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ROC Paddle Boards is a popular inflatable Stand Up Paddle board brand from the United States. They are mostly known for offering complete packages of beginner Stand Up Paddle boards for a very competitive price. Their assortment is not that big yet, they only offer a 10′ explorer board and a 10′ scout board, both available in a variety of colors.

I featured their 10′ ROC Paddle Board as my number 1 board in Best Cheap Paddle Boards of 2020 (under $350). At the moment every single board of ROC has a price of $400, which is very good for a complete package. For beginners this is the best cheap board to purchase if you’re still trying to figure out if you like paddle boarding. It’s great value for money.

In the meantime I have seen the price of ROC paddle boards go up as far as $699 in the off season, so it seems worth the while to always wait until the SUP season has actually begun before you purchase this paddle board. Perhaps because of low stocks the price of this board gets raised massively when not in the season.

All in all they offer amazing quality for an often low price, which results in over 4.600 review on Amazon with an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars! So many satisfied customers couldn’t be wrong, wouldn’t you think so?

The ROC Paddle Boards 2021 collection contains:


ROC Explorer 10′
Board length: 10′ / 305 cm
Board width: 32″ / 81.3 cm
Board thickness: 6″ / 15 cm
Board weight: 7.94 kg / 17.5 lbs
Max. capacity: 136 kg / 300 lbs
Color: Black / Green / Blue / Pink

The ROC Explorer 10′ is a great cheap paddle board that is suitable for every beginner in Stand Up Paddle Boarding. A great design and good performance at a decent price (in off season) and a complete package. Recommended for all SUP beginners.

Other available colors of the ROC Explorer 10′ Paddle Board:

Last updated on 20/07/2024 10:38

ROC Scout 10′
Board length: 10′ / 305 cm
Board width: 33″ / 83.8 cm
Board thickness: 6″ / 15 cm
Board weight: 7.94 kg / 17.5 lbs
Max. capacity: 136 kg / 300 lbs
Color: Charcoal / Aqua / Desert Green

The ROC Scout 10′ is rounder, wider and offers the option to attach a paddle board seat to the board. This makes the board for suitable for things like Yoga, fishing and touring. (Personally I’d prefer a longer board for this). A great and cheap board for multiple activities.

Other available colors of the ROC Scout 10′ Paddle Board:

Last updated on 20/07/2024 10:38

Accessories included with ROC Paddle Boards:

Except for the low price and good quality, ROC paddle boards are known for the complete package they offer with all of their boards. The following accessories are included when purchasing any of the ROC paddle boards, so you can be sure you are ready to head out on the water right away!


ROC 3-piece aluminum paddle
– Lightweight aluminum paddle with flip-lock adjustment
– From 4’8β€³ and above

The ROC 3-piece aluminum paddle is an easy paddle for beginners that can be adjusted in height, so it is suitable for anyone that wants to use it.


ROC Coiled SUP Leash
– Comfortable ankle strap that is soft on the legs
– Coiled leash that only extends when needed
– Safety release system

The ROC Coiled SUP Leash offers safety by making sure your board never gets too far away from you. The leash only extends when you need it to, so it is never in the way.


The ROC Backpack offers comfortable carrying of your board with the extra padded shoulder straps. The adjustable shoulder and waist straps make sure the bag stays in place and doesn’t move around. With a full zipper for easy packing and unpacking of all your gear.


ROC High pressure SUP Pump
– Lightweight and compact
– Integrated pressure gauge
– Flexible hose for inflation
– Can fully inflate the ROC paddle boards within 8 minutes of pumping

The ROC High pressure SUP Pump can quick and easily inflate your board to get out on the water as soon as possible. Very easy to carry along in the backpack above and comfortable footpad and ergonomic handgrip.

Other ROC Paddle Boards accessories:


ROC Paddle Boards Kayak Seat
– Suitable for ROC Scout board
– Comfortable cushion for soft seating
– Easy to secure

This kayak seat works perfectly on the ROC Scout board, so you can sit while paddling around. Be aware that ROC does not sell a kayak paddle, you need to purchase this elsewhere!

After testing out the Goosehill boards, I would choose those boards over the ROC boards.


Frequently Asked Questions about ROC Paddle Boards

How many ROC paddle boards are there?

Currently there are only two different ROC paddle boards, the ROC Explorer 10′ and the ROC Scout 10′

Can you use a SUP kayak seat on ROC paddle boards?

You can use a kayak seat on the ROC Scout paddle board, which can easily be attached with the 4 D-rings on the board.

Which accessories are included when purchasing a ROC paddle board?

A 3-piece aluminum paddle, a high pressure pump, a coiled leash and a carrying backpack.

How many fins do ROC paddle boards have?

3 fins in total, 2 small fins and one big removable fin.

Which material is used for ROC paddle boards?

Military grade PVC with DuraWeld Technology

Why are ROC paddle boards so popular?

ROC offers complete packages of paddle boards with all accessories at high quality for a low price. This has made them very popular for beginners in Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

What air pressure is normal for ROC paddle boards?

It is recommended to inflate the paddle board in between 12 and 15 PSI for optimal performance.

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