Custom Paddle Boards: Make It Unique, Make It The Best!

Custom paddle boards? Is that a new trend emerging in the water sports world? Let’s see what custom stand-up paddle boards really means and what brands are the best in customizing your SUP!

custom paddle boards
Friends paddling on custom SUP boards

Stand-up Paddle Boarding is the world’s newest and fastest-growing water sport. It’s also known as paddle surfing or SUP, which stands for “Stand Up Paddling.” The possibilities are endless with Stand Up Paddleboarding.

If you want to ride with waves, it’s a blast! If you want to explore and paddle beautiful flat-water lakes, it’s also a great adventure! As a result of this, some SUP brands are coming up with new ways to stand out a paddleboard in terms of quality, design, and function.

How Can A SUP Brand Stand Out From The Crowd? 

Let’s face it, there are a lot of great SUP brands on the market that produce high-quality, well-designed paddleboards. To stay ahead of the competition, a company must come up with novel ways to promote its brand.

A brand must first make certain that every upgrade will be one-of-a-kind.

Every innovation has a single goal: to generate positive word of mouth among current and potential customers.

As SUP enthusiasts, how will they make a stand-up paddle board that is different from others?

SUP brands have a distinct look and feel with their product. But what about a SUP brand that creates custom paddle boards? This isn’t a standard feature for all brands, and the fact that it can be customized sounds intriguing!

If you want a custom paddle board, look for a company that specializes in it. I’m sure there are plenty of SUP boards out there with great performance, designs, colors, and quality! But, if you have the opportunity to customize your paddleboard, why not go for it?

A custom stand-up paddleboard will take your paddleboarding to the next level! It’s cool to enjoy the waves and have a custom paddle board that reflects your personality.

What is a Custom Paddle board?

Custom Paddle Boards: Make It Unique, Make It The Best! 1
Reviewing designs of custom stand up paddle boards

A customer can make manual changes to the paddleboard to meet their needs or requirements, which is what a custom paddle board is. The design and color are completely under the client’s control.

Reasons Why You Should Own A Customized Paddle board

  • Take pleasure in the custom paddle boards’ one-of-a-kind appearance
  • Take advantage of the features that meet your specific requirements
  • Participate in the design process with pleasure
  • Take pleasure in innovating
  • Because of the way you customized it, the paddle board has more value

Choosing A Design For Custom SUP

The possibilities for design and ideas with custom paddle boards are endless!!! You are free to be as inventive as you want. Designing is all about being creative and being yourself. And since it’s your paddleboard, you should make the most of it by coming up with ideas that reflect your personality

How are Customized Paddle boards Made?

Custom Paddle Boards: Make It Unique, Make It The Best! 2
Two customized paddle boards on the wooden jetty

There is no difference between a custom paddle board and a standard paddle board in terms of construction. The only difference is each client has the option of using their design, and color scheme.

All these custom paddle boards are meticulously finished by hand after being professionally designed on top-of-the-line CAD software to ensure consistency.

And of course, the whole procedure is tailored to the rider’s budget and preferences.

What Is The Best SUP brand for Custom Paddle boards?

If you decided to get one, the most important thing is to find a reputable SUP company that can provide you with a high-quality paddleboard that is also functional, safe, and of good quality. Choose a brand not only because they offer customization features, but also because their paddleboards are of excellent SUP quality!

Custom SUP boards
Man and woman standing on their custom SUP boards on lake

When it comes to custom SUP features, Goosehill is my top choice! The Goosehill has one of the best innovations in terms of SUP! Goosehill is a market-leading inflatable SUP manufacturer whose product line includes not only standard inflatable SUPs.

The brand caters to custom paddle boards made entirely according to customers’ specifications. Goosehill’s marketing of their customized paddleboard connects with their customers, allowing them to evolve and meet their customer’s needs.

Goosehill aims to interact with its clients in a way that creates a genuine connection by paying attention to their interests, personalities, and preferences through a custom SUP board feature. A custom stand up paddle board will have more value because it was designed by the client and there’s no other one like it on the market!

Goosehill, I believe, has one of the highest quality inflatable paddle boards that would be ideal for your needs.

They offer a complete inflatable paddleboard customization service! Please keep in mind that this feature is not available on all SUP brands! Their boards are built to last and deliver excellent performance!

You can look at their website product page and read reviews from previous customers. They have a lot to offer, including a custom SUP board that you should not miss! Make your paddleboard stand out on the water while you stand on it!

