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Do you like paddleboarding? 🏄‍♂️ 
If you’re into it, this sport will not only put your skill sets and strength to the test but also allow you to explore different paddleboarding locations that are ideal for paddleboarding while taking in the scenery.

Riders usually look for the best locations to practice, especially if they’re interested in it. Not just flaunting their most priceless SUPs, but they also search for the best places to do it! As you know, this water sport is becoming more and more well-liked everywhere, especially in the USA!

Having said that, people in this country have developed a passion for the activity and have discovered the best places to paddleboard. 

Best Paddleboarding Locations in the United States

ESTA apply SUP
Best paddleboarding locations

The Keys in Florida

Paddleboarding locations on the beach? The Florida Keys should be on your bucket list! With 137 square miles of tropical sand, this area is one of the best places to go paddleboarding! Fort Zachary Taylor, Higgs Beach, Smathers Beach, and Big Pine Key are some of the best places to visit with great scenery!

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake tahoe ESTA
Lake Tahoe

Without a doubt, Lake Tahoe is one of the best locations for paddleboarding. This is situated where California and Nevada meet. Every SUP paddler would adore paddling through the lake’s glassy waters with the surrounding mountains in the background! Since Lake Tahoe is one of the world’s biggest and deepest alpine lakes. The El Dorado Beach at Lakeview Commons, Emerald Bay, Meeks Bay, and Sand Harbor State Park are a few of the best places to paddleboard in Lake Tahoe.

Glacier Bay, Alaska

apply for an ESTA glacier Alaska
Alaska Glaciers

Want to go paddleboarding in a cooler environment? Glacier Bay in Alaska would be among the best options! This is a fantastic location to explore and be mesmerized by icebergs while paddling! The sights will make you fall in love, and you can even go fishing or on a grand tour while exploring the hidden gems in this area. Glacier Bay is the best option if you’re looking for a challenging paddleboarding adventure in the cold.

Travel Safely with an ESTA

💡 Quick Note: Want to paddleboard in the United States but are from another country? If you want to visit the country for business or pleasure, you must apply for an ESTA. If you are from a VWP country, you are going to need an ESTA whether you are traveling by plane or another vessel. 

Learn about the requirements to apply for an ESTA, and read all the information before traveling to the United States! You must double-check everything and ensure that you have met all of the requirements because you are going to need an ESTA and this is mandatory.  

This is merely a quick and simple application.

How to Stay Safe While Paddleboarding in the United States

Staying safe on water
  • SUPs should be in good condition.
  • Wear Appropriate Outfit 
  • Bring All Necessary Paddleboarding Accessories
  • Wear a PFD.
  • Bring Your Cell Phone (Wear a Waterproof Fanny Pack)
  • Examine the Weather Forecast
  • Befriend the locals
  • Paddling in a group is more enjoyable!
  • Maintain Your Calm and Paddle Safely!

These are our top three picks for the best paddleboarding destinations in the United States! If you want to travel and experience these incredible paddleboarding locations, apply for an ESTA to guarantee entry into the country. Happy SUPing! 

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