12 Best Cheap Balance Boards Under $100!

Are you looking for the best cheap balance boards to add to your workout routine? This balance board training would be an excellent addition to your exercise regimen. Balance boards were originally developed for skiers and surfers to give them some off-season practice. However, this equipment has extended to all sports, whether athletic or non-athletic.

There are different balance boards on the market today, and each of these boards has its distinct design and purpose! If you’re on a tight budget, these are the best cheap balance boards you can buy. 

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of the best cheap balance boards available on the market today that are economical, sturdy, and useful! These are under $100 balance boards to consider if you don’t want to spend too much money but yet want a high-quality balancing board.

In a Hurry? The Test Winner After Hours of Research

URBNFit Wooden Balance Board 

12 Best Cheap Balance Boards Under $100! 1

Why Is It Better?

  • Affordable But Quality Balance Boards
  • Durable
  • Easy Glide Surface
  • With Non-Slip Grip Tape
  • Portable
  • Working the core as if you were in your local gym
  • With Free Mobile-Friendly Guide
  • Can Be Used by Kids and Adults

Everything We Recommend: Best Cheap Balance Boards

If you’re looking to invest in a balance board that you’ll have for years to come and can be used by all family members, take a look at the SyckTrix board!

URBNFit Wooden Balance Board

12 Best Cheap Balance Boards Under $100! 1
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 29″×11″ and is 3/4″ thickness
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs

Our top pick for the best cheap balance boards on our list is the URBNFit balance board! It is suitable for both children and adults to enhance core strengthening, improve balance, and improve motor skills.

This wooden balance board is made of durable material. This would allow you to use all of your muscle groups for a more dynamic workout! The balance board is also a multisport training tool that may be used to develop your skills in skating, snowboarding, skiing, and other sports.

The balance board is composed of high-quality, durable wood that will last a long time. When you buy this balance training board, you will be able to download a mobile-friendly training plan which is a bonus workout guide to begin practicing tricks! A fantastic balance board that is both affordable and functional! Well deserved to be on our list of best cheap balance boards!


  • Cheap balance board trainer
  • Durable
  • Versatile board
  • With Guide Sheet and Mobile App
  • Designed For Serious Athletes
  • Improves your range of motion
  • Easy Glide Surface
  • Perfect for your home gym
  • Adjustable Roller Stops


  • Not Beginner-Friendly 

Fitlaya Fitness Balance Board

Best Cheap Balance Board
Best Cheap Balance Board
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 29.1″x11″ 
  • Weight Limit: 350 lbs

The Fitlaya Fitness on our best cheap balance boards list is only for adults. It is not suitable for beginners or youngsters because it is difficult to use. However, you won’t notice the difficulties because you’ll be having fun while experimenting and balancing.

It will increase your balance and core strength once you become used to it. This handcrafted balance board is made of Canadian maple wood. It can hold up to 350 pounds and has a non-slip surface for grip and control.

If you’re into serious athletics, this is also a terrific addition to your professional training. The balance board is also portable, allowing you to use it wherever you like. Reason to be listed on our best cheap balance boards list.


  • With Anti-Slip Surface
  • With safety stoppers on each end
  • Sturdy Balance Boards
  • Challenging Balance Boards


  • Not Beginner-Friendly
  • Not recommended to use on hard floors/wood floors

Yes4All Adjustable Surf Balance Board

12 Best Cheap Balance Boards Under $100! 3
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 29.53″x11.22×5.12″ 
  • Weight Limit: 350 lbs

The Yes4all balance board is suitable for both children and adults, listed on our best cheap balance boards list. It deserves to be among the top 10 best balance boards. Because the stoppers are detachable and adjustable, you can put yourself to the challenge.

You can alter them using the three different levels and select your favorite based on your ability. It features a Peva Grip surface for improved grip and comfort. The anti-slip roller can be used without shoes and on any type of flooring.


  • Challenging Balance Board
  • With Removable stoppers
  • Adjustable Stoppers
  • With 3 different levels
  • With Special Peva Grip
  • Improves your range of motion
  • Quality Materials Used and Durable
  • Can be Used With or Without Shoes
  • Doesn’t Scratch Your Floors
  • Easy Glide Wooden Roller
  • Works on Different Types of Flooring


  • Not Beginner Friendly
  • Stoppers Issues
  • Quality Check Issues

BONA Balance Board Trainer

Best Cheap Balance Board
Best Cheap Balance Board
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 29.1″x10.8″ 
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs

The BONA balance board is also listed as one of the best cheap balance boards on the market! This is an excellent balance trainer for both recreational and competitive athletes of all fitness levels.

