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Paddleboarding, kayaking, or any other water sport is a fantastic way of exploring nature and staying active. However, part of the good times is getting the best mens wetsuit and making sure you are safe and protected from the water, wind, and cold temperatures. While paddling in summer under the blazing sun is a great way to get tanned, a paddleboard wetsuit is something you need to wear when paddling on cold waters in cold temperatures.

After all, catching a cold just because you didn’t wear the right paddleboard wetsuit surely isn’t fun at all, trust me I know!

Paddle board wetsuit reviews

That said, in this post, I want to talk about the best stand-up paddle wetsuits, how to buy a wetsuit, and whether lightweight wet suits are superior to regular wetsuits. Additionally, you’ll find out what other accessories along with the suit you need to fully protect yourself and have the best stand-up paddling experience.

Best mens wetsuit O-Neill-Wetsuit
Best mens wetsuit: O Neill Wetsuit

O’Neill Men’s Epic 4/3mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

This paddleboard wetsuit has an ergonomic design that allows maximum comfort. It supports any movement seamlessly without limiting your moves. The ergonomic paddle zones will give you maximum stretch, and the double seal neck closure along with the covert black-out zipper will reduce water flow no matter the situation.

With the O’Neill men’s paddleboard wetsuit you get:

  • LSD (Lumbar Seamless Design) for stretch
  • 4mm Ultraflex material for the torso area
  • 3mm Fluidflex material for the arms and legs
  • Glued and blind-stitched seams
  • Covert black-out zipper to hide it but also reduce water flow
  • Ergonomic seamless paddle zones
  • Double-seal neck closure
Best mens wetsuit: O Neill Wetsuit
Best mens wetsuit: O Neill Wetsuit

O’Neill Youth Reactor-2 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

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Paddleboarding is a sport for all ages. If you’re looking for a paddleboard wetsuit for your little ones, then this is one of the best lightweight wet suits. It will keep your children safe and dry while paddling, and with the wind-resistant smooth-skin material, they will be kept at normal temperature, being comfortable at all times.

With the O’Neill youth paddleboard wetsuit you get:

  • High-quality Ultra-stretch neoprene rubber soft material that enables flexibility, and elevates performance
  • Ideal design for entry-level paddlers for all water activities
  • Seamless Back zip System provides easy entry and exit with a water-resistant closure
  • Wind-Resistant Smooth-skin
  • Seamless paddle zones with extra flexible design
Best Men's Wetsuit 1
Best mens wetsuit: Short springsuit

O’Neill O’Riginal Short Wetsuit for Men

If you’re tired of hanging up your paddles for the winter, O’Neill’s O’Riginal spring suit is just enough to keep you comfortable as water temperatures reach the 60s and maybe the 50s.

Pros: Flexible, breathable, affordable
Cons: The chest rubber can be overly sticky

Because our bodies are mostly out of the water when paddling, we tend to work up a sweat beneath a neoprene wetsuit. While any combination of layers can do the trick, I’ve found that a farmer john-style (sleeveless) wetsuit with flatlock seams works best unless you’re dealing with temperatures below 50° F or so, at which point I’d opt for a dry suit.

Since you’re getting such a thorough upper body workout, I’d suggest avoiding sleeves, which apart from causing you to overheat also tend to constrict movement and cause chafing. O’Neill’s O’Riginal spring suit is 2 millimeters thick and comes with flatlock seams, and at less than $100 can’t really be beaten.

Best Men's Wetsuit 2
Best mens wetsuit Rip Curl

Rip Curl Men’s Flash Bomb Chest Zip Entry 4/3 Wetsuit

For colder waters, Rip Curl’s aptly named Flashbomb Heatseeker line delivers. The 4/3 Chest Zip E6 wetsuit is the company’s most advanced cold-water wetsuit. The E6 Flash Lining and Flex Energy Neoprene actually heat up when stretched. It’s designed to help surfers, skin divers, and pearl fishermen brave all but the coldest waters.

Best Men's Wetsuit 3
Best mens wetsuit Henderson

Henderson Thermoprene 5mm

Henderson’s Greenprene wetsuit delivers the ultimate in cold-water protection. The 7mm thickness keeps warm in even the coldest waters. What’s more, the unique Greenprene material uses natural insulating foam and sustainable source materials like oyster shells and sugar cane in its construction. The result is a suit that’s soft, stretchy, durable, lightweight, and even hypoallergenic.

Best Men's Wetsuit 4
Best mens wetsuit Osprey

Osprey Men’s Full Length 3 mm Summer Wetsuit

This wetsuit is Osprey’s entry-level wetsuit for men. A value beginner and intermediate wetsuit for when you are past the stage of hiring one from your local surf shop. Despite the very low price point, this wetsuit doesn’t compromise on features and style. Specifications include ultra-flex neoprene, chest and back windshields, anti-rub sealed openings to avoid chafing and water flushing, ergonomic paneling for a superior aesthetic fit, flatlock seams, and rubberized knee pads.

