Are you interested in kayaks and learning more about the different kinds of kayaks, how to kayak, which accessories are good to have, the best spots to kayak at and much more? Then this is the place to be for all your kayaking information.


Kayak Types

There are many different types of kayaks available on the market. Which kayak types suit you best and what are the differences between kayaks that are made for different purposes? After reading this article you will know which kayak is best for you and what you should pay attention to when picking a kayak to go out on the water with.


Kayak Clothes

Of course it is not just important to have a good kayak, but also to have the right outfit for going out kayaking. Here you can find more information on what clothing items are good to wear for kayaking and on which conditions this depends.


Kayak Paddle

There are various types of kayak paddles (also called oars), for instance with a straight or a bent shaft, in different lengths, different materials, different shapes of blade and so much more. It isn’t as easy as just grabbing the first paddle you see, this also depends on the planned activity and the body of water you are planning to use it on, among other things.


Inflatable Kayaks & Inflatable Canoes

Inflatable kayaks and inflatable canoes are becoming more and more popular in the market, because they are so easy to transport and store compared to the huge regular vessels. But what is the quality of these inflatable products compared to the “real deal”, how easy is it to use them and what other distinct advantages do inflatables have over the solid versions?


Kayak Accessories

Besides the kayak and the ore there are other accessories that can make your whole kayaking experience a lot easier. Some are almost a necessity (like a pump when you go out with an inflatable), others are more of a luxury option. Here you will find an overview of a lot of these accessories you might haven’t even thought about before!


Kayak Roof Rack

When you don’t have an inflatable kayak or canoe it will be a bit harder to transport, but with a kayak roof rack this becomes a lot easier. You can attach the kayak or canoe to the roof of your car and carry it with you to the water. Without much effort and without damaging your vessel, a great option that doesn’t require as much storage room as a kayak trailer.


Kayak Trailer

Another option for transporting your solid kayak, canoe or Stand Up Paddle Board is a kayak trailer, which you can hook up to your car and easily take along with you to the beach. Maybe even add a couple of bicycles or even more accessories that you want to carry along. If you are going on a holiday trip for a weekend or longer this is a great choice to take everything at once.


Kayaking Locations

Do you already have a location in mind where you would like to go with your kayak, or have you not made a decision on this yet? This may also influence the type of kayak that you choose to purchase (or rent) and can give you a completely different experience. You can imagine a small quiet lake needs a different approach than a wild water river.


Sit On Top Kayak

A Sit On Top Kayak is a bit different than a regular kayak. Instead of having higher sides you have more space to move your arms freely on the sides and your kayak seat is attached on top of the kayak instead of already built in. Read about the advantages and disadvantages of this specific type of kayak and find out if it is suitable for you.


Pedal Kayak

If you feel like training your legs instead of your arms, or maybe have an injury that prevents you from paddling, the pedal kayak is a great solution that can offer you a lot of fun on the water. These pedal kayaks are also available in different sizes and shapes. Read about the different types of pedal kayaks and what the pros and cons are compared to a regular kayak.


Tandem Kayak

A tandem kayak offers a lot of fun for going out on the water together. Of course it can be a lot of fun and nice and quiet when you are going out alone, but to have someone to talk to and enjoy the adventure together with also adds a lot to the experience and can make it even more enjoyable. Find out the best tandem kayaks and tips for going out on the water together.


Fishing Kayak

Fishing from your kayak can be a very relaxing experience. Just floating around on the quiet water and waiting for the fish to bite. The pedal kayaks named before also offers a great opportunity as you can be sure your hands are always free to reel in your big catch. Which extras do these different kayaks offer and what do you need to pay attention to?


Kayaks for sale

There are a lot of kayaks for sale on the market, but where can you find the best kayaks and which stores near you sell kayaks. Of course there are also a lot of online options these days of which I will list some reliable stores to purchase your own kayak.

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