Mobo Board Review: Should You Buy It?

Mobo Board: A Great Addition to Your Home Gym!

With so many other balance boards on the market today, it is simply impossible to try them all or investigate each balance board that would suit your needs. There are several companies that you may not be aware of but are popular, particularly among sports athletes!

Jay Dicharry, the creator of the iconic Mobo Board, has gained popularity in the sports business. He has been conducting research and focusing on how to assist his clients. The main reason he has been so dedicated to this wobble balancing board is to keep people active, healthy, and injury-free.

Mobo Board may be an excellent training tool for athletes as well as people looking to stay active and healthy! The Mobo Board is intended to create superior foot control that is tailored to foot architecture. This board will assist clients in developing a performance-driven athlete-like routine.


  • Mobo Board guarantees Durable Construction
  • Hard-surfaced platform
  • Developed to replicate the pronation and supination axes in the subtalar joint
  • Can be used with bare feet
  • Challenging with One Foot balancing
  • Injury Prevention
  • Works intrinsic muscles
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Mobo board forces to stabilize your foot muscles
  • With 18 month’s warranty


  • Quite pricey
  • No larger size

Mobo board
Mobo board

Mobo Board: What Makes This Balance Board Stand Out

What distinguishes the Mobo board from other balance boards? This is considerably different from some of the wobble boards you’ll find on the market. The Mobo board is designed with the rider’s precision and control in mind when it comes to balance exercises.

If you execute the exercises consistently, you should see improvements in the muscles in as little as one week.

Mobo board
Mobo board

Only Your Big Toe

Note that there is a hole in the center. This is a hollow box under your little toes that allows you to avoid utilizing a gripping method and instead use only your big toe down to find stability.

This was specifically designed to avoid common injuries. Higher big toe activation equals more balancing power.

Mobo board
Mobo board

The Mobo board comes in only two sizes and is designed for men and women. Men’s 12.5, and women’s 6.5. To make your balance exercises more intense and focused, the Mobo Board ensures that you can use it without wearing shoes or socks and engage with just using one foot.

The Mobo board has a textured surface and finish for improved grip and control while balancing for best injury prevention.

Mobo Board believes that architecture improves your work and balance. As a result of its unique appearance and development through study, this Mobo board has received favorable comments from its users. Want to learn more to improve your balance? check out our article here!

 Not indicated
 Not indicated
 Not indicated
rider weight
Max Rider Weight
 250- 350 lbs / 113.3 kg - 158.7 kg
air pressure
Max Air Pressure
colour options
Board type
Wobble Board
Beginner / Advanced

Mobo Board Review: Should You Buy It? 3

Primary use
Balancing Board 

Mobo Board Review: Should You Buy It? 4

The Mobo board is lightweight and portable. However, I wish it came with a storage bag.

Mobo Board Review: Should You Buy It? 5

With its sturdy construction and design, the Mobo board is stable for one-foot use. It features a hole in the middle of the board, which makes it unique and allows you to manage it properly with its textured surface. This makes the board extremely stable, particularly with its axis mobility.

Mobo Board Review: My Personal Experience 

This board has caught my attention! The Mobo board is unique in that it features a hole in the middle. To be honest, based on my previous experience with other Balance board brand boards, I wasn’t expecting anything exceptional from this board. 

First and foremost, I read before making this purchase that this is best for riders who have ankle and foot injuries or who want to rehabilitate from lower leg ailments.

Mobo board
Mobo board

When I received the shipment, I tried it as quickly as possible, and I can see why this balancing board received such good marks.

This Mobo board, when compared to some of the balance boards I’ve tried, may be very expensive for some, but I’ve tried more expensive balance boards that provide the same performance.

Mobo board
Mobo board

I appreciated how this board takes up little floor space while providing numerous types of foot and ankle exercises. You can check their website for a variety of exercise recommendations.

The surface is textured rather than smooth. However, I don’t see any issue with that because I was able to obtain complete control of the board and stability.

The Mobo board rocks because it allows you to exercise your foot and ankle not only by standing but also by providing a precise range of motion to your body and muscles.

