Wahu Board: The Ultimate Balance Training Tool!

If you already have a balance board, you may have seen the “WAHU” brand. To give you a quick overview of Wahu, the founder, Niklas, was infected with surf fever many years ago. He discovered that it is incurable. With that unpleasant situation, he decided to design a surfboard at home and came up with the Wahu balance board.

He found a team who shared his enthusiasm, and they continued to shape the Wahu board. If you visit their website, you can search for their products and find a wide range of balance boards, accessories, and even DIY balance boards that are unique because you will be able to own a board that you personally designed! Until now, the company added more balance boards and continues reinventing its products, which is why they have positive ratings.

WAHU board balance board
WAHU board – balance board

Most suitable for: People of all ages 

The WAHU Advanced Balance Board is a fun board that you can take anywhere and at any time! If you enjoy surfing, this is an excellent board for honing your abilities and practicing some tricks at home! This board, too, is suitable for people of all ages and will allow you to train your entire body from head to toe.

In this post, I will go into greater detail about this incredible Wahu Board, things like its pros and cons, my personal experience with the board, additional information about the board, and my conclusion.


  • User-Friendly balance board
  • Offers a Full body workout
  • High-quality Materials used
  • Made from 100% real wood
  • Excellent Stability
  • Portable Balance Board
  • An optimal rock shale balance board
  • Plastic Free Balance Board


  • Not for those who have large feet
  • Not beginner-Friendly
WAHU board balance board
WAHU board balance board

Specifications of the Balance Board

  • Length: 75.5 cm / 30 inches
  • Width: 30.5 cm /12 inches 
  • Thickness: 1.2 cm / 0.47 inches
  • Weight capacity: 120 kg / 265lbs
  • Weight: 4.2 kg / 9 lbs
  • Balance Board Type: Rock shape Balance Board
  • Skill: Advanced 

What Makes The Wahu Board Stand Out

WAHU board balance board
WAHU board balance board

The Wahu Advanced Balance Board is a balance board that is intended for use in a variety of workouts and activities such as yoga, pilates, and physical rehabilitation. It is made of a flat board mounted on a ball or cylinder that lets the board move and rotate in various directions.

Users can enhance their balance, stability, and core strength by performing several exercises on the Wahu Balance Board, such as squats, lunges, and single-leg balance exercises.

Some Wahu balance boards include extra features such as an inflatable ball, a handle, or adjustable pressure.

It is intended for usage by people of all ages and is frequently used as a rehabilitation and physical therapy tool, as well as for fitness and sports training. Using the Wahu board can help you improve your balance and stability, boost your core strength and flexibility, and lower your chance of injury.

Wahu Board: The Ultimate Balance Training Tool! 1

Primary use
Learning and improving balance

Wahu Board: The Ultimate Balance Training Tool! 2

With a weight of 9 lbs, the Wahu Board is easy to transport. Balancing may be done anywhere and everywhere! This board can also be used as a standing desk, keeping you active and moving as you work!

Wahu Board: The Ultimate Balance Training Tool! 3

The Wahu Board is built entirely of solid wood, which makes it both durable and stable.

My Personal Experience

WAHU board balance board
Experimenting on the WAHU board!

I am blown away by the Wahu Board! I already expected this board to be good after reading so many excellent reviews about it, but it went a step further. The adaptability of this board was outstanding, and I was able to perform several tricks and even exercises, which piqued my interest in it.

I have tried it as well as a standing desk board, and it did not disappoint because it kept me active with all the crazy things I do in the office. The quality of this board is excellent, and I strongly believe that if you’re searching for a multipurpose board, the Wahu Board should be one of your options! This device will ensure that you are active at all times and in all places!

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Important Features of the Wahu Board

Wahu Board: The Ultimate Balance Training Tool! 4

The Wahu board comprises 12 layers of wood with a real wood veneer surface. The boards are all manufactured in Germany. You will appreciate this board’s high-quality construction, free of any plastic substance.

Wahu Board: The Ultimate Balance Training Tool! 5

There is no warranty, as mentioned on their website. If there is an error or you want to return the board or cancel your order, you can do so through their Return Portal. 

Wahu Board: The Ultimate Balance Training Tool! 6

The WAHU Board features a rock shape that provides many opportunities for improving your balancing skills. The board’s design allows for more mobility on the board, making it easier to learn new feats.

In the Package

WAHU board balance board
WAHU board – great quality balance board

The package is just flawless! Since this company is concerned about the environment, they make sure that the board contains no plastic, as well as the packing in which you received the balance board. You will receive the Board and the cylinder form, both of which are scratch resistant, durable, constructed of 100% wood, and suitable for use on any type of floor.

Other Reviews of the WAHU Balance Board

The balance board arrived within 16 hours. It is super processed. In the beginning, you have to hold on to something, but after two days and three departures, I stand safely on the balance board and try the first tricks. The Wahu board is great fun and suitable for everyone. I’m over 50 and very quickly got to grips with it. A great part … sore muscles included.


I am in love with shock. The board is greatly made and the most beautiful piece of sports equipment you can have in your home. I will use it for mindfulness training, balance, and yoga.


Wahu Balance Board – FAQ

Are WAHU boards worth it?

WAHU boards are worth it! This board will last a long time because it is composed of high-quality materials, and it will let you try out new tricks, making it even more enjoyable to use!

Is the WAHU Board long-lasting?

The WAHU balance board is a long-lasting balance board constructed of 100% wood, with 12 layers and a true wood veneer!

Is it simple to use the WAHU Board?Β 

The Wahu Board is not for beginners, but if you have the patience to learn, this is a simple balance board that you will undoubtedly appreciate in the future.Β You just need to manage your skills to improve.

What is the WAHU Board’s dimension?

The measurements of the Wahu Board are as follows: Length: 75.5 cm / 30 inches Width: 30.5 cm / 12 inches Thickness: 1.2 cm / 0.47 inches

WAHU board balance board
WAHU board balance board

Conclusion – Should I buy the WAHU balance board?

My ultimate verdict is straightforward! The Wahu balance board comes strongly recommended! High-quality materials were utilized in the building, and this is a challenging balance board that will allow you to accomplish more tricks while having fun.

If you’re searching for a trainer board to help you improve your snowboarding, skiing boarding, surfboarding, or any other board sport, this Wahu board is a great choice!

You’ll be able to practice at your own home or wherever you like! At the same time, it is portable and versatile! This can also be used as a standing desk balance board to bring into the office. Overall, this board is for anyone who wants to enhance their balancing skills and core strength and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Also, make sure to protect your balance board by properly storing It. This will allow you to use the board in the long run.

Do you already own this balance board? Tell me about your experience and how it benefited you! If you have any further queries concerning this balance board, please leave a comment below! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with us on our social media pages! Stay updated on our latest reviews, announcements, deals, and more!

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