OutdoorMaster Whale Pump Review

If you’ve read my previous SUP pump reviews, you probably know that my all-time favorite electric pump is the OutdoorMaster Shark. It was the best electric pump from last year. But with the release of the OutdoorMaster Whale, a newer pump with a rechargeable battery, I think I found my new go-to paddleboard pump!

So today I’m going to talk about the reasons why the OutdoorMaster Whale is one of the best electric pumps in the market right now, my own experience testing it out, and the overall performance of this product. Let’s go ahead and take a look at it together!

The OutdoorMaster Whale is a portable and rechargeable electric pump. And when I say portable, I really do mean that you don’t need to plug it into an outlet when inflating your board since it has 6000mAH rechargeable batteries. 

With this pump, there’s no more struggle trying to find the nearest parking just so you can inflate your board next to your car (for a guy living in the Netherlands, where the parking is nowhere near the water, so trust me, I know the struggle) and no more accidentally pulling on the cable when you’re in the middle of inflating.

And I guess another thing to note about this product is that it’s made with environmentally-friendly materials. Now I don’t know about you, but when companies try their best to be sustainable, it will always be a plus for me! 

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Outdoormaster shark II whale cachalot
The three great pumps by OutdoorMaster – the Whale is the upper left

Sounds promising already, right? Well, let’s dive into it more to see what else it can offer. I first tested it out with my Atoll 11′ paddleboard. Long story short, I was really impressed with its performance, so I decided to take it further and push the OutdoorMaster Whale to its limit. You’ll be surprised to know how many paddleboards I was able to inflate in just one battery charge! But, more on that later πŸ˜‰

For now, let’s get into the specs of this product and see what makes it special.

OutdoorMaster Whale Specs 

Maximum Pressure:16 PSI
Size (L x W x H):14.56” x 8.66” x 6.69” / 36.98cm x 21.99cm x 16.99cm
Weight: 3.6LBS / 1.5kg
Voltage: 12V
Stage 1:350L/min
Stage 2:70L/min
Nozzles:C7, H3, Cone 7.33mm, and Round 17mm
Cord length:9ft / 2.75m
Maximum time usage:30 minutes (continuously)
Warranty:1 year

Comparing the features of this pump to the OutdoorMaster Shark II, the Whale has a limited pressure range (0.5 to 16 PSI) since the Shark can go up to 20 PSI. But for a battery-powered device, I think a maximum pressure of 16 PSI is not bad, especially since most of my paddleboards only require around 15 to 16 PSI (I mean, nobody really uses 20 PSI anyway).

But for those of you who use boards that need at least 18 PSI, this might not be the right choice for you. 

I’ve tested the Whale SUP pump in the Ultimate Power Test and you can see in the video below how blown away I was by its fantastic battery life and performance overall. This is a comparison video between three awesome pumps, so you will learn a lot!

I had no problem using this pump back to back with my Atoll 11′, Bluefin Cruise, O2 Retro board, and more (Spoiler alert, I was able to inflate more than three boards!). The average time it took me to inflate each board is about 7 to 9 minutes, which is not bad at all, considering this is a rechargeable electric pump.

And with every board, the first stage pumped about 350 liters of air per minute for that first quick inflation, while it pumped 70 liters of air per minute as it inflates the board to my desired PSI.

And of course, as with any other electric pump, the OutdoorMaster Whale made quite the noise during the second stage, but I guess that’s unavoidable.

I also tested out this pump with SUPs from different brands since according to OutdoorMaster, this pump can be used with a wide range of boards. They mentioned that the nozzle can fit paddleboards from different brands such as Redpaddle, Atoll, iRocker, Bluefin, Dynamo, and more.

So, that’s a big plus in my experience! It truly makes this the one pump you will need forever.

My Own Experience with the OutdoorMaster Whale Pump

outdoormaster whale

Now let’s move on and talk about my own experience using this pump. When I received the OutdoorMaster Whale, it took me about 90 minutes to get the battery to a fully charged status. I used the European plug I received in my package, but for those of you in the US, OutdoorMaster offers a US plug version as well. 

When charging the device, you’ll see that it has a blue light turned on. But once the charging is done, it changes to white which I think is really cool. And when you’re inflating an item, the white light turns on automatically as well. 