The board will present a significant challenge for your range of motion because it can be adjusted to three difficulty levels, but it is still an excellent balance board for both beginners and those with expert talents.

It offers a comfortable and long-lasting anti-slip surface and is suitable for usage without shoes. Because the balancing board is portable, it’s a no-brainer that you can take it anywhere. It’s also a versatile balance board that you can incorporate into your workout program by combining it with different workouts and by warming up with it, you can prevent injuries for your fixed base workouts. This might make your training more enjoyable and lively.


  • Can be used in any skill level
  • Rocker Board is more challenging
  • Unique Balance Board
  • With 4 adjustable stops
  • Good use for a wider range of motion
  • Can be switched to 3 different levels
  • Strong and Anti-slip surface
  • Comfortable to use with or without shoes
  • Portable and Functional


  • The seam on the Roller Issue

BECAPRO Balance Board Trainer

Best Cheap Balance Board
Best cheap balance boards – BECAPRO
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 29″x11.4″ 
  • Weight Limit: 500 lbs

If you’re a big guy, this can be the best balance board for you! This is an excellent balance and agility training board, made of high-quality materials and built to last.

The board is made of 11 ply cold pressed hardwood with an 18mm thickness. This board can support a maximum weight of 500 pounds! This balance board contains emery polishing paper to keep your feet from slipping and twin nonslip strips on the back.

The non-slip roller is suitable for all types of floors. If you enjoy surfing, seeing, skating, snowboarding, and other sports, this is an excellent fitness option!


  • It has a large weight capacity!
  • Durable Balance Board
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Lightweight but Super Heavy Duty Balance Board
  • With 4 rubber stoppers
  • Adjustable roller
  • It has 3 different levels
  • With back dual non-slip strips
  • Works on different types of floors


  • Quality Control For Some


Amazon Basics Wood Wobble

Best Cheap Balance Board
Best cheap balance boards – WOBBLE
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 15.75″x15.75″x3.15″
  • Weight Limit: 265 lbs

This Amazon Basic Wobble balance board is on our list of the best cheap balance boards available online for a reason. It has received great praise for its low price but high quality. It is a multifunctional wobbling board that is both utilitarian and enjoyable to use.

Kids can use this to enhance their core strength and coordination. It is composed of solid wood and has a non-slip surface to ensure control and grip while using it. Balance board on wheels!


  • Versatile wobble cushion balance board
  • Solid Wood Top
  • Non-slip surface to ensure grip
  • 360-degree wobble board
  • It can be used by kids
  • 20 degrees of tilt
  • No plastic or rubber odor
  • Easy to Store


  • Small balance board for some

FEZIBO Wooden Wobble Balance Board

Best Cheap Balance Board
Best cheap balance boards – FEZIBO
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 1.99″x11.8″ x2.17″
  • Weight Limit: 320 lbs

Looking for some fun at work? This FEZIBO standing desks wobble board is on our list of the best cheap balance boards and should be available to assist you in feeling less fatigued at work. It features an 8.5 tilting angle and allows you to stand while working.

This wobble board can help to decrease stress and relax your muscles. It can sustain a weight of 320 pounds. This wooden wobble balance board features a textured surface with massage points. With all these great characteristics, it absolutely deserves to be on our best cheap balance boards list.


  • It can be used as a standing desk mat
  • Great for beginners
  • Non-toxic and Odorless wobble board
  • Non-slip / Anti-scratch surface
  • Portable
  • With Massage Surface
  • 8.5-degree tilting angle
  • No assembly needed
  • It can be used with bare feet
  • A fun way to avoid workday stress while standing


  • Not challenging enough

BECAPRO Balance Board Trainer

Best Cheap Balance Board
Best cheap balance boards – BECAPRO
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 29″x11″ x5.5″
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs

The BECAPRO balancing board from our list of the best cheap balance boards will be an excellent addition to your fitness regimen, providing with a challenging workout and agility training. It is both crafter and durable, as well as portable.

