5 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for fishing in 2024

silver medal
Best Solid Fishing SUP

CBC 10' Marlin Foam Fishing

Great board if you require a gear and rod rack on your Stand Up Paddle Board and/or if you prefer a hardboard
CBC Marlin Foam
gold medal
★ Best Fishing iSUP

Bluefin Voyage 10'10" Paddle Board

A good and stable size, very sturdy material and it comes in a complete package.
Bluefin Voyage 10'10" Paddle Board
bronze medal
Best Multiperson

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126

This is the way to go if you want to go on a SUP fishing trip with 2 people or if you want to use 4 rods at the same time.
Sea Eagle FishSUP

Fishing while drifting around on your paddle board to create an amazing adventure

You probably really like fishing and paddle boarding, why else would you be reading this article about fishing paddle boards? Of course it is great to just sit on the shore, waiting for that line to go move and being able to reel in the big one. In the meantime you can relax, have a drink, read a book or even take a nap until the bait has been taken.

But there are moments when you are not looking for this relaxation. You want some movement and adventure along with your fishing, or at least be able to move from the same spot easily while fishing. Fishing from a Stand Up Paddle Board is ideal for this situation.

You float around on the water, cast out your rod(s) and drift around and enjoy the nature while you try and catch the best fish of the day. You can even reach new schools of fish that gather in the middle of the lake that you would rarely see at the shore.

But which Stand Up Paddle Board would be best to start fishing on? Is an inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board suitable for fishing on the water? Of course I understand the concern about the combination of sharp hooks and an inflatable device, but this is not such a big concern as you would think. Inflatable fishing paddle boards are very sturdy and will not get damaged anytime soon due to improved technology.

fishing paddle board
An active fisherman on the Sea Eagle fishing paddle board

I’ve seen too many guides that put boards on the list that should not be called fishing paddle boards but are just all-around Paddle Boards. For our choices I only consider Stand Up Paddle Boards purely aimed at fishing, without any exception. If the board does not include any rod holders I do not consider it a fishing paddle board.

And I check if they are available on the market, as a lot of guides are outdated and show fishing paddle boards that are not sold anymore. All boards I have listed in here are available on the market right now, though it might vary per country.

(In case one of these fishing paddle boards I name is this guide is not available anymore, please address me and let me know so I can update it!)

I have chosen the 5 best Stand Up Paddle Boards that are suitable for a fishing adventure. Which one is best for you depends on your budget, requirements and the amount of gear you want to carry along with you.

These 5 fishing paddle boards are the best boards for 2024:

Top 5 of best paddle boards for fishing in 2024

Bluefin Voyage

Bluefin Voyage 10’10” Paddle Board
βœ“ $449 (currently)
βœ“ 10’10″ x 38” x 6”
βœ“ Max. weight 286 lbs. / 130 kg.
βœ“ Incl. paddle, leash, pump, seat, backpack, two rod holders


CBC 10′ Marlin Foam Fishing
βœ“ $618 (currently)
βœ“ 10’0″ x 33″ x 5.25”
βœ“ Max. weight 300 lbs. / 136 kg.
βœ“ Incl. paddle, leash, gear rack

5 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for fishing in 2024 1

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126
βœ“ $1.035
βœ“ 12’6″ x 40″ x 6″ 
βœ“ Max. weight 500 lbs. / 227 kg.
βœ“ Incl. paddle, pump, motor mount, seat, 4 rod holders

5 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for fishing in 2024 2

Fish Stalker Fishing SUP
βœ“ $749
βœ“ 12′ x 34″
βœ“ Max. weight 500 lbs. / 227 kg.
βœ“ Incl. pump, motor mount

5 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for fishing in 2024 3

Aqua Marina Drift
βœ“ $599
βœ“ 10’10” x 38″ x 6”
βœ“ Max. weight 286 lbs / 130 kg
βœ“ Incl. paddle, pump, leash, seat, cooler box, seat, 2 rod holders

Bluefin Voyage 10’10” Fishing Paddle Board

Bluefin Voyage

The Bluefin Voyage is a great and high quality Stand Up Paddle board that comes in a complete package with a height adjustable paddle, a leash and a pump. And of course this fishing paddle board has two rod holders and even a GoPro mount, so you can fish and catch your adventures on camera at the same time.

