Best Women’s Wetsuit – How To Stay Safe On The Water [2023]

silver medal
Best Thick Wetsuit

O' Neill Womens Epic

The O'Neill Epic 4/3 mm Full Suit has LSD or seamless lumbar design with fewer panels to avoid chafing and rashes as well as a re-engineered covert blackout zip.
O' Neill Epic Wetsuit
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★ Best Value

O' Neill Womens Reactor 2

This wetsuit offers the perfect balance of high-quality, durability, and performance
O' Neill Womens Reactor 2
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Best Style

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol

This womens wetsuit uses the lightest, most flexible, warmest Neoprene available from Rip Curl thanks to its stretchy 3/2 mm Neoprene that is durable yet flexibly.
Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Wetsuit

A list of our top 7 womens wetsuits to stay safe when in water [2023]

Once you try paddling or surfing, if you are anything like me, you know you are hooked for life. However, we in the northern hemisphere are quite limited to only a few months of enjoying the water all day long truly.

However, if you own a wetsuit, you can practically go into the water for swimming, surfing, paddling, or scuba diving whenever you feel like it.

This piece of equipment is there to keep you warm even when wet, so you don’t die of hypothermia in the cold waters. With that said, in this article, we are going to talk about the 7 womens wetsuit picks, but if you want to know more about wetsuits in general and when they were invented, or why we need them, you are welcome to take a look at this post.

If you are still hesitant about buying a womens wetsuit and you think you can get away without one, let me try to change your mind by telling you all about a womens wetsuit and the benefits of owning one.


Why are womens wetsuits needed, anyway?

Well, although adults can withstand lower water temperatures, being in the water of 22 degrees Celsius or below becomes a drag even before the first wind blows. That way, learning a new water sport or simply enjoy paddling with friends won’t be so enjoyable anymore.

But with a wetsuit that feels like a second skin on you keeping you nice and warm, the situation suddenly becomes much, much better.

Womens wetsuits nowadays can be found in multiple models and styles as well as thicknesses, so you have the freedom to choose the right one for the expected water conditions.

Without keeping you away from the top 7 picks of wetsuits for women, if you want to understand why you need a wetsuit truly, I will take you back to read how wetsuits work.


If you read that article, you will have a much better understanding of how wetsuits work. To summarize, for the sake of being practical and in case you haven’t had the chance to read the article I linked, here is an overview of how wetsuits work.

You see, when it comes to water and staying at a comfortable range of temperature, insulation is everything!

So, when we think of the second law of thermodynamics, it tells us that heat flows from warmer objects to colder ones and not vice versa. For instance, when the air temperature outside is 10°C, and your body is at 36°C, your body’s heat will travel towards to colder air, which will result in you feeling cold rapidly.

The same rule applies when you are in cold water.

Now, back to insulation and how it can save you from freezing and catching a cold. Namely, insulation is trapping warm air between layers of materials. We do this when we put a few layers of clothing on us, or we do it with Neoprene – a popular material used for wetsuits.


Neoprene, what?

Neoprene is a must-have in a wetsuit today. Without digging too deep into the chemistry of it, you should know that Neoprene, in womens wetsuits, is a carbon-based organic chemical-filled nitrogen gas bubbles inside. It is made of repeating building blocks called monomers, which trap heat more efficiently than any other material, even rubbers.

What to look for when buying a womens wetsuit?

Apart from the model and sizing that you pick, look for these layers most typically found in a wetsuit:

  • A layer of nylon or other soft fabric will stop the Neoprene from rubbing and chafing onto your body. It would be even better if you get yourself a separate rash west that will provide some extra insulation and keep the Neoprene away for a more comfortable feeling.
  • A thin layer of a heat-reflecting material such as titanium, copper, silver, magnesium, or aluminum. These will bring back the heat as it leaves the body towards the colder water.
  • A thick layer of Neoprene contains bubbles of nitrogen which trap warm air and prevent it from leaving into the water. As I said before, this is one of the essential segments of a wetsuit.
  • A durable outer finishing that repels water and is abrasion-resistant.

A Summary of How a Womens Wetsuit Works

First off, a womens wetsuit traps the body’s warmth and does not allow it to leave so easily thanks to the Neoprene and the heat-reflecting materials. The thickness of the wetsuit will determine whether those wetsuits for women can protect you from cold waters. So the thicker the suit is, the colder the water can be.

For more on the warmth and temperature of wetsuits, check out this wetsuit temperature guide.

The second benefit of a womens wetsuit is the buoyancy it adds to the water. There are air bubbles built in that keep you warm but also keep you afloat on the surface easily, which helps in the protection and safety when in water.