It is constructed of 11 ply cold pressed hardwood. You have a great grip and can play safely and pleasantly. It is possible to clean it directly with lukewarm water and a little soap.

Yogis can also benefit from this equipment! It has three distinct levels that you can tune to your liking. This is a skateboard-style board that is ideal for practicing your surfing, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, and other sports skills! One of the best cheap balance boards to look out for!


  • For adults and kids
  • Durable and portable balance board
  • Excellent Skill board trainer
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • With non-slip emery polishing
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • With 3 different levels
  • With 2 wooden stoppers
  • Adjustable Stops
  • Works in different types of flooring
  • Versatile balance board


  • Not beginner-friendly

PLAY-IN-JOY Wooden Balance Board Kids

Best Cheap Balance Board
Best cheap balance boards – PLAY IN JOY
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 37″x37″ 
  • Weight Limit: 390 lbs

This is an excellent wooden balance board for both children and adults! It is one of the best cheap balance boards because it can support adults weighing up to 330 pounds. Because it is built of 13 layers of selected high-quality solid wood, this is a long-lasting and high-quality materials utilized balancing board.

terrific method to engage your children and allows them to be creative in how they use the balancing board other than for balance. This is a fantastic board for engaging with various activities and losing body weight!


  • Double-sided play for kids
  • 13 layers of solid wood support
  • Safe for kids
  • Adults can use this balancing board
  • Durable balancing board
  • Great use for yogis
  • Smooth surface and Skin-friendly


  • Wood peeling up issues for some

Yes4All Plastic Wobble Board

Best Cheap Balance Board
Best cheap balance boards – YES4ALL
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 16.22″x16.22″ x4.33″
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs

Size: 16.22 x 16.22 x 4.33 inches

Weight Limit: 300 lbs

Added to our list of the best cheap balance boards is the Yes4all round balance board trainer. It is an excellent supplement to any training regimen. It is built to last and can support up to 300 pounds of weight. It also includes an anti-skid surface to keep you from slipping.

The diameter of the balance board is large enough to accommodate both of your feet. Because of the 360-degree rotation and 15-degree tilt angle, you can do dynamic movement and more complex exercises. Because it is lightweight and portable, you can take it everywhere. This is also a fantastic standing desk mat that will keep you interested while you work. All more reasons for this to be on our best cheap balance boards list.


  • With anti-slip surface wobble balance board
  • Sturdy Construction wobble boards
  • Can support up to 300 lbs 
  • 360-degree rotation and 15-degree tilt angle
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Versatile Balance training Board
  • Can be used with a standing desk
  • Cushioned Surface
  • Comfortable without the need to wear shoes


  • Handles Issues for Some

P&BEXC Wooden Balance Board

Best Cheap Balance Board
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 17.5” x 13.5” x 3”
  • Weight Limit: 350 lbs

The P7BEXC balancing board also made up to our list of the best cheap balance boards. It is made of hardwood plywood, which makes it strong and long-lasting! It can support up to 350 pounds of weight throughout your workout sessions. It has a large size and may be utilized by both adults and children.

It boasts a slip-resistant surface to keep your grasp solid, as well as a nonskid and stable base to ensure everyone’s safety while exercising. This features a tiny form that makes it an excellent complement to your fitness regimen and allows you to take it with you wherever you go! This is another solid option with its low price! Definitely considered to be on the list as one of the best cheap balance boards.


  • Durable balance boards
  • Can withstand up to 350 lbs
  • Large dimensions for comfort
  • With a slip-resistant surface for security and grip
  • Portable board
  • Very affordable Price


  • Rough Surface

YOUKI SPORTS Balance Board

Best Cheap Balance Board
  • Material: Composite
  • Size: 29.13″x11.2″x 5.31″
  • Weight Limit: 330 lbs

One of the best cheap balance boards, with positive feedback from customers. It is a strong and long-lasting balance board that can support up to 330 pounds of weight. It is simple to put up and does not require any tools!

Stoppers on the board are adjustable and detachable. The anti-slip surface will keep your gripper secure and everyone safe when riding it!  Because of its lightweight yet heavy, robust composite design, you may use it everywhere, and it engages greater challenge. A superb value, high-quality and one of the best cheap balance boards around.