Champion battery life! πŸ†

In my kit, I got a 4.5 ft hose which is long enough to inflate a board comfortably, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, 4 nozzles for different purposes (can be used with tents, yoga balls, paddleboards, or air mattresses), a 12V connector so I can plug it in my car, and an AC adapter so I can charge the device at home.

I’m a bit disappointed that it doesn’t have a bag, but at least it has a large built-in compartment so I can still keep the cord organized. 

Oh, and did I mention that it also has a USB port and an LED light? Yup! This pump is so great that you can use it to charge your phone when you run out of juice and use the LED light when it gets too dark when you stay out too late in the water. 

Another thing I like about this pump is the decent-sized digital display where you can enter your desired PSI. It’s also very convenient since it shows me the battery status so I’ll know when it needs charging.

It also shows a fan icon at the bottom left corner to alert me when the auto-cooling feature is on (yup, it has a really nice automatic cooling feature so you can avoid overheating).

I first tried it with my Atoll paddleboard and set the pump to inflate about 15 PSI (my Atoll paddleboard is 11 feet long with a volume of 238L). The digital pressure gauge is quite accurate with a digital sensory accuracy of 0.01 PSI.

It showed me the inflation value in real-time, which I enjoyed monitoring since all I really had to do was stand there and watch while making these awesome pictures of myself for all of you to see πŸ˜‰

Then, after inflating the board which took me about 9 minutes (which is not bad, but it usually takes me about 5 to 8 minutes to inflate boards manually, so to me, 9 minutes is quite slow) the pump indicated that it only has 75% of battery charge left. And just like with the OutdoorMaster Shark II, the OutdoorMaster Whale also automatically turns off when it reaches the desired pressure which is really awesome.

The OutdoorMaster Whale also includes a smart deflation option. But to be honest with you, it only takes me about 1 to 2 minutes to manually deflate my paddleboards anyway, it’s not that big of a deal to me. But I guess it’ll still be very convenient when I’m too tired (or lazy) to deflate the board after a full day enjoying the water. 

Then it got me thinking… How far can I go with this pump? I was really curious so naturally, I pushed it to its limits and tried pumping more boards. After fully inflating a second board, the pump indicated that it only has 50% juice left. But out of curiosity, I tried inflating another board, and then another, and then another.

OutdoorMaster Whale Pump Review 1
My inflated Glide. Looking great, right? 😊

That’s right! With only one single charge of the battery, I was able to inflate FIVE boards (Atoll 11′, Bluefin Cruise, O2 Retro, Glide, and Goosehill Sailor) with each one taking about 7 to 9 minutes to inflate!

Honestly, I really can’t believe that I was able to take it this far, especially since OutdoorMaster only says the pump can inflate up to two full boards in 30 minutes. 

I have never tried a pump that performs like this before (and to think that I didn’t have to plug it into an outlet the whole time) and I think I’ll never leave the house without bringing this beast of a pump along.

Who would use this pump?

You might wonder why you would buy an electric battery pump when you can just get the Shark II and inflate your boards while connected to the car?

Well, for me personally, when the weather is nice, I like to go biking with a board on my back. This is when electric battery pumps come in extra handy for me. After that long ride, I don’t even want to think about manual pumping and an electricity source just isn’t available anywhere near the lake.

OutdoorMaster Whale vs Cachalot vs Shark II

Now let’s take a look at the differences between these 3 OutdoorMaster pumps:

WhaleCachalotShark II
Maximum Pressure16 PSI20 PSI20 PSI
Stage 1350L/min350L/min350L/min
Stage 270L/min70L/min70L/min
NozzlesC7, H3, Cone 7.3mm, and Round 17mm5 valves, including C7 and H3C7, H3, Round 17mm, Cone 7.3mm, 805 valve, Boston valve, Pinch valve
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year

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outdoormaster whale
OutdoorMaster Whale pump opening

Maximum Pressure

The Whale comes to the maximum air pressure, the OutdoorMaster Cachalot and Shark II can reach up to 20 PSI, which is definitely much higher than the Whale’s 16 PSI maximum air pressure. But if you think about it, no one really maxes out their inflatable paddleboards to 20 PSI.

The average air pressure needed to get a nice and stable board is around 15 to 16 PSI. Unless your board needs at least 18 PSI to get that rigidness that you want in your SUP, I don’t recommend pushing it as far as 20 PSI. 