Lastly, a womens wetsuit will give you higher hydrodynamics due to its SCS or Super Composite Skin coating. This coating is added to repel water from the surface of the suit allowing you to be lighter and faster in the water.


Sizing and Putting a Wetsuit on

If you want to preserve your womens wetsuit for as long as possible and not damage it after a month of use, then you need to pick the right size for you but, even more importantly, to learn how to put a wetsuit on. This is key because otherwise, you will be putting too much pressure on the seams, and you might damage them prematurely. Check how to properly put a womens wetsuit on without damaging it.

Furthermore, getting the sizing right also plays a vital role in putting the wetsuit on as it should be. So, before moving onto the list with the 7 best womens wetsuits, let’s briefly discuss sizing and wearing a wetsuit.

The two most important references in the sizing of a womens wetsuit are your height and weight.

Then you have the chest dimensions. These also need to be fitted correctly so that the wetsuit doesn’t press you or fits loosely. If you get the chest size wrong, you will probably have a tough time getting into the wetsuit, or it could feel significantly constricting in the arms, which will not be ideal for paddling or any other activity in the water.


One of the two scenarios are possible when you don’t get you wetsuit sizing right.

  1. If you get a poorly-fitted wetsuit and it is too small, you will find your movement restricted, and you will not be as comfortable as you should be.

    – In this case, you won’t be able to wear anything below the wetsuit, and here you can see why I recommend wearing undergarments (read my article “What to Wear Under a Wetsuit”), then a suit too small will start rubbing against the skin and chafing.

    – Plus, when putting on a wetsuit that’s too tight, a lot of stress is placed on the internal seams causing them to leak and break down faster and thin out the Neoprene.

  2. On the other hand, if your women’s wetsuit is too big, then it will be easy for you to put it on, but the whole water leakage system won’t work correctly.

    – Instead of letting a little bit of water inside and not flushing it out in order to warm you up, it will continuously be flushing out the warm water and letting new cold water in. That would be as if you aren’t wearing any suit at all.

Note that a wetsuit loosens after a few times of wearing it, so keep that in mind when buying wetsuits for women so that you don’t buy one that is too loose.

The Most Popular Brands for Womens Wetsuits



O’Neill is originally a Californian surf wear, and a surfboard brand started in 1952 by Jack O’Neill. The man perfected the first wetsuit in the 1950s, and since then, O’Neill has been at the forefront of not just developing high-performance wetsuits but surfing as a whole.

Being popular for almost 70 years now, the brand has expanded towards a clothing line, but they have also perfected their water suits line for men, women, children, and plus-size models.

Combining a classic feel with groundbreaking technologies at its exclusive Area 52 facility, O’Neill is always ahead of the game when it comes to wetsuit feature possibilities. You can learn more about the company here.



Founded in 1963 by Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin, SCUBAPRO is among the icons in dive equipment. They build their models inspired by and for those who find their passion below the water’s surface.

SCUBAPRO today is the industry’s gold standard for innovation, performance, reliability, and durability.

The company’s products blend advanced technologies with intuitive, sophisticated designs, allowing divers to focus on their dive experience, not their gear. Apart from wetsuits and other divewear, this company develops regulators, dive computers, BCDs, and thermal protection, along with a full line of scuba masks, fins, snorkels, gear bags, and scuba accessories.
You can learn more about the company here.



From humble beginnings – founder Gordon Merchant started making board shorts in his home – Billabong has grown into a worldwide brand that offers a full range of gear for surfers. With their advanced technologies and intuitive, sophisticated designs, Billabong means quality, durability, and a commitment to board sports. You can learn more about the company here.



For over a decade now, Seavengers is committed to producing high-quality, durable dive and surfwear that takes adventure to the next level. Among the surfing and water sports-loving community, they are a trusted and well-known brand that puts safety as the vanguard in their designing process. Their water gear is dependable but stylish, and everyone can find their own favorite piece of equipment. You can learn more about the company here.


Rip Curl

Founded in 1969 in Torquay Australia by Brian Singer and Doug “Claw” Warbrick, Rip Curl is one of the world’s most recognized and respected brands. It has been at the forefront of the surf and snow scenes since its creation.

Rip Curl is a designer, manufacturer, and retailer of surfing sportswear and accompanying products. It has also become a major athletic sponsor. The company has become one of the largest surfing companies in Australia, Europe, South America, North America, and South Africa. You can learn more about the company’s history here.

