Paddle board Accessories: the absolute must haves for 2024

Hello there, fanatic! Looking for some great paddle board accessories to make your paddling tour even better? In this guide I’ll show you some of the best must have accessories for stand up paddling.

I will not discuss any paddles, backpacks, or other essentials in this guide, since I assume you already own them.

Want to know what I’m talking about without scrolling all the way down? Here’s the list (click to scroll):

  1. Restube – for your safety
  2. Paddle board carrier
  3. Dry bag – to keep your stuff… you know… dry
  4. Paddle board seat
  5. Paddle board pump
  6. Waterproof phone case
  7. Paddle board anchor
  8. A cooler
  9. Bonus. Not telling you.

Safety first: Restube

When it comes to safety, I always recommend people to check out the Restube products. Personally, I don’t like wearing a life jacket. I’m a good swimmer and it just doesn’t feel nice being on the water with a life jacket on. However, sometimes the water can be unpredictable which causes you to fall off of your board. If you somehow end up hitting the board or a rock, problems will occur.

Restube is an inflatable back up for when things go wrong on the water. It’s perfect for every type of water sport, not only paddle boarding. You can easily attach it around your waist. If necessary, pull hard on the trigger and the Restube inflates. The product is reusable when you replace the gas cartridge. Very handy! Restube has as a large assortment. For paddle boarding, I would recommend buying the Restube Basic or the Restube Classic

Want to read more about Restube? Click the link to our Restube Guide.

Check out Restube Basic Price >

Check out Restube Classic price >

Paddle board Carrier

Do you find it difficult to carry the board to the water, or from your car to the beach? Lots of people do, so luckily there is a solution for this: the SUP carrier. It’s a simple, yet brilliant product that doesn’t even cost a lot of money (around $25) but will save you a lot of struggle. Are you using a hard board, or do you keep your paddle board inflated during the summer? Definitely buy a carrier if you have trouble carrying a paddle board.


Leashes save lives!

NIXY NEWPORT G4 paddle board
Paddle board leash

Always keep that in mind when going out paddling. Bluefin has an interesting option you can see below the image. It’s a leash that attaches to the waist instead of the ankle and I consider it a lot safer and a lot more comfortable and practical than the regular ankle-strap leashes.

Bluefin leash
Bluefin waist leash

Remember always to get a coiled leash. They are a lot safer and less likely to tangle up.

Dry bag

Yep, this keeps your stuff dry.

Do you want to bring you valuable possessions with you on the water? Perhaps your phone, keys, camera, or even clothes? Having a dry bag is the solution for this. These are light weight bags that keep your valuables dry. They come in different colors and sizes and are easy to carry. Most of the time they have adjustable shoulder straps but if you buy a small one, you can put them under the bungee cords of your board.

Tip: do NOT make the same mistake as I did, buying them for just a few dollars on a random market. A couple of years ago I forgot to bring my dry bag to my holiday destination and decided to buy one locally. This didn’t end up well. My passport got soaking wet and I had to throw away my phone.

Goosehill 3-pack Dry Bag

Goosehill dry bag
Goosehill dry bag – Orange color

The dry bag package of 3 by Goosehill includes lightweight bags made of 70D Nylon. With their seamless design and rigidity, the bags are perfect for all sorts of activities such as paddleboarding, backpacking, hiking, camping, trekking, kayaking, and anything else where you’re active and you want to protect your valued belongings.

Goosehill dry bag
10L Goosehill Dry Bag

They come in three different colors and three different sizes: 5L, 10L, and 20L. The bags are waterproof, and you can easily roll their top and clip them to keep your belongings dry at all times.

Tired of the monochromatic design? Here Goosehill has more colorful options:

Paddle board seat

Imagine, the weather is perfect, you’re on a lake and want to relax for a while. What do you do? Yep, you sit down on your paddle board and start kayaking a bit. After a while your back starts hurting a bit, since you’re not comfortable.

Well, there is a solution for this: a kayak seat that can be mounted on your paddle board. This can be done very easily. You can attach the seat to the D-rings that are on (almost) every paddle board. Normally a seat has two straps in the front and two in the rear that give a wide range of adjustability.

I like sitting on my board every now and then. Being able to continue paddling in a comfortable way makes this one of my favorite paddle board accessories.

Tip: do you know there are SUP paddles that can be transformed into kayak paddles? The handle can be pulled off so that you can attach another blade. This will transform your paddle into a real kayak paddle. Nice huh 😊?

Paddle board pump
The Shark II SUP Electric Air Pump

outdoormaster pump
OutdoorMaster Electric Pump

Why would you pump your board manually when you can do it in a heartbeat with the OutdoorMaster high-pressure electric pump?

➡️ Don’t forget to use the code TOM30 to get a 30% discount on your order right now ⬅️

I used to do the same mistake and waste so much time and energy into pumping my boards, but upon finding this pump, I was thrilled to see how fast it goes. Now I can use that time to set up other things and spend my energy on what actually matters, and that’s paddling in the waters.

