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Inflatable SUP Sale

How do you find inflatable SUP sales and offers with affordable, discounted prices?

Paddle boarding is becoming a real star among watersports and different kinds of boards are in demand constantly. The most frequently asked question I get when SUP season starts is “Hey Tom, I’m a SUP beginner. How do I find a quality paddle board package to learn paddle boarding without spending too much money?”

Best Inflatable SUP sale
Best Inflatable SUP sale: Me flexing with my boards 💪🏻

High-quality but cheap paddle board bundle. This is something everyone wants when they first get acquainted with all the paddle boards on the market. The choice is truly overwhelming. From epoxy paddle boards to inflatable paddle board packages… everyone is on the lookout for the best cheap paddle boards.

However, when choosing the best paddle board, price isn’t the only criteria to go by. Inflatable paddle boards come in all varieties whether it’s a diamond deck pad or a bundle with a fiberglass paddle or an aluminum paddle, kayak seat included or not, center fin only or three fins on each side… the options are endless.

Inflatable SUP Sale Choices – Last Updated on: 2nd Nov ’22

With so many options for hard and inflatable paddle boards, I have decided to make this page with inflatable SUP sale offers and discounts. As I said, price shouldn’t be the only deciding factor here, but it sure helps when you get a discount, and you can buy an expensive paddle board package with all the accessories for an affordable price.

Want more choices? Check my Best cheap paddle boards for this year (under $370) page and find all kinds of durable boards at all-time low prices.

To help with your purchase, our SUP deals page contains:

  • The best latest sales, offers, and discounts with coupon codes where possible
  • Only trusted brands that I have personally tested

ISLE Big Sale

ISLE Megalodon

ISLE is having a closeout sale on their boards from last season. Most notably, their best-selling board, the Pioneer, and the adventure board, the Explorer, are both on sale! Additionally, there are other boards greatly discounted too!

Best deals in the ISLE Sale:

Pioneer – $495

Isle Pioneer
Isle Pioneer SUP

Explorer – $595

isle explorer
Isle Explorer

Megalodon – $845

ISLE Megalodon
ISLE Megalodon

ISLE has a lot more

Bluefin inflatable SUP Sales: Paddle Board Discounts


Bluefin is a family-run business with extremely good products. They first started with kayaks and then branched out to SUP. For the quality you are getting, they have very reasonable prices and products you will enjoy for many years to come.

The most important boards of Bluefin are the Bluefin Cruise and the Bluefin Carbon but the rest are fantastic too. These boards are available in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. In my opinion perhaps the best company in the industry: Bluefin SUP.

If you buy any 2 boards, you get $75 OFF on top of their already-discounted prices.

Here’s what inflatable SUP sale offers they currently have.

UK Deals

US Deals

iRocker SUP Sales: iRocker Paddle Board Discounts

iRocker SUP Sale

iROCKER is the global leader in inflatable stand-up paddleboards and hard boards. They specialize in creating premium, high-quality products that help you “Live Your Life on the Water“. Their awesome boards with expert design can be enjoyed on lakes, rivers, oceans, and all bodies of water.

iRocker also offers a wide variety of gear and attachments as well as other outdoor lifestyle products, including coolers, floating docks, boat towables and water mats.

With 3 different brands to offer customers; NAUTICAL, iROCKER, BLACKFIN, there is a wide variety of boards for everyone’s needs. Here’s what inflatable SUP sale offers they currently have.

U.S. Inflatable SUP Sale by iRocker

Australia iRocker Inflatable SUP Sale

  • Save $25 on your first order of $99 or more
  • You can save up to $300AUD on the new ULTRA iRocker boards

Canada iRocker Inflatable SUP Sale

  • if you want to get a lighter board you can easily carry around, check ULTRA here and save $174
  • Up to $350 OFF on all SUPs

UK iRocker Inflatable SUP Sale

  • You can save up to £300 on Select SUPs and…
  • …and if you want to get a lighter board you can easily carry around, check ULTRA here and save £150
  • Save £25 on your first order of £99 or more

Europe iRocker SUP Deals

Goosehill Paddle Board Discounts: Goosehill Inflatable SUP Sale

Goosehill SUP Sale

Goosehill is a fantastic company that specializes in paddle boards of all kinds and for all uses.

Their Sailor 10’6″ is Amazon’s Best Choice for SUP, and I’ll be honest, after trying it, I vouch that it’s definitely worth the $. Not to mention how at THAT affordable price you get the whole package so you don’t have to break the bank for additional accessories.

At the moment Goosehill offers some great deals on all their boards. Let’s take a look at their inflatable SUP sale offers.

inflatable SUP sale
Catch your inflatable SUP sale and enjoy summer like me 😄

Please note that most of these inflatable SUP sale offers are for a limited time and can expire at any moment. This is why I try to update them as frequently as possible but it’s on you to act fast and grab them!

iSUP Center Paddle Board Discounts: Inflatable SUP Sale

The Best Inflatable SUP Sales | Paddle Board Discounts 1
iSUP Center Black Friday Deals

iSUP center is having a BIG BLACK FRIDAY SALE on the week of Black Friday. So, from 22.11 until 27.11, they offer a minimum of 15% discount on ALL products the WHOLE week!

Check out some of their boards below.

in stock
in stock
in stock

And don’t forget to check out the rest of their offers once Black Friday week rolls out to get the 15% OFF!

How to Pick the Right Inflatable Paddle Board?

The Best Inflatable SUP Sales | Paddle Board Discounts 2
Even I have a hard time picking a paddle board sometimes!

Already know what you want to buy? Click here to jump straight to the inflatable SUP sale section.