Womens Wetsuit Pick: The 7 Best Wetsuits for Women


O’Neill Women’s Reactor-2 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

If you are looking for just the perfect balance of high-quality, durability, and performance, the latest version of the upgraded Reactor-2 is your best pick when it comes to buying a solid womens wetsuit.

With its Neoprene and smart mix of other materials, this womens wetsuit offers the right blend of stretch and durability. This means that you have a wetsuit engineered for performance that won’t hold you back and limit your movement in all your water endeavors.

An upgraded version of the much-loved Reactor line, the Reactor II is a womens wetsuit with wind-blocking smooth skin panels in the chest and back. These will keep your core reliably warm, no matter the water temperature or the conditions outside.

Then, there is the user-friendly back zip entry, which ensures quick and easy entry and exit of the womens wetsuit.

Let’s take a quick look at all the features the Reactor-2 womens wetsuit has to offer.

Key Features
  • Back zip for easy changing
  • Strategic seamless paddle zones for the utmost protection of every part of your body
    It has an ergonomic, seamless undersleeve panel that allows for unrestricted motion, and it stops rashes from appearing. This flexible and unique design had minimized seam placement to maximize comfort.
  • Wind-proof smooth skin material that won’t limit your movement
  • UltraFlex combination: The stretch factor is 150%
  • Kyptro knee pads
    These are abrasion-resistant pads that have a high-stretch neoprene panel with ergonomic shaping for comfortable durability. It also has an extended knee pad for added durability.
  • Flatlock-stitched breathable seams
    This is the most popular method of sewn construction. The stitch uses 4 needles and 6 threads and works by overlapping the neoprene panels and sewing them together. It is a strong stitch and is very comfortable because it is flat, but it is not a sealed seam, so it is not intended for icy conditions.
  • 100% UltraFlex DS neoprene – a high-quality, performance-oriented super-stretch neoprene with a durable outer skin that resists velcro pulls and snags.
  • High-quality fabric blend
    This is a 3/2mm Ultra Flex, Fluid Foam Neoprene. A combination of mesh smooth skin with fluid foam neoprene and chest & back Dry seal smooth skin with fluid foam neck. It is designed with a YKK back zip system.
Performance Features
  • If you capsize in chilly water, the smart material blend allows for protection against evaporative heat loss minimizing the chances for hypothermia.
  • High-stretch 3/2mm neoprene forms to your body for a flexible, seamless fit.
  • Minimal flat-seam construction prevents chafing and rashes.
  • With its flexible Neoprene in sleeves and shoulders, you aren’t limited in your motion, and you have freedom of movement while paddling or surfing.
  • There are slightly thicker neoprene panels in the chest and back area for enhanced insulation.
  • The rear zipper secures fit, and a protective internal flap shields your skin from abrasion
  • Hook-and-loop neck tab and long rear zipper pull ease dressing
  • Abrasion-resistant, durable knee pads increase the life of the wetsuit and limit chafing
  • You have a practical internal key pouch to store your belongings securely away from water
  • Seamless paneling under sleeves promotes unrestricted motion and won’t irritate your skin

O’Neill recommends the Reactor 3/2mm Full wetsuit women use it for water temperatures ranging from 20°C to 26°C.

Abbs R., a verified customer, says:

“Loved that it kept me warm. Snorkeling in SoCal, water temp is around 60°+ this kept me warm and fit perfectly. I’m around 5’4″ and around 120/125. Be sure to follow the sizing directions, first true to weight and height recommendations. No awkward hugging around neck or chest. may not work for extremely curvy women, My chest and bottom are proportionate with my height.”


O’Neill Wetsuits Women’s Epic 4/3 mm Full Suit

It’s no coincidence this womens wetsuit is called epic. If you were impressed with the first Reactor-2 wetsuit for women, this would be even a better pick because of its thickness and the ability to withstand colder waters and outside temperatures.

Namely, it is again designed with the epic, 100% UltraFlex neoprene that the reactor has but in higher thickness, which is fantastic! Why? Well, because you get the same stretch that doesn’t limit your every move in water, but thicker and warmer for paddling and surfing in the colder months.

This womens wetsuit also has a double-seal neck closure that stops water from flowing in. This is a feature that many users tend to mistake for too tight of a neck closure, but that feeling goes away after a few tries of the wetsuit in the water. The UltraFlex neoprene conforms to your body after you wear it several times, and it fits like a second skin.

The O’Neill Epic 4/3 mm Full Suit womens wetsuit has LSD or seamless lumbar design with fewer panels to avoid chafing and rashes as well as a re-engineered covert blackout zip.

With all that said, let’s run a quick overview of the features this wetsuit for women has.

