switch you can go from single action to double action pumping, so you can inflate your Atoll paddle board twice as fast. The pressure gauge is clear and shows you in green which pressure should be used, which is around 14.5 to 15 PSI.

Just like the paddle this easily fits into the backpack to carry it around to the water, so you don’t have to inflate your board beforehand.


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The Atoll paddle board comes with a great and comfortable coiled SUP leash, which you have often seen me praise in other reviews. This is basically the only leash anyone should have. Comfortable padding so it doesn’t hurt your legs, safety mechanism and it only extends when you need it to.

The leash extends up to 10′ when you happen to land in the water. You can be sure your Atoll paddle board will never get away from you and that you will always be able to surface, even in strong currents.



The Atoll backpack is very comfortable (you can clearly see how happy I look in the pictures below wearing it) and so easy to carry with the extra shoulder padding. Of course it also helps that it is such a lightweight board, which makes a lot of difference in the pressure you get on your shoulders in the first place.

Usually I like wheels on my paddle board backpacks, but because the board is so light I can forgive Atoll for not including this. There is a small pocket on the side to take extra things like your phone and keys. The bag is big enough to put extra things in there too if needed.

The extra chest and waist connectors make it even easier to keep the bag in place. If you don’t feel like breaking up your paddle, you can also strap it on the front of the bag so you don’t have to carry it in your hands.


The center fin that is included with the Atoll paddle board is very easy to install with the US fin box, no screwdriver needed! Even though the board already gives you good control of the tracking, this fin improves this even further.

Because of this universal fin box it is also easy to use a different fin, in case you prefer a smaller or bigger fin, depending on the type of water and activity you are engaged in.

Repair kit

The repair kit that comes with the board is concealed in a handy orange floating tube, which can also be used to store other things if needed. The kit includes some PVC patches (although you need to mess up quite badly to damage this sturdy board) and a valve wrench.

Optional accessories (not included)


OutdoorMaster Shark Electric Pump
In case you don’t feel like a workout before getting on your paddle board.


Atoll Kayak Seat
In case you want to sit down and paddle while enjoying the nature around you.

Difference between an Inflatable board and a Hard board

Advantages Inflatable board

  • Easy to take on holiday (even on the plane)
  • Easy to store in the winter days
  • Much cheaper
  • Technology has improved greatly over the past 10 years. For this reason, these boards are now almost hard to distinguish from hard boards

Advantages Hardboard

  • More speed, which is important if you are a professional
  • Easier to make sharp turns on the water because the board is thinner
  • No inflation needed, you can get on the water right away

Sitting on my Atoll paddle board playing with my phone, so it is pretty much like going to the gym now

Other reviews of the Atoll Paddle Board online

The Atoll Paddle Board is a very popular Stand Up Paddle Board and has gathered quite a lot of reviews on the internet.

A short overview of these reviews below: Rating 4.9/5. “Love this SUP! It’s our first and we’ve gotten a lot of use. It does take some time (and muscle) to get it to the recommended 15psi… but a worthwhile sacrifice as it feels stiff and sturdy underfoot. 5 stars!” (Based on 837 reviews) “Great board, very functional and easy to paddle. It glides nicely on calm water and feels great plowing through chop. We’ve had a lot of fun paddling the Atoll 11′ and think it is a really great affordable option, especially for beginner paddlers.” “The Atoll 11 is a consistent performer that doesn’t necessarily stand out in one area, but also doesn’t have any major weaknesses. With solid all-around performance and a reasonable price, it earns our Best High-Performance Buy Award.”

Atoll-Paddle-Board-Return Rating 9.4/10. “The Atoll 11’ inflatable SUP is a good all-around paddleboard option for those who want dynamic performance in a lightweight adventure board. So, if you are new or are experienced in stand up paddleboarding, we definitely recommend the 2020 Atoll 11’ inflatable SUP if you want a high adventure and solid all-around SUP.” “The Atoll 11’ is an exceptional paddleboard—ask anyone who has used it. You cannot go wrong with the Atoll 11’ inflatable iSUP. Get yourself an Atoll 11’ and be the one to write the next positive review.” “We were really impressed with Atoll’s 11′ SUP once again this season and found it to be a lot of fun on the water. We’re also very happy with the upgrades made to their SUP accessory bundle this season and feel that this board is a solid choice for anyone who is in the market for a stable, durable, and fun all-around inflatable SUP.” “All in all, the Atoll 11’ stand up paddleboard is a great choice. It offers a great package as well, which contains everything one needs to get on the water.
The board has great stability and performance, which makes it a popular choice amongst both experienced paddle boarders as well as the people who are new to this sport.”


Conclusion: Should I buy the Atoll paddle board?

The Atoll paddle board is an amazing paddle board that comes in a great package. This paddle board is suitable for all-around use and can be used by anyone that wants to start paddle boarding straight away.

Because of the raised nose you will glide through the water easier than on a regular flat paddle board. Besides that it also allows you to brave some more choppy waters and small waves, so you can use this board on different types of water.

The weight limit is high with 400 lbs, so many people can use this board to go out on the water. As this board has been tested up to 700 lbs according to Atoll, it shouldn’t be a problem to go out with 2 people together on this board.

For people that do not have a board yet it is especially good with the complete package that even includes a very good fiberglass paddle.

All in all the Atoll paddle board is an great board that is surely worth the purchase for anyone looking to start out paddling or even to move up to a more sporty model than the regular flat board for beginners.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Atoll Paddle Board

What is the maximum carrying capacity of the Atoll Paddle Board?

400 lbs / 181 kg

What is the weight of the Atoll Paddle Board?

21 lbs / 9.5 kg

What is the air pressure of the Atoll Paddle Board?

15 PSI

What is the size of the Atoll Paddle Board?

11′ x 32″ x 6″ / 335 x 81 x 15 cm

What is the volume of the Atoll Paddle Board?

238 L

Which paddle does the Atoll Paddle Board include?

A Black Carbon Fiberglass Paddle with Nylon Blade

What kind of pump comes with the Atoll Paddle Board?

The Atoll Dual Action High Pressure hand pump

How many D-rings does the Atoll Paddle Board have?

15 Drings. 6 Drings on the nose attached with a bungee cord. 4 More Dring for kayak seat attachment. 4 extra D-rings for the attachment of an extra bungee cord. 1 Dring on the tail for ankle leash attachment.

What is the warranty on the Atoll Paddle Board?

1 year warranty

How many carry handles does the Atoll Paddle Board have?

2 comfortable neoprene handle in the center and the back of the board

How many fins does the Atoll Paddle Board have?

1 Large detachable central fin and 2 small non-removable fins

What material is the Atoll Paddle Board made of?

Machine laminated dual layer PVC

What do you think about the Atoll Paddle Board and my review about it? Have you tried it out or would you consider purchasing this board after reading my review? Let me know in the comments what you think about this board.

Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and / or Instagram to stay up to date with the latest Stand Up Paddle Boards news.

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Thank you for reading my full Atoll paddle board review! Hope to see you again soon for my next one :-)!
Review written by: Tom

Hi! My name is Tom. During the year I try to be on a paddle board as much as possible. By reading this blog you'll stay updated on everything I test on the water :)

Questions? Ask me anything.
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Review written by: Tom

Hi! My name is Tom. During the year I try to be on a paddle board as much as possible. By reading this blog you'll stay updated on everything I test on the water :)