The Mobo board, you can do tricks with it. This was a bit difficult for me because you need to train your balance. After all, the Mobo board offers an axis of pronation and supination in your subtalar joint which is very realistic since that is how our foot moves.

The Mobo board teaches you a highly efficient movement from the ground up. The ability to balance benefit your hips, tendons and any pain you feel is supposed to disappear when you train enough and strengthen your core. The benefit of this movement is tremendous and you can expect great improvements in the quality of life in general.

Important Features of the Mobo Board

Mobo Board Review: Should You Buy It? 6


  • Solid Construction. It provides a hard-surfaced platform that is great for acquiring improved foot control. 
  • Firm Surface. Provides immediate feedback to your brain on the position of your foot. This is a component of the solution for better foot control and stability. 
  • Designed With Hollow Box. It prevents you from executing a gripping method and instructs you and your feet to force your big toe down into your arch for stability. More activation of the big toe implies more power. 
  • The axis of Motion. Mobo board is intended to simulate the pronation and supination axes in your subtalar joint. Let’s get your foot and ankle moving the way they were meant to. 
  • Use Your Bare Feet. It is best to train your body in the most natural environment possible, which is barefoot. 
  • Efficient movement. This tool reconnects the brain-body contact and allows you to stay healthy and mobile as you age.
  • Easy To Clean. A few wipes, a gentle soapy towel, or an alcohol solution will clean it. 
  • Warranty. Provides an 18-month warranty from the date of purchase.
Mobo Board Review: Should You Buy It? 7

Because of its hard surface platform, the Mobo Board is composed of bamboo, which makes it sturdy. This design provides exceptional stability and improves foot control.

Mobo Board Review: Should You Buy It? 8

When you buy the Mobo Board, you get an 18-month warranty. They also have a case-by-case return policy.

Mobo Board Review: Should You Buy It? 9

This Mobo Board is intended for people of all ages, but it is especially beneficial for people who have ankle and foot injuries. A fantastic board for rehabilitation. This tool will aid you with your training regimen. However, to achieve the best outcomes, you must be consistent.

Mobo board: In the package

Mobo board
Mobo board

When you buy the Mobo Board, you will receive a flat pack package including one MOBO with either a left or right foot, an easy-to-clean laser texture coating, two removable fins to modify the tilt, and a latex resistance band. If you’re looking for exercise guidelines, you can check out Mobo board website. 

Other Mobo Board Reviews

“You can feel the engagement of your big toe after the first use of this product. I wish I had discovered this product sooner.”

“Tools like the Mobo board can help you access long-lost muscles and tissues, but they work best as part of an overall lifestyle shift. One of the things I like about Jay is that he hasn’t lost sight of that and continues to educate the world about the importance of foot function. “

“The MOBO board is a pretty strong example of this, where there are plenty of times where more traditional, standard approaches to foot and ankle health will suffice, while there will be other times where the MOBO is going to shine like crazy.”

Frequently Asked Questions about the MoBo Board

What is a Mobo board?

MOBO Board is a brand that sells products such as balance boards. This was established by Jay Dicharry, who was inspired to create a balancing board for sports athletes after observing that athletes do not exercise with their feet as they do with the rest of their bodies. Until he came up with the Mobo Board! Jay lives by the adage, “If you’re going to compete, show up prepared.”

How to use MOBO boards?

Using the Mobo Board is quite challenging most especially for those who have no experience in balancing. The rough surface of the mobo board ensures complete control of the board when in use. The opening in the center accommodates your other 4 toes. This encourages you to experiment with balancing on your big toes.

What is a MOBO board good for?

The MOBO Board is a unique balance board that directly targets and improves your foot balance and efficient proprioception. MOBO’s Toe Box Technology and Anatomical Axis integrate with your foot’s structure to provide a stable arch for enhanced control.

Conclusion – Should I go for the MoBo Board?

Overall, I’m happy with my balance board and I definitely recommend the MoBo to anyone looking to improve their balance and coordination while strengthening core muscles.
It’s a great piece of equipment that can be used in various ways, and I’ve been enjoying using it as part of my workout routine.

Do you already have a MoBo balance board? Tell us about your experience in the comments section, and we’ll be pleased to read it! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on our latest postings and announcements!

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