Key Features
  • Back Zip – Easy Entry
  • Strategic Seamless Paddle Zones
  • Double Super Seal Neck
  • External Key Pocket with Loop
  • Hand-Cuff Stitch Sleeve Anchor
  • Krypto Knee Padz
  • UltraFlex Neoprene
  • FluidFlex Firewall
  • UltraFlex Neoprene, combined with other high-quality materials, provides a stretch factor of 150% with a durable outer skin that resists velcro pulls and snags.
  • Kyptro knee pads act as abrasion-resistant pads made of high-stretch Neoprene designed to fit comfortably with their ergonomic shaping.
  • Flatlock-stitched breathable seams add durability. Namely, this is the latest sewing construction design with 4 needles and 6 threads and works by overlapping the neoprene panels and sewing them together.
    However, unlike with the Reactor-2 with a firm but flat stitch that is not intended for extremely cold conditions and water temperatures, this type of Flatlock-stitched breathable seams are designed to keep the cold water from flushing your suit.
  • This suit is designed with YKK back zip system.
Performance Features
  • Ultralex Neoprene is ultra-stretchy and super soft, offering flexibility, durability, a great feel, and high performance. It doesn’t limit your moves in water, no matter the thickness.
  • 4/3mm FluidFlex (TM) Firewall for a warmer and lighter suit. This firewall interior chest panel protects your core against losing body temperature and adds extra warmth
  • Glued and blind-stitched seams lock out the water and protect against flushing out
  • Lumbar Seamless Design with glued and blind-stitched seams
  • Double Super Seal Neck, Re-engineered Glued-In Covert Zip
  • Updated Velcro Closure System

All in all, this is a very versatile multi-sport womens wetsuit that can be used throughout the year in colder waters. It’s very user-friendly with its smart zipper design and the unfinished leg openings along with the external key pocket.

Alison Fuji, a verified customer, says:

“Another reviewer mentioned that this wetsuit is very tight and choke-y around the neck. It was originally a bit uncomfortable around my neck too, but after a couple wears it is totally comfy, not too tight, and it’s still a tight seal keeping water out!

Aside from the neck issue, I have no problems with this womens wetsuit. I was out surfing in December with this bad boy and I’m toasty! Granted, I’m in southern California so the water isn’t freezing, but anyway it works for me.

Wrists and zippers in the back are pretty locked down so I don’t get a rash of cold water when I wipe out, like always happens with my old Rip Curl 3/2. I think this is because the arms are longer with this wetsuit than with my Rip Curl one, which is great because I have really long monkey-arms. The Neoprene is soft and stretchy and pretty easy to get on and off.

I also really like the key pocket thing on the back of the right calf. I like that it’s on the outside but it has a little elastic band to secure the key. This womens wetsuit is comfortable because it’s not inside the suit pressing on you, and it’s convenient and secure.”


Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Wetsuit for Women

Constructed with the innovative E5 Neoprene with 3/2 E4 Thermoflex and 3/2 E5 taping plus a delicate paneling pattern to achieve high performance, this womens wetsuit will conform to your body like a second skin. This design will give you a feminine shape without compromising movement.

The Rip Curl womens wetsuit uses the lightest, most flexible, warmest Neoprene available from Rip Curl thanks to its stretchy 3/2 mm Neoprene that is durable yet flexibly.

With all that said, let’s run a quick overview of the features this wetsuit for women has

  • Designed with soft internal lining on the front torso and lower back, this wetsuit repels water away effectively from your body. It maximizes heat retention and limits the loss of your body temperature due to cold waters.
  • Glued and blind-stitched seams enhance stretch and prevent water penetration so that you don’t have water coming in regularly and flushing your warm water away. The taped seams in high water-penetration areas increase comfort and enable you to surf or paddle unobstructed.
  • You get adjustable collar seals at the neck, which help in the reduction of water entry.
  • The internal barrier blocks water and works on reducing the shock of cold water flushes that may occur when first entering the water.
  • There are seamless panels on undersleeves and around shoulders that promote free motion. This way, chafing and rashes of any kind won’t occur, and there is nothing that can irritate your skin.
  • This womens wetsuit is designed with durable knee pads that are abrasion-resistant and increase the life of the wetsuit and protect your knees from scratching and injuries
  • You get excellent security through the external zippered key pocket. It is easy to access and completely water-free.
  • Sealed cuffs reduce water penetration and increase comfort.
Performance Features
  • The Rip Curl womens wetsuit is made to withstand any water sports activity by supporting free movement, high performance, and durability. So, no matter whether you are surfing, snorkeling, doing paddle sports, kayaking, and even lake activities like water skiing or wakeboarding, or simply swimming, this wetsuit for women will be there to protect you.
  • Due to the premium E5 high-stretch, lightweight Neoprene, this wetsuit offers 30% more stretch, 20% lighter, and is 10% warmer than the E4 Neoprene of the previous wetsuit editions.
  • The way this Rip Curl, womens wetsuit, supports comfort and flexibility is through the supremely comfortable E5 flash lining and tape that add high stretch and performance.
  • This suit has a compression fit and stretches for optimal comfort out on the water.
  • The easy entry ensures that this suit is user-friendly and avoids overstretching of certain parts while putting on that later on may lead to untimely damages. This easy-entry on the womens wetsuit is provided by the zippered chest entry, making it easy to put on, even easier to take off.
  • The secure chest zippers will close you inside the suit and keep you locked in and aerodynamic for every wave.
  • The E4 Thermo lining provides high stretch and warmth. The Rip Curl surfing wetsuit with stress point taping is optimal for durability and strength.

