MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak Tangaloa

MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak Tangaloa Review

MOAI has been in the watersports industry for many years and is still expanding. They have high-quality paddle boards and inflatable kayaks available that may suit all paddlers! To compete with other brands in the industry, this company has continued to create innovative designs and engineering.

Let us learn more about their products, which I have personally tested, and I will share my thoughts on one of their products. I’ll be reviewing the MOAI Inflatable 2-Person Kayak in this post! This tandem inflatable kayak is ideal for those looking for adventure on the water! This kayak is best suited for use in both calm and rough water.

Will this be the best inflatable two-person kayak on the market right now? Let’s get to know this product in depth as I go over everything you need to know before purchasing one and determining if it’s the right kayak for you!

MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (14)
MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak

As I proceed through this review, you will be able to learn about the pros and cons of the MOAI 2-person inflatable kayak, whether it is suitable for you, the package elements and specifications, and what you will receive if you purchase this MOAI tandem inflatable kayak. You’ll also learn about my experience testing this inflatable kayak on the water.

This kayak is best suited for

Kayakers who want to go on adventures in calm or rough water. This MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak is a tandem kayak that the paddler will enjoy!


  • It has a fantastic and eye-catching design. 
  • Inflate quickly 
  • The Kayak sails effortlessly. 
  • On the water, stable 
  • The pump has a deflate button. 
  • A Warranty period of three years 
  • You can adjust the height of your seat
  • 2 color option


  • It’s difficult to get ready to sail properly. 
  • The water remains in the kayak. 
  • Cannot be lifted on its own. 
  • One large bag with no wheels.
MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (13)
MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak

Specifications of The MOAI Inflatable 2-Person Kayak

Dimension: 430 x 78 x 25.5 cm
Max Rider Weight: 210 kg
Max Air Pressure: 7 PSI
Kayak Type: Inflatable
Skill: Beginner / Advanced

What Makes This MOAI Inflatable 2-Person Kayak Stand Out

Looking at the box, we can tell it’s the Moai brand; on the side, it says what’s inside and the dimensions of the kayak. The pump, paddle, and kayak are all wrapped in plastic, and the kayak was packaged with both plastic and paper.

The included accessories are comfortable. What I liked best about this MOAI Inflatable 2-Person Kayak is its excellent design, which looks great both on and off the water. It is also simple to inflate, as it has 3 separate chambers for quick inflation.

When tested on the water, it is stable and the kayak sails smoothly. I also liked that the pump has a deflate feature, which makes packing up simple and won’t take too long. The MOAI Inflatable kayak comes with a three-year warranty, and you can easily contact their customer service if you have any issues with your purchase or the accessories that you received.

MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak Tangaloa 1

Primary use
Touring / Fun

MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak Tangaloa 2

Speed on the water
This inflatable kayaking is not going to be fast. Because this is a tandem kayak, paddling requires coordination between you and the person you are with for you to paddle together in the same stroke.

This may take some time and practice, but in my experience, once mastered, you will be able to paddle nicely.

MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak Tangaloa 3

This kayak is difficult to transport because it requires two people to carry it. The kayak bag lacks wheels, making it more difficult to transport and unsuitable for portability. There are carrying handles that can help you launch your kayak into and out of the water.

MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak Tangaloa 4

I gave this MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak a 9/10 for stability. As I sit in it, I notice how stable it is. You sit close to the water, giving the impression that you could easily topple over.

MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (15)
MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak

My Personal Experience

My experience with this inflatable kayak review went well, but to be honest, MOAI company has a lot to improve. When I opened the box, I was relieved because the items were undamaged and the kayaking equipment was complete.

However, the kayak’s manual was missing, which was remedied by sending an email to Moai. I received the manual via email within two days. One thing to note about their kayak bag: because this is a tandem inflatable kayak, transporting it is difficult because the bag lacks wheels and requires the assistance of another person.

MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (28)

They should also have included some compartments in the bag to store kayaking accessories. So far, the first impression is very positive in terms of some of these minor issues and suggestions! 

The kayak has three distinct chambers that can be inflated independently. Inflating the kayak was a breeze, taking only 5 minutes. The pump also has a deflate button, which will save you time and energy. I took the kayak out onto the water after getting ready. This is simple to do in pairs because you can use the kayak’s two handles.

MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (18)

Even though the paddle has small anti-splash rings, you get pretty wet in the kayak while kayaking. I, for example, use a towel to cover my legs. Of course, in the summer, this isn’t a big deal, but in the winter, it’s nice to have dry legs.

You can then put on dry pants (or a dry suit). After testing, I noticed that quite a bit of water had gotten into the kayak, which I couldn’t get out through the drain holes. Most of the water will be removed by turning the kayak upside down. While cleaning, you can remove the bottom first and dry the kayak before cleaning it.

MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (8)

Important Features

MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak Tangaloa 5


  • Drop stitch Technology and the MOAI Design are used. 
  • Suitable for both calm and rough water lakes 
  • Kayak for Beginners 
  • Excellent Stability 
  • 2 Carrying Handles in the Front and Back for Ease of Launch 
  • There Is A Deflate Button 
  • Kayak with four pieces that can be assembled in three different ways 
  • Design of a Slide-In Fin 
  • Kayak Seat with 2 Zippers that fold 
  • Three distinct chambers 
  • Footrest Adjustment 
  • Two draining caps on the kayak
MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak Tangaloa 6

The MOAI Inflatable 2-Person Kayak has a slide-in fin that can be attached to the kayak from underneath. It is simple to install and does not require any screws.

MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak Tangaloa 7

This kayak is made of high-quality, long-lasting materials. They used drop stitch technology to create this inflatable kayak, which makes it very stable when paddling on the water.

MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak Tangaloa 8

Inflate / deflate

Inflating the kayak was a bit of a challenge because there are four parts to inflate: two side tubes, a bottom, and a keel at the front. Because the bottom is loose in the kayak, getting everything straight in is a bit of a task.

Inflating the two side tubes is simple and only requires one pump position; the same goes for the bottom. The kayak appears nice and tight after inflating due to the two hard points on the front and back.

Inflating this tandem kayak took me only 5 minutes. It only has a deflate button which makes packing up easier after a very long day. 

MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak Tangaloa 9

This inflatable kayak comes with a three-year warranty.

MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak Tangaloa 10

Based on its appearance and overall engineering, the kayak is well-designed. This kayak is ideal for both novice and experienced paddlers looking to explore the water in calm or rough conditions. E had a great time touring and writing this inflatable kayak review.

In The Package

MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak


When I started unboxing the kayak, there was no damage at all, and it was properly packed.

MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (21)

2 Kayak Seat

The kayak seat has two zippers and is foldable; it can be attached to the kayak with four clips.

MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (27)

2 Footrest

The included footrest is made of soft foam, so you can lean against it while wearing bare feet.

MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (3)


The pump is a convenient double-action pump that can both inflate and deflate.

MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (32)

2 Four-Piece Paddle

The paddle is a four-piece kayak paddle that can be assembled in three ways. You can assemble the paddle completely straight or slightly rotate the paddle blade to create an angle for a familiar kayak paddling motion.

MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (5)


The included bag is large and easily fits everything; however, the bag lacks wheels and extra pockets. It would have been preferable to divide everything into two bags for this kayak. Two bags should not be a problem because it is a two-person kayak.

MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (17)


The kayak includes a slide-in fin that can be attached beneath the kayak. This ensures that the kayak maintains its course.

MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (33)

Repair Kit

The repair kit includes extra spare parts, a valve screwdriver, and, most importantly, glue.

MOAI-Kayak-2-Personen (11)

FAQ – MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak

Is the MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak beginner-friendly?

Yes! This tandem kayak is ideal for both novice and experienced paddlers! Excellent for touring and having fun on the water!

What is the size of the MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak?

Size: 430 x 78 x 25.5 cm

What is included when purchasing the MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak?

When you purchase this, you will get a Kayak, 2 Adjustable Kayak seats, 2 Footrests, a Pump, 2 Four-piece paddles, Bag, Slide In Fin, and a Repair kit.

How long is the warranty on the MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak?

You will have a 3 years warranty on this inflatable tandem kayak.Β 

How many handles does the MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak have?

This inflatable tandem kayak has two handles, one in front and one in the back. This would make it easier to launch and exit your kayak and navigate the water. You will undoubtedly require the assistance of another person.

How long does it take to inflate the MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak?

Inflating the kayak took me only 5 minutes. Because of its four distinct chambers, it was quick for me to inflate it!Β 

Is the MOAI tandem kayak bag equipped with wheels?Β 

Regrettably, NO! This kayak should have wheels because it is heavy and requires two people to carry it! It is also inconvenient to transport. I am hopeful that MOAI will make improvements in this regard.

Is the MOAI tandem kayak the fastest?Β 

No. This kayak is intended for touring, so don’t expect it to be fast.

Conclusion MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak Tangaloa

This MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak has left an impression on me. However, as previously stated, numerous improvements could be made to this kayak. It is beginnerfriendly and has an excellent design that is suitable for calm and rough water.

The kayak’s stability is excellent, and you should have no concerns about it, especially if you’re a beginner. The design is very appealing, and it comes in two color options, which I like! When I first tried it out, I was quite disappointed when the water started to get inside the MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak.

This shouldn’t be an issue in the summer, but if you’re going kayaking in the winter, you’ll want to keep yourself dry. It also has a reasonable price because this kayak served its purpose and has amazing features that I cannot deny.

They used highquality materials for the accessories, my only suggestion is the bag! For those who are traveling and want to bring this tandem kayak for their water adventure, a wheeled bag is extremely useful. I’m still impressed so far. If you’re looking for a kayak for beginners, this could be a good option, especially if you don’t want to paddle alone.

Do you already own the MOAI Inflatable 2-person kayak? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below; we’d love to hear how it went for you! Also, if you have any additional questions about this kayak, please leave them in the comments section.

I hope this inflatable kayak review has provided you with sufficient information, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Get notifications and updates on posts such as inflatable kayaks for sale and discount coupons. Until next time, keep paddling!

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