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The ambition of MOAI paddle boards is to create the most innovative and high-quality water sports products in the industry, with a cutting-edge design, that are affordable for the recreational market.

At MOAI they feel the urge to give back and make the world a better place. Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy nature, and play on the water.

Therefore they collaborate with the Waves for Change organization in Africa to support their amazing work in changing lives, one wave at a time.

Together with Waves for Change, they help create a better future for poor and disadvantaged children from poor backgrounds, by providing ‘surf-therapy’.

With every purchased MOAI board, you Stand up for a better world, since they allocate a significant part of their profits as donation for brand new paddle boards.

More information about Waves for Change

MOAI 2020 boards

MOAI offers a small variety of boards. In total, they have 5 boards available for purchase, all named after their dimensions. Since all boards look similar, I summarized each board in only a few words.

An overview (click to scroll down)

Cheap board, designed for smaller people.

Great paddle board for beginners (w/ optional Kayak seat!)

One of my favorite all-round boards.

Multi-person board

Touring board

MOAI 9MOAI 10moai 11 supMOAI 12 sup
FeatureMOAI SUP 9’5″MOAI SUP 10’6″MOAI SUP 11′MOAI SUP 12’6″
Weight9 kg / 19.8 lbs8.5 kg / 18.7 lbs10 kg / 22 lbs10.5 kg / 23.1 lbs
Max. carrying weight110 kg / 243 lbs130 kg / 287 lbs150 kg / 331 lbs170 kg / 375 lbs
For: Surfing / Speed / advanced usersRecreative / BeginnersAll-round / Beginners / RecreativeAdvanced / Touring / Racing / Sporty use

Not all MOAI boards are for sale on Amazon, therefore you’ll find links to other retailers. I try to check broken / updated links as often as I can, but since I’m running this site on my own and in multiple languages, it’s almost impossible to keep this updated.

Found links that didn’t work? Please mention them in the comments. Thank you 🙏🏻

MOAI Paddle Boards 1

MOAI 9’5″

  • Very agile on the water because of the smaller size
  • Maximum capacity of 110 kg, this may be too little
MOAI Paddle Boards 2

MOAI 10’6″

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The MOAI 10’6″ is one of my favorite SUP boards for 2020. This is a great all-round board that is suitable for both older and younger people. Do you use a board recreationally, with multiple people or to relax? Then this is definitely a board to consider this year.

  • Is wonderful on the water compared to a 4.7″ thick board
  • Not so agile due to its length
  • Maximum capacity of 286 lbs / 130 kg, this can sometimes be too little
MOAI Paddle Boards 3

MOAI 11′

The MOAI 11′ is also very popular. The sleek design, in combination with the all-round shape, makes it a perfect SUP.

  • More sporty than the MOAI 10’6″
  • Gorgeous unisex design
  • More expensive than the 10’6″ which makes it less interesting for beginners
MOAI Paddle Boards 4

MOAI 12’4″

The MOAI 12’4″ is designed for multi-person use. For example, there is room to install a kayak seat up to twice and it has multiple handles to carry the SUP to the water. You also get two paddles instead of one when you buy this sup.

  • Fun for families, couples or friends
  • Inflating the SUP takes quite a long time (+/- 8 minutes at a steady pace)
  • Not suitable for speed or touring
MOAI Paddle Boards 5

MOAI 12’6″

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The MOAI 12’6″ is also a beautiful board of the Dutch brand. This lovely touring board is especially suitable if you want more adventure on the water, or if you want to cover longer distances.

You can find this board in the list of best touring sup boards for 2020, because the good price-quality ratio is something that really stands out with this board.

  • Is wonderful on the water compared to a 4.7″ thick board

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