Trystan, a verified customer, says:

“Love the style! Fits well! Had to order a bigger size. I am 5’5″, 122lbs and needed a size 10. Ordered the 8 but the neck was too tight and cutting my air. This one fits perfect! Ordering another for my daughter soon!”


Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 2/2 Long Sleeve Springsuit Wetsuit

If you are looking for the same quality and comfort as the long sleeve full suit by Rip Curl in the wetsuit above, but you want a spring suit for warmer weather and water temperatures, then this Rip Curl womens wetsuit with shorts is a great alternative!

With the suit’s 2mm E5 Ultralite neoprene, you have the utmost flexibility and freedom for movement on the water. Not to worry, though, even though this suit is with shorts, it has E-Stitch stretch seams that are specifically designed to minimize water penetration without limiting mobility.

Then, there are the mesh leg seals that lock down the leg openings at mid-thigh, which stops the water from entering and flushing you. Also, the extra-secure zipper features a batwing panel at the neck that protects against flushing, keeping the cold water out and the warm in.

With all that said, let’s run a quick overview of the features this wetsuit for women has.

Key Features:
  • Includes our back zip entry system
  • Includes E-stitching, which is our super lightweight stretch seam construction
  • Features mesh leg seals to ensure no water entry and provide additional warmth
  • 2mm E5 Ultralite neoprene gives you the highest flexibility and freedom for movement, no matter the activity in water.
  • E-Stitch stretch seams that limit water flushing without limiting your mobility.
  • Mesh leg seals constructed to lock down the leg openings at mid-thigh. This stops the water from entering and cooling you down.
  • Extra-secure zipper features a batwing panel at the neck. This protects you from flushing through the zipper.

MissyMay, a verified customer, says:

“I really like this wetsuit. I looked at others but decided on this one. I made a good choice! First off, the fit is comfortable, with no pinching. I have long arms, and the sleeve end makes it to my wrist, which is great!

The material is good and the zipper is heavy duty and will last for many uses. The fit is stylish and it looks good on. The stitching is also sturdy and well done. I use it when I go to mountain lakes and it has kept me warm. This is a well-made item. Also, the company has great customer service!”


Billabong Women’s Synergy 3/2

Durability and performance meet in Billabong’s superior back-zip wetsuit. In addition to the premium Superflux neoprene and GBS sealed seams, this wetsuit adds signature style lines with curved placement paneling and seams.

What users love most about this wetsuit is its practicality and form that adds warmth and flexibility without taking away good form and looks. This 3/2 Full suit has a back-zip entry that is user-friendly and makes putting on and taking off seamless.

It is made of the highest-quality AX2 Superflux neoprene with GBS sealed seams and internal pressure-bonded neo tape for utmost protection against water.

With all that said, let’s run a quick overview of the features this wetsuit for women has.

Key Features:
  • Premium 100% AX2 Superflex neoprene: light, flexible, and durable 3/2 full suit.
  • Triple-glued and blind stitched sealed seams.
  • Hollow fiber internal thermal jersey.
  • Contour collar for chafe-free surfing.
  • Strategic seam placement to maximize comfort and flex.
  • Back zip entry system.
  • Minimal logo heat transfers.
  • Internal key loop.
  • AX2 Superflex neoprene of 3/2mm that provides 250% stretch with excellent thermal retention. It is lightweight and flexible, so it doesn’t stop or limit your movement in the water.
  • Super-safe and durable seams that are constructed as triple-glued and blind-stitched seals that won’t allow for any water leakage or flushing.
  • Hollow yarn thermal lining at the chest and back to keep your core at an optimal temperature for the entire time you are in the water.
  • Wind-resistant mesh paneling on the chest and back for additional comfort while you are outside of the water in cold temperatures.
  • Optimal for 16 degrees Celsius – 19 degrees Celsius
  • Created with clean, contoured seams and optional color blocked panels.