Furthermore, even though the maximum air pressure differs between these three pumps, it still takes the same amount of time to inflate paddleboards. Similboard’she inflation time of the OutdoorMaWhale’sale, the Cachalot, and Shark II also take around 8 to 12 minutes to blow up a SUP, depending on the board’s size, volume, and brand.


OutdoorMaster Whale
Whale’s screen up close

For the Whale, Cachalot, and Shark II pumps, the voltage between the three is pretty much the same which is 12V. The difference, however, is where you can plug the devices. When it comes to the Shark II and the Cachalot, both of these pumps have 12V car connectors so you can pump your paddleboard near your vehicle.

The cool thing about the Whale is, even though it also is a 12V pump, OutdoorMaster also gives you an AC adapter that you can plug in your home or in any outlet. But unlike the Cachalot and Shark II, you won’t really be using the cords included for the most part because it has 6000mAh rechargeable batteries

All you have to do is to get it fully charged which only takes about 90 minutes. And based on the experience that I mentioned above, I was able to inflate 5 boards back to back without having to recharge the pump the whole time. 


Whale Outdoormaster pump design
All the buttons of the Whale explained

If we look at the overall design of the OutdoorMaster Whale, it’s modern, it’s smart, and convenient. With its decent-sized digital display that shows the PSI level, battery status, and fan status, I think the OutdoorMaster outdid themselves with this product. Not to mention the Whale also has a comfortable handle, convenient LED lighting, built-in storage, and the best part, the USB port where you can charge your phone. 

Looking at the OutdoorMaster Shark II, in my opinion, it was the best-designed pump during the past year, with its slick It’srior and the frost-active cooling system upgrade (the whale has a cooling system as well) from the original version of the OutdoorMaster Shark. It’s also desCachalot’sl enough for easy travel, just like the OutdoorMaster Whale. 

outdoormaster pumps
The three musketeers… I mean the OutdoorMaster pumps for comparison:)

The Cachalot’s design is a little outdated and a lot less slick-looking than the Whale and the Shark II. However, similar to the two pumps, the Cachalot also has a digital display. It also has an easy-to-use handle and an inflate/deflate tube included in the design, just like the other two products.

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Dual Stage Auto-Off Function

For the Auto-Off Function of these three OutdoorMaster pumps, they are all designed to be dual-stage pumps that turn off automatically when pumping reaches the maximum speed and maximum pressure. As the name “Dual Stage” suggests, the pumping process has two stages. During Stage 1, the pump inflates 350 liters of air per minute to inflate the board as fast as possible. In Stage 2, all three of the Outdoor Master pumps inflate 70 liters of air per minute to get an already-inflated board to have the right pressure. 

OutdoorMaster Whale pump
Whale pump in action with my board

I think the best thing about this function that is available to all three pumps is that you don’t have to worry about accidentally forgetting to turn the pump off after use because it will automatically turn off after reaching the end of Stage 2 of pumping. This function also makes deflating the board quick and easy.

Nozzles Specifications

The Whale, Cachalot, and Shark II pump all have different nozzle specifications. The Whale has a C7 nozzle, H3 nozzle, Cone nozzle with a 7.3mm opening, and a Round nozzle with a 17mm opening. Shark II has the same nozzle specifications as the Whale with the addition of an 805 valve, a Boston valve, and a Pinch valve. Cachalot only has 5 valves in total including the C7 and H3 nozzles.

OutdoorMaster Whale pump in its packaging
The whole package of the Whale pump

Cachalot, being the most affordable option, of course, only includes lesser valves than the other two. However, I was surprised that the Whale, being the priciest among the three pumps, was not the one that included more valves for the money.

Shark II is the mid-priced one, with more nozzles or valves than Whale, making it the pump that gives you more than your money’s worth. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that Whale can’t be the better option anymore. 


For warranty, all these three OutdoorMaster pumps offer the same warranty of 1 year, so you can be assured that your pump will be taken care of if you encounter any problem with it.

Personally, I have never had any troubles with these pumps so far, so I haven’t really made use of their warranty. But it’s good to know OutdoorMaster has my back just in case something happens to my pumps in that one-year period. A sign that it’s a great company, indeed!

Who should buy the OutdoorMaster Whale?