I will not go into details whether you should get an epoxy board or an inflatable paddle board, because you can find all that information on the difference between hard and inflatable SUPs here in my blog.

Also, here you can read more about the details you should be mindful of when shopping for paddle boards. Size, weight capacity or weight limit, paddle type, deck pad, coiled leash, and so on, are all important for finding good-quality stand-up paddleboards.

Quick Buying Guide on Choosing the Best Inflatable Paddle Boards

Very high-quality paddle boards always come with the complete package of quality accessories like a coiled leash, a good aluminum paddle, or a fiberglass paddle (I recommend the latter), maybe a kayak seat, cup holder, a manual pump, a repair kit, a nylon blade and so on.

The construction of an expensive board is also different than the rest. For instance, you have strong yet lightweight boards that you can easily carry and they are as stable on the flat water. Other boards with their quality construction may be able to offer a higher weight capacity and more stability with a single-layer PVC on their durable construction.

This is why I always recommend picking the right board for you first, rather than only looking at what is on sale.

Different Types of Paddle Boards

The Best Inflatable SUP Sales | Paddle Board Discounts 3
Who’s ready for summer? Me with my Inflatable SUP sale!

Apart from the accessories and the quality of construction, paddle boarders, especially beginners, should pick the right type of SUP. Here is a quick overview of what each type of board is best for:

All-around boards

All-around SUP boards have a more upward rounded nose. What makes an all-around SUP different from other boards is that they strike a balance between speedy efficiency and stability. That makes them incredibly versatile.

In fact, it’s why they’re called all-around. The rounded nose has a rocker to it, meaning it curves upward from the bottom to keep it out of the water. This feature, along with a wider deck helps all-around boards ride on top of the water rather than parting waves to either side. This in turn makes them more stable.

Many companies have inflatable SUP sale offers on all-around SUPs. They are a great choice for almost any weather and water conditions but there are some limitations like speed for instance that can’t be matched with that of a racing board 🤷🏻

What Are All-Around SUPs Best For?
The Best Inflatable SUP Sales | Paddle Board Discounts 4
Nixy All-around. You see the rounded nose on the left
  • Cruising (leisurely recreational paddling)
  • A wide variety of SUP activities (try SUP yoga, SUP fishing to see if you want to upgrade to a bigger SUP down the road)
When Is an All-Around SUP Right for You?
  • You’re a recreational paddler looking for some time out on the water and a leisurely cruise.
  • You’re interested in getting serious about stand-up paddle boarding, but as you’re getting started you want to build up your skill level first.
  • You like to use your board for lots of different activities and on different waterways from day to day. In that case, start with an all-around SUP to find your style. See how you like SUP yoga, SUP fishing, SUP surfing, coastal cruising, river paddling, etc., and then build out your quiver with more specialized boards as you get into the sport.
Touring board
iRocker touring board
iRocker Touring board

The pointed nose of a touring board is what makes it stand out. It’s drastically pointier than all the all-around SUP shape. That narrow nose continues throughout the full length of the board.

This allows a touring SUP to cut through the waves by parting and directing the water to either side. Even a bit of chop on the water is no problem. With some balance and a solid stroke, you can paddle through.

The touring SUP’s sharp angles and streamlined shape are a great feature if you’re paddling for top speed over long distances. Over the long haul, every little bit of drag adds up stroke by stroke. By the end of the day, you’ll have no question about the benefits of a touring board.

With its sharp, pointed nose, it’s easier to track straight (maintain a straight line without having to steer or paddle on both sides frequently). Increased efficiency means you’ll achieve a smoother and much more efficient glide on top of the water.

However, a pointier nose and narrower deck also mean the paddle board won’t be as stable. This can be challenging for beginners as they’re getting the hang of standing on water. However, if you already have a season or two of paddling under your belt and you’re looking for a board built for speed and long distances, a touring SUP is the way to go!

What Are Touring SUPs Best For?
  • Speed (SUP races)
  • Long-distance expeditions
  • Exploring coastal regions and waterways
When Is a Touring SUP Right for You?
  • You’re looking to increase your speed on the water, for fun or maybe you’ve started competing in races.
  • You’re an adventurer looking to set off for some long-distance touring.
  • Having practiced on a wider board you’re ready to up your SUP game and add another board to your collection.
Racing board
The Best Inflatable SUP Sales | Paddle Board Discounts 5
Bluefin 14′ race/touring board

Racing paddle boards are advanced designs that are specifically intended to meet the needs of those who race. This means they’re not suited for those who are new to paddle boarding. Before moving on to pick a racing paddle board, make sure you have secure basic skills first.

Regular paddle boards can sometimes accommodate more than one rider or include a storage area. Racing boards are different because they’re only intended for one person, and adding storage could destabilize the board or slow it down.

Racing paddle boards are all about premier performance, not practicality or convenience.

Apart from these, there are yoga, fishing, and multiperson boards. I have linked to blogs where I have written all about them but I believe the name of each helps you understand their purpose directly.

So, now that you know which paddle board is the next one for you, check below to see if it’s on sale! I try to update this page weekly and I regularly check for new SUP discounts so that you get the best deal possible!

For some inflatable SUP sale offers, it is possible to also get some discounted paddle board accessories apart from the SUP discount. It all depends on the brand and what they are offering at the moment.

When choosing the best inflatable SUP sale from this list it’s important to know that my team and I have reviewed many of these paddle boards so we have hands-on experience with them.

If after reviewing all my guides in the blog you’re still unsure of which board is best for you, don’t hesitate to contact me through Instagram or Facebook for direct help from me.

I might earn a small commission when you make a purchase through my link, so that I can keep my site running and pay the hosting bill. Read my affiliate policy to learn more.
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