The Voyage is 10’10″ long and 38” wide for a good stable platform. The thickness is 6” as is the most common size for inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards. Because of the stability and the shape of this board it can also very well be used as a normal paddle board or it can offer you a nice platform to practice SUP Yoga.

Bluefin SUP is a well known brand in Stand Up Paddle boards and offers a very rigid construction. In addition to this they offer an amazing 5 year warranty and they have a great customer service, which makes this paddle board from an experienced brand a very good choice.


  • Complete package including paddle, leash, backpack, high pressure pump, rod holders and camera mount
  • Three fins for extra stability
  • Very sturdy deck with extremely dense drop stitch construction
  • 11 D-rings for storing luggage and an optional SUP seat


  • No seat included in the package

Conclusion: This is a great board for whoever wants to fish from a Stand Up Paddle Board in the best way possible. This board can also be used for many other purposes and of course for normal Stand Up Paddling. If you are looking for a good and stable SUP Board for fishing that is not too expensive and can also be used for other purposes, this is your best pick.

CBC 10′ Marlin Foam Fishing

5 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for fishing in 2024 4

This fishing paddle board made by the California Board Company offers a completely different style and feeling compared to the other paddle boards for fishing on this list. The metal rod and gear rack with cooler mount really add to the fishing experience and make it a lot easier to take all your gear along easily.

This very solid fishing paddle board is 10’ long, 33” wide and 5” thick, as this board is completely made out of foam instead of an inflatable paddle board. This gives it a stale experience but of course makes it harder to carry and transport this board. Besides the metal rod and gear rack it includes a paddle, leash and camera mount.

The camouflage look adds to the tough look of the board and it has luggage bungee cords in both the front and the back of the board, so you will always be able to take all your gear along.

It only supports up to 275 lbs of weight, so do not take your heaviest tackle box along with you. The metal rack is the main USP of this product, but if this is not an absolute requirement for you an extra investment for one of the next two boards would be the wiser choice.


  • Comes including paddle, leash and camera mount
  • Practical gear rack with rod holder
  • Single foam roof racks are supplied for easy transport


  • Quite small size for a fishing SUP
  • Maximum carrying weight of 275 is quite low
  • Hardboard so harder to store and transport than inflatable

Conclusion: This is a great board if you require a gear and rod rack on your fishing paddle board and/or if you prefer a hardboard over an inflatable paddle board for any reason. The maximum weight capacity is rather low due to the smaller size, which does not make the board suitable for everyone as fishing gear might also carry some weight.

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126

5 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for fishing in 2024 5

As you can see on the above picture the Sea Eagle fishing SUP is a sturdy and roomy fishing paddle board and has more of a look like a boat than a paddle board. It has a motor mount in case you would like to add a motor instead of paddling around. The Engine capacity for the FS126 FishSUP 126 is 55 lb. thrust (45 lbs. max weight).

This fishing SUP offers a good and big platform to fish from, with a length of 12’6″, a width of 40″ and a thickness of 6″. The widest SUP we will discuss today and also a huge maximum carrying capacity of an insane 500 lbs. If you would like to take a second person on your fishing trip, this would be the best board for you to pick to get out angling together.

The board comes including a swivel seat fish rig including 2 rod holders, 2 extra rod holders in the front, backpack, paddle, multi-purpose storage box, SUP pump and a repair kit. So if you are fishing with two people or you want to fish with 4 rods at the same time, go for the Sea Eagle FishSUP.


  • Has 4 rod holders instead of 2
  • Maximum capacity or 500 lbs allows second person
  • Possible to attach a motor to this paddle board


  • Less versatile because of the large size
  • Heavy paddle board to carry with 47 pounds
  • The traction pad is rather small compared to the board size

Conclusion: This is the way to go if you want to go on a SUP fishing trip with 2 people or if you want to use 4 rods at the same time. Also the option to attach a motor is a nice feature in case you are not interested in paddling around all the time.

