Restube: your new number 1 life saver on the water!

As I have often said in reviews: safety is way more important than anything when you’re going out on the water.

The Restube is an accessory that you can clip on your swimming outfit and is super easy and light to carry along with you.

Just pull the cord and the Restube will inflate itself in an instant, making sure you will always come to surface and can rely on this device to stay above water.

A demonstration of how restubes work

Paddle Board Safety with Restube

Paddle board safety might not be the first thing on every paddler’s mind. People often think: “What could happen when I’m quietly paddling around on the water?

But if you lose balance because of a wave or a scare by for instance a bird flying by closely (they freak me out!), you can unexpectedly fall into the water and be so disoriented you cannot differ up and down.

If you get stuck in a strong stream, that are way stronger if you get deeper underwater, it is harder to get back up. The Restube is ideal in this situation and is a true lifesaver.

This handy device is not only great for Stand Up Paddle Boarding, but also for swimming, triathlon, surfing, kitesurfing, basically every sport that has do with water!

There are some different types of Restube, depending on the sport you practice. Swimmers and runners get more compact ones because they need the extra aerodynamics for speed, while rougher sports like kite surfing get an extra safety splint so the Restube will not open by accident while practicing the sport.

restube overview

Restube Products in 2021

Restube: your new number 1 life saver on the water! 1

Material: Nylon / TPU
Weight: 240 g
Size: 14 × 6 × 5 cm

Restube Basic

The Restube Basic is the cheapest version of the Restube for your basic safety needs.

You wear it around the hips and is quickly and easily inflated by pulling the cord.

The basic option without any of the frills.

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Restube: your new number 1 life saver on the water! 2

Material: Nylon / TPU
Weight: 260 g
Size: 14 × 6 × 5 cm

Restube Classic

The Restube Classic has a small pouch integrated and also included a whistle, so you can always call for help if needed.

Just like the Restube Basic this can be worn around the hip and it quickly inflates in emergencies.

In contrary to the Restube Basic the Classic can be aligned either horizontally or vertically.

Restube: your new number 1 life saver on the water! 3

Material: Nylon / TPU
Weight: 300 g
Size: 25.4 × 2.5 × 19 cm

Restube With a Dry Bag

The Restube Dry Bag combination is perfect for light paddling or swimming when you need to take small possessions on board like keys or phone but you can’t take a lot of baggage with you.

It has everything a classic restube has, and it is also mountable and can be inflated all the time for safety in all situations.

Restube: your new number 1 life saver on the water! 4

Material: Nylon / TPU
Weight: 210 g
Size: 12 × 6 × 4 cm

Restube Swim

The Restube Swim also has all the functions of the Restube Classic, but has been reduced in size and weight.

As swimmers want maximum speed this is a more compact version of the Restube Classic that still has all its functions.

For sports like swimming, triathlon and open water swimmers where speed in the water is more important.

Alright, that’s it folks! What a list this was 😅. Check out the Restube that suits your activity best and get out on the water safely today!

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