  • Thick balance Boards
  • Functional
  • Tough Roller
  • Gives you great body control
  • Adjustable Stoppers
  • Versatile balance boards
  • Can hold up to 330 lbs
  • No tools are needed for assembly


  • No manual or Workout Guide

Balance Trainer: Criteria Used For Evaluation

Best Cheap Balance Boards


A wonderful balance boards is constructed of wood or plastic! A wooden balance board has the advantage of being sturdy and long-lasting, however, plastic material is more comfortable to use. A wooden balance board should be your first choice if you need a long-term balancing board. This is entirely dependent on your preferences and the material with which you are most comfortable.

Weight Capacity

Having a large weight capacity allows larger people to use this balancing board to reduce weight. You can also enjoy it with your family and friends if the board has a high weight capacity. Another advantage is that if you train your children with this balancing board at a young age, you can accompany them on the board to ensure that they are safe and have someone to support them while riding both the balancing board.


There are several lightweight balancing boards available, allowing you to transport them with you and use them! This is an excellent aspect to consider before purchasing.


Although you do not have to buy the cheapest balance board on the market today, you also do not have to buy the most expensive ones to have a decent quality balancing board. From the list of the best cheap balance board above, you can find a wonderful deal that still gives you a functional and amazing performance without spending too much! You only need to find a board that fits your budget and a balance board that you believe suits you and your abilities! You will receive the same benefits regardless of how cheap or expensive the balancing board is!

Are Balance Boards Safe?

Best Cheap Balance Board

Balance boards are safe. Whether you get a rocker board or a roller board, make sure that they have a non-slip grip tape. A fixed rocker is even better at improving balance, especially when used with standing desks at work.

Physical therapist treatments can be avoided if you train with a rocker board or a roller board often. Roller boards need more surface and space around until you get better, so I recommend using them outside, while roller boards are great for indoor training, especially with resistance bands and when training your small muscles by doing planks or push-ups. Just make sure your board has a good grip tape.

Another thing for safety, especially with rocker boards is that you train on them with bare feet. This way, you have a lot more control of stability, especially when you train with resistance bands.

The Competition for The Best Cheap Balance Boards

With so many balance boards brands on the market today, it would provide you with a plethora of options. However, our Top Pick for this category of the best cheap balance board would be the URBNFit Wooden Balance Board.

12 Best Cheap Balance Boards Under $100! 1
Skate Balance boards for physical therapy

The reason why this board is on the list of the best cheap balance boards is that it will provide you with an economical but exceptional quality and performance that you don’t expect! It’s no surprise that this balance board has received rave reviews and has risen to the top of the market!

However, if you believe that using one of these best cheap balance boards will not fit you and your intentions, there are other balance boards mentioned above that you may wish to explore. Choose the balance board that will provide you with what you require from the other lists mentioned above.

It’s important to choose a balance board that has key features because these features can make a significant difference in the effectiveness and safety of the balance board for physical therapy. Key features include stability, adjustability, non-slip surface, and portability.

Best Cheap Balance Board: FAQ

What is the best cheap balance board for beginners?

The best cheap balance board for beginners is URBNFit Wooden Balance Board . It is simple to use, a great physical therapy tool, and you will learn quickly.

What factors should be considered when selecting one of the best cheap balance boards?

When purchasing, examine the size and shape of the board’s deck, the type of roller and its diameter, and the materials utilized. Choose something that you know will suit you!

Will the performance affect the deck and size of the balance board trainer?

Yes! It would have an effect on the board and how you feel and control it. The difficulty is affected by the curvature of the balancing board, and some are more suited to performing tricks.

What is the greatest material to consider while looking for a balance board trainer?

It should be strong and long-lasting. Regardless of how cheap the board is, you should consider that it is composed of high-quality material that will withstand whatever you intend to use it for.

Best Cheap Balance Boards: CONCLUSION

Do you need to spend that much money on Balance Boards? To be honest, there are several excellent deals on the market nowadays that will provide you with functional and high-quality balance boards.

These best cheap balance boards and wobble boards top options are among the best on the market today and should be considered if you’re on a tight budget but want a high-quality balancing board. Furthermore, while a more expensive balance board may have more features, these less expensive balancing boards will still provide you with the benefits that you require.

Consider the choices above and select a balance board that is appropriate for you and your preferences. These are not just a balance board, it can provide numerous benefits to both adults and children. If you have any further queries, please leave them in the comments section!

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