Syck Trix Balance Board

Andy Carr, the inventor of the Syck Trix Balance Board, created this in San Clemente, California. His main purpose was to design a board that would improve children’s board sports. He started making this balance board because his two sons enjoy surfing.

Andy wanted to improve his son’s skateboarding and surfing skills, which sparked the idea for the Syck Trix balancing board. Cannon Carr, his son, became a surfing champion in 2018 and won the RIP CURL Grom Search national title the same year.

Until recently, the firm has become imaginative and has made some advancements for basic to advanced riders to practice more hard acrobatics.

The Syck Trix Balance Board Is Most Suitable For: All Ages / Skaters / Surfing


  • Beginner-friendly balance board
  • Kid-friendly
  • Progressive Concave Shape Balance Board
  • With Sure Grip Eva Foam
  • With Velcro Patches for easy adjustments
  • Available in 3 color options
  • Great Training Aid


  • Tube and cover issues
Syck Trix Balance Board

Syck Trix Balance Board

Length: ‎31″
Width: 7.75″
Board Type: Skateboard Deck Balance Board
Skill: Beginner / Advanced

Syck Trix Balance Board: What Makes This Board Stand Out

The Syck Trix Balancing Board is a beginner-friendly balance board that can even be used to train your two-year-old! It has a progressive concave design with a firm grip Eva Foam to keep the rider in complete control and comfort while balancing.

If you wish to acquire this balancing board, you have two alternatives. This will depend on whether you are only interested in honing your skating skills or in the All Sports training balance board. At the same time, each package contains a variety of inclusions.

This is an excellent training tool that can assist young people in developing their talents. This balance board would allow children and adults to practice new skills while also improving core strength, coordination, and response time.

Syck Trix Balance Board 2

Primary use
Balancing Board / Practice Surfing / Skateboarding

Syck Trix Balance Board 3

The SyckTrix Balance Board is comprised of a 7-ply skate deck, which provides stability and allows you to perform Skateboard tricks or board tricks safely, giving you a realistic sensation and a comfortable transition from practice to the real thing.

Syck Trix Balance Board 4

The SyckTrix Balance Board is lightweight and portable, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go.

Syck Trix Balance Board

Syck Trix Balance Board: My Personal Experience 

I was looking for the greatest balance board for surfing for my niece because he enjoys both surfing and skateboarding. The Syck Trix Balance Board has one of the top surfing boards among those on the list.

According to their website, they provide two types of balancing boards: the skate package and the All Sports package. I chose the All Sports Package for my niece since he isn’t simply interested in improving his skateboarding skills, and the All Sports Package is only a few dollars more expensive.

Of course, because I bought it, I have to test it before giving it to my niece. :p I tested this with a carpet underneath. When I first started hopping into the board’s ollies, it was quite a difficulty until I could finally balance it!

To be sure, I’ve tried a lot of balance boards before, so this isn’t my first time using one. Everything was satisfactory to me, including the board’s quality and structure. The concave form will make you feel like you’re surfing on the water.

However, I was unconcerned because it has an Eva Grip Surface, which keeps you in control of your board when performing feats. It contains velcro fasteners that allow you to make simple modifications while still providing comfort!

This was also simple to assemble, and my niece would undoubtedly like using this Trainer Balance board!

Syck Trix Balance Board

Important Features of Syck Trix Balance Board

Syck Trix Balance Board 5


  • The Syck Trix Balance Board is made of 7-ply constructed from real maple wood
  • Durable Stretch fabric
  • 2 Package To Choose from ( All Sports package and Skate Package )
  • Made from 7 ply skate deck for an Authentic Feel
  • With Sure Grip Eva Foam Deck for Extra Comfort
  • With Ollie Air Bladder to Perform Tricks
Syck Trix Balance Board 6


There is no warranty indicated on their website, however, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee after the purchase.

Syck Trix Balance Board 7


The Syck Trix Balance board is intended for those interested in board sports who want to improve their skills. This is not only for young adults but also for children. Improve your abilities and learn new stunts!

In The Package

When you buy the SyckTrix Balance Board, you will get the top deck, bottom deck with 6″ wide velcro patches, and two ollie air bladders.

The Sport package includes everything, you will get everything in the skate package plus the two removable velcro bindings, which will fit riders of all sizes, from toddlers to adults.

Other Reviews of the Syck Trix Balance Board

“Very great product perfect for my young nephews to play/practice inside now that it’s cold. I had a couple of problems but I was helped right away, amazing customer service! Highly recommend!”

“Awesome quality at first sight!!! Great packaging. Hand-written thank you note too. Nice touch. They tossed in a spare tube as well. This company is familiar with creating added value. Well, done guys! I recommend.”

Syck Trix Balance Board – FAQ

Who Should Use the Syck Trix Balance Board?

The SyckTrix Balance Board is ideal for riders who wish to improve their skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, and other board sports skills! They will be able to learn new techniques with this balance board because of its increasingly concave shape, which simulates the feeling of a genuine item!

What are balance boards used for?

Balance boards are used to improve balance, coordination, and core strength. 

How do I get started with using a balance board? 

Start by standing on the board with both feet and try to maintain your balance. Once you feel comfortable, try moving the board by shifting your weight or making small movements. 

Is it safe to use a balance board? 

Balance boards are generally considered safe to use, but it is important to use them under the supervision of an expert and start with easy exercises and then gradually increase the difficulty. 

How long should I use a balance board?

The amount of time you should use a balance board depends on your fitness level and goals. 

How do I know if a balance board is the right fit for me?

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to improve your balance and core strength, a balance board may be a good fit for you. However, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, it’s important to consult with your doctor before using a balance board.

Syck Trix balance board: CONCLUSION

My final thought on this Sycktrix balance board is that it is a fantastic board, especially for those who enjoy board sports to practice maneuvers and tricks!

This is an ideal balancing board for honing your skills due to its build and quality, which provides you with a realistic experience with this board.

The Ollie Air Bladders would also provide you with the necessary Pop to get into the air and learn tricks. This is ideal for children and even adults to improve their boarding skills and improve performance, coordination, core strength, and even your reaction speed.

Do you already have a Syck Trix balance board? Tell us about your experience in the comments section, and we’ll be pleased to read it! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on our latest postings and announcements!

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