SUP LED Lights for Night SUP and Top Recommendations for 2023

SUP LED Lights to brighten up your paddle board

Well, friend, you seem to be really enjoying that new paddleboard! You’re skimming those nearby lakes and surfing the beautiful waves of the sea. You even took your kids with you. Your golden retriever even had fun out there!

But, wait, the beaches can get pretty crowded. Plus, your workdays aren’t getting easier. And, when the sun’s finally up, your kids suddenly demand your attention. 

Seems to me like you could use a break. The good news is this: you don’t even have to let go of paddleboarding! How? Paddleboarding at nighttime, of course 😉

Yes, it’s a thing! Sure, you’re all geared up with the paddleboard kit you got from Amazon, but you’re going to need a few more things. A few SUP LED lights to be exact.

A bit hesitant about spending a little more? Not keen on gliding those waters at night? I laid out a few reasons that would convince you after reading (well, hopefully). If you need a bit more persuading, I’ve included safety tips, the types of SUP LED lights out there, and the much-awaited product recommendations.

Let’s kick things off with a quick history lesson on paddleboarding.

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A Brief History on Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding has its roots way back to 3000 B.C. Peruvian fishermen rode on the Caballitos de Totora back then. The watercraft, while visually similar to the modern-day paddleboard, was certainly not used for recreation.

By 1778, Captain James Cook discovered that the Hawaiian Polynesians were some of the world’s first surfers. Riding the waves was actually a significant aspect of their culture. Their Chief was the most skilled rider. Therefore, he had the best board and a long paddle to steer it. 

Almost two centuries later, Waikiki surf instructors Duke Kahanamoku, Leroy, and Bobby Ah Choy needed to find a better way to take photos of their students. And voila! Gliding on an oversized surfboard with a kayak paddle in hand was John “Pops” Ah Choy. Paddleboarding was gradually making its way to popularity. 

Ultimately, everyone came to know this watersport by the turn of the 21st century. Famous surfer Laird Hamilton was photographed shredding those waves on a large paddleboard and the American Flag.

All types of paddleboards came to the spotlight then. For all locations, all purposes. Racing, surfing, fishing, and of course, nighttime stand-up paddleboarding! You name it!

If you’re ready, let’s dive deep into the stand-up paddle board LED lights needed for this version of the sport. 

Trying Nighttime SUP

SUP LED Lights for Night SUP and Top Recommendations for 2023 1
Girl paddleboarding at sunset

By now, you’re probably intrigued with the whole nighttime SUP business. But, if you’re still not convinced enough to have a go at this sport, here are four reasons why you should! Spoiler alert: the best part involves SUP LED lights.

Never Worry About the Crowd

Like I mentioned, if the sun’s high and happy in the sky, the beaches are gonna be full. Plus, most paddleboarders enjoy the sport during the day. Don’t get me started on the boaters and the swimmers. With nighttime SUP, you can either have total solitude or an intimate experience with a few friends. If you want the fully immersive, peaceful experience SUP has to offer, skim those waters in the nighttime!

It’s A Smooth Ride

SUP LED Lights for Night SUP and Top Recommendations for 2023 2

In line with the first reason, you can bet on calmer and more peaceful winds at night. Fewer winds mean easier paddling. And easier paddling means you get to maximize all relaxation SUP offers!

You’re All Lit Up!

Here’s what you need to keep in mind: a paddleboard is seen as a vessel by the Coast Guard. So, you would need to follow the same safety regulations that boats have. This is where the SUP LED lights come in! Specifically, one with a white beam illuminating the dark waters.

The other vessels should see you, and vice versa! But, in case you’ve got some extra cash, you can also strap some lights under your boat. That brings me to the best part!

Meet the Nighttime Creatures of the Deep

Beneath the calm surface of the water are the swimming, frolicking underwater friends. Even if you use any type or any color, all of those sea creatures will come to you. Fishes, eels, even sharks–like moths drawn to a flame. In your nighttime solitude or serene hang out with friends, it’s nice to have those SUP LED lights to shine on the company. 

Need Some Tips? I Got You!

We’re almost there! Before we talk about those SUP LED lights, let’s talk about some tips to ensure a safe and very much enjoyable paddleboarding experience.

Choose A Safe Location

paddle board surf board

As I’ve said: safety first! The ocean isn’t the best option due to the presence of other ships, unpredictable weather, and visibility issues. I recommend calm lakes, peaceful bays, and small harbors. (But don’t forget to check the hours and regulations of those target locations.) You want to enjoy nighttime SUP to the fullest, and breaking the law wouldn’t help. 

Consider Early Planning

It would be good to plan your route ahead of time and to inform someone of your expected return time. Arrange a pick-up with that same friend if necessary. Be sure to park your car nearby or that you paddleboard near public transportation. 

Pack Smart

Just like any other trip, be sure to bring everything you need for your nighttime paddleboarding: a real-life vest, a head torch, insect repellent, personal medication, a spare set of underwear, extra clothes, and a sleeping bag. Pack lightly in a dry backpack. You can also opt to bring a watch that’s easily read in low light. Trust me, you’re gonna lose track of time if you’re having a lot of fun! 

Invite A Friend

Red Paddle Co 10'6
Paddling in company

As enticing as it is to go alone on your adventure, having a friend along can give you that added comfort and security. Aside from having a heart-to-heart slash fun experience with them, you know you got each other’s back in case of emergency. 

Get Some Lights!