Andrea F., a verified customer, says:

“I was very skeptical when I ordered this wetsuit because of the lack of reviews and a super low price. Fortunately, the wetsuit turned out to be exactly what is pictured and kept me toasty while out in the chilly Californian waters. It’s also very true to size considering a new wetsuit is going to feel very tight at first.”


Seavenger Alpha 3mm Neoprene Fullsuit Wetsuit

If you are someone who does a lot of swimming, paddling, or surfing throughout the year and you need a suit that is flexible but also durable, I warmly recommend the Seavenger Alpha.

My friends found this womens wetsuit extremely flexible. The manufacturer told me that it is because of the Super-stretch panels in the armpits that increase flexibility for swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. This full suit for women is practically made for active individuals who spend time in the water year-round.

The 3-millimeter neoprene fabric is lightweight, stretchy, and insulating, so when the water is 18 degrees Celsius or 65°F and up, you are good to go. This wetsuit for women and men will provide you with the utmost comfort and protection.

Key Features:
  • This womens wetsuit has premium neoprene holds up to the wear and tear of everyday use.
  • It retains body heat and keeps you comfortable when paddling or surfing.
  • Fits snugly, so it prevents water from flushing you and cooling you down.
  • The smooth seams of the womens wetsuit are designed to limit chafing and stop rashes from appearing on your skin.
  • Anti-abrasion paneling for a womens wetsuit that is extra tough for kneeling on boards in the water. And due to its solid design, you can wear it with BCD without the risk of damaging it.
  • Lightweight 3-millimeter neoprene fabric made to repel water and retain heat for the most comfortable experience in the water.
  • Constructed to feel like a second skin, this womens wetsuit won’t limit your movement in the water. The Seavenger JP5 creates a super snug fit that’s perfect for layering or wearing underneath a dry suit.
  • Seams are laid out smoothly, so any rubbing, chafing, or irritation is avoided. This wetsuit is the right one for you if you have sensitive skin.
  • It comes with an extra-long leash and sturdy zipper so that you can easily put the wetsuit on and take it off without damaging it or taking too much of your precious time on the water.
  • Designed with durable knee pads and shoulders so that you can kneel on boards or wear a BCD without damaging your suit.
Performance Features:
  • This wetsuit can withstand any water sport and any activity in water because it is crafted to last. Kayaking, wakeboarding, surfing, and scuba diving can all put a lot of wear and tear on your suit. Still, this wetsuit for women is designed to hold up to its promises thanks to the anti-abrasion layer of toughness that resists any friction of extra gear on top.
  • Comes in all shapes and sizes for any adventurous water sports lover. Available in shapes for both men and women as well as plus sizes, this wetsuit is built for going with the flow and moving with you through every wave.
  • Nothing can give you the freedom of movement like this womens wetsuit. It is made to limit chafing, and it is super-stretchy due to its high-flex neoprene panels for your best performance on the water.

Heidi, a verified customer, says:

“I wish I could add an extra star. I love this wetsuit. The water in Southern California is cold all year. This suit prolongs my snorkeling. I am 5’5 (well 5’4 3/4) and around 130lbs 34DD, and this suit, the size 5, fits like a glove. All the surf brand ones I’ve tried or had in the past are sooo crazy tight and uncomfortable up top. I can easily take this suit on and off myself and it seals nicely around my neck. It is great for swimming and doesn’t make you feel awkward like some suits do.”


Scubapro Women’s Definition Steamer 5mm Wetsuit

Winter surfing here I come! The Scubapro Womens Definition 5mm Steamer is a fantastic full-length wetsuit made from X-foam Material for cold waters.

It has specific padding and grips that create this fully flexible but very warm wetsuit that will keep you comfortable in any cold water doing any sport and activity.

The remarkable thing about it is that it is made to be friendly for the environment because the X-Foam Neoprene conforms to strict PAH guidelines producing less pollution, greater warmth, better stretch, and quick-drying material than the rest of the neoprene materials.