Fish Stalker Fishing Paddle Board

5 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for fishing in 2024 6

The Fish Stalker Inflatable Fishing Standup Paddle Board is immediately noticed because of the special shape and design. It is still called a fishing SUP board, but the design is more in the shape of a catamaran and enhances the stability of the board compared to a regular shaped fishing SUP.

The Fish Stalker SUP is 12’ long and 34” wide and also has a maximum capacity of 500 lbs. Like the Sea Eagle it has an optional motor mount system. A paddle will have to be bought as an extra, which I think could have been included with the board.

The shape of the board is the most intriguing about it and the camouflage design makes it complete. This board comes including a motor mount bracket, paddle holders, docking cleats, a backpack and a SUP pump.


  • Has a very interesting shape that offers extra stability
  • Maximum capacity or 500 lbs allows second person
  • Possible to attach a motor to this paddle board


  • Less versatile because of the large size
  • Heavy paddle board to carry with 40 pounds
  • Paddle and leash are not included

Conclusion: As you can see by most stats is that it is comparable to the Sea Eagle SUP. If you prefer the design and shape, the Fish Stalker is for you. The fact that it is missing a paddle, a seat and leash are a loss though. Which is why in this comparison I would prefer the Sea Eagle because of the completeness of the package.

Aqua Marina Drift

5 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for fishing in 2024 7

Aqua Marina is one of the most known and most sold brands in inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards and they have developed the Aqua Marina Drift fishing paddle board, especially designed and created for fishing on the water with two rod holders.

The main feature of this board is the fish cooler box that can also be used as a seat, which gives a different angle for fishing than if you’re sitting down on the board itself. The board is 10’10 long and 38” wide. The weight is 27.1 lbs without the cooler and it has a maximum carrying capacity of 300 lbs.

The Aqua Marina Drift has the cooler box, 2 rod holders, a paddle, high pressure pump and a backpack included with the package. The cooler box includes a back support so you can sit comfortably while fishing. Just be aware of the model you are purchasing, as there are also models on the market that do not include the cooler box in the package. In that case you have to purchase the cooler box separately.


  • Cheap in comparison to other fishing paddle boards
  • Higher angle to sit at, ideal if you have back problems
  • Independent side chambers for extra stability
  • Two rod holders so you can fish while paddling


  • 300 lbs weight capacity is not enough to carry a second person
  • Smaller size so less stable than previous boards
  • No option to attach a motor

Conclusion: This board is a cheaper fishing paddle board and great for beginners that want to start fishing on a paddle board for the first time. The different design with the fish cooler box with a backrest is great for people with back problems or that want an easier option to sit down. For the less demanding fisherman this board is a great start for a lower budget.

Conclusion 5 Best Fishing Paddle Boards in 2024

As you have seen in the above overview there are a lot of different sizes, shapes and materials for fishing paddle boards available on the market. Some fishing paddle boards have motor mounts so you do not have to paddle at all, all boards have at least two rod holders that make sure you can keep fishing without having to hold the rods all the time.

Think about what you would personally need from a paddle board. Do you want many rod holders, a cooler box or a gear rack? Then your options get more limited but there are still models as you have seen above.

Do you just want to go fishing or do you also like to do other stuff, like normal paddle boarding once in a while? Then the Bluefin Voyage will be your best choice, hence why it is the number 1 on this list.

If you want to fish together with a second person more often, pick one of the fishing paddle boards that has a maximum carrying capacity of 500 lbs so you can be sure neither of you get wet feet.

Are you looking for a cheaper option for a fishing paddle board? Then opt for the Bluefin Voyage, the CBC Marlin Foam or an Aqua Marian Drift, depending on whether you need the metal gear rack and if you prefer a solid SUP or an inflatable one.

However, it must be said that the availability of the Aqua Marina Drift in the US isn’t all that great. Sometimes it disappears again and then someone offers it again, not the most reliable offer unless you live in Europe.

So look at your own wishes, make a list if what you think is important and check the fishing paddle boards above to see which one meets your desires best and go for it!

Do you have a fishing paddle board yet or are you planning to purchase one of these boards in the future?

Which board are you opting for and what do you think is most important of all when you are purchasing a fishing paddle board?

Let me know in the comments and I’m sure you can bait me to reply πŸ˜‰

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