Waterproof phone case

Nowadays we no longer leave our house without our mobile phone. If you go paddle boarding, I would even recommend bringing your phone with you. If you run into trouble, at least you can contact someone to help you out. But not every phone is waterproof. I would therefore suggest to buy a waterproof phone case.

You can strap this bag around your neck, which is great if you’re wearing a bikini or a swim short. You can even use your phone while it is in the case. A great, handy must have product if you’re bringing your phone with you on the water (which everyone does).

Looking for a Dry Bag as well? Some Dry bags come with a free waterproof phone case! Click to scroll back up.

Paddle board anchor

You might have never thought about this, but an anchor comes in very handy every now and then. For people who like to be stationary for a period of time, a paddle board anchor is great. You can use this anchor for multiple purposes, like:

  • While SUP fishing
  • While practicing paddle board yoga
  • While resting / relaxing on the water
  • If you want it to be stuck at the waterfront

You can also attach the anchor to your kayak, if you own one. Try one and see for yourself how many times you use this. Believe me: it will me be more often than you think.

A cooler

Paddle board Accessories: the absolute must haves for 2024 26

If you’re not paddling to set a new speed record but like to relax on your paddle board during a Saturday, you CAN NOT go without bringing a cold beverage. Keep your drinks ice cold during your paddling adventures and bring along a cooler.

The bag works with suction cups but they only work well on a hardboard. If you’re using an inflatable board, use your bungee cords. It is big enough to use it as a lunch box or for picnics. The bag also comes with a shoulder sling to set your hands free.

Since I’m using my paddle board mainly to relax and enjoy the water, I absolutely love this product. Nothing like cracking open a cold drink while enjoying sunset on the water.

Paddle board accessories: Bonus!

I laughed myself to tears when I first saw this product. After thinking about this for a while, I realized: this is just awesome! I don’t have kids (yet) but I can imagine paddle boarding with your offspring is one of the most fun things to do. To convince them to go on a trip with you: do this by transforming your paddle board into a Dolphin (or Duck, Orca, Shark or Swan)!

One small problem. If you’re outside the US it looks like you have to pay shipping costs. Quite a bit (around $20). If you don’t care about that, this is a no brainer! Right?


There are a lot of great gadgets that make your paddle board adventure even better. I’m very curious to what you guys bring along for a day of paddling! Drop a message below or send me a picture on Facebook or Instagram and let me know if I missed a must-have paddle board accessory!

Oh and by the way: as you may have already noticed… English is not my native language. Did you see any mistakes, please let me know. I’d be happy to correct it. Thanks a lot! 🤙

Frequently asked questions about paddle board accessories

What is the Restube, and why is it important for paddleboarding safety?

Restube is an inflatable backup safety device that you can easily attach around your waist. It inflates if necessary, providing extra buoyancy and safety in case of emergencies on the water.

Which Restube model is recommended for paddleboarding?

For paddleboarding, the guide recommends the Restube Basic or the Restube Classic.

What is a paddle board carrier, and why should I consider getting one?

A paddle board carrier is a handy accessory that makes it easier to transport your paddle board to and from the water. It is especially useful if you have a hard board or prefer to keep your inflatable board inflated during the summer.

Can you recommend some paddle board carriers and their prices?

Yes, the guide recommends SUP-NOW Paddleboard Carrier, Gradient Fitness Kayak/Paddle Board/Surfboard Shoulder Strap, and Jinvun Paddle Board SUP Strap. Prices may vary, so check the latest prices online.

How important is a paddle board leash for safety?

A paddle board leash is crucial for safety, as it helps prevent you from getting separated from your board. The guide suggests using a coiled leash for added safety.

What is the purpose of a dry bag, and why is it necessary for paddleboarding?

A dry bag is essential for keeping your valuables dry while paddleboarding. It’s recommended for storing items like your phone, keys, camera, or even clothes.

Are there any tips for selecting the right dry bag?

The guide recommends avoiding cheap, low-quality dry bags and investing in a quality option. It also suggests choosing a dry bag with adjustable shoulder straps for convenience.

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  1. While stretching on my ISUP, I attach my paddle with a velcro strap and that clips to my board so I don’t have to worry about it sinking or floating away.
    Paddle grips take the pressure off your hands so they are not sore the next day. Need help getting on your board after falling off, attach handles *(like the middle grip on every board) with marine glue at a angle so you have two points to pull yourself up and out of the water. A triple pump to inflate your SUP faster

  2. Love our new Beyond Marina paddle board. Unfortunately the grandkids left the board out overnight & now we are missing the main front Finn. Where can we buy a replacement.

  3. Love this post! As a paddle boarder, I can attest to the importance of having the right accessories. The one thing I wish I had known when I first started is that a good paddle bag is essential. It keeps my paddle organized and easy to transport, and it’s so much more convenient than trying to stuff it in the car. Definitely adding a paddle bag to my must-have list. Thanks for sharing!

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