Make your custom stand-up paddleboard one-of-a-kind and express yourself through your paddleboard. Of course, the design of the board will be decided by you! You can use any patterns or photos to decorate the board on both the front and back, whether it’s a family photo full of fond moments or a photograph that captures a memorable moment in your life.

Goosehill will provide you with a variety of SUP board models in various shapes and sizes that you can personalize. On both the front and back of the board, you can put whatever you want on the white area.

You can select from a variety of inflatable SUP board models for your custom paddle boards. Whether you are paddle racing, touring, doing yoga, or fishing, your board can be uniquely customized with all quality standards in mind.

How To Start Customizing Your SUP?

  1. Go to their website Custom Paddle Boards – goosehill (
  2. Place your order.
  3. Get in touch with them and inform them how you want your paddleboard to be customized. Let your personality shine on through your design.
  4. You will get an estimation on manufacturing and shipping.
  5. Then wait for your SUP board patiently (I know I could never wait patiently for such a masterpiece ;-P )
Goosehill SUP waiting to be customized
Goosehill SUP waiting to be customized

You can use the white area on both the front and back of the board to add any patterns, logos, or even photos. You will have no trouble contacting their website if you have any issues because they have chat support customer service that will ensure that all of your questions are promptly answered!

Styles of Custom Paddle boards to Choose From

  • Kids 7’10” Γ— 28” Γ— 6”
  • All-Around 10’6” Γ— 32” Γ— 6”
  • Touring 12’6″ Γ— 32″ Γ— 6″
  • Touring 11’6″ Γ— 31″ Γ— 6″
  • Racing 12’6″ Γ— 26″ Γ— 6″
  • Racing 12’6″ Γ— 28″ Γ— 6″
  • Racing 14’0″ Γ— 26″ Γ— 6″
  • Racing 14’0″ Γ— 28″ Γ— 6″

These are some of the styles of paddleboards that you can customize. You can contact them if you would like to ask for other information about the custom paddle boards that they offer! They will answer all your questions via their chat support service! If you’re not sure how to design your custom SUP boards, you can look them up here for inspiration and ideas

Do you know what’s even better about Goosehill’s custom paddle boards? You won’t just get your custom SUP once you’ve paid for it! They also add the necessary accessories to get a complete SUP package!

Goosehill Custom Paddle boards Package Inclusions:

  • Paddle
  • A Double Action Pump
  • A Backpack
  • A Center Fin that can be removed
  • Repair Kit

Wow!!! Who wouldn’t want something like that? This one-of-a-kind paddleboard is well worth the money! Goosehill is indeed a great place to go for a custom paddle board! All of this is included in the package, along with a 3-year warranty!

It is well worth your money, and let’s face it, anything customized is costly! But here they’ll give you the best customized SUP package for the price of a regular one!

Color Scheme Ideas for Your Custom SUP

Custom SUP board color scheme
Custom SUP board color scheme

Blue is a soothing, relaxing color with its cool tones, making it an excellent choice for your custom paddle boards. Pastel shades like lavender and mint green, have a calming effect and can be paired with blue tones for a soft look. Check out this website for more ideas on the latest color trends this 2022 that you can incorporate into your custom paddle board!

Cleaning Your Custom SUP Board 

  1. Abrasive cleaners should be avoided in general because they can damage the deck pad and PVC. Not only in custom paddle boards but for all SUP in general.
  2. DO NOT use any type of cleaner to scrub or clean over-the-board graphics. There’s a chance your board’s finish, graphics, and logos will be harmed. Only use water and never anything abrasive in these areas.
  3. When cleaning, DO NOT position a rolled or folded board on its end. If an inflatable paddleboard is dragged, the folded edges are vulnerable to damage. Make it a habit to always place the board in the flat position.


Custom paddle board on a lake
Custom paddle board on a lake

So, is it possible to get custom paddle boards for the same high quality without paying a fortune? The answer is a resounding yes! With the information presented above, I’m confident that you believe it is possible! If I had to choose, I’d want a personalized paddleboard that reflects my personality and my passion for watersports!

I’d place an order right away! Thanks to Goosehill we have the opportunity to create custom paddle boards feature that showcase our creativity. This type of feature focuses on a company’s innovation. And you can’t go wrong with Goosehill as a SUP Brand! They are known for not only offering custom boards but also for having high-quality paddleboards that paddlers will enjoy!

I hope I’ve provided you with some exciting information! Do you have any other questions about custom paddle boards by Goosehill? If you have any additional inquiries about this blog post, please leave a comment in the section box below! You can also stay up to date on the latest water sports trends by following us on Facebook and Instagram! Happy Supping Everyone! 

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