Key features:
  • Highly flexible and snug fit due to its Ultraspan chest panel and stretchy side panel design
  • Infrared fleece interior lining reflects body heat for extra thermal insulation
  • Zippered seals at wrists and ankles plus a rear diagonal zipper block water entry
  • Abrasion-resistant fabric on shoulders and seat, along with elbow pads and kneepads
  • Spine pad cushions the tank, providing additional comfort during extended dives
  • Titanium plush, StretchTec, and Ultraspan technologies unique to this brand make this womens wetsuit much warmer and comfortable to wear than similar 5mm wetsuits.
  • Designed with 3D cut minimalizes seams and optimizes fit because of the thinner sections in key areas to limit the obstruction of movement anywhere in the body. This way, you have more freedom to move even with a thick wetsuit like this one.
  • Slowed down water ingress thanks to the Glideskin Seals on the wrists and ankles. With that design, you can overlap gloves, boots, and hoods to cover everything and be warmer even in colder waters.
  • Designed with zips over the cuffs and ankles. This way, you can easily layer up clothing and overlap.
  • I-Grip straps on the wrist thread your computer strap through to stop them sliding down or rolling around your wrist, so your computer stays in place throughout the dive.
Craig JB, a verified customer, says:

“I owned a NW dive store for 24 years and was a dealer for many lines of equipment. After trying most everything available, the Scubapro Everflex suit was the #1 product I could offer my customers. My wife needed a new suit recently, and since I’m no longer in the dive business, I was happy to pay retail (for the 1st time since 1992) for this suit because she would be comfortable and warm. I have been cave diving in mine for many years, and couldn’t be happier.

Like I always told my customers: “Yes it’s expensive, but so is our precious vacation time, and every day in the water needs to go well. Don’t settle for anything but perfect.”

Other interesting articles:

Alternatives to the Wetsuit

If you are not ready to look for wetsuits for women drysuits can be a great alternative. Here’s a summary of what the main differences between wetsuits and drysuits are.

Both of these suits are made to keep you warm while in water. They both have differences in the way they do that, but the end goal is to stop the heat from leaving your body as rapidly as it would if you wore nothing.

So, the main differences in how each one keeps you warm come from the materials and the way of construction.

Wetsuits are made of rubber neoprene and are designed to keep you warm when wet. So, this means that you won’t be dry when in water. That is why, when it comes to wetsuits, the fitting and size are very important.

If you have a loose wetsuit, it will allow for more water than necessary to enter, and you will get cold much faster. However, if you have the right fit, you will find that wetsuits are ideal for cold water surf sports because they allow you to be more athletic than drysuits.

Drysuits, however,are fully waterproof, but if you use them alone, then they won’t provide much warmth. This is why wearing undergarments with drysuits is a must. Basically, your drysuit will act as a shell and keep you completely dry, but it will also fit loosely like a big ski jacket. This is why wetsuits allow for more movements and maneuvers in the water while drysuits are more suitable for diving.

For more on drysuits, you can check out this article I have previously written on the topic.


The Most-Commonly Asked Womens Wetsuits Questions

They say you are as good as your gear is for any sport out there, and from experience, I couldn’t agree more!

A wetsuit is one of the most invaluable pieces of gear when it comes to water sports; however, in order to make an informed choice and buy the right one for you, getting to know what truly wetsuits are about and how they work is key.

This is why I have comprised a list of the most commonly asked questions here on the website or offline about wetsuits from people who wanted to buy one for themselves or their family members.

1. What are wetsuits made of, and how do they work?

Wetsuits are tight-fitting, insulating garment made of Neoprene and other elastic materials for the most comfortable feeling and utmost protection from the water. They were first invented around 1930s, and you can read more about the history of the wetsuit here.

Neoprene consists of tiny nitrogen bubbles made to trap a thin layer of water between the skin and the suit, which is then warmed by body heat. This small amount of warm water then stays with you keeping your body temperature comfortable and at a safe range throughout the entire time you are in the water. You can read more about how wetsuits work here.


2. How do I take care of the wetsuit?

Wetsuit care is crucial in using your suit for a long time and getting the most out of it. Simply put, the better you look after it, the longer it will last you.

You can read the full article here on how to wash your wetsuit properly, but here is a quick rundown on the proper cleaning of your womens wetsuit:

  • Always rinse with fresh water after use
  • Hang to dry out of direct sunlight
  • Use a broad armed hanger to hang your suit; a narrow armed hanger will damage your wetsuit over time
  • If storing or transporting your wetsuit, roll it. Don’t fold it as folding will leave creases across the suit
  • Don’t dry in the tumble drier

3. How can I get the sizing of the wetsuit for women right?

Technically, there are some general sizing rules and information out there, but each manufacturer will have their own wetsuit size guidelines. This is why it is essential to consult the size chart of the brand you’re interested in before making a purchase.

The benefits of a good-quality and well-fitted wetsuit are numerous, which is why you truly need to take some time to look into the right fit for you.