As I mentioned earlier, you better invest in good-quality, long-lasting SUP LED lights in your session! This is for safety reasons, as the U.S. Coast Guard requires any vessel to have this. Let’s prevent any collisions from happening, okay? But, also keep in mind that high-intensity, confusing SUP LED lights are highly discouraged. Plus, these not only ensure your safety but also ups the paddleboard experience. Say hello to the sea creatures for me! 

I’m Ready! But, What Type of SUP LED Light Do I Need?

If you’ve reached this part of the article, then congratulations! You’re gonna be a new addition to the nighttime paddleboarding club! But, what is that you really need for that trip? Let’s talk about it. 

Above Water SUP LED Lights

andyhal123_bluefin sprint nose

This usually comes in the form of a headlamp, mainly for navigation. The key here is to know when to use it. Never use a headlight while paddling, as artificial light sources can actually hinder your ability to see in the dark. Rely on moonlight instead. When you’re feeling a bit tired or ready to bask in the view, turn on that headlamp!

Underwater SUP LED Lights

There are several reasons why most paddleboarders opt for these underwater lights. One, you are more visible to other people and nearby vessels. Traveling would be much easier and safer for everyone involved. Two, It illuminates the water below the board, which means you get to meet nocturnals sea creatures! It would be such a magical sight for you and your friend/s!

Currently, there are two types of underwater SUP LED lights available in the market:

Underwater Tube SUP LED Lights

This one runs directly down to the center of the board. With its effortless installation, it is an ideal choice for paddleboarders of all skill levels. That easy mounting is mainly due to its suction pads. Pop on, pop off! You’re ready for that trip now!

High-Intensity Marine Lights

Paddling in far away locations

Originally, these are designed to be mounted on a boat. But with a little creativity and cleverness, you can use these in your paddleboarding adventures, too! If you’re looking for a cost-effective SUP LED light for the bottom of your board, this one is a good pick. 

Top SUP LED Light Recommendations

You’re now up to speed with what’s to know about nighttime paddleboarding and its main requirement of stand-up paddleboard lights. Now, it’s time to recommend some good ones up on Amazon! You can also find the prices, quality, and detailed descriptions of each product in this section. 

Vont SUP LED Headlamp, Super Bright LED Lights for Running, Camping, Hiking, SUP

Quality: 4.5/5

led lights

Starting this list with this one, an ultra-bright and long-lasting one that can easily light up your way ahead. You can thank the inclusion of 3 AAA batteries and bright Cree LED Lights for that!

What’s more, this one is waterproof and durable. Built out of the same materials as aircraft, this can save a 10-foot drop to land or underwater. If you need something to navigate across the bay’s dark waters, then this one is definitely a good pick.

Kayalu Kayalite Portable Bright White SUP Led Kayak Light

Quality: 4.5/5

SUP LED Lights for Night SUP and Top Recommendations for 2023 3

Here’s another navigation light for your cart. This one is very much portable, so you can even use it for other watercrafts such as kayaks, canoes, dinghies, and all! You can expect its bright white SUP LED lights with a titanium-infused diffusion lens to illuminate the water’s smooth surface.

This can even last for 100 hours with its inclusion of 3 AA alkaline batteries. Worried about it sinking? Don’t worry! This Kayak Light is buoyant, deep water submersible, and waterproof up to 1000 feet! You just gotta be creative in attaching this to your paddleboard. 

Light & Motion SOLA Dive 800 S/F Black Underwater Light

Quality: 4 / 5

SUP LED Lights for Night SUP and Top Recommendations for 2023 4

We’re finally diving deep with underwater stand-up paddle board lights. Ready to meet all of those underwater creatures? You can strap this on your board’s underside so you can say hello. I recommend this one for its power, portability, and rechargeability. At low power, this can run for more than three hours! Worried about potential leaks? Well, its factory-sealed design remedies just that. Now, add this to your cart so you can enjoy its beautiful glow, which can easily alternate between spot and floodlight! 

Magicfun Submersible LED Lights with Remote

Quality: 4 /5 

SUP led lights

With its suction cups, you can pop this on and off your board easily. With the sturdy material and watertight-seal design, these are 100% waterproof even when submerged. The fun part? These come with an upgraded RF Remote that can change colors, adjust the timers (2H, 4H, 6H), adjust the brightness, and change the light patterns at a distance. With 20 hours of continuous illumination and 13 LED lights bulbs, you can have a lot of fun with its 16 colors and 3 dynamic modes. Really sets the mood for nighttime SUP sesh, right? 

LOFTEK 13 Submersible SUP LED Lights with Remote Control

Quality: 3.5/5

led lights

Same as the last recommendation, these are waterproof, perfect for both water activities and sports in dry places. This also comes with a remote controller, so you can switch up those colors, modes, timer (2H, 4H, 6H, 24H), or dim it down for a more dramatic atmosphere.

What’s more, is that its 13 premium LED lights beads guarantees brighter and more vivid lights. Perfect for seeing the enchanting fishes below! With its 3 AA batteries, you can expect these stand-up paddleboard LED lights to last for up to 20 hours.

Conclusion about SUP LED Lights

If you’re ready for nighttime SUP, invest in high-quality stand-up paddleboarding lights. It’s a much calmer and more intimate experience compared to daytime SUP. Just what you need from a long, busy day! Don’t forget about those tips I mentioned, though.

And the types of LED lights available—you need to have both a fun and safe experience when your paddling at night. Now, go ahead and buy those lights. Say hi to the underwater creatures for me!

Are you still intrigued about paddleboarding or more nighttime water activities? Head over to our Facebook and Instagram! We’d love to chat with you some more! 

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