Paddle Board Rack – Make Storing Your Hardboard Incredibly Easy

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to storing my hardboard and any type of paddling gear and accessories, all I want is security and simplicity. I know many people struggle with very little to no storage space for their paddle boards, making it challenging to keep them safe and away from damage. But worry no more fellow paddlers. By the end of this post, you will know which paddle board rack is the right one for you, I guarantee.

In fact, a paddle board rack is one thing that creates more space rather than take up space in your home. Plus, there is nothing more important than keeping your paddle boards safe, right?

How to choose the best paddle board rack for on the wall or a paddle board holder?

To clear any questions or confusion you might have when it comes to holders for paddle boards, in this post, I will list my three absolute favorite racks and their features. By the end, you will be equipped with paddle board storing knowledge like never before. Sounds good? Let’s go!

paddle board rack

Heavy Duty paddle board wall rack holder by Yes4All

Heavy duty is the way to go when it comes to mounting a paddle board holder. You can rely on this rack to be safe from falling or loosening up as it is made of solid steel with anti-rust black powder coating. Additionally, it can hold up to 20kg per pair of rack arms, which is quite impressive if you ask me!

Whether you have SUPs to store, surfboards, or ski boards, there will be enough place for all on this practical, ergonomic 3-tier paddle board rack. What I love the most about this sup holder is the fact that it has padded arms that won’t scratch your boards or let them slide. Also, the angled racks are a great idea since the slight incline angle with the vertical mount makes the storing safer.


  • 3-Tier Ergonomic design
  • Each rack is padded with thick foam material for the best protection
  • 20kg per rack pair
  • Anti-rust black powder coating
  • Easy to install and remove each rack


  • Has to be mounted directly on the wall
  • Not so lightweight
  • The 27-inch long racks can be too long for some spaces
paddle board holder

The Original Minimalist Paddleboard Wall Storage Rack by StoreYourBoard

This aluminum paddle board rack will keep your paddle board safe no matter when or where. What I would like to mention, though, is that this is made of aluminum while the first one is made of steel. While both will hold your boards securely, there is a difference as to how much you can hang on each one.

With that said, the aluminum won’t rust, and I like the minimalist style because unlike the first one, you barely notice this one. Plus, if you want to mix and match, you can buy several of these and hang them one next to the other, one below the other, and the choice is yours!

A nice touch of design is the padded protection that will not scratch your board and will ensure that it won’t slide off.

On to the technicalities, this bracket can extend up to 11″ from wall with a 4.5″ tall front lip. In my opinion, this provides enough room for your paddle board.


  • Minimalist design
  • Lightweight
  • Only 11″ from the wall so it won’t take up a lot of space
  • The paddle board rack is padded with thick foam material
  • Aluminum construction that won’t rust
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Can be mixed&matched if bought several


  • Has to be mounted directly on the wall
  • Aluminum may not hold as much weight as the previous steel rack
Paddle Board Rack – Make Storing Your Hardboard Incredibly Easy 1

Double-Up Stand by SUSPENZ

The last but certainly not least, the double up paddle board rack with the funkiest design of them all. It really is unique by design, don’t you think? Anyways, this sup board holder has the capacity to hold up to two paddle boards so long as they’re up to 7″ thick. So without a further ado fellow paddlers, let’s see how this paddle board holder stands against the rest.


  • Funky, unique design
  • Minimalistic but can still hold up to 2 boards
  • The paddle board holder is padded with thick foam material
  • Epoxy powder-coated aluminum construction that won’t rust
  • Easy to install and remove each rack
  • Can be installed in and outside (I would recommend placing it somewhere away from wind and rain for the sake of the paddle boards)
  • Lightweight


  • Aluminum may not hold as much weight as the first steel rack
  • Can fit boards that are only up to 7″ thick

Final Word

So, now that you have seen the characteristics for each paddle board rack, which one’s your favorite? To be honest, they all have their pros and cons, and in the end, it all comes down to your paddle boards, how many of those you have, and the amount space you have to install the paddle board rack.

Lastly, “If you love paddling, take care of your equipment” because when you’re out in the open water, it’s all you have!

Already have a favorite paddle board rack? Share your experience with it, after all, sharing is caring! And share some love by connecting with us for more paddling gear on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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