4. Why should I wear a wetsuit at all?

  • Wetsuits keep you warm longer. No matter how warm the water may be, overstaying in water has its downsides, so you might get cold but won’t even feel it. This can be dangerous for your health because of hypothermia.
  • Wetsuits help protect your skin from the sun. Most of the wetsuits have UV protection, and they are the surest protection because SPF lotions wash off no matter how water-resistant they are. So, covering almost the entire body and repelling dangerous UV rays provides efficient sun protection.
  • Protection against sea animals. Wetsuits can effectively protect you from stinging sea critters like jellyfish and other unassuming sea animals that are commonly found near coastlines.
  • Abrasion protection. Wetsuits can also help protect your skin from abrasions that might happen in water from reefs, rocks, and even a sandy sea bottom.

5. What should I consider when buying womens wetsuits?

The nuances of wetsuits to keep in mind when buying one are numerous. So, for more of these and for more in-depth information on each point, you can check this comprehensive wetsuit guide.


6. What are the most common types of womens wetsuits?

Full wetsuit: This is a complete, long-sleeve wetsuit covering the body, arms, and legs. Ideal in cold water but also fit for warmer temperatures. They have different thicknesses, so be sure to check that too. Depending on where you will use it, you may not need such a thick suit that will limit their movement in the water. On the other hand, for cold waters, the thicker the wetsuit is, the better.

Shorty/Spring suit: These are the wetsuits that are cut above the knees and have short sleeves. Optimal for warmer temperatures and in-between seasons where body warmth is the most crucial issue.

Long John: Long John wetsuits are sleeveless, but they extend entirely over the legs. They are used in warmer weather conditions when extra mobility is needed in the upper body for swimming.

Separates: These wetsuits consist of two pieces divided at the waist. You can mix and match between long and short sleeves depending on activity and temperature.

7. How thick should my wetsuit be?

Womens wetsuits vary in thickness from a half millimeter to well over 5 mm, and you can find a lot of info on this here. You will find which thickness is for which weather and water temperature in order to choose what suits you the best.


8. How should a womens wetsuit fit?

If a wetsuit is too tight and thick, it will be overly restrictive for movement. However, if too loose, the neoprene will allow water to move freely in and out of the suit, defeating the purpose of trapping a little water to generate heat around the body. So, pick between fit and flexibility as it is important to get all the sizing right in order to help you feel best in water.

9. What is the best womens wetsuit design?

Different construction will impact the comfort and functionality of a wetsuit differently.
Types of wetsuit seams:

  • The over-lock seam construction is one of the usual causes of skin irritations, allowing water to move through the suit and flexibility constraints. This type of stitching causes an inward bulge along the seam, making them more likely to bother the skin and more susceptible to leakage. So, avoid if you have the chance.
  • The next is the flatlock, which is a much better type of stitching because it is made by stitching panels over the top of each other to create a flat, smooth seam that is less likely to irritate the skin and enables better flexibility.
  • The blind stitch, also known as GBS (Glued Blind-Stitched), connects panels with stitching inside the Neoprene and features a glue layer over the stitching to better secure the seam. In addition to glue, seams of any type may also be bolstered by tape or liquid sealant to protect against leaks.

So, out of these, I would say go for the flatlock in spring suits and with blind-stitch constructions for cold waters and overall wetsuits.


10. What is the best wetsuit zipper?

With zippers, you have 3 types to choose from:

  • The back zip is the traditional form of wetsuit zipper. It stretches from the collar down to the waist, and they bring the most comfort when putting your wetsuit on, although they are a bit restrictive overall and vulnerable to water entry.
  • Chest zip is a short diagonal or horizontal zipper in the front of the wetsuit. With such a zipper, you have higher flexibility and defense against water flushing through the suit. However, from experience, this may not be the best zipper for womens wetsuits because it gives you a hard time getting in and out.
  • No zip wetsuits are the best from a water defense standpoint and flexibility when the wetsuit is on. However, getting in and out will be a struggle more so than with the others.

In Summary

All in all, I hope by now you have gotten the chance to see how important wetsuits are with all the benefits they bring.

These 7 top womens wetsuits are truly top-notch on the market when price, flexibility, quality of materials, and functionality are taken into consideration.

And now that you know a lot more about wetsuits for women, what is your opinion on buying one? Which one would you go with?

Comment down below and tell me all about your experience with women’s wetsuits. You never know who you might help with your experience.

And, in the meantime, I’d love to connect with you on my Facebook and Instagram accounts for more cool tips and recommendations on water sports gear and wetsuits.

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