OutdoorMaster Whale pump with accessories
The Whale Pump with its additions

The OutdoorMaster Whale is for anyone who needs an electric pump on the go. Whether you need it for paddleboarding, family outing, or even biking, I think the Whale can really help you enhance your experience, no matter what activity you are doing.

Since the pump is lightweight and portable, you can bring it anytime and anywhere, without the hassle of trying to find the right parking spot so you can plug it into your car, or trying to spot an electric outlet in public so you can use the pump. 

And since it can inflate up to 5 paddleboards (not saying you should push it to the extremes all the time, thoThat’sit’s a great pump that you can share with other people in a group. 

The pump is also very versatile since it comes with a variety of nozzles. That’s why I highly recommend it to families since you can use it for paddle boards, yoga balls, inflatable floaters, air mattresses, and more

OutdoorMaster Whale pump and accessories
I love the compact design of the Whale

It’s also great for those of you who don’t like to tire themselves out with manual pumps. Personally, I prefer using manual pumps since it’s like a warm-up workout before I go out into the water, but for days when I couldn’t be bothered to whip out my hand pump, I can always count on an electric pump. 

With its built-in LED lights and USB outlets, the OutdoorMaster Whale can be a great companion for adventurers out there. The lighting and the charging feature can really be helpful, especially during emergencies. You can even take it with you when you go paddleboarding at night!

I would also recommend this pump for those of you who struggle with finding a parking spot that’s near the water. As a Dutch guy, I can never find the perfect parking spot that’s close enough to the water in my area, so having a portable electric pump with a built-in sand filter is great.

I can easily bring it to the beach or the lake so I can inflate my board near the water. 

And of course, for those of you who are deflating your boards or other inflatable items, the OutdoorMaster Whale can be a helpful product for you. This can be especially helpful if you’re traveling and you need to pack up your inflatables quickly.

outdoormaster whale
Found another electric pump champ!! πŸ™Œ 

Frequently Asked Questions about the OutdoorMaster Whale

Can I inflate my car tires with the OutdoorMaster Whale?

No. The OutdoorMaster Whale can only inflate up to 1.103 BAR while the average car tire needs about 2.5 BAR.

Which nozzles come with the OutdoorMaster Whale?

The package includes C7, H3, Round 17mm, and Cone 7.3mm

What is the maximum PSI of the OutdoorMaster Whale?

The OutdoorMaster Whale can reach up to 16 PSI.

Does the OutdoorMaster Whale have a deflate option?

Yes, the OutdoorMaster Whale has a deflate option.Β 

What is the power cord length of the OutdoorMaster Whale?

When charging, the power cord is 9 ft (2.75m).

How many stages of inflation does the OutdoorMaster Whale have?

It has 2 stages. The first stage pumps 350L/m while the second stage pumps 70L/min.

Conclusion – Showhat’sbuy the OutdoorMaster Whale pump?

To summarize this review, I think it’s obvious that I really enjoyed using the OutdoorMaster Whale. I mean, what’s not to love about a pump that can inflate up to 5 paddleboards with only one battery charge? Considering it’s a rechargeable pump, it blows my mind – and my boards – how many boards I was able to inflate. 

The OutdoorMaster Whale has tons of different features such as the inflate and deflate option, the automatic cooling function, the digital display showing the PSI value and the battery status, and of course, the built-in storage where you can keep the cords and cables safe.

For the specs, it has a maximum air pressure of 16 PSI, it includes 4 nozzles that can be used in a variety of inflatable items, the first stage of inflation pumps up to 350L/min while the second stage pumps up to 70L/minute lastly, it includes a 1-year product warranty.

The OutdoorMaster Whale is versatile, so you can use it for family trips and adventures, it’s lightweight so you can bring it literally anywhere, it’s convenient since you don’t keep recharging it, and it has really helpful functions like the LED lights and USB ports.

And for the price of 199.99 dollars, I think you won’t regret getting this reI’ve amazing product. Plus when you use my code TOM30 you get 20% off, so this is truly an incredible offer!

As I said, this pump is nothing like I’ve ever since before, and I thinkDon’tshould give it a go too. Let me know what other products you want me to review next! Just leave your suggestions in the comments down below πŸ™‚

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  1. Nice review. If the Whale runs out of battery power, can you plug it into the 12V car adapter and power the pump that way? Or is the 12V car adapter strictly used only for recharging the battery?

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