A 3/2 mm wetsuit means the Osprey has panels of 3 mm thick warm insulating rubber, with 2 mm panels under the arms, where increased flexibility and stretch for paddling and surfing is required. A 3 mm full-length wetsuit is the standard thickness for a warm summer wetsuit in the UK and Ireland and is suitable right into winter for parts of Southern Europe like France and Spain. Including an understated black Osprey design, this contemporary-looking suit is a go-to choice for those new to surfing or intermediates who are continuing to learn their craft.

  • Ideal full-length spring/summer wetsuit – made with 3 mm foam SBR CR Neoprene on the body and 2 mm under the arms for enhanced range of motion
  • Entirely flat-locked seams and ergonomic paneling for maximum comfort – good quality flexible wetsuit that provides good freedom of movement and insulation
  • Stretch collar and comfortable anti-rub openings – prevents chafing and water flushing
  • Supratex knee pads – rubberized patches on knees make it easy to kneel, even on rocky surfaces
  • Wind resistant mesh paneling on the chest and back provide the wearer with even more protection from the elements

How to Buy a Wetsuit and Other Paddle Boarding Gear

Hold up! Don’t paddle away just yet. While I believe I have geared you up from head to toe with the best equipment on the market, I thought it would be smart to give you an insight into why you are buying what you are buying.

This buying guide will also help you to choose other types of paddling equipment later on when you need it. So, with that said, let’s see…

Paddle Board Wetsuit Woman

Which Is the Best Paddle Board Wetsuit Based On Your Needs

Although this is mostly based on your preferences, the weather largely determines what you wear while paddling.

First and foremost, the most important thing is to pick a paddleboard wetsuit that won’t hinder arm movements because guess what! You need full arm movement when paddling. So, unless you are paddling in winter when the temperature is around 8-10 Celsius, I would say don’t go for those extra thick paddleboard wetsuits because you will struggle.

Also, if you can’t afford multiple stand-up paddle wetsuits initially, then a long-sleeve, full-body wetsuit is worth the investment because it’s better to be warm than cold, right?

Paddle Board Wetsuit Man

Paddle Board Wetsuit Materials

As I said before, your paddleboard wetsuit should allow you unrestricted movement. This is why today, wetsuits are primarily made of neoprene. This rubber-like material is the most durable, stretchable rubber compound ever.

However, your skin still needs to breathe, so the wetsuit isn’t made entirely waterproof. Instead, it is made to trap a little bit of water in between that you quickly warm up with your body temperature to stay warm all over.

Also, for the highest convenience and practicality, I suggest you pick a paddleboard wetsuit with a zipper on the back.

Paddle Board Wetsuit Man

Wetsuit Thickness

  • 1mm: If you’re paddling in summer when temperatures don’t fall below 22 degrees Celsius, then such a thin wetsuit with a thin layer of neoprene is all you need for the best protection from the sun.
  • 2mm: For temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius, these suits are excellent protection. You still have an unlimited range of motion, but that little extra neoprene will keep you warm against those chilly winds.
  • 3mm: If you love paddling in autumn or early spring when temperatures are around 14 degrees Celsius, then you should pick a 3mm full bodysuit.
  • 4mm: For temperatures below 13 degrees Celsius, not only a 4 mm thick full suit is required, but also, you should definitely take proper accessories for the head, hands, and feet.
  • 5 to 6mm: For all those paddling junkies that love SUPing all year round even at the coldest of winters, 5-6mm full-body suits are mandatory as well as all the other accessories to keep your body warm all over.
Paddle Board Wetsuit Cold

Wetsuit Care & Maintenance

Taking proper care of your wetsuit will ensure that you use it for a long, long time.

After taking your wetsuit off, you should rinse it with water inside and out to make sure that the salt water doesn’t cause any corrosion. Keep in mind that you should not wash your paddleboard wetsuit with hot water, so the washing machine is out of the question!

For best cleaning and stopping the paddleboard wetsuit from getting smelly, you should clean the inside with a proper shampoo and rinse it thoroughly to get rid of all the wax and overall skin tissue.

After you have cleaned your paddleboard wetsuit, you should let it dry somewhere dark before storing it away. Remember to move it away from sunlight because it damages the neoprene.

Storing a Wetsuit

When not in use, paddleboard wetsuits are best to be hung on a non-metallic hanger or inside a plastic wrapping to prevent damage.

Final words

A paddleboard wetsuit is the best long-term investment you can make for your SUPing passion. It keeps you safe from the sun, the cold temperatures, and the winds, but it also gives you that pro paddler look that everyone will be envious of. Trust me, I know!

If this post was helpful and you learned more about picking the right paddle board wetsuit for you, please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your opinion on SUP gear. Also, for more insight into the best paddling experience, don’t forget to connect with me on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

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